• Remove the licence to frack
    The UK government sold two licences to frack in Scotland (Petroleum Exploration and Development Licenes - PEDLs). Now the Scottish government has been handed control of licensing and this gives them the chance to end the threat to the health of communities across the Central Belt once and for all PEDL 162 comes up for renewal on June 30th - we say, don't renew it. PEDL 133 has some years to go - we say, revoke it. And state that no further licenses will be sold. INEOS, who own both licences, recently went to court to say the Scottish government doesn't have the power to ban fracking. But if Holyrood has the power to licence, they also have the power NOT to licence. Support our petition and also contact your MSP and ask them to support us when the question comes up in the Scottish parliament.
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  • Don't fast-track fracking
    From The Yorkshire Moors, to Sherwood Forest, to the Fylde Coast, our countryside - and our democracy - is at risk. The government has announced plans to streamline the planning process for fracking. If this goes ahead, it will be as easy to drill an exploration fracking well as it is to build a conservatory or erect a fence. These plans are deeply undemocratic - they twist planning laws to give the government and fracking companies the power to override the will of local people - who have fought relentlessly to halt fracking at every turn. These proposals could see scores of new drilling sites appear over the next couple of years in the English countryside – with the risk of untold environmental, landscape and climate impact. This is the government taking desperate measures to make fracking happen and it’s up to us to stop the proposals before it’s too late.
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  • Stop the production of plastic disposable pens.
    There are millions upon millions of nonrefillable plastic pens which cannot be recycled as they have metal components thrown away every day which is adding to the plastic wasteland and polluting the environment.
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  • Help Briton to become GREEN ON ITS ENERGY
    To make the UK a better and healthier place to live,and independent of other countries for our energy .
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  • The Daily Mile: Don’t accept funding from fracking company INEOS
    Running a Daily Mile may be good for children’s health, but scientific studies suggest fracking is quite the opposite. A recent comprehensive report stated that fracking threatens the health of local residents "1 Growing evidence shows that [fracking] regulations are simply not capable of preventing harm" "2 Fracking and the disposal of fracking waste threaten drinking water" "3 Drilling and fracking contribute to toxic air pollution and smog (ground-level ozone) at levels known to have health impacts." http://concernedhealthny.org/compendium/ Not only that, fracking has been shown to have a detrimental effect on climate change, endangering children’s health and lives for years to come “World may hit 2 degrees of warming in 10-15 Years thanks to fracking”, Says Cornell Scientist https://www.desmogblog.com/2018/04/11/climate-change-two-degree-warming-fracking-natural-gas-rush-ingraffea For more information about INEOS Ineos 'misled' public over fracking in Sherwood Forest https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/05/ineos-fracking-robin-hood-sherwood-forest?CMP=share_btn_tw Desmog Uk background on INEOS http://www.desmog.co.uk/ineos
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  • Old brick heaters
    it is important to reduce energy consumption to save the environment as well as reducing costs of overall electric use so the poorest people can survive and live happy lives
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    There are Elderly and Disabled people in Holt they are liable to fall hurting themselves due to the poor light these Obsolete Lamposts give out so get them removed and replaced now!!
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  • Castle Ward Air Quality Petition | Colchester Green Party
    Colchester Green Party have been monitoring levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in a number of locations in Castle Ward. Five areas exceeded the World Health Organisation's recommended safety limit of 40 micrograms per cubic metre. These high levels of NO2 pose a serious health threat to the public, particularly residents living in the following areas: St Botolphs Street - 52.72 East Street (Ipswich Road junction) - 60.74 North Station Road - 58.02 East Street - 52.76 East Hill (Priory Street Junction) - 44.17 We therefore call upon the Colchester Borough Council to decrease the levels of pollution, starting with the implementation of our three proposals. These proposals would encourage drivers to consider alternative modes of transport (cycling and walking), deter drivers from idling, and incentivise electrification of motor vehicles.
