• A call for George Floyd Race Equality Minister - A me2racially abuse register- COVID-19
    The George Floyd case represents our silence to see, understand, and report historical forms of racial discrimination. It's important that after forty years of personally been physically violated in the prison, mental health, and sporting settings, and as a person diagnosed with schizophrenia, often kneed in the back, to empower others to speak out. The Government's Race Disparity Audit, (2017), and the BAME Covid-19 report, June (2020) shows institutional racism and health inequality with the increasing risk of death to black communities. The risk of either inappropriate constraint or through the current COVID-19 virus means BLACK LIVES MATTER. The period from the 1965 Race Relation Act to the Equality Act 2010 has not safeguarded against the new emergence of racism in British society. The lack of a lived experience of structural and interpersonal forms of racism has led to BAME children being three times more likely to be excluded from school, six times more likely to receive a custodian sentence, seventeen times more likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness. Successive governments have failed to understand and have empathy with the real lived world of BAME communities. This call for change is motivated by the potential that the BAME community may not exist with the devastating impact of COVID-19 and the failure of the Government to act, respond and protect BAME communities over the last sixty years. A call for change through a Race Equality Minister will ensure that further generations of the BAME community will have the civil and human rights they deserve.
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    Created by Black and Asian Coaches Association BACA
  • Pension robbery
    Because being a 1950's woman myself I know the harm stress worry and the impact it has had on my life and the mental issues it has caused me
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    Created by Rita Maskill
  • Protect everyone during the coronavirus crisis
    Thousands of people are in dire circumstances after being deprived of most public funds since the coronavirus outbreak because of strict visa restrictions. Under current rules, people here on short term visas are subjected to the “no recourse to public funds” policy, meaning that they are prevented from accessing many benefits, such as Universal Credit. Councils are prevented from giving them certain help, including access to housing. This harsh rule is leaving thousands of families really struggling to survive during the coronavirus pandemic. We’re calling on the Home Secretary, the UK Work and Pensions Secretary and the government as a whole to scrap the “no recourse for public funds” status for migrants during Covid-19.
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  • Keep Virtual Parliament Open
    Keeping Virtual Parliament would enable MPs and other elected representatives from the regions and devolved nations to continue to work from home during the pandemic. If remote working IT including Virtual Parliament are removed, our democracy can not work under the new lockdown laws, as people from NI, North Scotland, Wales and SW England can not get to London and back in a day. Law states they can not stay in their second home in London. Travel and mixing in the Houses of Parliament add risk. Also it sets a very dangerous precedent to other employers to force people back to the office without proper provisions.
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    Created by Emily Lewis-Brown
  • A fair deal for key-workers
    Over 7 million British people still work in critical and dangerous areas such as health and social care, the emergency services, food supply, local and national government, transport, police, army and education. Without these people, Britain could not function. Yet, millions are being paid very low wages and aren’t being provided the protective equipment they need to keep their families safe.
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    Created by David Murray
  • Self-Employed Income Support Scheme ending, but not the Furloughing scheme.
    Self-Employed are less likely to be able to continue working during the pandemic due to their type of work, whereas furloughed employees are able to seek alternative employment whilst they are furloughed from their normal jobs. This means that self-employed are much worse off, with no income whatsoever from the end of May.
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    Created by Brian Wright
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    Created by Kerry Mcwilliams
  • To make all unpaid carers Key Workers.
    Unpaid carers never have a day off also work more than 40 hours per week. We do it because we care.
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    Created by Chris Renforth
  • COVID-19 Grant Aid is Unfair if your Business is Run From Home
    There must be thousands of small businesses who have no need for premises and who run their businesses from home. They do not appear on the radar for either of the grants available to companies with premises. Small businesses of ALL SIZES contribute to employment and pay taxes in the same manner as companies with premises.
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    Created by John Baker
  • Pay for the Covid-19 lockdown with fair taxation
    People are losing their jobs, homes and security in the pandemic. Measures introduced by the Government are welcome in helping many in need to survive; in order to pay for this without punishing the poorer members of our society those who can well afford it should pay their fair share. Rather than wealthy CEOs making relatively paltry donations their companies should be paying proper taxes in the countries they extract wealth from. We will all need to pay higher taxes but this should be shared proportionately, without ordinary people bearing the burden as they have done since the 2008 crash. It's no good identifying key workers as the heroes they are if things go back to the way they were before the pandemic, and the very services we depended on to see us through are reduced further with yet more 'austerity' (i.e. austerity for most of us, bounty for the wealthy). We need real and lasting change to effect greater equality in the UK, and this starts with wealthy individuals and corporations making a proper contribution to the country and the people that they benefit from so much.
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    Created by Peter Jennett
  • Uphold Disabled Rights of 'Reasonable Adjustments' during COVID-19
    Many vulnerable and disabled people are currently unable to access essential services such as 'Supermarkets, Health Facilities, Essential Retail Shops, Take Away Restaurants and Banks' without enduring 'temporary measures' which are potentially extremely detrimental to their physical health and mental wellbeing. Disabled people are being turned away from stores when they ask for 'Reasonable Adjustments' to be made to accommodate their disability; The Pregnant, Elderly and those with anxiety or sensory conditions are being forced to wait in long queues outside of a store and met by hostile staff who make no effort to ease wait times for this vulnerable group. Some stores will only make reasonable adjustments during 'unsociable hours' usually before the store opens, which are inconvenient for the majority of disabled or vulnerable people and wholly inappropriate and inaccessible. Whilst the most vulnerable people of society are doing their best to self-isolate; many vulnerable people are more often unable to get support, stay at home due to mental health, shop online or avoid shopping in person for themselves due to allergies or fear of cross contamination. Thank you for your signature, it really means the world to us. * Special thanks to all NHS Staff, Emergency Services and those working to help save lives by shopping for elderly and vulnerable people. Thank You
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    Created by Luka Bird
  • Pay LHA direct to landlords and register with a Credit Ref Agency to give Tenants a Credit History.
    1) Many good Tenants pay rent for years, yet this does not register on their Credit History. 2) Landlords are resistant to taking “Benefit Tenants” as they do not pass a Credit reference. 3) Many people are now claiming Universal Credit which includes a payment of LHA. 4) Some tenants do get into financial trouble and spend their Local Housing Allowance. I am suggesting that the LHA part of their U.C. be paid direct to landlords and that payment be registered with a Credit Reference Agency. Result 1) Good Tenants have a Credit History for their future. 2) Troubled Tenants have an incentive to pay off their debt and 3) Landlords are more inclined to take “Benefit tenants”.
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    Created by Peter Peterito