• Tell Teresa May to raise Climate change withTrump.
    In his first acts as president, Donald Trump has frozen funding for key environmental agencies, removed 'climate change' from whitehouse and epa websites and prevented the publishing of data. We call on the Prime Minister to be unequivocal in resisting climate change denial which is a danger to the u.k.
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    Created by Kevin Stevenson
  • End Regional Pricing for Electricity
    As my MP (Ian Blackford) has said in Parliament, "This is not about price competition this is about a regulated charge varying from region to region through a price control framework. The reality is that you live in the Highlands and islands, you will pay for the privilege courtesy of doing so by the UK Government. Electricity distribution charges for the North of Scotland are 84% higher than the distribution charges for London. One nation? Whose nation. Not my one. Westminster calls the tune, Highlanders and Islanders pay the price. We pay a high price for transmission charges but we also have a high rate of energy consumption. The Highlands and Islands are noted for windy and wet conditions. It is not unusual for folk in the Highlands having their heating on all year round. Ofgem in a recent study on the matter noted thathouseholds in the North of Scotland, who use electricity for heating would benefit from a cost reduction of about £60 per year if there was a universal network charge. Sixty pounds to someone on a low income, to a pensioner would be a significant impact on their budget. Not only are we faced with high transmission charges but in the Highlands and Islands many consumers will suffer from a lack of choice in energy provision. Most households cannot benefit from a gas grid connection. It is often a choice between electricity and domestic heating oil. With such limitations the last thing we need is price discrimination being foisted upon us by a Westminster Government. Where you live should not result in you being penalised through paying higher network charges." Words are not enough. Now we need to see some action please on this!
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    Created by John Wood
    NPOWER a German company known as RWE Npower have consistently persecuted bullied and destroyed the health and happiness of "millions" of UK customers and their families. This despicable company "overcharged/stole/fraudulently obtained" £70 million stolen from customers bank accounts .had to be returned Prioritizing only the financial needs of the company, Npower's orgy of predation and insatiable greed combined with their utter disregard for their customers, led to their rampant plunder of customers bank accounts. https://www.facebook.com/banNpower/ for full story
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    Created by Mercedes Valentino
    The pipeline is going over burial grounds and under a river that serves millions of people. The company concerned already have spills in other rivers and have it signed they are NOT responsible for clean up! Also this is land that was given to the reservation in a treaty so should be respected. Millions of people around the globe have been protesting about this on social media , many of them UK residents so please speak up on our behalf. The police have also been using force against what have only been peaceful protests but we do not want this to escalate.
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    Created by Joy Fraser
  • Outrageous-Westminster reverses Fracking refusal
    The Government should not interfere, alter, or ride roughshod over the duly elected officials who are there by the people's will.
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    Created by Jk Deeney
  • Tidal power
    Tidal power is reliable, ecofriendly, and can supply a large proportion of our energy needs. We ask the UK government to prioritise this form of power generation as a matter of urgency. It makes engineering, economic and environmental sense. It is a no brainier.
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    Created by Ted Smith
  • Aberdeen City Council - Don’t make us fight to keep our only power supply
    Aberdeen City Council is trying to make us go through a costly and time consuming planning application to keep a small building that provides our only electricity supply, with no guarantee the application would be accepted. For eight years we fought several utility companies over their refusal to send accurate bills and attempts to trick us into paying money we didn’t owe. Eventually we were left with only one option to avoid being cheated - go off-grid. We decided on solar PV as this is the most reliable and cost effective means of generating off-grid electricity. But we didn’t have a South facing roof, so we built a small wooden building to house the solar panels. We spent several weeks building it with our own hands. Now the council want us to go through a lengthy and costly planning application just to keep this building. I live with my disabled mother. Living without power would deny her vital medical treatment (which she already has to pay for herself) as this has to be stored in a refrigerator. Her treatment has already been affected by having to build the building and off-grid system over the summer, and having to go through a lengthy bureaucratic process would undoubtedly affect it further. I earn a low income with a self employed electrical business that provides our only income. I could not do this without a power supply to charge my tools and run a laptop for my paperwork. I’ve also released a computer program that I hope to develop into a business. This would of course also be impossible without a power supply. I’m busy trying to earn a living for us and will struggle if I have to spend time dealing with a planning application. Living without power would be a nightmare in today’s world - hand washing clothes, no lights, no fridge, etc. We are socially isolated and depend on the internet as our only connection to the rest of humanity. Without a power supply this too would be lost. We don’t know who, if anyone made a complaint about our building, but we don’t believe it’s causing anyone a nuisance. It doesn’t block the light to, or view from, anyone’s windows. It replaced an old garden shed, on the same site, that was rotting away. In very adverse circumstances we are doing something positive for the planet - solar PV is zero emissions and totally sustainable. Don’t let Aberdeen City Council take that away. Please sign the petition. If you live outside the UK you can sign by emailing your name, any message you wish to be included with your signature, and stating that you are signing the petition "Aberdeen City Council - Don’t make us fight to keep our only power supply", to electricitypetition@gmail.com . Thanks.
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    Created by Samuel Green
  • Restore democracy to Lancashire [Fracking]
    We citizens of Lancashire, put politicians in place to represent our needs. We are sovereign, and have the highest form of political authority--you are temporary. Our local council, made up of councillors democratically elected by us, and charged with serving our interests, is exactly the right body to make decisions on local matters. The government have displaced our democracy in Lancashire and we intend to make our vote count next time round. WE THE UNDERSIGNED: PLEDGE TO VOTE FOR NO CONSERVATIVE MP IN THE UPCOMING PARLIAMENTARY ELECTIONS
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    Created by Gary McMahon Picture
  • Stop unethical fracking gas being imported or used in scotland or the rest of the UK.
