• Stop Waitrose selling bottles of water from Fiji 10,000 miles away
    To me it is a no brainer that we stop burning fuel to ship water in a plastic bottle from such far flung places and generating all the unnecessary waste.
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    Created by Marc Mearns
  • Protect Dulwich Upper Wood trees - Farquhar Road
    Southwark have proposed to fell up to 34 mature trees, in Dulwich Upper Wood along Farquhar Road, in order to repair the retaining wall next to the footpath. At the same time Southwark are proposing felling more trees in Sydenham Wood in order to repair the Cox's Walk Footbridge. In this climate emergency we should be protecting our habitat and this is another project where Southwark are proposing cutting down mature trees. There are better engineering solutions that Southwark and their consultants can come up with that provide the retaining structure for Farquhar Road or repair the bridge whilst keeping the trees. Cutting down the 34 (or so) mature trees in order to repair the retaining wall is not acceptable and an unnecessary destruction of this habitat. We want you to consider stepping the wall out in to the footpath, to provide the retaining structure, whilst protecting the trees and reducing the width of the footpath to 1.5m or locally to 1m if needed. Alternatively reduce the width of the road locally to provide a traffic calming measure on Farquhar Road whilst rebuilding the retaining structure. Engineers can find a cost effective solution if given the opportunity (and brief) to do so. Southwark need to have the policy of protecting our local habitat, and give consideration to use all available and viable space, if needed, to provide a solution. Work was aborted to repair the wall for nearly a year and trees roots are being exposed due to the extended and prolonged delays from Southwark. We are asking Southwark to positively design, cost up and inform the public of solutions that can retain our green habitat. By building out you provide the opportunity to plant further habitat that supports our pollinators and the biodiversity. Local groups such as the TCV who do a fantastic job of managing the woods can help. The local scouts group (1st Crystal Palace) can help plant a new space and other groups like The Friends of Gipsy Hill can also help. If Southwark want the local community to be involved then we can crowdfund to help pay for the solutions that protect our environment. It should be noted that we have discussed this with our local councillors but we haven't seen any proposals that protect most of the trees now at risk. The tree felling order for Cox's Walk oak trees was halted, after a petition, but again no firm commitment as yet with Southwark to save the trees they have put have risk. We are concerned that Southwark will fell many unnecessary trees both the Sydenham Wood trees then come for the Dulwich Wood trees. We want positively engage with the Southwark Highways team to find the best engineering solution. Southwark confirmed the trees in Dulwich Upper Wood are sound and that they will (or have) undertaken some work to reduce the mass of them. We now want the retaining wall replaced and the trees protected Sign this petition and then please sign the Cox's Walk Trees petition https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-the-cox-s-walk-footbridge-oak-trees UPDATE 20/12/19: Following the intervention of Helen Hayes and Andy Simmons the council have confirmed that no decisions have been made on the scheme to be taken forward. We met Councillor Andy Simmons on 20/12/19 who has promised to make further representations to the council officers. We have asked for a meeting with the project team to discuss how we can help find the right solution that repairs the wall and keeps the trees.
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    Created by Andy Scholes Picture
  • No Bristol Airport expansion!
    Bristol Airport currently has 8.6 million passengers a year. It has made an application to North Somerset Council to expand to 12 million and has a published strategy of expanding to 20 million. By signing this petition you will be registering a formal objection to the expansion plans applied for by the airport in North Somerset Council planning application number 18/P/5118/OUT. We also call on Bristol City Council, as a major stakeholder, to debate this issue and formally oppose the application. Bristol, North Somerset and other surrounding areas have declared Climate Emergencies so they have agreed that we cannot carry on with business-as-usual. The Committee on Climate Change recently produced a report where they calculated that by 2050 aviation is going to be the largest carbon emitting sector in the UK. The expansion of Bristol Airport will mean: - up to 10,000 extra cars entering the Bristol and North Somerset region every day causing massive amounts of extra pollution in the already toxic air; -more than 623,000 tonnes of carbon entering the atmosphere at high levels where its warming impact on the atmosphere is at least doubled; -huge new car parks on the beautiful North Somerset Green Belt solely to make lots of money for the airport; -an enormous increase in night flights during the summer months and the noise and mental health consequences that this causes. The airport have claimed enormous benefits in jobs and economic growth but a devastating report by the New Economics Foundation has said that their claims have been vastly overstated because of the incorrect methods they have used to calculate their figures. As for jobs; the airport themselves state that there will be only 97 jobs in South Bristol for example and many of these will be low paid zero-hours contract jobs. This expansion must be stopped; the vast majority of the communities around the airport have formally stated their objections (as have Bath and North East Somerset), 3,600 individuals have objected on the planning website and this petition is intended to boost that number by many more. This campaign is not trying to stop families taking their annual holidays, but 70% of all flights are taken by the most wealthy 15% of the population and we must now have a cultural change around frequent flying. We are in a climate emergency and we must stop this reckless expansion!
