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    Created by Sophie Graves
  • Stop VAT on sanitary products; don't just give the money to charity
    While women may be happy for extra funding for such charities, this purely political gesture completely misses the point. These products are NOT luxuries so why are they taxed as such? What George Osborne did today was keep a discriminatory tax and make it an enforced charitable contribution which only women have to pay. This is important because the tax is discriminatory.
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    Created by Anonymous Female
  • Stop charging survivors of domestic abuse the collection fee for Child Maintenance
    Using the Child Maintenance Service, rather than a family-based arrangement, may be the only safe way for victim-survivors of domestic abuse to claim support for their child(ren) from the other parent. Abuse doesn't necessarily end when the relationship does. Ultimately, it is children who lose out on the money intended to support them.
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  • Don't take women out of politics A-levels
    The political history taught in schools is hugely biased towards the actions of men. Shoehorning feminism and women's political achievements under the banner of "pressure groups" diminishes the important work women have done - and still are doing - to make politics more equal and representative. The new curriculum plans to only include one woman in the list of key political thinkers students will study - and the entire Suffragettes movement will only be taught in a section on pressure groups. Women have helped shape this world as much as men have and it's integral that we are recognised as political thinkers, as well as giving kids great female role models to look up to... whether they're boys, girls or anything else. When we remove women from the syllabus we teach young people that women have no impact on politics. At a time when fewer than one in three MPs are female this is a dangerous message to give out. The government has a responsibility to teach young men and women that every voice is important, not just the voices of those already in power. For the sake of the men and women of the future we need to hear about the women of the past. Stop airbrushing women out of our history.
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    Created by Lauren and Ellen
  • Extra Third Trimester Scan to Prevent Premature and IUGR Births
    This is important to me as my first daughter was born IUGR and we were not aware , when I became pregnant with my second daughter we were given am extra third trimester Doppler scan which detected the IUGR and Reverse chord flow, which led to a better planned pregnancy and early delivery. My Girls are in my photo Rubie was born at 32/40 @ 2lb 7oz delivered via EMCS due to IUGR and severe pre-eclampsia .. Rubie is now a happy average 5 year old at the same level as other children her age with no learning disabilities. Scarlet was born 30/40 @ 1lb 8oz due to severe early onset IUGR and reverse chord flow via EMCS only detected because of an extra Doppler scan. Scarlet is now a happy average 1 year old hitting all her milestones with no disabilities. Although both are tiny for their age.
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  • Renew In The Flesh
    This television show contains a range of diverse characters, including those of the LGBTQ+ community, and an incredibly strong female character. The show is important for those of LGBTQ+ community as it boosts representation among media (also the sexuality of the characters in question is never explicitly stated, which is how sexuality should be dealt with as no one should have to come out), and deals with sexuality as it should be dealt with. Mental illness is also depicted in the show, which raises awareness and may help to end stigma around mental health issues, and deals with them in a way that not only spreads awareness at how serious they are, but also shows the aftermath of the consequences of some mental health issues (i.e. suicide). Finally, although the program is a 'zombie' show it is not a stereotypical zombie show. It is bursting with original ideas and concepts, and deals with far more issues than a regular TV show. In The Flesh is an incredibly important program to so many, and the renewal of it would mean so much to a lot of people, young and old alike.
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    Created by Bethany Collins
  • Keep "Women's hour" on BBC Radio 4
    As I've got older I have learned to appreciate radio more than I previously did and with BBC having such a wide variety of different radio stations there is one which i have become more accustomed too in my older age and if your moving on through the years as i am, you will know what BBC radio station i'm talking about. Yes radio 4. I started on radio 1, worked my way to 2, skipped 3 and have comfortably landed on 4 all because one day at work (while painting) I thought why don't i learn a thing or two of whats happening around me while I'm working, so I did and so i write this. I mean there is a never ending list of great television shows and radio shows but for me there is one which stands out taller then the rest, and believe it or not its "women's hour". I was raised by strong women and i'm also currently with one and i know how much strength and character it takes to fight for everything you want in this world. So to hear women talk on political , historical, present day or sexual issues i feel it is of the up most importance. Its something we can all learn from especially men like me. So lets not just save women's hour but the bbc as a whole.
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    Created by Lee Crick
  • New UK Passport Airbrushes Women From History
    The new UK passport design supposedly celebrates the British 'cultural pantheon' but in 16 pages features only 2 women, despite finding plenty of space for men, as well as everyday objects such as the postage stamp and telephone box. British history contains countless inspirational women such as Jane Austen, Emmeline Pankhurst, Charlotte Bronte, Barbara Hepworth, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson, Laura Ashley, Boudicca, Queen Elizabeth I, Elizabeth Fry, Florence Nightingale, Mary Wollstonecraft, Marie Stopes, Agatha Christie , Beatrix Potter, Maggie Smith and Amy Winehouse - and many, many more besides! It is wrong that in 2015 men and women do not have equal representation on this important document - a document that will be in the hands of every man, woman and child for years to come. We are constantly hearing about how we must encourage women and girls to become engineers, doctors, company directors and much much more, but this sends the message to our women and girls that their contribution to society does not count. Is the contribution of inspirational women such as Emmeline Pankhurst or Jane Austen really not as important or interesting as a postage stamp or telephone box?
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    Created by Juliet Browse
  • Stop rape in India
    Children and babies bring joy. Such horrific disrespect for these little lives is barely conceivable and must stop. The devastating stories of a toddler, a four year old and a five year old being raped is horrifying beyond words. The UK uses India for trade and for providing services to many high street organisations. Almost everyone in the UK is touched by a service that India provides on a daily basis. As a consumer of these services, the UK needs to make it clear to India that women as respected and should not walk around in fear of rape, or worse, their children and babies being raped.
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    Created by Vicky Minnis
  • Daylight Robbery
    For many women reaching sixty was within sight when the state pension age was raised. The nearer they got the further away it was moved. Some women have been robbed of six even seven years pension, thousands of pounds, without a murmur of protest but now the reality of continuing to work has hit hard and for many this is a step too far.
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    Created by Sarah Biddlecombe
  • Rid the UK of the Gender Pay Gap
    It is important so that our daughters know that when they study, work-hard and contribute to society in the same way as their male counter-parts, they are not penalised for the sex they happen to be. In today's, modern, inclusive society where anti-discriminatory practice is common-place, we believe it is the Conservative Governments duty to implement equality of pay, regardless of sex. The gender pay gap currently resides at 10%, meaning men earn 10% more just for being men. How can we hope to encourage more women into Government and the boardrooms of the country when the pay gap exists on top of the many other barriers to success women may face? Sign our petition to give women true equality in the work-place.
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  • BBC - Diversify your poetry programming!
    Writers who are not white men have contributed hugely to our understanding and appreciation of poetry, and it is unforgivable and unrepresentative to exclude them from a national celebration of poetry. Women and people of colour have been consistently ignored, sidelined and poorly treated in academic and arts circles, often not being taken as seriously as white men doing the same things as us to a similar or even lower standard. As TV licence fee payers, we have a right to be fairly represented and to see ourselves - and a true reflection of the arts world - in the programming we pay for.
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