    Fracking causes misery worldwide, with death's, cancers and disease. It is unethical and should be banned. It is no different to importing blood diamonds. This is supposedly banned so why not shale gas? I say we ban its use. I say ban its usage and the imports and drilling for it will end.
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    Created by daniel kelly
  • Rethink Hinkley Point
    Because 1. Buying Hinkley Point is a colossal mistake 2. Mrs May inherited the project from Osborne & Cameron, keen to develop Chinese trade, 3. but now finds it politically embarrassing to back out of this very bad deal Consequently, we need to inform the public 1. why the deal is bad 2. that there are better alternatives and 3. the Chinese and French can be placated while serving British interests Why is Hinkley Point such a bad deal? 1. It is far too expensive 2. There are undeclared costs associated with the nuclear legacy which make nonsense of published costs – we will have to look after the abandoned reactors and radioactive waste for centuries and nobody knows how to do it or cares how much it will cost 3. There is a huge risk of failure – no such reactor has yet been completed and the ones started (Finland 2005, France 2007) are unfinished, in deep technical trouble and seriously (by billions each) over budget 4. The risks are ultimately borne by us, not the French contractors or Chinese financiers – the project is too big to be allowed to fail by the Government of the day (not Mrs May) 5. Nuclear technology is in any case the wrong choice for filling our anticipated supply gap: nuclear energy gets more expensive as new ideas to improve safety are incorporated in the design; in contrast other well established methods of electricity generation such as gas or coal-fired turbines and particularly offshore wind and solar energy get cheaper by the day owing to accumulating experience and rapid technical development 6.IF it has to be nuclear, the Hinkley Point reactors are too big (small modular reactors can be built instead as needed, at a fraction of the cost and in much less time) and probably also the wrong technology (a debatable, but only secondary, point) Why is the Government pursuing it? The above problems with the Hinkley project are well known to Mrs May and her advisers, but 1. Mrs May inherited it from Messrs Cameron & Osborne, who promoted it mainly in order to develop tempting business relations with China. 2. Brexit makes such relations even more important as proof of GBplc's viability outside the EU Are there any alternatives? Technical alternatives are set out above, but how to meet the political and commercial imperatives? We must persuade the public, and thus influence the Government, to 1. Abandon Hinkley even at this late stage and with possible compensation costs and offer the Chinese and French Governments partnerships in implementing the chosen technical alternative (the Chinese are leaders in solar cell development and production and both the French and Chinese may be interested in offshore developments, small reactors and advanced research). 2. Maximise the benefits to UKplc by ensuring that a good share of work is retained (for example involving UK contractors and Rolls-Royce if small modular nuclear plants form part of the chosen technical mix). Balint Bodroghy BASC DIC (nuclear engineering) 5 Palmeira Avenue Mansions 17-19 Church Road, Hove, BN3 2FA REFERENCES Why Hinkley Point is a nuclear folly of Titanic proportions New Scientist 28.07.16 Michael Le Page Forget the economics of Hinkley Point, the politics are convincing Daily Telegraph Matthew Lynn 15 SEPTEMBER 2016 • 6:21PM If there’s one sure-fire way to irritate de Rivaz of EDF, it’s to mention Christmas turkeys. Emily Gosden, energy editor, Daily Telegraph 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 • 8:00PM Let's ditch Hinkley Point and HS2 to get more bang for our bucks, Daily Telegraph Liam Halligan 17 SEPTEMBER 2016 • 12:59PM Hinkley Point fires up Britain's nuclear ambitions Daily Telegraph 17 September 2016, 8:00pm Rolls submitted designs to the Government for Small Modular Reactors capable of generating 220MW, that could be doubled up to 440, a 10th of the size of a traditional nuclear power station. Rolls Royce Publicity: For some 50 years, Rolls-Royce has been helping Naval and utility customers maximise plant operation and safely extend plant lifetimes. Britain is “ideally placed” to take a global lead in the SMR market, which could be worth £400bn,
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    Created by Balint Bodroghy BASc DIC (Nuclear engineering)
  • solar supermarket
    it would obviously help generate the power we need,also it would stop good arable land going to waste,not to mention the eyesore in the country syndrome.
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    Created by george dymond
  • Make disposable plates, cups and cutlery compostable by 2020
    Only a tiny percent of the billions of plastic cups thrown away are currently recycled. The waste is phenomenal and the destructive impact on the environment is appalling. What point have we got to in society where plastic is created, formed into a spoon, wrapped in more plastic and shipped, only to be used for a few seconds before being thrown away, never to be reused and to exist on the planet for the foreseeable future? Plastic cups and cutlery clog up our oceans injuring and killing all that live in there. In response to this France has just passed another ground breaking law. The law, which will come into effect in 2020, will ensure that all disposable plates, cups, knives and forks will have to be made of biologically-sourced materials and can be composted. And this is just the latest part of France’s transition into a greener country. Earlier this year, supermarkets and stores in France were told they could no longer hand out plastic bags. We in the UK should be following suit. The large packaging companies and their industry groups will be lobbying against any such suggestion. But our government needs to override such protectionism for the greater good of us all. Recyclable is not good enough - we have all seen how difficult it is to actually find places in the real world to recycle these types of apparently "recyclable" plastics. The law must be to ensure these single use products are compostable. Ensuring all disposable cutlery and crockery is fully compostable will cut both the energy used in plastic production and the waste and pollution caused by its disposal. We ask the Secretary of State to follow France's lead and ensure that by 2020 all disposable plates, cups, knives, forks and spoons are made of biologically sourced materials and can be composted.
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    Created by Celina J