• Save Our Supplements
    Every day, millions of people benefit from vitamins and mineral supplements, but the EU wants to weaken them. Here are 3 reasons why we must stop proposed EU legislation: 1. Regulation would stifle consumer choice and remove a large number of safe, popular and beneficial supplements from the market, affecting the rights of consumers who want to take responsibility for their own health 2. Legislation will have a direct impact on innovation. Smaller players who have long been at the forefront of providing the most therapeutically relevant natural products will simply get squeezed out of the market as a result of regulatory burdens they can’t negotiate through lack of cash. 3. It is estimated that 700 independent health food shops from High Streets across the UK would close with the potential loss of 4000 jobs if the EU imposes low dose levels.
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  • Stop the Covert Privatisation of the Northern Ireland National Health Service (NI NHS)
    Notwithstanding the claims made by the private sector that under tender processes laid in place that the cost for their services must be at or below the appropriate NI NHS tariff, we do not know what these tariffs are and what the in-patatient ancillary and other charges are. The CEO of one of the private healthcare companies used by the NI NHS recently stated publicly that their company "used only consultant doctors to deliver care and they do so here locally in the most advanced facilities available" what he didn't say was that many of the facilities they use are NI NHS facilities such as Lagan Valley Hospital, among others. He also didn't explain that a lot of the consultants his company was employing were flown in from GB. I know this for a fact because my wife has been treated for both dental and optical problems and, in one case, patients were not seen for between four and six hours after their appointment time due to a flight delay from GB and the consultant concerned losing his way en-route from the airport to the hospital. Many patients gave up waiting and left without being seen. Another pointer to covert privatisation is the closure of the Belfast City Hospital A&E dept in November 2011 and at about the same time a form of A&E services being offered, at a price, in a private healthcare property located on the same road as the City Hospital This appeal should not only be of concern to residents of Northern Ireland but also to those in England. The NI NHS is well ahead of the English NHS in its covert methods to eventually privatise its services but, as far as I am aware, the current proposals put forward by the minister for health in England will help the English NHS to slide down this slippery slope to privatisation as in NI. Latterly you have committed 40 million pounds for 3rd party developers to build two new health centres in Newry and Lisburn. In addition to NHS GP practices located in these centres you state that “I AM OF THE VIEW THAT SYNERGIES CAN BE DEVELOPED WITHIN LOCAL COMMUNITIES BY PRIVATE SECTOR PROVIDERS CO-LOCATING OTHER PROVISION WITHIN THE SAME PREMISES" In other words private health care companies can advertise and sell their services from these premises which have been paid for out of NHS funds.
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  • Scrap Council 'wellbeing' surcharges for care home residents
    It is important as the cuts are hurting the pensioners and the disabled, as because of the cuts social services and local councils are charging us a so called well being charge, this will only be well being to the council not us who will have to pay this on top of our rents which are high, £623.48 every four weeks.
