• Require solar panels on new homes
    Helps to meet our co2 reduction targets whilst reducing energy costs for new home buyers.
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    Created by Gerry Langford
  • Stop Fossil Fuel Extraction Near Nuclear Installations
    Currently there is no limit at all on the proximity of fossil fuel extraction to nuclear installations despite the known risks of induced seismic activity. Given the vast uncertainty regarding the classification of nuclear materials at both Sellafield in Cumbria and Springfields in Lancashire at the very least there should be a moratorium on fossil fuel extraction within the vicinity of nuclear installations. We call for an immediate ban on the extraction of fossil fuels near nuclear installations while a comprehensive inquiry is undertaken. This inquiry should include the worst-case scenarios that could result from induced seismic activity near existing and planned nuclear installations. The inquiry should be undertaken honestly and transparently and be fully independent of current pro-nuclear government policy. WHAT ARE PEOPLE SAYING SELLAFIELD AND COAL (the plan for the proposed Moorside nuclear reactors would be even nearer to the proposed coal mining activity) "The prospect of reopening and extending the Whitehaven Coal Mine with licenses extending to within a few miles of the decrepit and highly dangerous Sellafield nuclear waste complex is ringing alarm bells in North Wales where we experienced a 5.4 Richter scale earthquake in 1984, the largest ever recorded in Britain. Deliberately creating seismic dangers by reopening this mine so close to the deadliest stockpile of nuclear waste at Sellafield is a deliberately wreckless act of environmental vandalism. PAWB supports Radiation Free Lakeland’s call for an immediate moratorium on fossil fuel extraction, either coal or fracking, within the vicinity of the nuclear installations at Heysham, Sellafield and Springfields because of the obvious seismic risks.” Dylan Morgan on behalf of the anti-nuclear campaign group PAWB, Pobl Atal Wylfa B / People Against Wylfa B http://stop-wylfa.org/wp/ SPRINGFIELDS AND FRACKING “It beggars belief that a fracking pad is being constructed five miles from the Springfields Nuclear Fabrication plant and their nearby nuclear waste dump at Clifton Marsh landfill. We have already witnessed the effects of induced seismicity in the area from one frack at Preese Hall six years ago. Cuadrilla is planning 40-60 wells on the super pad at Preston New Road and maybe up to 100 other pads throughout the Fylde. The area is heavily faulted making it more susceptible not only to seismicity but also to groundwater contamination from the Clifton Marsh nuclear dump. For Sajid Javid to overrule Lancashire County Council’s decision and allow these two forms of extreme energy to sit side-by-side is madness. The people of Lancashire are unprotected and the public health implications are enormous. Pam Foster from RAFF (Residents Action on Fylde Fracking) http://stopfyldefracking.org.uk/ Martyn Lowe from Close Capenhurst Campaign says that: “The danger of something happening at Springfields with any of the Uranium Hexaflouride which is on the site is already very worrying. If there was even a very minor earth tremor as the result of fracking, then it might well increase the odds of something really nasty happening at the site. I very much doubt if Toshiba Westinghouse or the Office for Nuclear Regulation have factored in such a danger in to any of their emergency procedures about what would happen to the plant.” http://close-capenhurst.org.uk/ LIQUEFACTION AT SELLAFIELD AND SPRINGFIELDS? "Induced seismic activity from fossil fuel extraction would not have stand alone consequences in this part of the North West. For example The North West of England has been the only area in the UK ever to have suffered a liquefaction event following a rather minor earthquake near Barrow (now home to Trident) in 1865 following vast mining operations at nearby Hodbarrow. The magnitude was small "probably in the range 2.5–3.5 ML". (pure and applied geophysics November 1998, Volume 152, Issue 4, pp 733–745). A liquefaction event at Sellafield or Springfields would be catastrophic and not only for the North West!" Marianne Birkby from Radiation Free Lakeland https://mariannewildart.wordpress.com/ Even a small buffer zone of 10 miles would be better than the current situation of no proximity limit.
