• Covid cash raised for NHS to support NHS workers
    Because if these workers aren’t supported both generally and financially they may take longer to recover, will be unable to afford to live near their place of work and we run the risk of many of them leaving the NHS. They’ve been trained and it would be a great shame to lose so many of the people we all depend on.
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    Created by Phyllida Barnes
  • Provide decent care for palliative care patients
    My mom has acute myeloid leukaemia she has only been sick 9 weeks she is coming home to be cared for mainly by me her daughter and I like many carers have a young child to look after too and the care package offered is so basic and no over night help dyeing people and there carers/families are being overlooked and we need help
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    Created by Emma Joanne
  • Cover LED & all bright White lights with proper light coverings.
    This for the well being and quality of life of the Steven Court Residents Boughton Chester, who live near the Moxy Hotel.
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    Created by sian Wilkinson
  • Pay rise
    its important because just like NHS workers,social care workers should be given as much benefit and scrapping of certain things so as to make our lives a bit stress free and able to focus on giving the vulnerable our 1001%.
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    Created by Divine olisa
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  • Stop car parking charges for NHS staff
    NHS staff have worked tirelessly through this epidemic to treat Covid patients and to keep other NHS services going. Some charges are the cost of a monthly utility bill for a lot of staff who are on low to moderate incomes. It's unjust. Its especially needed as this government has indicated there will be no pay increase for the NHS. We need to value these staff or we will loose them. Its no good Ministers clapping for the NHS and then being hypercritcal in the next breath. Words are cheap.
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    Created by Gill Parnham
  • Covid19 Funeral cost.
    Thousands of families have been landed with funeral costs prematurely for family who have died from Civid 19.
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    Created by Paul Carr
  • Remove Matthew Hancock from his position of Secretary of State for Health and Social care.
    Matthew Hancock has not helped to protect the NHS as he is there to do. He has accused the NHS staff of overusing PPE which is atrocious and is now refusing to apologise for this blunder! The NHS staff as well as many other frontline services are not over using PPE, they are not being provided with enough PPE for the demand and even at best it is likely ineffective PPE putting those that are needed most at risk! Our Prime Minister has just got out of hospital and is very thankful to the staff for helping him. He can prove his gratefulness by looking at what the Secretary of State for Health and Social care is saying to those in health and social care regarding PPE and do something about it. We need these people more than ever and they are all being put at risk because of him! Let's do something about this now!
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    Created by Nadine Pollard
  • We demand full PPE for all staff, regardless of their environment
    Healthcare staff are becoming extremely sick and some are dying because they don't have access to full PPE. Staff are being bullied by the hierarchy and are not being allocated to use PPE to the level whereby the feel safe . This goes against NMC and HCPC codes of conduct
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    Created by Kay Perry
  • Spiritual support for those dying from Covid19
    We hear the sad stories of people whose loved ones died alone in hospital due to the strict policy which prevents visitors, family members or friends to be with the sick person. We also hear that nurses are doing their best to stay with someone who is dying but they also have to respond to other calls for care. We also know, both anecdotally but from research evidence, that very ill people and those dying find comfort from a prayer, or just the presence of someone who can hold their hand and be with them as they take their last breaths. This is a regular compassionate practice in hospices and they, as well as all hospitals have links with spiritual leaders whom they call upon as needed. In the current unprecedented times, we need to harness the spiritual resources we have and organise them in order to be an essential part of all healthcare teams and to be present, in their PPE, at all times. This compassionate approach to so many deaths will provide comfort not only to patients but to their loved ones and the health workers.
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    Created by Irena Papadopoulos
  • Immediate Provision of appropriate PPE to all healthcare professionals
    We have already lost three precious senior colleagues including a GP, a Transplant Surgeon and an ENT colleague. A Medscape survey last week revealed 72% of doctors did not have access to PPE, 85% of those who had supply, were inappropriate, many had improperly fitting masks, and 72% of hospitals did not have access to Antigen tests. According to the 'Doctors' Association UK, there is increasing disconfort amonst progfessionals and they feel complelled to leave the profession(https://www.theguardian.com/world/2020/mar/24/doctors-threaten-to-quit-over-protective-equipment-shortage) A vast majority of GPs, including many of my colleagues are working with a basic plastic apron with no long sleeves and a paper surgical mask working in the front line, and many clinical specialities classed as low risk do not have sufficient or any protection provided as recommended by Public Health, England. Despite Government's reassurance abut supply of PPE, it is still not reaching the front line.(https://www.independent.co.uk/news/health/coronavirus-nhs-uk-doctors-gagged-england-a9433171.html) Healthcare professionals with inadequate protection feel like 'Lambs' whisked towards a slaughter house, and there is increasing discomfort in doing their jobs. We request you to ensure adequate and appropriate PPE supply to all healthcare professionals with immediate effect,we can not afford to lose any more NHS staff due to inadequate protection at work.
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    Created by Kishor K Tewary
  • One parent to be a key worker for schools to open for children not both parents
    This is important so we can carry out our duties as key workers and not have to worry about getting our children looked after by granparents or having to stay home to look after our family which of course is going to come first. There are not many couples that work in the same sector which you are now expecting. For keyworkers to be able to carry on working this needs to change to one parent as a keyworker Unless the other is out of work.
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    Created by Kelly Coe