• Rename Tattenham Corner Emily Davison Corner
    In 1913 Emily Davison ran in front of the King's horse and was killed, in what was probably the most historically memorable event of the movement for Women's Suffrage. Emily Davison should be remembered, as should all women who campaigned for women's suffrage in the early 20th Century. The place where she made her stand should carry her name so that her sacrifice will always be remembered
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    Created by Peter Hatch Picture
  • Gender-Neutral Bathrooms
    It is important for people to move with a progressing society. While there also being other important reasons for this such as parents being able to stay with their children, lower money spend and increase inclusiveness.
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    Created by Phoebe Drake
  • Feminine hygiene: Make menstrual products free
    The study, commissioned by Menstrual cup brand Intimina, found a woman spends £10.24 per month on menstrual products adding up to £4,916 during an average reproductive lifetime – 12 to 52. Yet, adult women also suffer from period poverty and the study found that half of the 2,000 18 to 55-year-old women surveyed reported experiencing it. Period poverty in the UK is not a new thing, but it’s something that has come to the forefront of conversation over the past couple of years – starting with activist As well as leaving women out of pocket, menstrual products are also harming the environment. Women in the UK use an average of 11,000 disposable menstrual products during their reproductive lifetime. This results in tampons, pads and panty liners producing more than 200,000 tonnes of waste per year, which can take centuries to biodegrade.
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    Created by Kirsty Humphrey
  • Reduce Transgender waiting lists
    My son (f2m) has struggled for over 6 years and has had no support. After suicide attempts, self harm and severe mental health issues he still has had no contact. He is now raising funds to go private.
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    Created by Charley Baker
  • Girl Footballers to earn the same amount of money as boy footballers!
    The players allege they have been subject to ongoing institutionalised gender discrimination, including unequal pay, despite having the same job responsibilities as the men's national players. The women's team have won the world cup, they have the superstars, they are the drivers of football in their country. The global gender wage gap overall sees women earning 63% of what men earn. Women’s bodies can do a lot more than we give them credit for. Most of what society thinks women’s bodies can do is based on fairly arbitrary speculation by men. Until 1972, women were not allowed to run marathons because they were thought to be too frail!
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    Created by Addison C
  • Loosen Gender Recognition Requirements
    Many trans and non-binary people do not necessarily feel gender dysphoria to a strong enough degree or in a typical manner that would lead to a diagnosis. In addition, it should be an inherent right of all people to identify personally and legally as the gender that makes them the most comfortable without a rigorous, extended, and invasive investigation into their own experience of gender.
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    Created by Sofia Stannard
  • Allow Non-binary people to get passports
    This is a basic right. I pay taxes and vote, but as things stand I am not allowed to get a passport. It shows the inherent transphobic nature of the government and this needs to change.
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    Created by Morgan Gosling
  • Stop objectifying women!
    It is sending a wrong message to young women / girls about nudity and self imaged.
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    Created by ORSOLYA ARVAY
    Gay men still face challenges which are not helped by portraying them as sex obsessed and one dimensional. They are fully rounded members of society.
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  • Petition for The Bank of England to have both a female and male on the new £50 note
    This will conform to the "Equality Act of 2010" and be DEMOCRATIC - both requirements of our underwritten constitutions by INSTITUTIONS. To achieve this, I suggest using the consultation on the website set up by The Bank of England for the general public to put forward a personage they would like to have on the new note, who has served the nation by their 'SCIENTIFIC ENDEAVOURS AND RESULTS AND WHO ARE DECEASED'. From this survey, take the top 4/5 females and top 4/5 males and then on the basis of these 2 lists have a nationwide 38 Degrees petition to decide the final two (one from each list). This incorporates both The Equality Act of 2010 and is democratic. This would be a model for all new notes in the future and bring all notes inline with The Equality Act of 2010.
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    Created by John Hadman
  • A fine on unwanted sexual attention on the streets
    It is important because this kind of behaviour needs to be stopped asit is disgusting, unnecessary and intimidates and frightens those who are victims of it. It dters me from walking places on my own because of how disturbing this kind of behaviour is to me. In particular, me and many other girls I know have been victim of wolf whistling and unwanted vehicle horn beeping whilst walking home from school - very obviously underage in our school uniforms.
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    Created by Gemma Robinson
  • Prostate testing for all men over 50 in the UK
    Many men exhibit no signs of prostate cancer, but a simple blood test may identify this issue. Prostate cancer is a huge killer in the UK which needs early diagnosis and It is often missed by the NHS. Every 45 minutes a Man dies of prostate cancer... many go undiagnosed until it is too late. PSA testing is currently only recommended if you have symptoms, but many men do not have any symptoms. When mammograms were recommended for all women over 50 because breast cancer was a huge killer, I like many others, fought hard for this screening, I feel that it is now time for standard screening to be introduced for prostate cancer. Years ago, we were told that mammograms were unreliable, but we now know they have saved millions of lives. Surely it is time for prostate cancer to be treated equitably and at minimal cost. This is a simple blood test which could save lives... it is not foolproof but is better than the current uncaring approach. Currently the NHS does not support this testing as they describe it as unreliable, however... 1. Every man I know who has had symptoms has been sent for a PSA test as the first stage diagnosis (why would the NHS use this if it does not work ?) 2. I know 5 people in my circle of close friends who have all had their Prostate Cancers picked up by PSA testing. Two had other symptoms, three had no symptoms at all, just a raised PSA level. 3. My doctor has been very supportive and has allowed me a PSA test - I know of 5 men locally (who attend another medical practise) who have had their request for a test denied this year.
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    Created by Martin Carter