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  • Tax incentives to pushbike to work
    It will encourage people to live within cycling distance of their work. The net effect is less people commuting in cars, less cars on the road, less pollution, more bikes on the road, healthier people. With Apps like Strava and a bike registered to the App. journeys can be recorded and information uploaded. HMRC would be able to see that the journeys are from home to work from uploaded information. We have to create strategies to have less cars on the road and this one.
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    Created by Paul Kirkup
  • Make the UK's energy cleaner
    It is important because as humans it is our duty to protect the Earth and preserve it for future generations. If we do not act soon our thriving environment will deteriorate before our eyes so therefor we appeal to the government to invest into more into green energy so that we can have a secure future. It is also of economic importance because if we do not make the change to sustainability now other countries will over take us in technology and we will no longer be a pioneering country. Even if the fossil fuels will last us in the short term at some point we will have to make the change so why not do it now and save the environment while your at it? Air pollution has already proven its self destructive to our health and unless in the future we all want to wear filter masks we need to reduce our CO2 outputs now. We would like stricter regulations on energy companies and more renewable energy sources to support our growing demand. If you want a sustainable future please sign our petition.
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    Created by Linnea Roberts
  • We want our recycling services to be better in Wiltshire (don't close down our recycling centres!)
    We love recycling and being an environmentally friendly and thoughtful to our environment. We want our recycling services to allow us to be passionate about our green space and protecting them too. But Wiltshire council do not allow us to recycle plastic other than plastic bottles from our home's. We know that more plastics can be recycled and that this can be cost effective in providing further energy Collections are every week, but recycling is collected once every 2 weeks.We want to recycle more and not have full recycling bins stopping us from recycling more. Wiltshire has two Anaerobic Digesters that are capable of handling contaminated food waste, yet food waste this being transported to Slough.* No food waste is being collected from our home's, despite these Anaerobic Digesters and the high value for money from food waste And today we found out that although Wiltshire council has a limited number of House Hold Recycling Centres that allow recycling of higher grade plastics, they've announced the recycling centre in Tisbury will be shut on 21July 2017 as " it is no longer cost effective to continue to provide this service when Wiltshire residents are now able to recycle the same items at the kerbside". Because the people of Wiltshire our so passionate about recycling we manage to achieve over 50% of waste being recycled. But the above is preventing us from being able to increase that number. Please sign to ask for: 1. recycling of plastics at kerbside 2. weekly recycling collection 3. food waste recycling 4. stop the closure of recycling centres (starting with Tisbury) 5. Wiltshire council to use AD in Westbury not Lakeside near Slough Source: *Tracy Cater of Wiltshire council "Wiltshire Council delivers 50,000 tonnes of non-recycled waste (which includes some food waste) each year to the Lakeside Energy from Waste Facility near Slough. A further 60,000 tonnes per annum is delivered to the Mechanical Biological Treatment facility in Northacre, Westbury"
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  • Stop over packaging and use of non-recyclable products especially in the food industry
    Imagine that pile of rubbish pictured creating a corresponding mountain of tax revenue from whomever is unnecessarily putting non-recyclable materials into the supply chain. In Germany, the supermarkets themselves have bins near the checkout area into which customers are tacitly invited to place their unwanted packaging items for the retailers to dispose of. We need to minimise the use of non-recyclable packaging in retail, especially our fresh food. I used to work at a labelling factory: there are other viable ways of packaging, tagging, labelling and barcoding products that do not entail use of non-recyclable products. Nor is there any need for food retailers to ask customers to use plastic bags to package products such as loose vegetables in for weighing at tills (they need to be transparent for the person on the till to identify what they're weighing). It used to be that loose items would be weighed by staff in the same way as at their delis, where barcoded labels would be produced for the till staff to scan at checkout. More recyclable products - not film, tetrapack, or anything else that is not widely recyclable - should be used. I also want to see a ban on the use of any non-recyclable disposable gloves used in food retailer outlets such