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  • Public Inquiry into Disabilities caused by AntiEpileptic Medication in Pregnancy
    This is so important as you are looking at a mother who already has a disability who is then at risk of having a child / children with disabilities themselves. THIS IS CAUSING IMMENSE PREVENTABLE SUFFERING. Estimates suggest in excess of 20,000 people have been affected to date. CLINICIANS ARE NOT BEING PROVIDED WITH THE NECESSARY SAFETY INFORMATION by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and the European Medicines Agency. Without widespread awareness the number of people affected continues to grow. The impact on the family can be devastating with many ending up as full time carers. Because of this many Mother’s cannot pursue their careers and are reliant on benefits. The tax payer is providing the support services that are required throughout the child's lifetime. FREEDOM OF INFORMATION REQUESTS HAVE CONFIRMED that ONE child’s costs for Health, Education & Welfare will be in excess of £6 MILLION in their lifetime. IN EXCESS OF 20,000 PEOPLE ARE AFFECTED BY FACS! I have 4 children affected with the 2 youngest having Autism. I have become a full time carer and both boys are in specialist schools, as a parent you fear for their future as they will always need a level of support . Their cognitive functioning means they have low self esteem and depression and frequently self harm as they know no other way of expressing them selves. They live in pain on a daily basis with their joints and have few / no friends. Many families will end up with more than one child affected because although there may be facial features at birth they are often not recognised by the doctors and midwives and it is only as they get older and more problems present themselves that they realise there is something wrong. Many symptoms are diagnosed individually due to poor knowledge of Fetal Anti Convulsant Syndromes. WE WOULD LIKE A PUBLIC INQUIRY BY A HIGH COURT JUDGE TO INCLUDE: Independent Systematic Reviews • How medicines and medical products are regulated in the UK. • Why the Consumer has not been protected by British or EU Law. • Why successive governments have failed to improve flawed systems. As a mother I always put my children first and I would not choose to put them through a lifetime of pain, suffering, loneliness and dependence on others. I WOULD WANT THEM TO HAVE A CHANCE OF A FULFILLING LIFE OF THEIR OWN............THAT CHOICE WAS TAKEN AWAY! IF YOU ARE WORRIED DO NOT COME OFF OF YOUR MEDICATION BUT CONTACT YOUR GP / AND OR NEUROLOGIST! More information on the condition can be found at: https://www.oacscharity.org/about-fetal-anti-convulsant-syndromes YOU CAN HELP REDUCE SUFFERING AND SAVE BILLIONS OF POUNDS BY REQUESTING A PUBLIC INQUIRY AFTER THALIDOMIDE WE WERE TOLD IT WOULD NOT HAPPEN AGAIN........IT HAS HAS HAPPENED AGAIN BUT THE NUMBERS ARE FAR GREATER AND STILL RISING. WITHOUT CHANGE IT WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN!
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  • Robbie's Law - A Legal 'Duty of Candour' for all Healthcare Professionals
    Currently, any Healthcare Professional causing the negligent death of a patient is not legally obliged to be Open, Honest & Transparent with bereaved relatives or to refrain falsifying the deceased patient’s medical records. Please sign http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34926 Robbie's Law gets it's namesake from Robbie Powell, who died an unnecessary death at the age of ten, 22 years ago. Due to this loophole in the law, at every turn his death has been swept under the rug. His family and thousands of others have endured years of grief, injustice and frustration. Robbie’s family continues to campaign 22 years on, not only for justice for Robbie, but to ensure other families don't have their grief exacerbated by the dishonesty of the medical profession. Please sign http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34926
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  • Scrap the change in mobility rules for PIP
    Under the new qualifier, if you can walk from your vehicle to the other side of the road, you probably won't qualify for Higher Mobility Allowance! My Motability vehicle is my contact with the outside world. I can't use public transport, and would therefore be dependent on the goodwill of others. Many thousands are in this position, and would be trapped in their homes or deprived of the allowance under the current legislation. I have a degenerative condition of the spine. As things currently stand I would not qualify for the higher mobility allowance because it is deemed that by walking 20 metres you have sufficient mobility and therefore do not qualify. This is obviously not true. My condition means that it can be difficult to walk those distances. But under the rules as they stand I would not qualify. This will have a huge impact on my life, my wife and children. I was eligible for an adapted car, but under these news rules it may be that I don't qualify. There are countless people like me, facing losing mobility assistance and becoming prisoners in their own homes. The government must rethink this rule change.
