I am disabled and it caused me a great deal of unnecessary stress and physical discomfort to have to go though a very complex form answering the same questions again and again when the DWP have already had the reasons for my claim. All they need to do is ask a patients GP or consultant to do a simple patient report that can be printed out from their computer to answer all the questions that are required. I am one of millions of people who have to do this and I am sure there are worse people than myself who will find this both distressing and painful. The reason l say distressing is because you realize what you are living and trying to cope with everyday. I was in so much physical pain after filling in this form again l was sobbing with the pain. Doctors don't put patients on morphine with a cocktail of painkillers for nothing. It is just common sense and it is about time someone said enough is enough. We are claiming DLA/PIP because we need to not because we want to.
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  • Remove VAT from Medical Equipment
    Trying to raise funds for life saving medical equipment is hard enough without the extra cost of 20% VAT. Why should 'saving a life' be subjected to taxation?
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  • Help save Winifred Kettle care home in Westhoughton
    The closure of respite care and transfers for after care from hospital to Winifred Kettle home in Westhoughton is very important to our community Many people have used the facilities of this wonderful care home over many years. The services of dedicated staff from cleaners, domestics, carers and managers is exemplary. We all may need the services in the future. The elderly population is increasing, but more homes are closing. Many carers are elderly themselves and circumstances do not allow them to look after loved ones. We must rally round together to put pressure on Bolton councillors to change their minds.
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  • Save mental health services Bolton, Salford, Trafford
    1500 mental health beds have closed in England in the last 2 years. The system is already in crisis with duty workers across England reporting times when there are no beds available anywhere. Current occupancy rate in Greater Manchester West wards is 98%. The government believes 85% is a safe occupancy rate. Already we are 13% over-occupied. This would only get worse if beds closed. Please help by signing the petition. Patients and their families would have to travel miles. This would penalise the poor, possibly prolong recovery, reduce access to leave, reduce contact with family and friends when in hospital. Woodlands is very hard to get to, 15 minutes walk from the nearest bus stop. Community workers will have to travel longer to see their patients in hospital, making liaison harder. The proposals assume other services will still be there. But councils are also cutting mental health services e.g. Bolton council propose to close residential units. Benefits are being cut. Everywhere services are shrinking. Mental illness is increasing due to the stresses caused by the economic recession and austerity. The number of elderly people is increasing, but services for them are being cut. Replacement community services are not defined, have not been piloted nor are evidence based. It is expected there will be a net loss of jobs. Section 188 threat of redundancy notice have been given to the unions representing staff. This is financially driven not patient-care driven. It comes in a context of £20 billion cuts to NHS funding, more than has been cut from any health system ever. Greater Manchester West Trust has reserves. These proposals are expected to save £2.2 million a year. Why can't this come from reserves?
