I need the Ministers of Health and Education to acknowledge that abuse against children is obscene and needs brave and positive action when the abused child is STILL a child and NOT wait until their lives are ruined. Take early intervention, it is the only way. Every Junior School in the country should employ a trained Psychologist. Children need to be taught to trust their therapist and to let the therapist help them to be pulled out, by whatever appropriate means, from their abusive situation. This will be expensive to set up but the millions of pounds saved by the NHS in not having to treat the adult survivors of childhood abuse would outweigh the cost easily. Furthermore, abusers would realise that they will no longer be able to get away with their totally destructive and self gratifying behaviour. Abused children stand out in school, the way they interact with both adults and children alike, their general behaviour plus their lack of confidence, lack of feelings of self worth and their need for isolation. A trained person could spot them easily and effectively. Abused children grow up, the majority, into disturbed adolescents and lost and lonely adults who probably suffer serious mental health problems throughout their lives. IS THIS FAIR? Save the child, punish the perpetrator and in doing so save the NHS literally millions of pounds especially in mental health care for the abused. Most importantly, give these many children the CHANCE of a happy and fulfilled life, let them be able to trust others. Let them be able to feel that they are loved and are capable of loving too. So many who suffer childhood abuse become adults with Personality Disorders who find it impossible to feel worthwhile as a human being and who become emotionally and physically isolated because of their inability to trust anyone, not even themselves. They feel responsible for the abuse they suffered as a child and live a life ridden with guilt that is not theirs.
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  • Stop the £1.2 billion sell off of Staffordshire's cancer and end of life care
    This is important because People who are at the end of there life do not need the stress of having to pay for their care. Read more here: http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jul/02/cancer-care-nhs-outsourcing-ccgs-unison-virgin
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  • Derby City Council, please provide treatment for Borderline Personality Disorder!
    We are pleased to inform everyone that DBT is now available to those in Derby City. All Derby City and Derby County psychological services are now under the same bracket and receive funding from the same pot, so DBT is no longer classed as an external service. This means that Derby City residents with BPD can be referred for an assessment for the service via their CPN or psychiatrist. This change has been in progress for a while now, and would have happened despite our campaign. Nevertheless, as a result of this campaign many more people will now be aware of the treatment and that this service is available. More importantly, we have raised awareness of BPD and that there is hope for those with the condition. Breaking down stigma surrounding BPD is what Borderline is all about, and thanks to the campaign and the support of Unite the Union, especially the Derby Unite Community Branch, have certainly helped to do this. We would like to thank everyone who has been involved, as you have all played a big part in making this happen. Once again, thank you!!
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    The Ebola virus has spread across West Africa to Nigeria, a busy UK travel destination, if an infected traveler arrives in the UK, Ebola could potentially kill hundreds of thousands of UK citizens.
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  • Ban GMO from the UK
    The health of this great nation is in jeopordy, we are been poisoned by eating this product, independent studies have been made but their evidence has been ignored, this food is literally killing us and has to stop!
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  • Vaccinate all children against CHICKENPOX
    In the US, Australia and Japan vaccination is already in place. It's an awful childhood disease to suffer through and many teenagers and adults contract this with far more damaging complications later in life. The cost to the NHS would be easily off-set by not having to deal with chickenpox complications and parents not needing to take time of work to look after sick children or themselves.
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  • Medical Cannabis urgently needed
    Medical Cannabis has been used as a medicine for millennia. I can find no information that it is dangerous, but there is plenty of information to support using this very successful, sometimes miraculous medicine. It treats MS, many types of cancer, depression, anxiety, pain, insomnia, fibromyalgia, PTSD, and many, many other illnesses. Anyone with an ounce of compassion surely could not deny this important medicine.
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  • Reinstate the money taken from the Norfolk Learning Disabilities Service
    The LD service is very specialist with relatively few staff doing different but highly specialist jobs. LD staff visit people in their homes for many reasons. For instance, we work hard to keep people out of hospital, if people do go to hospital we work to prevent readmission, we adapt homes so people don’t have to leave their family home or go into expensive care services, and we work with people to help them stay healthy and active, so that they don’t have to use other more expensive health services. And very often, there just aren’t any other services that can provide the care that we do. Norfolk County Council has cut Learning Disabilities Services by £960K and chosen to use the money elsewhere. But this money should be protected by Law for the specific care needs of people with learning disabilities. Help us get Norfolk County Council to reverse its harmful decision to cut Learning Disabilities services.
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  • Teaching First Aid in School
    We believe that every young person has the right to learn essential life-saving skills as an integral part of their primary and secondary education. By teaching first aid in schools, ParadigmYP hopes to create a generation of first aiders, equipped with practical life saving skills and as a result hundreds, if not thousands, of lives can be saved.
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  • Bedfordshire Save Our Hospitals
    Bedfordshire and Milton Keynes Clinical Commissioning Groups are conducting a Healthcare Review and the 'options' for the future of services are currently under consultation. We are alarmed that of the remaining options, none of them allow for an Accident and Emergency service to be retained at both Bedford and Milton Keynes Hospitals. One option could even see a scenario where Bedford Hospital has no beds. The A&E department at Bedford Hospital serves a population of 271,000 and the consequences of closing the service are a matter of life and death as has been seen in tragic circumstances at Chase Farm Hospital in London two weeks after the loss of their service. It is simply unacceptable to suggest that we cannot afford to provide healthcare for the population of Bedfordshire and the CCGs should stand up and fight for our NHS and secure the long term future of services
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  • Save Our Max Glatt Unit
    The World famous Max Glatt Unit has been earmarked for closure by Central and North West London NHS Trust. The Max Glatt Unit is a specialist 15 bed detox unit that provides free to access specialist drug and alcohol detox services to London and the South East as well as taking patients from all over the world. The Max Glatt Unit is a Centre of Clinical Excellence and after 52 years the Trust has now is now proposing to close it. If the Max Glatt Unit closes then hundreds of patients every year who are some of our most challenging and complex detox cases will go without treatment. At a time where “Recovery” is so important, it is fundamental to keep such an institution like to the Max Glatt Unit open. Please sign our petition so we can show the Trust that this Max Glatt Unit is needed, and should remain open. Hundreds of patients rely on this free to access NHS service every year and without it remaining open hundreds of people will not be able to recover from their drug addiction. The public consultation will take place at a date yet to be decided by CNWL (we will notify you when we have this as we would like come along and show your support for this outstanding facility. Please contact us via the below methods; T: 07950 979152 E: paul.doyle@savemaxglattunit.com W: www.savemaxglattunit.com A: 57 – 59 Wood Lane, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 7DP
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  • Stop the closure of Ealing Hospital Maternity and A & E Departments, planned for December 2014
    If the closures go ahead the well being, health and lives of people in the local area will be put at great risk.
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