• Make provision of public toilets a statutory duty
    The public have no come-back, especially in rural areas, as it's not written down in law that they have to provide them. It is a public health issue as people will use other sites if necessary. This is a basic human right, which has more impact on women and disabled people, as well as workers in rural areas such as van drivers and bus drivers.
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  • Stop the ongoing destruction of services for adults with disabilities in Barnet
    Your Choice Barnet, that provides services for adults with learning and physical disabilities. Your Choice Barnet Ltd (YCB) began operating as a Local Authority Trading Company (LATC) in February 2012 and 100% owned by Barnet Council. In February 2013 a year after its creation Your Choice Barnet, was in serious financial difficulties and as a result, it looked to make savings by cutting staff terms and conditions and reduce staffing levels in some of the social care settings. It also received a £1 million bail out from Barnet Homes requiring a 6% interest repayment. A significant number of loyal hard working care staff were made redundant last year as a result of this cut which has led to an increase in agency staff delivering services. In January 2014, Your Choice Barnet were still in a financial crisis and stated they needed to cut the staff bill by a further £400,000. It is obvious to everyone that the ongoing attack on the terms & conditions of care staff will ultimately lead to: • fewer stimulating activities in a safe environment for adults with disabilities in Barnet. • fewer staff to work with adults with vulnerable disabilities in Barnet. • less supervision of, training and support for remaining skilled staff. • loss of professional staff and lower morale and motivation among remaining staff. • negative impact on staff health and well-being, with a knock-on impact on service quality. Both the Francis Inquiry into Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust and the Winterbourne View abuse scandal highlighted the shocking results of employing unskilled and unsupervised staff. I note in a recent article http://www.conservativehome.com/localgovernment/2014/03/maude-praises-the-barnet-formula.html you have been extolling the virtues of mass outsourcing “Our approach is already paying dividends, by allowing us to cut Council Tax bills to all residents next year.” Surely you must concede that instead of making a gesture of funding a tax cut, which will save a Band D taxpayer all of 26p a week; the money would have been better spent on ensuring safe and quality services for adults with disabilities. In another article http://www.hamhigh.co.uk/news/barnet_can_make_future_council_tax_cuts_due_to_one_barnet_outsourcing_says_westminster_finance_chief_1_3429038 you are quoted as saying: “We’ve made enough savings via the One Barnet programme so that we can meet our budget and distribute the money saved, back to the community.” In which case why are you not ensuring the savings you are referring to are redirected to Your Choice Barnet?
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  • Stop English prescription Charges
    People are finding it hard to make ends meet and some times have to choose between eating and having medication. People with Parkinson's, asthma and other life changing illnesses are finding this difficult to deal with. Ministers claim that it is not possible for England to abolish the charges because it would leave the NHS with debts of £450million a year. However The BMA chairman Dr Hamish Meldrum said that the Government should abolish charges and that many of the exemptions were unfair Still England is the only one paying . Read this for more information http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1372063/Prescriptions-From-today-English-pay-prescriptions-thats-April-Fools-joke.html#ixzz2vlx3a4IH
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  • Reduce Mental Health Waiting Lists
    Currently Mental health patients can have to wait for more than a year for treatment or therapy and are not guaranteed the most appropriate therapy for their condition. I feel this unacceptable and a wait that can be too long for people that are in very difficult and what can be dangerous circumstances. Shorter waiting lists will help reduce the impact on other departments and teams within the NHS that deal with patients in crisis, often reoccurring due to lack of support and treatment. Surely a prevention of the crisis is better than having to deal with the crisis? Link to Early day motion 1063: http://www.parliament.uk/edm/2013-14/1063 For more information: http://www.bacp.co.uk/policy/edm1063/
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  • Ban smoking over prams
    - Health risk to children - Poor role models
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  • Free Health Care for Elderly People in Nursing Homes
