• Access to free period products for all women in Scotland
    The 1st Musselburgh Senior Section want to end period poverty. We’re calling for free period products for everyone who needs them. We’ve been working on Girlguiding Scotland’s Citizen Girl challenge badge in our unit – which is all about exploring why our voices matter and how we can speak out on the issues that matter to us. This got us thinking about some of the barriers girls our age face and we decided to campaign to end period poverty after seeing how condoms are provided for free at our school but how girls currently have to pay for period supplies like tampons and pads. It’s not fair that girls have to pay for something they have no choice in! We’re really encouraged to see free period products will now be available in Scottish schools but think more needs to be done to end period poverty once and for all. That’s why we’re calling for free products in other public places like Community Centres, Sport Centres and Libraries and for a system to make sure these products are easily accessible and freely available to anyone who needs them. We also want to tackle the stigma around periods and period poverty – so girls and women know this isn’t something they have to hide or be ashamed of. Women worldwide, are incapacitated by an inevitable biological process, not one of their own making. Many women cannot afford this basic necessity, which impacts so heavily on their lives. We would like to ask that Angela Constance MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Communities, Social Security and Equalities, and Shona Robinson MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport, to help end the stigma around periods and make sure period products are freely and easily accessible to anyone who needs them, not just while we’re at school but throughout our lives.
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    Created by 1st Musselburgh Senior Section
  • Keep hatred out of pride
    This inaction from Pride in London has sent shock waves around the world. Hate is not the message of pride and it was platformed for all the world to see .
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    Created by Karen Richards
  • Bring Back Frida Kahlo's Iconic Lipstick to Help Fund Women in Mexico
    Frida Kahlo was a cultural icon who celebrated her beauty with internationally acclaimed flare. She taught young girls everywhere that despite their disability or background - beauty is for all. Her iconic dark brows and lipstick adorn the walls of the public and elite alike, in her stunning original works or dog-eared printouts, torn from borrowed magazines. Frida made a stand for women everywhere, challenging perceptions of beauty and idealised standards for women, she stood for strength, for justice and for equality. We can't all afford an original piece to honour her memory but what better way to do it than by keeping those ideals alive through the medium of make-up.
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    Created by Sadie Medhurst-Griffiths
  • Lincolnshire welcomes refugees
    We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee from war and persecution. To date, Lincolnshire County Council has refused to respond to the Government ‘invitation’ to Local Authorities to offer their support. Please sign this petition to show your support for Lincolnshire offering its help to refugees. It’s right to care, it’s important to reach out - that’s what makes a community. Let’s play our part.
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    Created by Holly Furness
  • Bristol City Council Health & Wellbeing Board
    This is important for local health and wellbeing is represented by local people and democratic scrutiny. Until now all councillors have done is put cuts through and been hoodwinked by some CEOs of Trusts, on the HWB that do not care of the local population only payouts by big insurance companies trying to take over UK healthcare services.
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    Created by Viran Patel Picture
  • FREE public tennis courts to under 16's
    - Obesity crisis - NHS on its knees - Young people spending way too much time looking at screens - Empty tennis courts provide no revenue to councils Why don't we let U16's make use of this down time, and go on the court and play? Potential big win to society - no loss to the council. Our slogan: "An empty court serves nobody."
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    Created by Tony Hawks
  • Female Carers to have the right to wear company polo shirts in the summer months.
    This is important because female tunics are to heavy to wear in the summer months.
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    Created by Liz McDougall Picture
  • Mahsa Azad to remain in the UK
    Mahsa is seeking asylum after fleeing Iran because she was persecuted for being in a same sex relationship. She has been in Newcastle Upon Tyne for 6 months, she has made Newcastle her home and has people here she considers to be her new family. The Home office want to send her to Austria as that was her first point of entry in Europe. She is now in the UK and is part of our LGBT Community, she has been active as a volunteer for The LGBT Federation and despite all of her troubles she shows concern for others and wants to help. She has made great progress in learning English, she has made every effort to join groups and has struggled to get her spirits up after the trauma of leaving Iran, she will not survive a deportation as she is already feeling crushed by the Immigration System. She was removed from her home in Newcastle without warning and taken to Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, this is bad for her already fragile mental health and it will set back the progress she has made. It's possible she will be leaving Yarl's Wood on the 25th June, If she is sent out of the UK it will destroy her, she has already been removed from her place of relative safety and it is inhumane to be sent out of the UK to somewhere she is not familiar with. She should not be persecuted further because of who she loves. We are asking for the Home Office to have her asylum case heard in the UK and for her to be allowed to claim asylum in the UK.
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    Created by Andrea Strachan
  • Save the Birdsnest! Stop the development of flats on Creekside
    There are plans to develop 1 Creekside into 8 storey block flats. The area is directly across the road from the Birdsnest, currently an MOT garage and open space. Any future residents and the loud music of a long established, well recognised music venue are bound to conflict.
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    Created by Terry Edwards
  • Create a Fair and Compassionate UK Immigration Policy
    If your dream was to live in another country, what would you hope that country would say if you asked to stay? How would you hope to be treated by that country’s laws, when you applied to remain there? You might reply “With respect, fairness and dignity. I’d like to be given a fair chance of success”. Well, this is the dream of many foreign nationals, who apply for U.K.: - Work Permits and Visas, - Asylum or Refuge Status, - Residency and - Citizenship. Do we treat these people as we’d hope to be treated? Our Goverment can Recreate a UK Immigration Policy which our grandchildren will not look upon with shame, but with pride, as they live within the consequences of our choices.
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    Created by D K Thomas
  • Give adopted children an equal chance at school
    Adoption UK's members have contacted us in their thousands to tell us about their children's struggles at school. Almost 70% of adoptive parents say their child's progress is hindered by their poor emotional state at school. Nearly 80% of adopted children say they are routinely confused and worried at school, and two thirds of secondary aged children say they are being bullied at school because they are adopted. And it's not just adopted children who face these challenges - we know that this is the daily reality for up to half the children in every classroom who have had traumatic experiences - from living in care to family breakdown to bereavement. This is bad news for children, for their families, for teachers and for school results. If we re-think the way we’re educating adopted children, we can vastly improve their life chances. And even better: the changes we make can benefit every child in school. We want an equal chance for adopted children at school - and for all children who have suffered traumatic experiences in their early years. Add your name to support the call for an #equal chance. The louder we are, the more likely we will be heard.
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    Created by Adoption UK
  • National curriculum Inc. Mental health
    1 in 3 of us will suffer with a mental health issue in our lives. Whether it be depression, eating disorders, body dismorphia, suicidal feelings or stuggling to cope with life on a daily basis, yet we are not given any advice or lessons in schools to learn coping strategies or how to spot an issue and help others. We have sex education, but not education on how to cope with a relationship break up, we learn about nutrition, but not about how to spot someone who is abusing themselves with food. We need to teach our children how to cope if they or their friends, family need help.
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