• Proposal to close most of the Minor Injury Units in Cornwall
    NHS Kernow, who operate Minor Injury Units (MIUs) in Cornwall, announced that they will be upgrading some units into Urgent Treatment Centres (UTCs); they are now evaluating which sites to upgrade but so far refused to comment on what will happen to MIUs not selected for upgrading. Should NHS Kernow decide to close the them, MIUs and community hospitals will decrease healthcare provision throughout Cornwall, leaving many outside reasonable travelling distance. This will cause serious delays in assessment and treatment. It will also cause further pressure on Treliske and Derriford Hospitals. There has been a lack of public consultation on these proposed changes. The MIUs provide a local service that we want, need and use. We asked what will happen to the MIUs at the CCG's last meeting, but they claimed they didn't receive our message. They have committed to answering at their next meeting at the beginning of June. We have until then to pile on the pressure and make sure they think hard about their answer, and the impact closure would have on our community. Please add your name!
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  • stop funding cuts to early years services in Dumfries and Galloway
    EYS D&G provide free baby massage and stay, play & learn sessions across Dumfries & Galloway for children 0-5 years. They also provide a 1-1 service working in the home with parents and children who are experiencing particular challenges. Parenting can be very overwhelming and isolating especially in a large rural area like D&G. These sessions provide parents with a safe place to relax, bond with their babies and meet other parents. The play sessions also help parents to understand the importance of playing and interacting with their children. There is a lack of provision in D&G for children 0-3 and these sessions provide a much needed life line for parents and children. Through many personal experiences and feedback we know that these sesssions have given confidence to parents and the impact this has on the development of the child is invaluable. People have made lifelong friends through these sessions and they NEED to remain funded. The benefit of this early years funding will help build a confident, happy support network and therefore a healthier and happier future for the children and families.
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  • Nationally Recognise Pubs/Clubs & Venues as Community Assets
    Please consider any local café, restaurant, pub, clubs/sports associations and village hall a community asset, i.e. somewhere people can gather and socialise and ensure that these establishments are protected under Planning Law. Under current planning law a change of use is permitted through the planning application process, which in turn initiates a "consultation" process i.e. the community has the opportunity to object to an application. However Planning Officers have a tendency to ignore objections and rubber stamp development, a recent example local to me had 700 petitioned objections 13 written and the support of a Local Councillor, planning was still granted. The Government must support the community and prevent Council's and developers ignoring the wish of the local populous. Media reports that society is changing, and that the mental health of the nation is suffering, could this be because people have become insular by not going out. Pub’s, as an example, used to be a place where the local community met, socialised and resolved local issues between themselves, everybody knew their neighbour, their neighbour’s kids, etc. This sense of community is rapidly being lost. People are sitting at home becoming keyboard warriors and panicking over fake-news, they do not have an outlet to talk to others, attributing to the overall mental health of a Nation. Community assets should be protected by Law and encouraged with lesser rents, exemption from business rates, they after all are providing a service to the public, the local community and at times law enforcement. If a building cannot be maintained in it's current use, an alternative use that benefits the community would be preferable, i.e. conversion to a youth club rather that developed for profit.
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  • Make Colchester's Disability Assessment Centre Disabled Accessible!