    We are supposed to live in a caring country where our health needs are looked after, irrespective of our financial position, free of charge from the cradle to the grave. Perusing the internet for nursing care for elderly people will uncover many examples of people not receiving the funding from the NHS for their health care that they have every legal right to expect. Many people have had to resort to expensive court action to force the National Health Service to fulfill its statutory obligations. This is not acceptable and is a national disgrace which needs to be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Please have a look at this useful website, it is crammed full of information and can provide help. http://www.caretobedifferent.co.uk/
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  • Freedom to buy and sell Raw milk in any food shop
    Raw milk is a natural, delicious and health giving drink which has been demonised for the purpose of profit. And the Food agency want to ban it or at least make it impossible for our already beleaguered dairy farmers to sell where they choose. According to several sources, all outbreaks of salmonella come from pasteurised milk, not raw milk. Raw milk contains lactic acid producing bacteria that protect against pathogens. Pasteurisation destroys all enzymes in milk, enzymes which assist the body to assimilate essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, magnesium and trace elements. Pasteurisation also causes rancidity in unsaturated fatty acids and destroys a high percentage of vitamin C, B12 and D and other important nutrients. These are added later in Synthetic form which could have serious problems for the human body. And homogenisation has apparently been linked to heart disease. I have been giving raw milk to my family for 12 months now and one member no longer needs to use laxatives, and sleeps much better, and a friend who is lactose intolerant finds he can cope very well with raw milk. This makes sense as lack of enzymes which have been destroyed via pasteurisation put a huge strain on our digestive system. Before I discovered raw milk, we struggled to use 1 pint of pasteurised organic milk every other day. Now we get through at least 1 litre of raw milk every day in tea, as a delicious drink and making Kefir and tasty yogurt Pasteurisation was brought into the US in 1895 and in the 1950's in the UK because of unsanitary conditions with cows living in cities and fed on the swill from breweries. Once proper sanitary conditions were brought in for cattle and the dairy, and the cows were once again back in the pastures where they belong, it was no longer necessary to pasteurise milk but the food suppliers and supermarkets realised that pasteurised milk would have a much longer sell by date and so be more profitable, despite being almost totally deficient in nutrients, (and now they want good nourishing raw milk banned) so they lobbied their governments to make it illegal to sell raw milk via retail outlets such as supermarkets etc. Just think about it - the Masai are some of the strongest and healthiest people on the planet and raw milk is one of their main source of food, direct from the cow. Farmers in The Uk are not allowed to sell raw milk to retailers and are forced to put labeling on that makes this healthy giving, nourishing raw milk sound like the poison when it's the exact opposite.( ref The Milk book by Dr Campbell Douglas; Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon; Eat Fat, Lose Fat by Dr Mary Enig). Recently some of my raw milk separated after a few days and I found delicious recipes on the web for making curd tart or cream cheese from the curds and using the whey for scones, bread and pickling vegetables. I doubt if I could have done this with pasteurised milk, I would have just had to throw it away. According to Dr. Weston Price, raw milk is one of the most health giving and essential ingredients for any population and he traveled the world studying the diets of groups from every corner of the world, and now the Wise Traditions organisation, developed on the back of his in depth research, is gaining momentum and attracting interest across Britain, Europe and America. Please sign the petition so milk farmers and not big supermarkets have control over how they sell this amazing product and stop the threat to it being banned.
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  • Bus service for Finchley Memorial Hospital
    We have a brand new, gleaming hospital which people cannot reach because it is not on a bus route. Many of the services based there: physiotherapy, falls prevention, community dieticians, are geared towards people who are frail and cannot walk long distances. 500m might not seem a long distance for most people, but on a zimmer frame or crutches it is forever. Parts of the hospital are empty because local GPs do not want to move to a building which their patients cannot access. The plans for this building always included a bus stop, but what we need now is a bus which will actually stop outside the hospital door. There is a cross party consensus that this needs to happen urgently. Please add your voice so the Mayor of London understands how important this is. Thanks.
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  • Save our Accident and Emergency
    Calderdale Royal A&E serves a lot of people. Closing it will put lives at risk, let alone jobs.
