• Open letter & petition to local landowners
    OPEN LETTER TO LANDOWNERS In June/July 2016 a company known as Tesla Exploration International Limited carried out a 3D seismic survey on behalf of Aurora Energy Resources Limited, the holders of PEDLs (Petroleum Exploration and Development Licences) 164 and 261. The areas covered by these PEDLs are shown on the attached official maps issued by the Oil & Gas Authority, from which it will be noted that bordering on PEDL 164 is PEDL 262, also licensed to Aurora and PEDL 165 licensed to Cuadrilla. On their website, Aurora state: “The North West has a long history of oil & gas exploration and production stretching back over 70 years. Many local residents will remember the oil wells near Formby. The recent recognition by the British Geological Survey of the potential for significant gas resources in northern England provides an opportunity to open a new chapter in the hydrocarbon story of the region.” and on their old website they said: “The company’s largely contiguous, 100% licence holding, puts Aurora in a strong position to play a leading role in the further appraisal of what is widely expected to be Europe's first commercially developed shale gas province.” In response to our enquiries Aurora’s MD Ian Roche has now advised: “As previously indicated, Aurora expect to bring forward proposals for future exploration at some point in 2017. Prior to any planning application being submitted, we will hold a public information event about the proposed development, the feedback from which will inform our application.” Therefore, their intention is clear that they plan to submit planning application(s) soon for exploratory drilling for shale gas (“fracking”) within their PEDLs. Once land has been acquired, UK law allows drilling to take place without requiring the landowner’s consent. The Infrastructure Act 2015 removed the requirement for companies to obtain your permission to drill under your land/property at depths of 300 metres or more from the surface. In addition, mineral rights do not belong to landowners in UK, they belong to the State. You will have seen in the press the events that are unfolding on the Fylde where Cuadrilla, holders of PEDL 165 (a much larger area directly to the north of PEDL 164). Despite legal challenges by the community against the Secretary of State’s decision to allow their appeal, Cuadrilla is continuing to construct a well-pad. There is growing evidence and information available about the consequences for communities subjected to fracking in the USA and Australia and other countries. We have attached a list of internet links to news articles and peer-reviewed studies for your attention. You may also wish to read this article from the Guardian relating to a farmer in Shropshire: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/jul/17/dont-allow-fracking-farmer-allowed-coal-methane-borehole You will note that Mr Hickson bitterly regrets signing an agreement to allow exploratory drilling on his land: “I very much regret signing anything. I would never ever go into this kind of agreement again. As a farmer or landowner, you have the most to lose. I would say to anyone approached, please don’t let anyone drill on your land [to extract coal bed methane and gas by fracking shale].” Before a planning application can be submitted, it will be necessary for Aurora (or any company that acquires Aurora’s interest in these PEDLs) to lease or buy land for their exploration. It is for this reason that we send this letter to you signed by groups of people who have done their own research and as a result of which they are totally opposed to fracking taking place anywhere, not just in Lancashire/Merseyside. We ask for your kind consideration of this letter should you be approached by Aurora, or any company on their behalf, to acquire or lease your land. Signed: Halsall Against Fracking Frack Free Formby Frack Free Burscough Frack Free Southport Frack Free Lancashire
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    Created by Simon Maxwell
  • £20 should not be made from palm oil
    The use of palm oil in products is causing serious environmental harm across the planet. It is linked to major deforestation in many countries, causing widespread loss of habitats, including the rainforest habitat. In fact, 27 million hectares of the earth's surface has been used for the cultivation of palm oil. It is now widely used in a range of products, and is currently in up to half of products sold in supermarkets. Flying over countries where palm oil production is concentrated is shocking. Seeing huge scars across landscapes which should be covered in rainforest is unacceptable when there are suitable alternatives. Allowing palm oil to be the substitute for tallow is not acceptable. This must be stopped. This is not the right substitute. It is unnecessary to add another demand and reason to increase palm oil production.
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    Created by Rebecca Buckland
  • Reverse cuts to Warm Home Discount
    The eligibility criteria for receipt of Warm Home Discount, you could apply to gas and/or electricity bills and formerly covering the needs of a broad spectrum of especially vulnerable people, have now been reduced to a single factor, that of receipt of Guaranteed Credit element of Pension Credit. This is a further cruel and unnecessary austerity aimed at pensioners, people with disabilities, lone parents with a disabled child / children and others. Please pass on this petition. Thank you.
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    Created by Siobhan Winter-Smith Picture
  • On BREXIT remove the 20% VAT from e-literature
    Ebooks and paid e-literature (electronic newspaper/magazine subscriptions) carry 20% VAT but paper books, newspapers and magazines are zero rated for VAT. In the past we have been told that EU legislation prevents a 0% VAT rate and that e-literature is a 'service'. After BREXIT the UK will set VAT rates on this. Claiming e-formats are a service but paper is not is ridiculous since both formats require: an author an editor formatting Only paper requires tree felling, transport, manufacture, printing, storage, eventual disposal. Re-pulped books require de-inking & disposal of toxic waste. E-literature does require digital delivery but we are charged VAT on the whole product rather than the digital delivery service alone. (This would be about 2 pence) e-formats need little oil, produce little toxic waste & add almost nothing to carbon emissions. The government should encourage e-formats by removing this bizarre VAT.
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    Created by John Chapman
  • Remove additional business rates for solar panels.
