• Give full British citizenship to former British Hong Kong Servicemen
    Soldiers of the Hong Kong Military Service Corps and the Hong Kong Royal Naval Service did not receive a UK passport prior to the handover of Hong Kong to China from the UK in 1997. Hong Kong soldiers stood shoulder-to-shoulder with Britain throughout two world wars, as well as alongside Britain in France, Burma, Korea, Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, China and the UN for King, Queen and country. The Government should recognise that the decision not to have asked each serviceman to freely transfer their nationality from British-Hong Kong to Hong Kong-Chinese was unjust and an error that should now be rectified.
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    Essex County Council have announced a list of 44 libraries across the county which are at risk of closing down including 4 in Tendring. Libraries are a part of the fabric of our local community which have provided generations of families with access to literature, education, knowledge, learning and support. Libraries are an essential part of public services just like Schools, and Hospitals enabling poor children from disadvantaged families to access information, knowledge and skills to give them a decent chance in life. Libraries are fantastic assets to the community and need to be saved for future generations. https://www.essexlive.news/news/essex-news/future-every-library-essex-revealed-2221093
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  • Offer Asia Bibi asylum in the uk
    Everyone should have the right to freedom of speech and for the ruling of a fair trial to be upheld against objections based on extremism/hate and free from oppression/fear of reprisals from hardline/extremist groups. The court and judiciary should be kept independent and free of pressure from outside influences, be they political, religious or other.
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  • IUCN conservationists face death penalty in Iran
    Five IUCN member conservationists, including members of the IUCN Species Survival Commission (SSC), have been charged with ‘corruption on earth’, the highest penalty for which is execution. The five environmentalists from IUCN Member organisation Persian Wildlife Heritage Foundation (PWHF) are Niloufar Bayani, Taher Ghadirian, Sepideh Kashani, Houman Jowkar and Morad Tahbaz. Taher Ghadirian and Houman Jowkar are members of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group; Taher Ghadirian is also a member of the IUCN SSC Bear Specialist Group. They undertake vital conservation work including efforts to conserve the Critically Endangered Asiatic cheetah. "Monitoring and researching species that live in remote landscapes, such as the Asiatic Cheetah, is a challenging task,” said Jon Paul Rodriguez, IUCN Species Survival Commission Chair. “As their numbers have dwindled, Asiatic cheetahs have become elusive, making it difficult for researchers to observe them directly. Novel techniques such as camera traps have proven indispensable in helping researchers gain valuable insights into the status and biology of threatened species worldwide.” The five conservationists had been detained by Iran’s Revolutionary Guards in January along with four others and charged with espionage. Human rights campaigners and Iran’s government have said the charges against them are unfounded, according to media reports. The four others detained in January are Amir Hossein Khaleqi, member of the IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group, of the IUCN Commission on Education and Communication and of the IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas, Sam Rajabi, AbdolReza Koupayeh, and Kavous Seyed-Emami. Kavous Seyed-Emami died in prison for unknown reasons following his detention. IUCN has called for an independent inquiry into his death. Iran is facing environmental challenges including drought, water scarcity and dust storms, which have led to nationwide protests this year.
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  • Social Hero
    Erin Pizzey is a bonafide hero, having stood for justice when other would not and suffered persecution for her correct beliefs. She has maintained and contributed to making Britain great and socially just. And for her troubles, she has received no recognition from her home country and it is a disgrace. Erin Pizzey's should be recognized for her dedication and contributions by a grateful nation and included in the New Year's honours list. She is worthy of appointment to the noble Order of the Garter or at least should be awarded an MBE.
