• Helping the homeless
    The amount of people who walk past homeless people and just ignore them is scary and I dont think it's fair for these people having to watch people enjoying themselves, just walking past and taking no notice in these homeless people.
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  • Clamp down on racism in football
    As last night's Bulgaria vs England football match showed, racism in the sport is still rife in Europe. People were captured on TV making monkey chants and Nazi salutes towards black players. The racist abuse was so bad that the game had to be stopped twice in the opening 40 minutes. The current Uefa penalties are completely unacceptable and do not deter racists. Issuing financial fines, anti racism posters and partly closing stadiums simply does not work. It's time Uefa got tough.
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  • Stand with Naga Munchetty - Countersign to agree with Lenny Henry and colleagues
    BBC Breakfast host, Naga Munchetty, was found to have broken the corporation’s editorial rules following her criticism of Donald Trump for telling politicians of colour to “go home”. Racism is not a valid opinion which you can have an “impartial” stance on. For communities and people who experience racist abuse – including Munchetty – being expected to treat racist ideas as somehow valid can have a devastating effect on their dignity. Along with many other celebrities and campaigners, we believe that the BBC’s decision to uphold the complaint made against Munchetty is deeply flawed, potentially illegal and goes against the spirit and purpose of public broadcasting. The BBC’s current position will also have a huge effect on future diversity within the BBC, to suggest that future BAME broadcasters will be hired at the BBC, providing that they remain “impartial” about how they feel about their experiences of racism is ludicrous.
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    Created by Ash Zaman
  • British Mps should live in UK and pay UK tax
    Because its immoral to use your wealth and position to set up a different tax arrangement to ordinary British taxpayers but then represent them in Parliament its corrupt
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    Created by Anne Cooper
  • Keep pedestrians safe
    To aid safe crossing so that the roads only need to be crossed once instead of twice eg currently to get from Papa John's to RT's you need to cross over to Barclays Bank, go down a short way before then crossing back over the road to RT's. The kerb is currently too high for people who have difficulty walking, use mobility scooters, or parents with prams.
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    Created by Gillian Bowler
  • Locals wants our Fresh Fish counter back in the store
    Buying fresh fish is very popular amoung the local people especially the elderly and ethnic groups. It is the only retail shop that sell fresh fishing the town and we are very upset, shocked and disappointed that MORRISON do not value our need for fresh fish in mitcham town.
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    Created by Margaret HALL
  • Demand Spotlight Change their Gender Options to Include People Who Identify Outside of the Binary.
    Spotlight is “the industry’s leading casting platform”. As such, and in such a competitive field of employment such as Stage and Screen, Spotlight is gatekeeping to prevent Non-Binary and Gender Non Conforming persons from even entering the field to apply for a large percentage of the work due to their binary choices of gender options available to register. This prevents us from both applying for work as so many casting calls require spotlight, but also, from applying honestly. This wastes both the time and money of both performers and professionals seeking artists to cast for specific roles. Non Binary people are valid and performers should not have to identify as other than who they are in order to apply for a very necessary Spotlight membership.
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    Created by Rebeckah turbett
  • Scrap Single Supplement Payments
    Think its grossly unfair hotels are permitted to add additional charges for single people. My wife died from liver cancer @ 53. As a result I am charged a single room supplement when I have occasion to stay at hotels. Those married folk in the group are charged the normal rate for a double room, receive two breakfasts, two dinners each day. I am charged around £20 per night additional for a single room with one breakfast and one dinner per day. This anomaly makes me feel marginalised by the industry and penalised due to my wife's death. My MP has contacted the Hoteliers Federation and the Minister for Arts, Heritage and Tourism. They state while they are aware of the issue, it is primarily a matter for the industry. It would appear there is no body controlling the industry and they are permitted to implement what they choose. The additional single supplements enforced for travel has discouraged me from doing any form of travel. Great article by Fiona Parker highlighting this issue in Money Mail confirming the ridiculous charges imposed on individuals. Those affected have given testimony to their treatment by travel operators. I feel there needs to be some regulatory control introduced to change the current status, I don't want to be treated as special due to my unfortunate circumstances, just treated fairly.
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    Created by Fred Hamilton
  • Permanently cancel the Jeremy Kyle Show
    For years, the Jeremy Kyle Show has turned the real-life suffering of people into entertainment. Now, after the death of a guest, ITV have suspended the show - and calls are growing for it to be cancelled permanently. The Jeremy Kyle Show is famous for humiliating people on national television with lie detector and DNA tests. Guests are goaded into arguing about personal conflicts and relationship problems in front of a studio audience. A judge described the show as a “human form of bear baiting". Sign the petition and tell ITV to end the Jeremy Kyle Show for good.
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    Created by 38 Degrees
  • Close the HE attainment gap in psychology
    We consider that such a statement backed up by transparency and practical action is timely for The Society as it is both in keeping with the structural shift in the BPS to be explicitly member supporting, and is also aligned the theme of this years very well received annual conference: 'The Psychology of Inequality'. As members of a professional body that accredits both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in psychology this initiative is in an area where we can bring our influence to bear to improve equalities in the UK. We would call for us to model the level of transparency required to make these changes to mitigate the current loss of potential and also document the extent to which our codes of practice and professional requirements to justice, fairness and ethics are adhered to across the institutions we accredit.
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    Created by James Hatcher
  • Stop Brunei executing people for being gay.
    LGBT+ people are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and acceptance. To execute someone who has been involved in a consensual adult relationship, is simply an expression of bigotry and homophobia. Every human being should have the right to love. #LoveIsLove
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    Created by Karen Smith
  • Subtitles should be an option at all cinemas
    Everyone should be able to access the cinema without any problems occurring. In this case having subtitles in all cinemas will allow deaf users to be able to watch the film. It will allow deaf families to enjoy a day out at the movies. This isn’t possible for deaf users as they are unable to hear the film. This isn’t equality, this is discrimination to all deaf users.
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    Created by Cathy Cook