    As elsewhere in the country, disabled people in Colchester are routinely forced to undergo unnecessary and degrading assessments in order to access the support they are entitled to. Yet the centre at which the assessments are conducted isn't even accessible, and neither the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) nor Maximus (the company that manages the assessments and the building) will provide an accessible venue to wheelchair users claiming Employment and Support Allowance (ESA), or home visits as an alternative. Instead, those affected are expected to travel around 20 miles to either Ipswich or Chelmsford to complete their assessments! Under the Equalities Act 2010, if a building cannot be made accessible, then a reasonable alternative must be provided. But expecting people to travel 20 miles to a different town is not reasonable: it is an expense many simply cannot afford since cuts to ESA already mean they are expected to live on just £73 a week, and travelling that far on public transport is simply impossible for many. Likewise, staff offering to manhandle people into the building is not a reasonable adjustment either, especially when they are not trained in manual handling: it is dangerous, degrading, and frankly no alternative to being able to simply enter the building like an able-bodied person. Because of their failures to provide a reasonable alternative which treats disabled people with the respect and dignity they deserve, the DWP and Maximus are in breach of the Equalities Act and are actively discriminating against disabled people in Colchester. Both MP for Colchester Will Quince and Minister of State for Disabled People Sarah Newton MP have been made aware of this issue, yet neither has been willing to treat it as the serious issue of discrimination that it is and force a solution. We need your signatures to help us to force them into action. Since 2010, the Government's cuts have hit disabled people far harder than any other group. Disabled people have been vilified and treated as scroungers, had their already meagre support cut, and been forced to complete unnecessary and humiliating assessments to access support that they are entitled to. It is intolerable that on top of all this the DWP won't even supply an accessible venue for disabled people in Colchester to complete assessments the DWP says they have to if they want the money they need to live. Please sign and help us to get this situation resolved, and visit and like our facebook page for information, updates and related news.
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  • We need LBGTQA Fiction and Non Fiction sections in Bookshops
    If you walk into a chain Bookstore like WHSmith, Waterstones, The Works etc. you will almost inevitably never find Gay, Lesbian and Trans related fictional material that is clearly and obviously available for purchase and Non-fiction is often hidden away among Feminist and activist books which for many is highly inaccessible or is culturally shunned. This places young people and indeed older members of the Queer community in a truly difficult position. LBGTQA+ fiction is notoriously hard to get hold of in Highstreet chains and is often hidden among books about Hetrosexual people where you have to physically ask staff to find it for your which for some LBGTQA+ people puts them at risk. There needs to be at least a shelf or two dedicated to LBGTQA+ fiction and non fiction so that LBGTQA+ people can access cultural resources that involve them and their identities. It will also help to normalise the existence of LBGTQA+ people and grant educational resources to those who aren't that are accessible to all ages. Granting LBGTQA+ Fiction and Non Fiction their own dedicated section will display the historical literary achievements of people within those minorities in a way that no other place does.
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  • Cancel your plans to close our rural public toilets!
    With the increasing popularity of the North Coast 500 (NC500), promoted in part by Highland Council, we are seeing ever-growing numbers of visitors to the NW Highlands and these people also require access to facilities in order to avoid more cases of human waste being left by the roadside. As part of its budget proposals for 2018/2019 Highland Council are closing public toilets at the following locations in the county of Sutherland: Achmelvich, Kinlochbervie, Rhiconich, Scourie, Smoo Cave, Lairg, Kylesku, Talmine, and Tarbet. The total estimated savings come to just £67,000 per year yet we consider these to be essential services, both for local people and tourists & others visiting the area. Additionally, these closures will discriminate against the elderly, infirm, disabled, and those with long-term illnesses whose ability to do without a regular rest break is impaired. Highland Council's suggested alternatives, such as making use of facilities in nearby businesses and village halls, are both impractical and presumptuous. Do the decent thing, Highland Council: Scrap your plans to close these public toilets.
