• Referendum on the final terms on which the UK will leave the European Union
    The EU referendum represented a low point in post war UK democratic politics. Only now are problems coming to the fore that were not considered in the referendum and not debated at the time. Oeople did not know the consequences of them and Brexit impact reports are being unacceptably hidden from the people. This is unacceptable and we need a final decision when we know exactly what Brexit means and that means the full terms of an any deal.
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    Created by Roman Haluszczak
  • That's Not Me
    Low self-esteem, poor body image, anxiety and depression are increasingly rapidly in young women. Powerful advertisers and retailers would have the women of tomorrow believe that to be beautiful, acceptable and successful you must be the epitome of thin; measuring a size 4 or less. Whilst retail chains aimed at older women are starting to use mannequins that represent normal, wonderful women, retailers aimed at the 14-24 group still have below size 4 mannequins in their window. Their message is that unrealistically thin, unhealthily thin is beautiful. Girls come in a myriad of sizes, they need to be represented and celebrated not ostracised from main stream fashion. Beautiful bodies deserve beautiful clothes whether skinny or curvy. Our daughters deserve more. Statistics show that, "The 2017 version of Miss Average [woman] is 5ft 5in, weighs 11st, wears a dress size 16 and has a shoe size of 6." Retailers have a responsibility to support positive and diverse body image in young women, not to perpetuate the cycle of self-loathing. All girls are beautiful; retailers step up and make a change for positive body image for life.
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    Created by Helen Stanley
  • Manchester United: Form a Women's Team
    Women's Football is growing by the day and one of the biggest clubs in world football is not backing it, showing a lack of equality and professionalism.
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    Created by Alexander Metcalfe Picture
  • Reform the GRA
    The rights of millions of Trans and Non-Binary people is at stake! Our Government is exploiting us into 'outing' ourselves to obtaining birth certification! We need this reformation of the Gender Recognition Act, in order for the birth of future Trans and Non-Binary people to obtain certification no matter where on life's journey they are. It will change the way society accepts us as members of society = no questions asked It will generate employment and better immigration rights It will make government run things quicker than today. My case story My name is Alexandria Aileen Adamson, I am an autistic woman. There was complications earlier on in life. My grandparents raised me a girl, but then at 10 he (the biological father) threatened to murder me, and from then on I was forced to pretend for him for 15 years until my mum had enough of his abuse. Mum moved me with her away from the abuse, From then on I was a free women with severe medical complications, that resulted in intense physical therapy and now awaiting surgery that wasn't my fault. From the Tories NHS cuts I am on an incredibly long waiting list and having problems with losing weight to reduce the BMI, as well as obtain birth certification under Tory rule. however there has been cuts on dietitions on the NHS, that's becoming more hard to lose weight! The Gender Identity Clinic under the NHS are to supply evidence on cases of "gender dysphoria", which in the of cases, patients do not feel it should be relevent to obain a birth certificate. I have suffered seven suicide attempts and severe mental health problems due to the Tories ignorance and austerity. I have been offered a place at East Tennessee State University to study Bluegrass Old-Time and Country music, because no birth certificate = no visa or green card. I started this petition on the evening of International Day of Peace, as it is a day for calling for ceasefire and putting an end to hate
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  • Get rid of the tampon tax
    A woman doesn't get to choose whether she has a period or not and it's certainly not enjoyable. Why are they classed as a luxury if you can't choose whether or not you want to use them.
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    Created by Jenny Godwin
  • Drop Women’s Marital Status Titles
    Men do not have to specify their marital status at all and have a one-size-fits all title. What sort of message is this sending to women? That their marital status is somehow related to their worth? That society might judge them based on their marital status? If marital status is irrelevant to our value in society then why do we have to specify it?
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    Created by Chloe Hanchen-Garner
  • Stop cuts to IVF in Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire
    The NHS Bristol is being crushed under budget cuts. Now fertility services in the Bristol area are under threat. Current proposals are to limit treatment to to women aged between 30 & 35 years (previously anyone up to the age of 40 was eligible) where there are no existing children and only one cycle will be offered. The upper age limit for men to receive treatment will also be reduced to 52 years. Half the couples who currently receive treatment in the Bristol area will no longer qualify and will be forced to pay for treatment privately or go without. These proposed cuts to fertility funding are a shameless attack on desperate women and couples and will do little to nothing to relieve the budgetary pressures that the NHS is under.
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    Created by Kitty W
  • End The Unfair Pricing of Gendered Products
    Why should women pay up to 37% more than men to shave, wash and keep themselves smelling fresh? It is 2017 and yet women are still being treated unfairly, earning less and paying more for basic toiletries, whilst men earn more and pay less. What example is Boots giving to the future generations by setting this terrible example in the UK?
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    Created by DaisyandAbbie .com
  • Make it illegal to upskirt
    This terrible, violating and harassing issue we are facing of people taking photos up skirts and posting the on social media apps has got the stop. It needs to be illegal and for the police to be given Powers to prosecute. Please support and sign this petition.
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  • Retain the RFU contracts for the Red Roses England Rugby Team
    It shows the RFU's lack of commitment to the XVs came and to Women's Rugby in general.
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  • Give Shared Parental Pay to the Self-Employed
    Self-employed parents are not eligible for Shared Parental Pay (ShPP). The current system of Maternity Allowance for the self-employed places the entire burden of childcare onto the mother, and offers no financial support for self-employed fathers or same-sex partners wanting to share childcare. We would like to see ShPP implemented for self-employed parents, as it would allow them more flexibility to successfully run their businesses without claiming any more money from the government than the mothers are currently entitled to. Self-employed mothers claiming Maternity Allowance have none of the legal protections afforded to employees when they go on maternity leave, so the flexibility to share childcare and stop and start their maternity pay in order to maintain their business becomes even more crucial. We believe that in 2017 gender-equality is a fundamental right, not an optional extra reserved for those in traditional employment.
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  • Respect Girls More - Take Down Your Sign
    Teenage girls feel under increasing pressure to create and send nude pictures of themselves. An NSPCC report says teenage girls are most adversely affected by the sexting culture. Once online, these nude images can be seen and used by anyone, making girls and vulnerable young women the victims of bullying, revenge porn and exploitation. Many of these nude images can even make their way to child abuse websites. It is illegal in the UK for nude images of under 18's to be created, sent and shared. 'Send me Nudes' legitimises the culture of sexual coercion that teenage girls and young women experience daily. In posting 'Send me nudes' in their store, Missguided are promoting a negative and damaging culture. Instead, they should be empowering young women to value their intrinsic value and express their uniqueness through the art of fashion. So we are calling on Missguided to respect girls and take down their sign.
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