• ammend family immigration law
    My wife was deported in 2015 because we did not earn enough money to satisfy the new threshold for income in order with the new government regulations about immigration to the UK, for her to renew her visa. She lived in UK since 2004 and it was not an issue before, but in 2011 The Home secretary amended laws makng it more difficult. I was sick and did not earn enough money. This is barbaric. She lived in UK with me for 11 years and then had to be uprooted and sent to Japan with no money and no place to live and she still has a hard time and wants to come back here and I want my wife back. The visa application deadlines are really difficult to adhere to. Therefore, the visa application was refused for that reason last time we applied, although I have been earning enough income to satisfy the regulations. It is important for other people too. This causes a lot of sadness in this country with families living in anxiety and stress, children growing up without their parents and people like me and my wife having to face the rest of our lives getting older and without each other to look after. For example, I recently had a bad accident because I was at home on my own. This would never have happened if my wife was not deported and I am lucky to be alive right now.
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    Created by philip lovering
  • Safeguard the Dublin regulation when we brexit
    Boris Johnson’s withdrawal bill, which passed the Commons unamended on Thursday, leaves the children whose rights have been removed with no means of joining their family in the UK – other than using illegal traffickers or other dangerous routes. The most vulnerable people imaginable are lone refugee children - those few hundred who have family here deserve our support to come and be looked after here. They are often fleeing war, and may have witnessed horrors, torture and the destruction of their communities. If they are not traumatised when they leave their homes, then they certainly are in the aftermath. We shouldn’t allow Brexit to cost them their futures.
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    Created by Sarah Wynick
  • Bristol Boycott of Murdoch media
    The future of our existence as a race is at stake. False news is clouding people's judgement. Tell the truth. No more lies.
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    Created by Marada Manussen
  • Find Our family a forever home
    This is a real situation that requires knowledge as we are trying our best to met our disabled daughters needs who suffers a extremely rare gentic disorder fumarase defincey she is only uk case with this strain and with less than 20-25 cases worldwide she suffers global development delay seizures drop attacks and requires 24 hour care we are sleeping on sofas in living room to met our daughters needs As we had adaptations 9years ago and at that time it suited her needs but unfortunately her needs have changed and this home no longer suits her needs she is unable to get up and down stairs for a bath that she absolutely loves so untill we can have a bath fitted she only as a bath at respite as parents we are trying our best to get things right so we can keep caring for her into adult hood but with out the right home this is putting our daughter and ourselfs at risk and causing a lot of strain on our family the home is totally unsuitable we can't fit wheelchair through doors which our daughter needs daily we have watch meltdowns temper trantrums due to her not understanding why she can't have bath this is heartbreaking to watch please take time to support our daughters voice we need it to be heard we need to find a forever home
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    Created by Kerrie Mason
  • Support refugee families
    It is important that we make the government aware of the depth of our feeling within our community. We need to ask why the government has introduced this apparent measure to scrap a scheme designed to enable refugee children and young people the opportunity to be reunited with members of their family here in the UK. This proposal adds more confusion and uncertainty to an already confusing situation. It will not stop young refugees from trying to come to Britain, but is likely to result in them taking increasingly dangerous routes to do so, putting them at the mercy of traffickers and people smugglers. This certainly feels like an extension of the hostile environment which we had hoped was a policy of the past.
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    Created by Edie Friedman
  • Protect Child Refugees after Brexit
    Children are being left stranded all over Europe, living rough on the street, after fleeing their homes and being separated from their families due to war and violence. But it doesn't have to be this way - many of these children have aunts, uncles or grandparents in the UK that are desperate to take them in. But these family reunions are under threat. The Prime Minister’s new Withdrawal Agreement Bill, which sets out plans for the UK’s exit from the EU, has scrapped a previous commitment to protect child refugees after Brexit. The previous commitment stated that: “an unaccompanied child who has made a claim for international protection in a member state can come to the UK to join a relative” - and this has been recently dropped. We need to make sure that in amongst the Brexit chaos and political infighting these children don't slip through the cracks.
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  • Encourage Jacob Rees-Mogg to resign over his comments on the Grenfell fire disaster
    Jacob Rees Mogg went on record to suggest that those who were killed in the Grenfell Fire disaster, lacked "common sense" for not leaving the burning building. The advice the victims and residents were given was government legislation rolled out by the fire service. These comments are totally unnaceptable .The Grenfell disaster was fueled by a lack of government funding and the neglect of properties homes to some of the poorest and most minority based communities in the UK. Jacob Rees Mogg has shown his lack of sensitivity and is no longer appropriate to serve in parliament. In memory of the victims of a neglected community, abandoned by their own goverment of 9 years.
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    Created by Joseph Barlow
  • Glasgow North stands up to hateful comments in politics
    The Brexit Party’s candidate for Glasgow North, Dionne Cocozza, is reported to have shared Islamophobic comments on her social media account. She has shared a number of posts claiming there is a planned Muslim “takeover”. What our politicians say matters. When powerful people say hateful things, it can have a real impact, spreading fear and division - and turning people off of politics. The kind of comments shared by Dionne Cocozza have no place in our politics - and we need to show her that people in Glasgow North think these comments are wrong. Will you sign the petition and demand a proper apology from Dionne Cocozza? It’s time to stand up against hatred in politics.
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  • Homelessness and Domestic Abuse On Party Manifestos
    Getting the homeless off all degrees and families couch surfers, people in sub-standard living space i.e. hostel accomodation, overcrowded flats and not least domestic abuse along with all other situations of abuse in our society. We must explore every avenue of publicity at our disposal i.e. the INTERNET, SOCIAL MEDIA, FACEBOOK, TWITTER, YOUTUBE, INSTAGRAM i.e. the magic of the internet via the family, friends, work colleagues, fellow club members, sports etc.I would appreciate if after signing you could share it on any social media accounts you have. All trade unions, across all sections of our society, and to pass it up the chain to party headquarters. It is in each party's interest and the of the nation's. We don't know when the manifestos will be published in the next two weeks so this is urgent. You may be ware the parties write their manifestos and is their commitment to pass into law. I am involved because at 10 months old I lost my mother from domestic violence and this still affects me emotionally even today. 80 years on it is still happening in increasing numbers and should not be happening in the 21st Century.
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    Created by John Hadman
  • Stop locking up children in solitary confinement
    We need to understand that the situation that the children find themselves in is outwith their control. We would not allow animals to be locked in solitary confinement like this. We should not allow it to happen to anyone including children.
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    Created by Veggie Queen
  • Expand safe and legal routes for refugees
    A lack of safe and legal routes into the UK for refugees seeking safety is forcing people to travel to the UK using life-threatening methods, including squeezing into the back of refrigerated lorries or riding in vulnerable dinghies across wild seas. People fleeing the threat of torture, rape or death cannot claim asylum in the UK without physically reaching Britain. This means that people are risking their lives to escape danger and try to secure asylum in the UK. Right now the UK offers a few limited programmes that provide safe and legal routes into the UK, but these programmes have been drastically reduced. Instead of reducing these programmes, the government should expand them to make sure anyone fleeing danger can travel safely and legally to the UK if they need to.
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  • Reduce voting age to 16 for Brexit referendum.
    It is important to include 16 and 17 year olds in a second Brexit referendum because it is their future which will be affected by the outcome. The evidence indicates that young adults are very engaged with Brexit and are concerned about the impact on their futures. Allowing young people to vote would be more representative of what British citizens want in the longer term.
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    Created by Teresa Barrow