• Retail & Commercial out of hours lighting cut
    Tackling the Climate Crisis means cutting back our energy use everywhere possible and this one would capture a very good percentage of wasted energy.
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    Created by James Hankin
  • Keep paypoints in local shops for pay as you go Gas & Electricity Card/key meter users
    A lot of people who use prepayment meters do it because the are in very low income stream households & it avoids getting a big bill which could financially send them under. Also many of these users are not only elderly, infirm, but also disabled & in many cases unable to travel long distances. The paypoints traditonally have been in local newsagent shops, easy to walk to and access, plus open very early in the morning to very late at night (10pm in my local shop). I have learnt it is going to be introduced that people will have to go to a Post Office to top up from January. Also the minimum had been made £5 instead of £1.........well that I can understand, in a way but it does'nt help people who are really struggling hand to mouth. But the part that is really wrong is topping up at post offices - firstly loads have been closed down anyway, the hours are limited which doesnt help those who are working to top up easily, plus it may be very difficult for disabled, or elderly people to travel the journey to a post office to just get gas/electricity! I believe this decision is hindering not helping the people most vulnerable & in difficulty in our Society, who British Gas, with their huge multi million profits yearly, surely have a duty to try & physically make it as convienient as possible to pay their utilities. To force people onto a pay as you go smart meter is not practical.....there are still people without Bank Accounts and a lot of elderly who do not have access to or know how to use a computer. Lets keep society integrated and inclusive and leave the paypoint system which works perfectly well; well alone!
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    Created by donna combe
  • British gas leaving customers in the dark
    elderly and vulnerable customers risk being cut off in the middle of winter as we the paying customers haven't been told
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    Created by fiona Sullivan
  • Scrap the meter tax
    It's more environmentally friendly to be charged for what energy people use when their using it, not what people don't use. Easier for customers to compare prices if all companies show solely the per kilowatt rate and have no standing charge. Fairer for the poorest of people to have greater control of their bills.
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    Created by Simon McLean
    A massive amount of energy is wasted because companies leave their office lighting on at night when they are not in use. Additionally there is unnecessary light pollution over most cities. This saving and adjustment can be done literally through the "touch of a switch".
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    Created by Naomi Russell
  • Abolish Gas and Electric Daily Standing Charge
    All the energy providers charge for a daily standing charge (DSC) for the provision of Gas and Electric supplies. The DSC varies between energy providers and also which of their tariffs. This year the DSC appears to be in excess of 20p per day for either gas or electric. You could, therefore, be paying over £146 per year to energy providers in addition to the cost of your gas and electric. In this day and age, I cannot see any reason as to why a DSC should be levied, as it seems to go back to the days before consumers were given the choice of energy provider. I also believe that the DSC is also one way that the energy providers can increase tariff prices and gain extra revenue,yet state they have cheaper energy tariffs. This DSC should be abolished.
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    Created by antony lock
  • Overcharging
    At a time when wages are not keeping up with rising prices, many are struggling to survive financially each month, food, fuel and other essentials are costing more each week(whatever politicians tell us -I bet not many of them do the food shopping!!) to have this extra money in our pockets and not in the grasping electricity company coffers is essential. Lets raise the issue loudly to them to clean up their act.
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    Created by helen taubman
  • Airfare tax should subsidise Solar Panels.
    From 20th October 2019 VAT on solar panels will increase from 5% to 20%. Despite declaring a climate emergency, the government has cancelled payments for electricity uploaded to the grid by micro producers.These changes make solar panels uneconomical to install. The VAT on fossil fuels including coal & gas will remain at 5%. At present airfare carbon taxes are not used specifically to promote and develop renewable energy.
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    Created by Niall Burke
  • Rationalise Electric Vehicle Charging Payments
    Range anxiety is a very real concern to motorists tempted to make the switch away from dirty fossil fuel powered vehicles. At the moment there is a huge variety of ways to access public charging points but most of them require separate apps or membership or separate cards. I want to be able to access any charging pod and use my existing credit or debit card to make the payment, exactly as I would if I visited a petrol station. If the government wish to meet their obligations under the climate change agreements they have signed, this would be a simple piece of legislation to encourage the changeover to electric vehicles.
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    Created by John Glazer
  • Halt the solar and storage VAT hike
    This hike is certain to hit innovation and investment in the UK’s growing solar and battery storage market. Not to mention the vital progress on decarbonising heat, which according to the Spring Statement is a strong focus for this government. There could not be a more contradictory step following the declaration of a climate emergency by parliament.
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    Created by Ian McKee
  • Cost of LPG bottle gas
    All residents in mobile park homes, caravan and motorhome owners and people living in rural areas have to pay inflated prices for the supply of these gas bottled. During winter months, this cost puts a huge financial strain on all residents in residential park retirement homes (mostly retired )and users. The cost of electricity is regulated but not bottled gas, so its time this was regulated as well. If it can be done in Spain then why not here.
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    Created by Michael Fletcher
  • Stop Public Funding for New Non-renewable Energy Projects
    Man-made climate change is scientific fact [1]. It is a national security problem unprecedented in scale that requires radical action. Without action we will see severe environmental and social damage like drought, famine and mass displacement of people within our lifetime. We want change. Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) are contracts where government pledges public money to private investment plans, reducing the financial burden on the private company and attracting investors to the UK. With the recent collapse of public-private nuclear energy deals at Wylfa and Moorside, we the undersigned ask the government to reconsider its energy policy. Passing legislation prohibiting the government from investing in the construction of new fossil fuel and nuclear energy infrastructure projects will help phase out these environmentally damaging technologies [2]. The future of energy is carbon neutral and renewable and it's time government policy reflected this. Renewables have the potential to meet our energy needs [3], but the sector lacks the public investment that the fossil fuel industry enjoys [4]. Legislation of this kind would encourage governments to make this investment available. [1]: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-climatechange-temperatures/evidence-for-man-made-global-warming-hits-gold-standard-scientists-idUSKCN1QE1ZU [2]: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2019/jan/15/immediate-fossil-fuel-phaseout-could-arrest-climate-change-study [3]: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2016/aug/11/scotland-completely-powered-by-wind-turbines-for-a-day [4]: https://www.businessgreen.com/bg/news/3069766/uk-has-biggest-fossil-fuel-subsidies-in-the-eu-finds-commission
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    Created by Sean Core Picture