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  • Petition to stop new NHS Competition Regulations (SI257) being passed
    ••• N.B. Please read note below before you sign••• These regulations - which will only go to a vote if parliament insists - would require virtually all health provision to be carried out in competitive markets, regardless of the wishes of either local people, GPs or local Clinical Commissioning Groups. They contradict assurances that were given by health ministers during the passage of the Act that it did not mean the privatisation of the NHS, and that local people would have the final say in who provided their NHS. For example, Lord Howe said then “Clinicians will be free to commission services in the way they consider best. We intend to make it clear that commissioners will have a full range of options and that they will be under no legal obligation to create new markets... this will be made absolutely clear through secondary legislation and supporting guidance as a result of the Bill”. Andrew Lansley said (in a letter to the Clinical Commissioning Groups set up to manage most health budgets) that “It is a fundamental principle of the Bill that you as commissioners, not the Secretary of State and not regulators – should decide when and how competition should be used to serve your patients interests..” We call on parliament to take all necessary steps to ensure these regulations, which would be incredibly damaging to the NHS, do not become law. For more information see this report: http://www.opendemocracy.net/ournhs/nicola-cutcher-lucy-reynolds/nhs-as-we-know-it-needs-prayer and this briefing paper from KONP: "http://west4mp.files.wordpress.com/2013/02/konp-section-75-parliamentary-briefing-february-2013-si257.pdf" (If you click on this link you will need to remove the quotes from the end of it - the quotes appear as %22 in your browser's address bar. You may do better to copy and paste it into your browser.) ••• Note: since I set up this petition 38 degrees have set up their own petition on the same subject. I am very grateful to everyone who has signed my petition, but I would suggest that any new visitors to this site should consider signing the 38 degrees one instead. It can be found at: https://secure.38degrees.org.uk/page/s/nhs-section-75#petition Thank You, Charles West. •••
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  • Stop the £75,000 Care Home Bill for OAPs
    Those who cannot afford £75,000 can defer payment until after their death, and nobody would be forced to sell their home in their lifetime. But once the bill is settled by disposal of the property, many ordinary families will be left with little to show for what their relative has worked for all their life. In Liverpool, where the average home is worth around £132,000, there would be just £57,000 left over after settling the contribution to care costs. Stephen Burke, head of charity United for All Ages, called it “the dampest of damp squibs”. He added: “It is a con of the worst sort. There are fairer and better alternatives. The Government could have raised the capital threshold of paying for care to £200,000.” Labour peer Lord Warner, who sat on the Dilnot Commission, said members thought the cost cap should have been £50,000 at most. He added: “At that level, it would mean on average no-one would have to dispose of more than about a third of the value of their housing assets.” Shadow Care Minister Liz Kendall said the package was a “small step forward” as the assets people could own and still qualify for help had increased five-fold from just £23,250. But she added: “It won’t be fair for people with modest homes.”
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  • Carry On Matron ! Bring Back Matron to our NHS hospital wards!
    We are asking, despite staff and budget cuts, that the traditional 'Matron' system of ward management may be re-instated or at least re-invented to prevent needless deaths from poor quality patient care.
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  • Don't withdraw cost free visas for the children of Chernobyl
    A number of charities currently provide recuperative breaks in the UK for Belarusian children living with the after-effects of radiation caused by the Chernobyl disaster. These breaks give the children a chance to experience a healthy, happy few weeks with a volunteer family and improve both their quality of life and their health. Until recently, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) have recognised the importance of this work by providing free visas to these children. However, as of 31st March 2013, the FCO plans to withdraw these gratis visas, resulting in an additional cost to the charities of £86 per child. As the charities are already struggling for funding this amounts to a heavy additional burden. This could result in less children being able to benefit from these recuperative breaks and/or the complete closure of smaller charities.
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    Under government changes to the NHS, local Councils have become responsible for certain health services, and for overall scrutiny of others. We people of Southampton are therefore calling on Southampton City Council to defend our public NHS from the invasion of private services. Please note that for the Southampton City Council to view a signature as valid, the signer should either live, study or work in the area of Southampton City Council. For most of our lifetimes, the NHS has been a public service giving free healthcare whenever we needed it. Now it is being broken up and privatised piecemeal under government reforms. Already in Southampton over a dozen private companies are competing for contracts to provide health services. This will fragment the NHS and make it more difficult to provide joined-up treatment for patients. Private providers have shareholders to please so they will tend to think about putting profits before patient care. Their contracts are not made public because of commercial confidentiality. All providers, even those who already work with the NHS, now have to tender competitively for contracts. Not only is this an expensive process which will be easier for large companies with big budgets, but also it will waste money that could have gone on patient care.
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    To ensure that every child has equal access to a good school appropriate to their ability. To prevent the separation of a minority of the borough's children to be given the best education, leaving the majority to be given an inferior education. To remove the distress and psychological damage suffered by the children who 'fail' the test. To stop money buying advantage in state education.
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