• Gynaecological Cancers and other women's health issues should NOT be treated on Maternity Units.
    Women's health issues can be very traumatic to deal with in terms of the emotional impact procedures such as hysterectomy can have. This can be worsened substantially when they have to try to do so in Maternity Units surrounded by others who are pregnant. Whilst the treatment itself may be gratefully received, this practice can worsen the impact on their mental state, slow their recovery and ultimately, cost the NHS more in the longer term. It is insensitive and inhumane. Woman are people, not just bodies and should be treated such.
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    Created by Alison Taylor
  • Road Safety at Cilfynydd and Norton Bridge
    Safe crossing areas are essential to YGG Pontsionnorton and Pontypridd High. The area has not seen any funding or improvement for sometime however following the catastrophic accident recently involving a young person at Pontypridd High and car crash at YGG PSN residents wish to protect the most vulnerable and make areas more accessible whilst slowing the traffic to a safer speed.
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    Created by Geraint Ashcroft
  • Save Washington urgent care centre
    The Washington public deserve this facility..its 6 mile to pallion.
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    Created by David Carty
  • Stop Boots over-charging for vital health treatments
    With the rise in demand for healthcare, and tight funding, the NHS is facing an existential challenge already. It should not need to face the rapacious greed of US-owned pharmaceutical companies.
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    Created by Brian Toole
  • Barlborough Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossings
    Having had an increase in traffic due to house building elsewhere in the Bolsover District and the increase in Pedestrian accicdents it’s imperative that Pedestrian access throughout the village is increased so that our children can walk to both Junior and secondary schools
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    Created by Cllr. Brian Watson
  • Save Leivers Court Care Home
    Leivers Court Care Home provides vital care and support to local elderly people when they need it the most. Leivers Court Care Home helps to prevent local elderly people having to stay in hospital longer than they need to. Leivers Court Care Home helps to free up beds in our local hospitals. The Conservatives at Nottinghamshire County Council will not be replacing Leivers Court Care Home – Once it is gone, it is gone.
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    Created by GEDLING LABOUR
  • Asmatics need to have free inhalers
    Helping people to manage their health problems'' .
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    Created by WILLIAM ROWSE
  • Keep Manchester Diabetes Centre on Hathersage Road
    Many of the patients who attend Manchester Diabetes Centre have mobility issues. Not all but a considerable amount. Enforcing wheelchair users who have become accustomed to the large car park and one tier access are going to struggle in a busy hospital environment. The staff at the centre are always a constant, which gives people suffering with chronic illnesses some comfort and less feeling of anxiety.
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    Created by Sarah Milne
  • Prostate Screening
    Prostate cancer kills more men than women suffering from breast cancer. It is about time this discrimination was addressed. Early treatment can save lives and it isn't just old men who get it, but young men with with families to raise.
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    Created by Susan Sanden
  • Stop the inequality that exists in pain management in the NHS
    Pain management is an important part of treating people with chronic pain so that they can continue living their lives and functioning on a day to day basis. My mum has fibromyalgia and a degenerative spinal condition and neck. She has been offered very little help on the NHS but she was receiving steroid injections every three months that enabled her to walk again and function on a daily basis. Her commissioning group in Nottingham have now decided that they will no longer offer this service and she has received a letter informing her that if she wants to continue receiving the treatment she will have to pay £550 a time. If she lived in Derbyshire she could continue to receive this treatment for FREE. My mum is 73, she worked all of her life and has paid into the NHS and taken very little out. It is completely unfair to expect my mum who only has her pension to live on to find this money when other people are receiving the treatment for FREE. I understand that the NHS doesn't have money for everything but these injections have been keeping my mum out of a wheelchair and able to walk, able to exercise and able to live her life without the constant pain that she has to endure on a daily basis. The only alternative she is ever given is opiate pain killers which are known to be addictive and do nothing but make her feel ill. Please help me to raise awareness of the inequality that exists in the services that are offered for those who need chronic pain management and campaign for the Nottingham commissioning group to reinstate these services and offer some hope for those with chronic pain to continue receiving treatment for FREE. Health care should not be a postcode lottery. The government have caused this lottery by allowing local areas to commission their own services that they feel will benefit their areas this is causing massive inequalities in health care. The government should ensure that all patients have access to services regardless of where they live. I therefore call upon the government to end the postcode lottery that exists in health care and ensure that everyone has the same access to services.
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    Created by Debbie Moody
  • Check every child for tongue tie at birth.
    The Scottish Government promote breastfeeding as being best for baby and provide literature about positioning and attachment but when a baby has a tongue tie sometimes no amount of repositioning can help the excruciating pain it causes for the mother and tongue tied babies also often struggle to transfer milk. As babies need fed very often a tongue tie can cause terrible anguish for the mother and make her give up. Tongue ties are becoming increasingly common and a simple procedure is all it takes to remedy them so all babies should be checked at birth.
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    Created by Chala Mckenna
  • Lancashire County Council withdraws any intention of awarding the contract To Virgin Care
    This will cost local Lancashire Health Trusts £2.08mil for a nominal saving. It is important to reduce outsourcing because private providers owe a duty to their shareholders, as well as patients and may therefore seek to hide behind principles of ’commercial confidentiality’. Private providers are not subject to the Freedom of Information law in the same way that NHS organisations are
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    Created by Gina Eastwood