• Give up on "every drop" of UK oil
    The Chancellor has pledged to extract "every drop" of oil from the North Sea. If all countries in the world do this, we will head for runaway climate change of well over two degrees. Oil resources are tempting. But leadership at home and abroad means all countries - particularly rich ones that have built their economies on a century of fossil fuel use - have to start making big choices. The Chancellor has announced "radical" and "significant' cuts to the tax rate for North Sea oil and gas companies. But the rate of tax wasn't high enough in the first place: fossil fuels cause climate change and air pollution, yet companies don't pay anywhere near the full costs of the damage these cause. The Chancellor should increase, not decrease, taxes on oil and gas, alongside throwing all of his financial and economic levers at building a world-leading secure, sustainable and clean energy system as a matter of urgency.
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    Created by David Powell
  • TTIP - campaign for a FULL debate in Parliament of the entire agreement
    The multinationals and the elites et al are determined that this deal be done in secret and away from the spotlight - and we all know why. Bringing things into the open and under the full glare of publicity makes them justify why it is such a good deal as they claim (we all know it isn't) and it is the one thing that will kill this thing for good. That is why doing something like this is the one thing they hate and fear more than anything else - and why it is the best tactic. a few hundred signatures to start should do it, then more if possible. PLEASE make this a major 38 degrees sponsored campaign - not just one from me - co-opt/steal this idea and use it! publicity like this will kill TTIP for good - ALL parts of it.
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    Created by mark fitzgibbon Picture
  • Pension parity for British pensioners living abroad
    In many countries including the USA and Spain British pensioners enjoy annual increments to their pensions just as their counterparts in the UK. But if you are unlucky enough to live in a number of countries including Australia, Canada or Indonesia, your pension is frozen for life. A recent example in the press highlighted the plight of two sisters. They both retired in 1982 on the then full pension of GBP 28.50 a week. One now lives in the UK and enjoys a fully indexed pension of GBP 113.10 per week. The other sister went to Canada and receives the same GBP 28.50 a week that she received in 1982. There are many war veterans living overseas who are similarly suffering. They paid their contributions in full during their working lives and they fought for their country. But who is getting the benefits they earned now? Many politicians have promised their support in the past but when it comes to the crunch the victims of this injustice are out of sight and out of mind. The pensioners are not asking for charity; they are simply asking to be treated fairly and given the pensions that they paid for. Had they paid the contributions to a commercial institution and been similarly treated that company would no doubt be in serious trouble. But the government is above the law and continues to be more concerned about winning votes than righting a wrong that has been perpetuated by successive governments. The wicked irony is that the cost of rectifying the wrong would be a fraction of the billions they are now collecting in fines from the crimes committed by banks. Another irony is that the people who are suffering constitute no burden to the state while they are living overseas. But should they be forced through sheer poverty to return to the UK not only would their pensions be restored in full but they would have access to all the state benefits and could become a much greater burden on the government. It all defies logic but unless the public recognizes the unfairness and shouts loudly enough for MP's to hear, the 550,000 pensioners will gradually grow weaker and fade away. Does anybody care?
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    Created by Colin Bloodworth
    The same perpetrators who promoted and operated Ark were responsible for Capita Oak, and they are still out there right this minute doing the same thing day in, day out. Thousands of victims, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of pension funds. This is now seriously out of hand and desperately urgent. Too many families have been destroyed and hurt, pensioners can't afford to eat are paying bills, over 12 suicides and people taking nervous breakdowns and families losing there homes and there's been no help or support from the government. The Ark victims AND the Capita Oak victims have for many months been asking the Police, Action Fraud, TPR, the Pensions Ombudsman and the government to take action and nothing has been done. Please Help Now http://www.roundtownnews.com/index.php? http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/news/uk_news/article1445014.ece?shareToken=278303c72da7ebd57fab5c5cd9ffcefb http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b04t0sk8/xray-series-14-episode-9
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  • STOP the Residential Sell OFF to foreign investors that evict UK families.
    So many people face becoming Homeless. Including families with Children.
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  • Rail Fares That Make Sense
    We have a bewildering number of train tickets available, which can sometimes mean that for a long journey it is cheaper to buy 2 single fare tickets rather than one single fare ticket. Also, a return ticket can be cheaper than a single. It can even be cheaper to buy a ticket from one train company's ticket machine than from another train company's machine. Travelling to London Victoria can be cheaper than travelling to Clapham Junction (a shorter distance for me). Looking at a ticket machine screen can make your head spin, when all you want to do is get from A to B and be charged for the distance travelled. Legislation is needed to impose logic and fairness.
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    Created by Edward Anderson
  • Devolve Benefits To Scotland
    The current direction of welfare spending and procedures is not in-line with the will of the Scottish people and the direction in which we want to take. With 100,000 disabled persons standing to lose their lifeline in coming months it is imperative that the Scottish Parliament is able to make decisions on their welfare made based on the needs of the people of Scotland.
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  • Save The St Agnes Bank / Cash Machine
    The St Agnes post office has recently closed, our bus service is being significantly reduced and now Barclays (the only bank and cash machine in the village) is closing. This is a vital resource for the community and its closing will have devastating social and economic impacts on the village. We have a large elderly population in the village, many of whom don’t use credit / visa cards. We are blessed to have some great independent shops in the village - a baker, news agent, small cafes, two green grocers and two butchers. Some of whom accept cards, some don't. With no cash machine in the village how will people use these great independent shops. Where will the young people get their bus fare each morning to get to college? Yes, there are shops that offers cash back, but you have to spend £ 5 to get cash back . It's hardly fair that you have to spend your money, to get your money. Like many Cornish villages, tourism is our biggest business now the tourists won’t be able to get any cash to spend when they are here. Great. Less services for residents and tourists - a social and economic disaster for us.
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    Created by Sasha Dobrota
  • Jail the rate fixers
    The industry has got away with too much for too long since 2007. We need to demonstrate that the general public have had enough. Unless action is taken and those within the industry are sanctioned for their behaviour this cycle of unethical and illegal behaviour will continue. They have broken the law. They need to be punished to the full extent of the law to send a message to the industry as a whole. We have had enough.
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  • Jail the Fraudulent Bankers
    Because these people affect our every day life and by their cheating and gambling
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  • Free Prescriptions for Cystic Fibrosis
    Cystic Fibrosis is a condition that affects over 10,000 people in the UK, patients consume a large amount of Antibiotics over their shortened lifespans. Cystic Fibrosis is only missing from the "exempt from prescription charges" list because when the list was written, no one over the age of 18 was alive with the condition. A shocking justification for harvesting cash of patients who have no control over the prescriptions they are issued. It is unfair that a lot of less serious conditions get all prescriptions for free, while CF sufferers cannot get vital drugs without a cost.
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    Created by Thomas Bull
  • Establish a Scottish Wealth Fund for Scotland
    Such a fund ensures that any accrued money would not be frittered away on day to day expenditure. It would be built up over time, as in Norway. Any interest would be used as a resource to bolster schools, road infrastructure, poverty initiatives, social projects, etc.
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    Created by Alan Dapre