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    Created by Bristol Airport Action Network BAAN
  • Save our Green Belt in Spelthorne
    Green Belt land fulfils important functions. Its fundamental aim is to prevent urban sprawl by keeping land permanently open - and Spelthorne’s Green Belt boundaries have remained largely unchanged since WW2. Nonetheless, as part of its New Local Plan consultation, Spelthorne Borough Council is putting forward 19 Green Belt sites across the whole of Spelthorne for building/housing and commercial purposes. [1] This would mean a loss of 53ha of Green Belt with a risk of further erosion of our Green Belt in the future. It will result in smaller remaining Green Belt sites which will be weakened as a result and – in turn – become vulnerable to development. Even though Green Belt boundaries should only be altered where “exceptional circumstances” are fully evidenced and justified and where strictly necessary, the Council still decided to release Green Belt sites which are strongly preferred by developers and Green Belt owners as these greatly maximise profit margins. Once stripped off Green Belt status, the value of land can raise 2500 fold (250,000%) and more. The release of the Green Belt will lead to significant changes to the character of the areas where they are located and will have a significant impact on local residents as these plots of land have an amenity, biodiversity value, a visual benefit and/or carbon capture value – which is now more important than ever during a time of Climate Emergency when more (not fewer) green spaces and rewooded areas are required to counteract carbon emissions. [1] You can view the consultation online here: https://consult.spelthorne.gov.uk/consult.ti/DraftLocalPlan/consultationHome You can view a list of the Green Belt sites identified for potential development here: https://38d.gs/green-belt-list
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    Created by Malcolm Beecher, Jan Doerfel, Tom Lagden and Veena Siva
  • Green number plates for clean vehicles. Red for dirty ones.
    To promote awareness of emissions from high polluting vehicles.
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    Created by Geoff Beacon Picture
  • Biodegradable and Recyclable Packaging
    It is important to have packaged things to be accessible for people either on the go or with disabilities, but it does not mean that the negative environmental impact should be disregarded. Keep these items packaged, just change the packaging.
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    Created by Samirah Yasmin
  • Stop Building in Flood areas!!
    Because people are loosing their belongings & Animals after been told! It Won't Happen again!! So who is to blame after they built more houses & let the water go into local river!
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    Created by Stringfellow Hawk Picture
  • To have supermarkets use substanable palm oil
    As david attenborough show on last week highlighted the effect of people using palm oil on which we are tearing down the Borneo forest at a alarming rate as we are using new area of it instead of using exciting ones. In bbc2 documentary on saving the orangutans it highlighted that in the next two years. The buerno forest will decline even further and the orangutan will no longer be in existence by year 2020 which is not that far away. We need to act in order to stop this happening and by doing this be a step in the right direction. The orangutan are most closest to us humans do we really wanna destroy that.
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    Created by Natalie Brooks
  • Urge councils to Plant More Trees Locally
    Having lived in the rainforest working alongside the Pech tribe in Honduras, I saw first-hand the destruction of the environment by loggers. We were powerless to stop them. Their presence was so common children would draw pictures of lorries with their cargo of logs, as illustrated in this picture. As the disappearance of our rainforests becomes more critical, we have to take control of our own localities and make a difference to our environment. We need trees to reduce pollution and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They improve our mental health and provide a habitat and nourishment for wildlife By lobbying the government to finance local authorities, trees can be cultivated and planted locally in parks, schools, nature reserves, housing estates and even supermarket carparks. Cultivating wildlife friendly native species locally eliminates the risk of importing plan based diseases. With the benefit of creating jobs and encouraging local volunteer groups we can improve the environment for everyone and play a part in looking after our futures
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    Created by Kathleen Byrne de Escobar
  • Climate Crisis Taxes & Subsidies
    It is the single best way to tackle the climate crisis within a capitalist society.
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    Created by Jack Webber
  • Protect the health of people who live near quarries
    Living near a quarry brings increased risk to the health of people in the nearby communities. At the moment there are no standards laid down by government, relating to how far away quarries have to be from settlements, so each regional authority views the situation differently and each community has to argue their own case for a “buffer zone”. Some authorities try to get away with no buffer, whereas others are more considerate. We believe that there needs to be a standard buffer zone nationwide, of at least 1,000 metres, in order to protect the health of people who live near quarries, especially older people and children. A national standard is required so that all communities are treated fairly. Dust generated by quarrying can contain silica. Silica is naturally found in certain types of stone, rock, sand and clay. Working with these materials can create a very fine dust that can be easily inhaled. Once inside the lungs, the dust particles are attacked by the immune system. This causes silicosis, a disease that can take years to develop. It causes swelling and scarring in the lungs. The NHS website states that people with silicosis may become bed-bound and, in rare instances, may die. Silicosis can also lead to other serious lung diseases such as COPD and lung cancer. Companies who operate quarries where silica is likely to be present are required by law to provide their employees with protective equipment. There is no such protection for people who live near quarries. Older people, those with existing respiratory conditions such as asthma, and young children are particularly vulnerable to airborne silica entering their lungs. The risk of harm to health is higher where the prevailing winds carry dust from quarries towards residential settlements and schools. We are therefore calling upon the Government to establish a common national standard that would keep quarrying activities at least 1000 metres away from areas where people live, work and study. This standard would then have to be adopted by local authorities when preparing their minerals policies and plans (which include quarrying activities), and making planning decisions. This standard would reduce the risk of serious long term health problems caused by silicosis and other lung diseases. Please sign our petition today. Thank you.
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    Created by Charlotte Morgan
  • We're in a climate emergency. Hold a TV leaders climate and nature debate before election day.
    We’re in the middle of a climate emergency. A record 85% of us are now concerned about climate change, and for the first time ever, more than half of us say it will affect how we vote. Our next Prime Minister could lead the urgent action we need to save our planet, or take us even closer to a climate and nature catastrophe. We deserve to know exactly what each UK party leader will do to tackle this enormous challenge. A televised debate on climate and nature would put the defining issue of our generation in the spotlight. But leaders will only sign up if they know hundreds of thousands of us are demanding it. Add your name now - it takes just 30 seconds. Together we can make this happen. This petition is being run and organised by Possible and school-strike organisers the UK Student Climate Network (UKSCN). 38 Degrees is acting as a service provider, but is not involved in campaign strategy.
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