• We need LBGTQA Fiction and Non Fiction sections in Bookshops
    If you walk into a chain Bookstore like WHSmith, Waterstones, The Works etc. you will almost inevitably never find Gay, Lesbian and Trans related fictional material that is clearly and obviously available for purchase and Non-fiction is often hidden away among Feminist and activist books which for many is highly inaccessible or is culturally shunned. This places young people and indeed older members of the Queer community in a truly difficult position. LBGTQA+ fiction is notoriously hard to get hold of in Highstreet chains and is often hidden among books about Hetrosexual people where you have to physically ask staff to find it for your which for some LBGTQA+ people puts them at risk. There needs to be at least a shelf or two dedicated to LBGTQA+ fiction and non fiction so that LBGTQA+ people can access cultural resources that involve them and their identities. It will also help to normalise the existence of LBGTQA+ people and grant educational resources to those who aren't that are accessible to all ages. Granting LBGTQA+ Fiction and Non Fiction their own dedicated section will display the historical literary achievements of people within those minorities in a way that no other place does.
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    Created by Hanna Sutcliffe
  • Keep sexism out of the olympics.
    This petition was started on International Women's Day 2018. It is on days like this when we can reflect on the mistakes of the past and look at ways of avoiding those mistakes in the future. During the first modern Olympic games in 1896, women were excluded completely on the grounds that their inclusion would be, "impractical, uninteresting, unaesthetic and incorrect". It wasn't until 1900 that women were actually allowed to compete. 118 years later, women are still segregated from men in Olympic sports and there are still several disciplines where women are excluded completely. It is time for this to end and by signing this petition we are sending a strong message to the Olympic Committee that it is time for all segregation to stop, for all athletes to be allowed to compete together and for athletic ability to be judged and awarded equally regardless of gender.
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    Created by Simone Clarke
  • Allow gay people equal rights when it comes to blood donation
    This is hugely important because through blood donation we can save many people’s lives. It seems that gay men are only not allowed to give blood because of highly alarming rates of HIV within the community. However, this is awfully discriminative, considering thousands of heterosexual people give blood, even though they may also have sex with someone who has an STI. This means therefore that people should be inspected through a case-by-case basis, rather than categorised into not being allowed to give blood just because they simply identify as a homosexual man. I find this outrageous, that the current law states gay men have to not have sex for a whole 12 months in order to give blood. It is said to be reduced to 3 months, however, I deeply believe this is still unfair, as heterosexual men do not have to abstain from having sex if they want to donate at all. I am sure homosexual men want to donate blood just as much as any other man in this world and they should be given the right to do so. We see adverts all over the place saying that someone with a rare blood group needs a blood donation and enlarging the group by including homosexual men (after checkup for any serious STIs) could also help this, as they surely also have rare blood groups that may not be found in anyone else in the population.
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    Created by Joanna Modrzynska
  • Free Feminine Products in Shops
    This is important because there is lots of homeless woman or just woman in general who are having to spend an average of £3-5 a month just because the way woman are built biologically.
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    Created by Kayleigh Alexander
  • Referendum on the final terms on which the UK will leave the European Union
    The EU referendum represented a low point in post war UK democratic politics. Only now are problems coming to the fore that were not considered in the referendum and not debated at the time. Oeople did not know the consequences of them and Brexit impact reports are being unacceptably hidden from the people. This is unacceptable and we need a final decision when we know exactly what Brexit means and that means the full terms of an any deal.
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    Created by Roman Haluszczak
  • Manchester United: Form a Women's Team
    Women's Football is growing by the day and one of the biggest clubs in world football is not backing it, showing a lack of equality and professionalism.
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    Created by Alexander Metcalfe
  • Female house names
    Currently all of the 8 house names at moulton school and science college are male. It's 2017 and we need equal representation.
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    Created by Kristy Leeds
  • Get rid of the tampon tax
    A woman doesn't get to choose whether she has a period or not and it's certainly not enjoyable. Why are they classed as a luxury if you can't choose whether or not you want to use them.
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    Created by Jenny Godwin
  • Drop Women’s Marital Status Titles
    Men do not have to specify their marital status at all and have a one-size-fits all title. What sort of message is this sending to women? That their marital status is somehow related to their worth? That society might judge them based on their marital status? If marital status is irrelevant to our value in society then why do we have to specify it?
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    Created by Chloe Hanchen-Garner
  • Make it illegal to upskirt
    This terrible, violating and harassing issue we are facing of people taking photos up skirts and posting the on social media apps has got the stop. It needs to be illegal and for the police to be given Powers to prosecute. Please support and sign this petition.
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    Created by Karen Lucioni
  • Retain the RFU contracts for the Red Roses England Rugby Team
    It shows the RFU's lack of commitment to the XVs came and to Women's Rugby in general.
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    Created by Heidi Gough
  • Abolish gender-specific job titles
    Currently, in the UK, there are hundreds of thousands of people who do not identify as male or female or do not identify as the gender they were assigned at birth. An estimated 42% of these people do not live in their preferred gender role because they feel they will lose their jobs, and 35% of these people have attempted suicide at least once due to abuse as a result of their gender. These people need to feel like they are able to be in the gender role they feel they belong to, and not live in a gender which they do not feel right in just because of fear that they will lose their job or receive abuse because of this. Currently, many jobs have gender-specific titles which can only apply to males or females, for example, 'midwife', and 'waitress' or 'waiter'. People in these jobs feel uncomfortable coming out as non-gender binary as they think they will not be welcome in these jobs anymore. Changing the names of these jobs so that they are non-gender specific will make people who are non-gender binary feel more comfortable in their situations and it will open up more opportunities for them where they feel limited due to their personal gender opinions.
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    Created by Alfie Arthur