as a well known sandwich retailer, whose staff seem to change gloves each time they touch meat and are then trained to put on new gloves when they make another sandwich: there must be a better way. Retailers could be taxed for the amount of packaging waste they put into the system , and for the amount of non-recyclable packaging they are bringing into the system from their plants and the products they bulk buy and sell on. This would reduce non-biodegradable waste in landfill, and encourage reduction of unnecessary packaging - I don't want film around a DVD or a cucumber - which are uniform in price anyway - so that the supermarket can put a barcode on that rather than the products directly. The UK should especially given the Brexit choice, prioritise innovation in packaging technology that could be sold to the world instead of perpetuating the inertia that seems to plague politicians on green issues (possibly for fear of upsetting sectors that lobby and contribute to the economy, and perhaps also donate to political parties). For example Amazon have reduced their non-recyclable packaging (although they do not apparently pay enough tax): we should take the principles and positive elements of what such global corporations do and apply them more widely, and look into other countries' green packaging solutions. Ministers should stop their myopia and short-termist electioneering campaigns over-focusing on natural greed and our desire to preserve individual wealth, and look at ways to boost our economy, further the manufacture and use of green technologies, reduce waste in landfill and increase tax revenue from the massive national and international corporations controlling our food industry and pricing. The reality is that all the larger supermarkets are trying to convince us that they are ethical and have a corporate social responsibility, and this would be a good way of demonstrating that they mean it. Not everyone I know on social media has awareness of green organisations trying to further this project as a common aim, but would support the idea of such a tax: even if they do not believe in recycling, the vast majority would like to have less recycling to do, and would agree with there being fewer non-recyclables in the supply chain and the notion that corporations should be paying more tax. Green issues and tax revenues affect us all - many excuse their failure to recycle because they say our species is hurtling toward its doom in any event. It is exactly that sort of attitude that is damaging our world: we should expend our energy on ways to save ourselves instead: if we can get to the moon why can't we stop over-relying on non-recyclable packaging?
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    Created by Jennifer Blyth
  • Anglesey Says No to Pylons
    This petition is relevant to all rural communities who face new electricity transmission lines due to the growth of nuclear and renewable energy Anglesey is a rural, island community in North Wales, with a small population. Income and house prices are well below the national average. Agriculture and tourism are vital to the local economy. We oppose National Grid’s proposal due to the impact on: 1 - The landscape - which will adversely affect tourism 2 - Property prices - which will not be compensated 3 - Health - there is growing evidence of adverse effects of electro-magnetic fields (EMFs) 4 - Farming - leading agricultural organisations are opposed If Ofgem considered these impacts, National Grid would use underground or subsea cables. This petition is relevant to all rural communities who face new electricity transmission lines due to the growth of nuclear and renewable energy Mae Ynys Môn yn gymuned wledig yng ngogledd Cymru, gyda phoblogaeth fechan. Mae Incwm lleol a phrisiau tai yn llawer is na'r cyfartaledd cenedlaethol. Mae amaethyddiaeth a thwristiaeth yn hanfodol i'r economi leol. Rydym yn gwrthwynebu'r cynnig y Grid Cenedlaethol oherwydd yr effaith ar: 1 - Ddirwedd yr Ynys - a fydd yn cael effaith andwyol ar dwristiaeth 2 - Prisiau eiddo - ni fydd yn cael ei digolledu 3 - Iechyd - ceir tystiolaeth gynyddol o effeithiau andwyol o feysydd electromagnetig (EMFs) 4 - Ffermio -Mae'r prif sefydliadau amaethyddol yn gwrthwynebu peilonau Petal Ofgem yn ystyried yr effeithiau hyn, byddai Grid Cenedlaethol yn defnyddio ceblau tanddaear neu tanfor
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  • Condemn Donald Trump for pulling out of Paris climate agreement
    This is an international problem, which met with an international solution - and Britain must join the international condemnation of America's terrible, selfish decision. We do not want to live in a world dominated by bullies. We do not want to live in a Britain too scared to do anything America doesn't want. We demand leadership that makes us proud to be British. If Theresa May cannot condemn America's decision to condemn our planet, will she ever stand up for anything? British people stand up for others, and we stand up for what we believe in. We do not want a Prime Minister who licks the boots of the American president. Theresa May must show strong leadership and sign the international letter condemning Donald Trump and his abandonment of the Paris agreement.
