• Vaccination for all Teachers and School Staff
    Our teachers and school staff care and educate our children, the least we can do for them is back them up and demand from our government that they should make a priority to give the vaccine to them.
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    Created by alexandra nunes
  • Extra days holiday for NHS hospital staff
    They have worked their socks off this year to deal with the worst cases of Covid and 2021 will keep them busy still - further Covid patients and the backlog of other procedures. Let’s give them a bit of a rest - even if it’s is just a few days.
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    Created by Ann-Marie Moreno
  • Medical Centre For Wenvoe
    The number of residential properties in the area has possibly doubled in recent years.To such a level that a medical centre is now urgently required
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    Created by Russell Godfrey
  • Make Everyone In A-Level History Self-Isolate
    This is important since everyone has been in direct contact with the person. Also, everyone has been in contact with people who have been contact with him. Many of us have family members who have underlying health conditions.
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    Created by Fatima Kazmi
  • Vaccinate NHS staff as a priority
    The COVID19 pandemic has brought death and misery to the UK. As of 15 November 2020, this has included the death of at least 200 NHS workers. The rate of infection from corona virus is much higher in NHS staff than in the general population throughout the country. As a consequence, NHS workers are much more likely to become ill or die from this virus. As another consequence, they are also more likely to unknowingly transmit the virus to other people, including their patients. A mass vaccination campaign is starting this week. The vaccination campaign should prioritise NHS workers. This would keep safe those who look after the health of all of us. As a result, this would also make the UK population safer. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/nhs-workers-died-coronavirus-pandemic-19282916
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    Created by Valeria Frighi
  • Remove NHS staff parking charges
    Why should essential frontline workers have to pay to attend work . These charges, which apparently are being increased are totally unacceptable for these workers of whom the majority are in the lower income band of annual pay scales
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    Created by Chris Gallagher
  • Reopen Didcot Pharmacies
    Because they have closed 2 and the 2 that are left open have no complacity to cope with demand
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    Created by Donna Froude
  • Gwent Hospital
    The campaign is important as this will lead to longer travel times to A&E and in emrgencies lead to further fatalities.
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    Created by Geraint Payton
  • Abolish nursing fees
    I believe it is wrong to charge this fee whilst the nurses working under the NHS are helping to save lives
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    Created by Gary Muir
  • Restore Carers Allowance to Pensioners
    As soon as one starts to get a State Pension you lose any Carers Allowance (already at a ridiculously low rate!). Carers provide an enormous saving to the Government and at the very time of greatest need they are penalised unfairly.
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    Created by Jeremy Latham
  • Free school meals during half term and Christmas
    These familys are struggling enough during this pandemic and stressing over feeding their children or paying the Bill's. In this day and age no child should be left to go hungry.
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    Created by Mary Mcnaughton
  • weekly covid testing for community care staff
    Often community care staff travel to many clients homes .vulnerable clients can easily be exposed to asymptomatic staff carrying the covid virus and passing it to vulnerable patients
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    Created by margaret glenton