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    Southern Water seek to gain Michael Gove’s approval to increase river abstraction to levels NEVER SEEN BEFORE. Climate change is exacerbating the situation. We desperately need alternative & timely options to supply public water. The internationally rare English chalk stream riverine habitats & their wildlife are now under severe threat from over abstraction, especially in times of drought. This could prove catastrophic for species such as the genetically unique chalk stream salmon, sea trout, or Hampshire’s last population of the rare native crayfish, let alone the rivers themselves & the livelihoods that depend upon them. We must stop Southern Water using a Public Inquiry to gain Michael Gove’s approval to increase river abstraction to potentially catastrophic and reprievable levels. They intend to sidestep the correct procedure and ride roughshod over our public bodies, which are there to safeguard our environment. Challenging Natural England’s advice & the EA's sustainable licensing to increase abstraction to ruinous levels on our precious chalk streams, in order to meet their corporate goals – profit. We desperately need alternative, sustainable and timely options to supply public water. Action NOW is essential to ensure our rivers are properly protected in the future. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Hampshire Wildlife Trust, Natural England, Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) Hampshire, Salmon & Trout Conservation, Wild Trout Trust, Test and Itchen Association, Angling Trust and Fish Legal, and the Wessex Chalk streams and Rivers Trust, all oppose Southern Water’s position. HOW? Beginning 13th March, Southern Water through public inquiry are asking Michael Gove (Secretary of State) to approve their increased abstraction plans directly. If upheld, this will by-pass the normal procedures for obtaining an abstraction licence, and will not involve full public consultation including direct and fair engagement with river owners and users - an absolutely CRUCIAL involvement as there is so much at stake in these very complex decisions. SW are using ‘strong arm’ tactics in the Inquiry to make the EA use their legal powers to force river owners and users to co-operate. Some of these proposed actions are highly emotive and again deny the public the fair right to comment. WHAT OTHER DAMAGE COULD THIS CAUSE? Increasing populations and housing in Hampshire are greater than our natural water resources can now sustain. Demand has already exceeded the capacity our rivers and aquifers can supply. So at a time of water scarcity, on already over abstracted rivers, the threat is that SWS customers will be literally sucking the life out of the rivers Candover, Itchen and Test. This will deplete the river flows to levels that will devastate the natural aquatic environment. People will be watering their gardens as the flow of these rivers falls to dangerously unprecedented levels. Is this what people would want if they knew about it? THE SOLUTION - As we speak, Southern Water are preparing to publish a 'draft Water resources management plan' (and Drought Plan) for public consultation. They claim their plans will have a bold vision, with ambitious and innovative ways to secure the necessary alternative sources of supply to enable the Environment Agency’s licence changes to be made. These alternatives will be costly and include trading with Portsmouth Water, Havant Thicket Reservoir and a desalination plant in the Solent. That is what it will take to protect our Chalk streams from over abstraction. HOWEVER, SOUTHERN WATER WILL ONLY IMPLEMENT THESE AMBITIOUS NEW PLANS IF IT LOSES THE INQUIRY! If it wins then it may well in likelihood implement a shadow version... This Inquiry is Southern Water’s last-ditch attempt to cling onto its 40-year-old business model of over exploiting our chalk streams – one that generates a healthy profit margin at huge expense to the environment. TO CONCLUDE - No more stalling by this corporate Leviathan, which is investing large amounts of bill payers’ money on scientific models not fit for purpose to prove their 'case'. Instead they should be working together with and not against NGO’s, stakeholders, their clients and you the people to find alternative water supplies that will safeguard our rivers for generations to come. Please help support the EA's and NE's efforts to protect our rivers by signing our petition to ensure that Southern Water Services take note of their customers’ concerns for the sustainability and protection of these British gems. Many Thanks, Jim & Howard. "The proposed increase in water abstraction from the Test, Itchen & Candover will have a serious, if not disastrous, effect on the delicate balance of this unique ecosystem. We obviously need to meet the water needs of our ever-expanding population but there are less harmful ways to do this. The true chalk streams are only found in Britain (apart from a small presence in Normandy); we are custodians of these precious jewels & we owe it to our children and grandchildren not to undermine them" PAUL WHITEHOUSE - Comedian & fisherman. SW's turnover last year was approx £800 million, with a profit of more than £250 million. Their divis to corporate shareholders were somewhere over £100 million. Thankfully their operations and behaviour are now being scrutinised. See BBC news: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43139857 Documents for the public enquiry - http://www.hwa.uk.com/projects/itchen-candover-and-testwood-water-abstraction-inquiry/ Photo by Charles Rangeley Wilson
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  • Shire Hall Mold lights out night
    Because schools funds have been cut 6 percent but the council don't mind wasting our money on electric.
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  • No new opencast coal mines in Durham, UK.
    No new opencast coal mines have started in England since 2013. Since then the Government has said that it will phase-out coal by 2025. It's vital that we prevent a new mine starting which would cause local and international environmental destruction and which the local community have clearly rejected. Bradley is a greenfield site in County Durham between the villages of Dipton and Leadgate. The site supports a wealth of plants and animals, including Great Crested Newts, badgers, red kites. Banks Group plan to mine 550,000 tonnes of coal from the site, starting work this spring. The Bradley opencast mine is a case where the original decision to grant planning was grossly wrong and the development is likely to damage the wider public interest. Since the planning permission was granted in June 2015 there have been significant changes in national and international policy with regards to coal and climate change. 1) Coal use in the UK has dropped to 7% of the UK’s energy mix compared with 30% in 2014. 2) The government has said it will phase-out coal by 2025. 3) The UK and Canadian governments want to be world leaders with their Powering Past Coal Alliance. 4) The Paris Agreement requires that action is taken to prevent global temperatures from raising by 2 degrees and pursue efforts to keep them from a 1.5 degree raise. Thomas Davison, 28-year-old a resident living 300 metres away from the proposed opencast site said; “Banks' desire to extract 550,000 tonnes of coal is driven by nothing more than profit and not at all by a genuine need for energy. We have moved onto other forms of cleaner energy for the good of our global climate. So why is it worth harming the local wildlife and the local economy for one last money grab?”
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  • Chelmsford Developments & Local Plan (Incl. Beaulieu Park)
    We do not accept the level of power that is given to the developers of our city. We demand that all new housing developments should have both insulated buildings AND renewable energy. This requirement should not be dropped because of 'urban design'. We do not accept unsustainable development that contributes to climate change; our communities need clean energy, transport links, and schools, doctors surgeries and amenities.
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