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    Created by The Big Deal Picture
  • Solar panels for new built houses / properties, and any tax eliminated on Solar panels
    With such plans, long term energy payback will be reduced to businesses and home owners, excess energy, can be shared by all in the U.K with reduced energy bills for all..
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    Created by carl penn
  • Abandon the sale of the EcoHouse and heritage school in Western Park
    We, the Leicester public, are rapidly losing our green spaces – 6 acres of allotments off Saffron Lane were sold last year. The Western Park golf course has been closed down, Oadby golf course is for sale as are 14 acres off Loughborough Road, 5 acres on Abbey Meadows and now 5 acres in Western Park. Without parks, where will our children learn to play football or ride bicycles? Will they have to pay an entrance fee? Where will we walk our dogs and breathe unpolluted air? We see our heritage privatised or gentrified, too. The Castle and its gardens, Wyggeston House, the City Rooms, the Pavillion in Western Park, Belgrave House, Braunstone Hall and now the rare surviving example of an Open Air School in Western Park. Heritage City, accessible only to those who can afford it? We say enough! Both the EcoHouse and the Open Air School are our heritage. Both were shining examples of progressive thinking, highlighting 'the way forward' in terms of public wellbeing and the health of the planet that sustains us. Clean air is a human right. The Council has Clean Air and Low Carbon policies. We want to see these put into practice - meaning the sell-off and building up of our green spaces has got to stop. As things stand, 20 houses will be constructed on the EcoHouse site. The heavily used carpark will be lost. Years of building upheaval will follow, as will the permanent transfer of our assets and park land into private pockets. This short term thinking - papering over the cracks of outdated 'economy first, people second' politics - is harmful to our rights and to the long term future of our city. Leicester City Council have no management plan for Western Park beyond 2016. Does this bode the sell-off of all of our beloved park? We, the people of Leicester, say no more selling off of our crown jewels! Our Mayor has pledged to build strong, resilient communities – how will he do this, if no space remains where those communities can come together? There are long term alternatives that put people and the future of our city before short term cash. Leicester City Council, put your pretty policies into practice, please.
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    Created by Michaela Smith
  • Stop plans for waste incineration plant In Chester Green, Derby
    Waste incinerators have been proven to produce toxic fumes containing cancer-causing dioxins and particulates. In Belgium, long-term monitoring has identified that cancer cases around plants have doubled, and the increase is set to rise to 5 times the comparable average over the next few years. Children are particularly vulnerable - current 'safe' levels are based on short- term exposure of adult males. Other effects indicate increased problems with asthma and immune-deficiency conditions. Waste incinerators burn recyclable waste - they are not a solution to waste management and they exacerbate environmental hazards. Waste incinerators all over the country are causing serious problems for local residents, and continually breach safety guidelines, even by their own admission. Residents in Sinfin have been fighting waste incineration for years. Signing this petition may halt plans for a plant in Chester Green and open up talks for constructive waste management in the city. Find out more about waste incinerators : http://www.greenpeace.org.uk/MultimediaFiles/Live/FullReport/3809.PDF http://www.bsem.org.uk/uploads/IncineratorReport_v3.pdf http://www.no-burn.org/why-incineration-is-a-very-bad-idea-in-the-twenty-first-century/ ​  The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators - BSEM www.bsem.org.uk The Health Effects of Waste Incinerators 4th Report of the British Society for Ecological Medicine Second Edition June 2008 Moderators: Dr Jeremy Thompson and Dr ... ​ http://www.ntn.org.au/featured/10-reasons-why-burning-waste-for-energy-is-a-bad-idea
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  • Divest Williams
    Climate change is one of the most important ecological concerns facing the planet.
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    Created by Dan Cohn-Sherbok