    A likely response by government is that the country could not afford it. The reality is the country and the world in general cannot afford to ignore this issue. Calculations based on a range of scientific studies over past decades (for summary see Ward, 2007) suggest a dangerous tipping point around 2040. This is the point where atmospheric CO2 will reach a concentration of 450 ppm if the world continues on its current trajectory. This danger point is where the IEA450 guideline gets its name. It is where an ocean conveyor (main ocean current) shutdown is predicted to happen due to the preferential warming of the Polar Regions. The consequences of this scenario cannot be treated lightly – this is serious. If this event takes place then the oceans become stagnant and everything dies. Anaerobic (requiring no oxygen) microorganisms grow by feeding off the rotting marine carcasses. In the process this generates huge quantities of hydrogen sulphide (H2S) which ultimately poisons the atmosphere and kills everything on land as well. This was the mechanism for four out of the five great mass extinctions in the geological past. I make no apologies for this statement. The world’s leaders really must look up and take note, and we in the UK must play our part. Reference: Ward PD, (2007), “Under a Green Sky”, Harper-Collins.
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    Created by Jim Austin
  • Independent review of 'Big 6' energy companies prices
    People are being put into further poverty due to ongoing price hikes in energy prices. Trust in this industry is at an all time low and the Government is not being seen to do enough to help people. I believe a peer to peer review will look at the issue from a customer perspective and all details will be passed to Government to review recommendations on improving the industry.
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    Created by Ian Warner
  • Stop Tesco Dropping British Sugar!
    Tesco has decided to pull British-produced Silver Spoon from its shelves and has instead opted to sell Tate and Lyle cane sugar, which is imported from as far afield as Belize, in a bid to “provide the best possible prices” to customers. Sugar industry representatives said it was a blow to a sector estimated to employ 1,400 people and supporting a further 9,500 skilled jobs – the majority of which are based in East Anglia, where most of the nation’s beet crop is grown and processed. Michael Sly, Chairman of the National Farmers’ Union’s sugar board said: “NFU Sugar and its growers are hugely disappointed that Tesco is no longer selling Silver Spoon sugar which is proudly grown by British sugar beet producers,” said Mr Sly. “Not only is it a great product, the sugar beet industry makes an important contribution to the rural economy. “What makes it even more frustrating is that Tesco has chosen to deny consumers the choice of buying home-grown sugar which is produced sustainably, benefitting both the economy and the environment alike.”
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    Created by Annelise Savill
  • Urgent. Save an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty - Leith Hill, Surrey.
    As an AONB, drilling for oil here would destroy this woodland and it's natural history habitat. But not only would the area of woodland be lost the access to the area is by minor roads, so the surrounding area may also be lost and destroyed as no doubt access roads and other infrastructure would be built to enable the recovery of oil. At the moment there is a peaceful protest group ( Leith Hill Protection Camp) on site to prevent the drilling, but they have a High Court Judgement for eviction against them pending. When this is acted on there is no other form of prevention for drilling. Please act now!
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    Created by Malcolm Padgham
  • Stop Tesco using Palm Oil in their own brands
    Palm Oil production is bad news in so many ways! It destroys wildlife by cutting down the Rainforest to plant palm oil plantations. Many iconic species such as the Orangutan are disappearing at an alarming rate. And that's not all.... it is contributing to increased poverty among local communities who work in the plantations for little return. Only making the big corporations bigger and more powerful at the expense of wildlife and the local population. But perhaps the biggest threat is deforestation - ''According to the World Wildlife Fund, an area the equivalent size of 300 football fields of rainforest is cleared each hour to make way for palm oil production''. This is all adding to the huge problem of Climate Change , due to the lack of trees to soak up the carbon and forest fires emitting huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. The world is getting warmer, the past four years we have had little or no snow in the winter. We all should be standing together globally to tackle this problem. Although it seems that we are powerless as a consumer , by signing this petition it will show big corporations like Tesco that consumers will not accept palm oil in its products. Tesco should step up its act and be an example to other big cooperation's in it's commitment to ending this madness of using pam oil in products. Please take a minute out of your life to sign my petition. Thank you so so much xxxx
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    Created by Faye Tuffnell
  • Assist Japan In Solving the Fukushima Crisis
    The continuous spread of radiation from the destroyed nuclear plants at Fukushima will not only affect those who live locally, but also many countries with coastlines on the Pacific Ocean and to a lesser degree the whole world. Therefore it is not just in the interests of the Japanese Government and TEPCO to solve the crisis, but the whole international community. On March 11th 2011 a tsunami knocked out the generators of the cooling systems of the Daiichi Nuclear power plant, resulting in explosions and three meltdowns of the reactor cores. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fukushima_Daiichi_nuclear_disaster
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    Created by Chris Young
    Fracking has been proposed in the area of Eckington. The people of the area do not want fracking to occur due to the damages that are linked to it such as Sink Holes, pollution to the water table, heavy plant traffic on small B roads and the eye-sore that it will cause to the local area.
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    Created by Ismail Mir
  • Say No to Wylfa B
    The nuclear option for electricity is dirty and dangerous. On Anglesey lets focus on renewable to generate more jobs and a sustainable future without the risk to the locality and the planet, with no radioactive waste. Talk to the people of Trawsfynydd, they thought it was safe now look at all the families devastated by cancer, a radioactive lake and an eyesore there for a thousand years.
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    Created by Richard Haig