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  • Teachers to receive training to recognise ASD
    Children with ASD usually suffer with anxiety, but this can be increased massively due to not handling or coping with the children correctly. Increased anxiety in ASD children can then cause a "meltdown" or tantrum to occur which can last a long period of time and the effects of this usually result in the said child being excluded from School as they are now labeled violent and a Health & Safety risk. We are increasingly hearing of children being labeled and treated as "Naughty" by teachers simply because they do not have the ability to recognise or understand ASD and the impact that this has on the child. This is not the child’s fault but the way the situation is handled. We are seeing and hearing of an increasing number of children being penalised by mainstream schools for having a disability. They do not receive the correct level of help and support whilst in school due to the lack of teacher training. If all teachers received the appropriate level of training and support then all parties involved and most importantly the child, would benefit. Children are often left demoralised and anxious and feel picked on by their teachers. This is due to their teachers not getting the required training to help them cope more effectively with the challenging concept of handling these unique personalities. More importantly, parents are left fighting for understanding and help against budget cuts and the bureaucracy of Government departments and LEAs. Whilst this continues both the child and parents feel bullied by the LEA's and the Government’s lack of understanding of ASD which results in stress for parents and children and the officials getting defensive instead of dealing with what should be the common goal… the child’s welfare and education. This then causes years of struggles between the parents, schools and LEA's to try and get the correct level of support for the children themselves with the children and parents often made to feel like criminals. If a child has a physical disability such as being in a wheel chair, provisions are made for their disability to ensure they receive the appropriate level of education and core skills that can only be learned as a child. Why should it be any different for a disability that you can’t see? Why should it take so long for the professionals we trust our children with each day to recognise and understand the educational and developmental requirements of our beloved children? This shameful treatment of our ASD children who have to fight for the right to be understood, to have someone who understands what they are going through and is able to nurture not misunderstand when they are going through difficult stressful times that create sometimes violent outbursts. This can be changed by the government and LEAs who set the curriculum and have both the means and the power to ensure all children no matter whether black or white, physically disabled, able bodied or indeed mentally disabled, have the appropriately trained teachers and staff to help them develop to the best they can be. Give these children a chance by giving teachers the appropriate training to recognise, understand and help these children. They are neither naughty nor stupid, they are simply misunderstood. Help our teachers to help our children! This is appalling treatment of our children. Please help to put an end to it.
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  • Reject privatisation of Stockport G.P. Locally Enhanced Services
    GP surgeries could lose up to 15 per cent of their income from April if some services they currently offer such as spirometry, ECG and 24-hour blood pressure are given to private providers. This financial loss could harm the overall work of the surgeries, while patients would have to travel further to access the privatised services. The threat of privatisation of LES services arises from the Government's unleashing of competition law on the NHS. But Stockport CCG should stand up to the pressure, as some other CCGs have done - we need to tell them this urgently, at their February 12 meeting.
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  • Prevent the Sale of NHS Patient Records to Drug and Insurance Companies
    Patient Confidentiality is a key concept of healthcare, and close to most peoples' hearts. These measures, if approved, would mean patient confidentiality will be permanently lost by Spring 2014. Once the data has been sold, it will be in the hands of the Insurance and Drug companies, and there's no guarantee it could ever be recovered. This could lead to a future where patients are sold insurance based on a number in a database, with the patient never knowing why the insurance cannot be sold to them, or why it is being sold at a higher premium. We want to govern our own futures, rather than risking something as vital as our healthcare on a database that could end up having the same flaws as automated credit checking systems. We DO NOT want a future where someone pays a higher rate for a mortgage due to their mother dying of cancer. For those who wish to opt-out of sharing this information, please visit this site: http://medconfidential.org/how-to-opt-out/ Further information about the care.data system here: http://www.care-data.info/ Also, a huge thanks to the owners of the above two websites for these invaluable resources.
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  • Stop Fracking in Norfolk
    Horizontal hydraulic fracturing, ‘fracking’, is a way of extracting oil and/or gas. Water, sand and toxic chemicals are injected at high pressure into underground rocks to shatter them. This releases the gas/oil which can be collected. Investing in carbon-intensive fossil fuels is a distraction from the need to decarbonise our electricity supply. And it's hazardous. Studies show that fracking pollutes water supplies (with arsenic and lead), causes earthquakes, and spoils local communities. And there are nightmare stories coming form the States. Like in the town of Dimock, PA, residents have reported their water turning so brown that it stains crockery. Their water was later found to contain methane, and a host of toxic chemicals. But it gets worse. "My son had sores up and down his legs from the water." " My daughter... would have to get out the of the shower and lay on the floor." Those are the words from Greg Saunter, a local resident, whose water supply was shut off for his own good. He cannot shower in his own home. Or drink water out of his taps. Fracking has ruined his life. It cannot happen here. We call on the council to preserve the quality of life of its residents, and reject all planning applications for fracking.