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  • Almerias Dirty Little Secret, Modern day Slavery
    Human rights are being abused for profit, the public should be made aware of the where and how their food is being grown at the expense of human life and the environment. There are many issues here, the British and Spanish Governments must be made aware of the horrifying scenario immigrants are being subjected to. Thousands of people toil under the polythene sheeting that make up the huge greenhouses. They’re mostly migrant workers, Moroccans, Senegalese and Malians, who have gone to Spain seeking a better life, many risking their own lives on the way. Working in the polythene greenhouses temperatures can sometimes soar to 50 degrees. Up to 120,000 people work producing nearly three million tonnes of fruit and veg every year for export to Britain and across northern Europe. Some actually live inside this plastic hothouse. At night, when the security gates are closed, they are locked in. Some who dare to complain of any ailments can be blacklisted, leaving them stranded with no money to get back to wherever they travelled from. Some of the Physical illnesses are caused by pesticides, which are sprayed during working hours where workers are exposed to the deadly and toxic atmosphere, they are not given masks or safety goggles to protect themselves from potentially fatal outcomes to the exposure. How can we sit at our dinner tables knowing that the men and women, who are someones, mother or father, son or daughter are being treated like modern day slaves in order to feed the rest the UK and the rest of Europe. Michael Gove and George Eustice need to be sure that the food they claim they want to be safe and sustainable is not jeopardizing human life in the process..The most heinous thing about this is this nothing new, this has been going on since the 1980s!!!! What will it take to make these Governments stop and change this shocking situation..DEFRA need to scrutinise the integrity of who we buy and import our food from! Together with the environment ministers who should question the side effects of the disposal of the discarded polythene..Please sign the petition to get fair working conditions for these poor migrants, they are human beings.
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  • Help Shankea obtain indefinite leave to stay in the UK
    Shankea lives in constant fear of having to leave the country she has called her home for 17 years. “I was 12 when I came here. I was a young girl dependent on my parents" Since leaving school, she has not been allowed to work. “I’ve never claimed benefits and I don’t have a criminal record. I was not given the opportunity to obtain my degree, to work. What’s the point in existing? I’m a strong woman, but it’s hard. It feels so cruel.” Shankea contributes to her community by doing voluntary work. Her mother passed away in Jamaica. Shankea missed her Mother’s funeral in Jamaica as she feared she wouldn’t be able to return to the UK. Her most recent Home Office application was declined on the grounds that she could maintain her relationships in the UK online. This inhumane treatment is a result of the Government's hostile environment towards Windrush families. As a UK community, we can stand by Shankea and support her by making our voices heard through this petition. UPDATE ON SHANKEA Thanks a million to everyone who has so far signed the petition to help my friend Shankea. It's amazing to me how she has coped with her unstable situation throughout her 20's, and incredible that the Government can contemplate sending her to Jamaica; a place she doesn't know any more. The Home Office say her Father can visit her in Jamaica but they are not taking his illness into consideration. Shankea lived with her Father as a child in London. She eventually moved to Peterborough to live with two Aunties who were able to support her. She has lived here ever since with an incredible 'surrogate Mum,' someone who has 'literally taken me under her wing,' many cousins, friends and a church community. The Government wants to deport her to Jamaica. A place where she has no close relatives and nowhere to stay. She asks "Where would I live? Where would I start? What would people think of me? I don't think I would fit in there. I am very outspoken here in England, but this is frowned upon in Jamaica." How would it feel to be sent away to live in a strange place away from everything & everyone you have grown up with? It is a cruel and inhumane act for any Government to consider, and would lead to psychological pain and suffering. Shankea worked hard at school and achieved three A Levels in Government & Politics, Sociology & English Literature. She applied to University to study Politics and Sociology and was accepted at all five Universities she applied to. She could not take up a place because she couldn't access a student loan due to not having a National Insurance Number. It was at this point, now 10 years ago, that Shankea's fight to remain in the UK started. Shankea has no way of earning a living. She desperately wants to work in the country that provided her education, but she hasn't got the correct papers. Her 'surrogate Mum' provides for her. Her Aunts, church community and friends help her afford to live, but she is constantly living on the breadline. She lives by a strict budget, on 'sheer blessings & luck.' She volunteers as a youth worker and attends access courses. Shankea is a proud young woman who deserves better. She says, " I could have got myself pregnant in order to stay, but that's not me, I don't want to do it that way." The judge has told Shankea she 'doesn't have enough family life here.' BUT WHAT IS A FAMILY IF IT'S NOT A CLOSE KNIT COMMUNITY OF RELATIVES AND FRIENDS? Shankea signs a list every month to prove to the home office she is still in Peterborough and complying. She insists on doing everything 'aboveboard.' All her important documents are with the home office: birth certificate; Jamaican Passport; school papers; leaving certificates; medical records; everything to mark every year she has been here. Part of Shankea's identity is in a file miles away. Shankea has made her life here and wants to stay. All her friends and family want her to stay. Please help her by signing and sharing this petition to every one you can think of so it flies off the scale! TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE! Thank You
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  • Housing developments should include green spaces.