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  • Anti-bullying classes at School
    Raising awareness of bullying is an important issue to many parents, carers, and young people who are victims of bullying. It is becoming more and more frequent at this school, to the point where children are having to be relocated at other schools. Bullying has a devastating affect on young people and their families. The rates of suicide and self harm in young people is on the rise due to suspected bullying, whether it be cyber bullying, physical and/or psychological. This matter is important to me as family members of mine have experienced bullying directly and I have witnessed the effects it has on them both physically and mentally. There were over 24,000 Childline counselling sessions with children about bullying in 2016/2017 and more than 16,000 young people are absent from school due to bullying, as stated by the NSPCC. This is happening in schools because young people are not being educated on how bullying others and making a person feel worthless effects the young person whom is being bullied. Children who are being bullied also don't know where to turn to or what to do, this may also apply to the children that are bullying others. I feel that making a point of having set times where children, parents, teachers, can learn about the full effects of bullying may just save some lives, this will allow children to attend their place of education without fear. School's have a duty of care to children, and, currently this duty is not being carried out. Children need to feel safe in their environment in order for them to grow and learn. It's about time the school acted on it's anti-bullying policy and protected the children that are under their care. I have attached the link to an Inquiry into bullying and harrasment in schools, it's worth a read to get a feel of how the young people in schools feel about this subject, and notice the age of the kids that are giving feedback. This needs to be stopped. http://www.parliament.scot/S5_Equal_Opps/General%20Documents/Children_in_Scotland_-_commissioned_by_EHRiC.pdf
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  • Keep sexism out of the olympics.
    This petition was started on International Women's Day 2018. It is on days like this when we can reflect on the mistakes of the past and look at ways of avoiding those mistakes in the future. During the first modern Olympic games in 1896, women were excluded completely on the grounds that their inclusion would be, "impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic and incorrect". It wasn't until 1900 that women were actually allowed to compete. 118 years later, women are still segregated from men in Olympic sports and there are still several disciplines where women are excluded completely. It is time for this to end and by signing this petition we are sending a strong message to the Olympic Committee that it is time for all segregation to stop, for all athletes to be allowed to compete together and for athletic ability to be judged and awarded equally regardless of gender.
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  • Save Scottish Youth Theatre
    For over thirty years, Scottish Youth Theatre has provided encouragement, space, opportunity and support for young people to engage with the creative industries. It has helped countless thousands of young people in Scotland to build their confidence, meet new friends and develop their creative potential. And so much more. Sadly, on 7 March, Scottish Youth Theatre announces via a statement on its website that due to this cut in its core funding it would cease trading on 31 July 2018: http://scottishyouththeatre.org/article/public-statement-by-syt/?platform=hootsuite 2018 is Scotland’s national Year of Young People. But even if it wasn’t it would still be a travesty to cut the funding for Scotland’s national youth theatre. There can surely be no prism through which the decision to cut this funding makes sense or could be viewed as a good thing for Scotland’s youth, creative sector, artistic reputation nor our economy. Please sign and share this petition to show the Scottish Government the level of public support in opposition to the cut in funding for SYT. Thank you.
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  • End the hunger strike of 45 immigrants detained indefinitely at Yarl's Wood
    It is inhumane to imprison people indefinitely, without being convicted of a crime, often with no legal representation. As one of the detainees has said "We want the Home Office to listen to us and stop the injustice of indefinite detention..It is the uncertainty that is most difficult, I can deal with imprisonment if I know my sentence. But here, there’s no criminal record, and no clarity about what's going to happen to me. It's a pain that we all bear on a daily basis." (Al Jazeera 28.2.18 - https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/02/women-detained-yarl-wood-hunger-strike-180228195926024.html)
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  • Against the removal of children tickets in Lansdown Lower
    Because people are being asked to either pay an unjustfied price to keep their current seats and effectively being forced to move from their current seats, price increases are understandable but removal of child ticket options from sections of the ground are not acceptable.
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  • Council's investment in Social Housing
    Thanks to the Government's 'Right to Buy' Policy, local government are forced to offer Social Housing at heavily discounted prices - at approximately up to 70% of value - to elderly, disabled and vulnerable residents in Independent Living Accommodation; thus reducing the housing stock in Social Housing overall. Affordable Housing is only offered at 20% of value which most cannot afford. If residents cannot get social housing, either through an association or the council, they are forced into the more expensive - ON AVERAGE 4 TIMES AS MORE - private renting. For example: In the last six months, 130 Independent Living Accommodation Sites have been lost, never to replaced, amounting to 2% of the current total Social Housing within the Stroud Area alone; an issue that is being replicated across the United Kingdom.
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