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  • Tell BT to desist from trying to wreak the inauguration of Proposed Scottish NHS Computer System
    Patient Care in any Health Service is paramount. Any action which adversely affects this service - calls for public awareness to address the issue.
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  • Petition Against Merthyr Tydfil Council's Disabled Children's Proposed Service Criteria
    We request that Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council enter into discussions with stakeholder groups and current services users so a new criteria for accessing services from the Children With Disabilities Team can be found. We also call on the Welsh Government to increase funding to Merthyr Tydfil County Borough Council's Social Services Department so a reduction in vital service support to disabled children is avoided.
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  • Help Save specialist day centre for people with Alzheimers in Portsmouth
    My Mum who has rapidly progressing Alzheimer’s disease uses the centre. It is a local lifeline for many local residents, as a caring unit which understands her condition and provides a friendly and stimulating environment, and for the carers such as myself to get some much needed respite. The proposal is to move the Patey clients to the Royal Albert Day Centre in the centre of Portsmouth which would be extremely detrimental for the majority of them. They are a close knit group of individuals who thrive on the familiarity and security of both their number and setting. The skilled carers provide stimulating activities which maintain their clients' skills, helping them to feel valued and promoting independence. The move to the much larger Royal Albert Centre and much longer journey would be frightening and hasten the progress of their disease as the unfamiliarity will cause confusion. Portsmouth City Council's own Dementia Action Plan 2013/14 states: “Objective one of the Portsmouth Joint Health and Wellbeing Strategy is to enhance the quality of life for people with dementia” “2142 residents will have some form of dementia · 55% (1178) will be mild, 32%(685) will be moderate, 13% (279) will be severe” “Portsmouth aspires to be a dementia friendly city where people with dementia will be treated with respect and feel included in our local communities.” “There will need to be a shift away from acute care towards primary and community based service provision, including rehabilitation and reablement.” “Support for carers is key” By closing the Patey Centre there will be just 60 spaces for the 2142 sufferers of alzheimers and dementia in the whole of Portsmouth. Portsmouth NEEDS more spaces not less. The Council claim this is a cost cutting measure however this is only true in the short term. Longer term there will be: growing costs of caring for increasing numbers of isolated dementia sufferers in their homes for whom there are no day care spaces; an increased need for residential care as overwhelmed carers without specialist day care respite will reach breaking point faster; and additional costs transporting people to the Royal Albert. The Council's intention is to sell the land the Patey Centre is on to help fund a residential home for people with alzheimers in the north of the city, why doesn't this incorporate the Patey Centre? The 2142 sufferers of alzheimers and dementia in Portsmouth are vulnerable people, many with carers such as myself who are stretched to breaking point. Their needs are being ignored and their excellent day centre is being lost. Please don't close the Patey Centre in Cosham, without providing alternative specialist day care for people with alzheimers and dementia in the north of Portsmouth, put the needs of the people of Portsmouth first.
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  • Mandatory head protection for loaders
    My 62 year old husband was a loader for an airline catering company at Gatwick Airport. On 14th May he fell from the back of the lorry from which he would load an aircraft and fell 4ft. The final impact of the fall was on the right side of his skull. He bled on the tarmac, was airlifted to Kings College Hospital Neurological unit, underwent emergency brain surgery. He died six days later: One day after my 65th birthday. NO OTHER INJURIES WERE FOUND ON HIS BODY. Had he been wearing an impact protective helmet with chinstrap and curved neck flap he would have survived the fall. Such head protection is mandatory in most industries in Scandinavian countries and in UK shipbuilding - but not on UK airports. His fall was accidental. His brain damage and death was preventable. No other family should have to lose a loved one because they went to work in an industry which has the third highest injury rate in the UK. There is a gap in the Health & Safety at work Act. PLEASE SIGN this Petition so that your friend,spouse, partner, son, daughter, or adult grandchild is not at risk from doing a day's work. Q: What price a Life? A: £30 - £60 - the cost of impact resistant helmets!
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