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  • Health and Safety - What about Common Sense?
    We run the risk that young people in particular will be so protected from risk that they don't grow up having "tested the boundaries". Since 1985 the Marlborough Brandt Group, a small charity in Marlborough Wiltshire, has sent over 1000 young people from our secondary schools to live with families and work in our link community of Gunjur in The Gambia, West Africa alongside young Gambians. All of these young people have benefited from this experience in terms of their personal and professional development and their understanding of the world beyond their community. Health and safety now dictates that a) we spend large sums of our charitable money for insurance cover b) large amounts of time conducting a risk analysis, which is almost meaningless in a rural African context and c) we consider stopping the programme and thus depriving young people of an extraordinary life-changing experience. This is a national issue and must be debated or our young in UK will be deprived a proper, well-rounded education.
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    Carers are being ignored and Staffs County Council don't seem to care about our children or us! We are all getting older, we no longer get any allowances for having our children and soon we will have them 24/7 if the council get their way! How is this fair: We had a consultation or was it? When 69% voted for the Day Services to remain OPEN. 21% said they were open to change & 10% didnt vote. Surely they should have gone with the majority But no they didn't They have gone for complete closure! And our poor kids will be lost and no one seems to care. But I DO, so please sign this for every one with a Special Needs child (adult) Since October last year we have all been in meetings and consultations with Staffordshire County Council concerning Daybreak in Tamworth closing! We were all offered options 4 in all. The first was to leave Daybreak as it was, with the wonderful staff members helping our children get the very best out of life, meeting there friends every day, having days out and getting the right stability that they need on a daily basis. Everyone that I know went for and wants option ONE. Option three was always mentioned at our meetings, but no one wanted that, we want our children to see there friends everyday, that's what keeps them going, they don't like change and when they get it they get unhappy and when they get unhappy they take it out on there nearest and dearest US! None of us (parents/carers) are getting any younger, in fact we are all a lot older, so we need to know our children are safe everyday. So whats going on? With this proposed option three, our poor children will never again get to meet up with friends on a day to day basis, never again be picked up by minibuses (with helpful drivers and assistants) each day (so that we know they are safe and in capable hands), never again do the things they all love doing at the moment, never again have a laugh and a joke with a member of staff or make each other drinks! No, they will be pushed from pillar to post, be taken by strangers on public transport to venues they are unfamiliar with, meet people they don't know, not see the friendly faces of the staff that they have known for so many years. Our children are vulnerable! And the council expects them to be happy, I don't think so! I know for a fact my daughter will not be happy in any way if she has to leave Daybreak. Its like her second home and she feels safe there. Roaming the streets with someone she doesn't really know, isn't the way forward for her (or any of our children) and supposing she doesn't like the person shes been allocated What happens then? Will it be a case of put up with it or lose it? Know one knows or wants to know. But to top the lot we have had no evidence that this option three would ever work with our vulnerable children. They have no evidence to support any of the services that they have to offer, What are these services? Where are these services? How much will these services cost our children? How will they get to the services? We have never seen any paperwork to prove to us that there are other routes to take, but even if there were we DON'T want to put our children in that position in the first place. We all want Daybreak to stay OPEN and continue as it is. The council says it needs to make cuts, but I as a lot of others, feel that they could make cuts by not holding free expensive firework displays/ music shows etc. Surely the day to day lives of our vulnerable Learning Disabilities children/ (to us they are children) adults, is more important, than cuts isn't it? It seems not to be the case!
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  • Canabis legalisation
    studies show that cannabis has many medicinal properties ranging from being a pain killer to helping people who are living with cancer. it has helped people who were terminal to go into remission in one day. it will also bring around £7 billion into England which will help our economy like it has in places like Africa and India. It will also bring many jobs into play which will help people who are jobless to start earning money to look after their family again. Cannabis has been smoked for over 4000 years, "it is not a drug, it is a natural plant with healing properties.
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