    Gardens are so small these days with property developers squeezing as many houses as possible into an area. Many of our modern developments are some distance from shops, parks, etc, making it necessary to get in a car every time you leave the house. If it is a very large development a community building should be part of the plan complete with 'green' and what about a village pond!
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  • Pay British Wages To Workers In British Waters.
    SSE is a privatised utility building Scotland's flagship renewable energy project. They are in receipt of £2.6bn of taxpayers' money. The ITF union and RMT union have discovered that HM Government has relaxed the rules for migrant workers in order to allow SSE to import workers from Indonesia and Russia and pay them less than the minimum wage, let alone the going rate for British offshore workers and seafarers. Furthermore, this is happening in a region that has already been hit by the downturn in North Sea oil production. Thousands of offshore workers and seafarers have been laid off in the last couple of years so there are local men and women eminently qualified to take up these roles. That opportunity has been denied to them because the UK government is collaborating in importing non-EU workers to undercut local workers and the UK minimum wage. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/oct/21/migrants-building-beatrice-windfarm-paid-fraction-of-minimum-wage
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  • State Pension age & tax free
    British tax payers are being required to work longer and pay NI & tax but state pension not increased, over 60’s who have worked all their lives have paid their tax dues to the country, majority never claimed a penny in benefits but are punished with state pension age being changed and likely will change again to pre war 70 years of age. It is not feasible for the majority of over 60s to stay in their current jobs I.e emergency and armed services, manual workers etc. When we do receive state pension it is another slap in the face that it is taxed, disgraceful country.
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  • Keep Hope Alive
    Both the Hope Centre and NAASH offer an unmatched and undeniably crucial role in providing vital services to the towns homeless and vulnerable community. No other organisation be it housing, charity or council come near to the services provided or the compassion and heart they are provided with. To allow a business who's bottom line is about profit to take over this service in conjunction with other organisations that are only interested in control rather than compassion is not in the best interest of the homeless community in this town.
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  • Protect the human rights of people receiving care and support
    Click here for an easy read version of this petition: https://38dgs.org.uk/petition_easy_read “We are not a problem that needs solving, we are people who have rights and those rights are taken away from us” - self advocate with learning difficulties We all have a right to choose how we live. Living with dementia, learning difficulties or brain injuries doesn’t change this, and shouldn’t mean your feelings and wishes are ignored when it comes to the support you receive. But right now the government is proposing a new law that will make it easier to deprive someone of their liberty if they are judged unable to make decisions for themselves. It could mean people are forced to live in care homes because it’s cheaper and easier for the local council even though it’s not what they want or need. Right now decisions like these are taken with the help of an independent assessment that considers the opinions and wishes of the person and makes sure the care that is provided is what the person needs. The new law will get rid of these independent assessments in the majority of cases, and puts a lot of decision making power in the hand of care home managers, who have an interest in keeping people in their care homes. No one should be deprived of their liberty unless their safety is at risk and all less restrictive options have been explored. But the changes to the law going through parliament right now will make it more likely that people will be deprived of their freedom to make life easier for local councils and care home staff - not because it’s what’s best for them. Branded by experts as “not fit for purpose” the only way to ensure the human rights of disabled people are respected is to change the bill currently going through parliament.
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