• Cancel the Summer Recess
    Currently insufficient time to fully scrutinise the white paper and any amendments before parliament rises for the summer recess.
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    Created by Ken MacIver
  • Police Force Wrongly Made Me A Sex Offender
    They wrongly gave a criminal record to a member of my community that listed me as a sex offender with child sex offences. After this was discovered it took 2 years to get an apology and then they say it was only an administrative error. But my life is ruined. Read more here: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2018/07/06/how-an-innocent-mans-reputation-was-ruined-by-a-police-mistake/
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    Created by Darren Price
  • Fiancee Settlement Visa Refusal (Bertha Amelia Thompson)
    Even at 23 every lost day would be important, at 73 it is doubly so. I sent an e-mail to the Home secretary and only received an official reply directing to a website. The same is true if you e-mail. The websites are most unhelpful, and even when you telephone ( for which £1.37 a minute is charged ) you do not always receive any helpful information - sometimes, again, just a direction to a website. I found the rejection spurious on the grounds, as I indicted above, we had provided the appropriate supporting documents. We are appealing the decision, but in light of the above I am not confident of a successful outcome. Yet our application is open and honest. And although this is a personal matter with the problems associated with immigration at present others are clearly finding themselves in the same situation. There is a need to examine the working of the department, and to ensure a sponsor is contacted before a refusal, as this may prevent one. Also the system has become static, it is not people friendly. The more people to raise or support this issue the better chance of making the system more human and responsive to individuals, rather than blanket answers Robin Cooper
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  • Keep hatred out of pride
    This inaction from Pride in London has sent shock waves around the world. Hate is not the message of pride and it was platformed for all the world to see .
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    Created by Karen Richards
  • Bring Back Frida Kahlo's Iconic Lipstick to Help Fund Women in Mexico
    Frida Kahlo was a cultural icon who celebrated her beauty with internationally acclaimed flare. She taught young girls everywhere that despite their disability or background - beauty is for all. Her iconic dark brows and lipstick adorn the walls of the public and elite alike, in her stunning original works or dog-eared printouts, torn from borrowed magazines. Frida made a stand for women everywhere, challenging perceptions of beauty and idealised standards for women, she stood for strength, for justice and for equality. We can't all afford an original piece to honour her memory but what better way to do it than by keeping those ideals alive through the medium of make-up.
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    Created by Sadie Medhurst-Griffiths
  • Scrap UK visa fees for children and in human rights cases
    People who cannot return to their home country because it would breach their human rights shouldn’t be charged fees for their visa applications to remain in the UK. Currently the government charges extortionate amounts from people with human rights applications. These include people • whose human rights to family and private life in the UK would be violated if they were removed or not allowed to enter, • who cannot return home because there would be unjustifiably harsh consequences or very significant obstacles to their integration if they were removed to their country of origin, • who cannot be removed because of their ill-health The fees the Home Office charges for visa applications are extremely high. An application on human rights grounds costs £1,033 and has to be renewed 3 times before someone can apply for indefinite leave to remain at an even higher fee of £2,389. This means a total payment of £6,521 over 10 years. Dependants are charged the same fees: a mother with two children would have to nearly £20,000 in fees over 10 years! These sums are entirely out of the reach for Myrtle and Stephanie who cannot return and were granted leave to remain on human rights grounds: Frail 94 year old South African Myrtle Cothill visited her only daughter Mary, aged 68, in the UK in 2014. Whilst in the UK, Myrtle’s health deteriorated and her family were told that if she left she would be at greater risk of death within months of her return to South Africa. After a huge public outcry Myrtle was granted leave on human rights grounds in 2016. But she is left to pay the fees to extend her visa every 2.5 years. It’s a huge financial burden as Myrtle obviously cannot work, her 68-year-old daughter Mary lives on a small pension, and Mary’s 62-year-old husband David (who suffers from Parkinson’s) battles on working part-time as a cashier in a supermarket. Both Stephanie*, a South African national & her British mother Louise* were subjected to domestic violence & cruelty at the hands of Stephanie’s father in South Africa. They fled to the UK in 2010. After a lengthy legal battle, Stephanie was finally allowed to stay on human rights grounds. A medical condition means Stephanie is unable to work and Louise supports both of them working as a care assistant. Every 2.5 years Louise has to pay huge home office fees to keep Stephanie in the UK, and it’s a real struggle on her salary. Many of those applying for further leave to remain will have paid taxes for years without having access to many public services. Charging people on top of this for wanting and needing to remain in the UK is unjust and inhumane. Sajid Javid and the Home Office should scrap the visa application fees in all human rights cases (including family reunion cases, applications by children, adult dependent relatives and partners), scrap nationality application fees for children and charge a maximum of what it costs them to process immigration applications (the ‘unit cost’) for all other applications. *Names changed due to safety concerns and legal reasons
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    Created by Jan Doerfel, Tom Lagden and Veena Siva
  • No Trump visit to the UK until all the migrant children in the US are reunited with their parents
    No child should be separated from its parent without very good reason. To do so simply because they are seeking asylum is grotesque. It is estimated that 10,000 children have been separated from their parents and many parents do not know where their children are being held. This is US Government inflicted child abuse and must be stopped. President Trump's visit to the UK provides us with a unique opportunity to voice our disapproval about the policy and the absolute need to reunite those children with their parents. Please lets make a stand for those children.
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  • Stop Extradition of an Innocent
    UK Government are giving special treatment to USA when it comes to extraditing UK Citizens. Apparently USA aren't even bound to provide proof to extradite a person. They can provide a summary of the offence and will not be asked to prove it by the Magistrate Court Judge. Bail reforms Act is not even part of Extradition Law, which take away UK Citizen right to get a bail. it makes it next to impossible for a person to come out on bail and gather evidence to fight the case for himself. Please help us stop the extraditions to USA where we know a non USA citizen will NOT be given a fair trial, and they will stay in prison even when they have not done the crime.
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    Created by Madi Arsh
  • Lizard Loves the Little Big Gig
    The Little Big Gig - among the other events staged by Henry’s Campsite - boosts tourism for the village. Far from being detrimental, they are a draw card for other local businesses. The Little Big Gig itself is held in late September, out of high season and provides a welcome influx of visitors before a long winter. This is an extremely rural community and events such as these are key in keeping us close knit. The village socialises together, bonds are formed and the village thrives. The council have threatened to close down the festival despite considerable effort to accommodate noise complaints. Next week they will make a decision. Will you sign this petition to let them know you want the festival to continue?
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  • Lincolnshire welcomes refugees
    We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee from war and persecution. To date, Lincolnshire County Council has refused to respond to the Government ‘invitation’ to Local Authorities to offer their support. Please sign this petition to show your support for Lincolnshire offering its help to refugees. It’s right to care, it’s important to reach out - that’s what makes a community. Let’s play our part.
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    Created by Holly Furness
  • Somer and Areeb must stay in the UK
    Somer, 15 and his brother Areeb, 13, are terrified that they will be murdered by Islamic extremists if they are forced to leave Scotland - the country they love and call home - and deported to Pakistan. They fled the country to Glasgow with their parents, Maqsood and Parveen, in 2012 following death threats because they are Christians. The brothers, who think of themselves as Scottish and are both thriving at secondary school where they have lots of friends and play a full part in community life, have lived in limbo for more than six years. The Home Office have rejected the Bakhsh family's applications for asylum because officials do not accept their lives are at risk in Pakistan, despite the fact it is a country where Christians are persecuted and blasphemy carries the death penalty. The catalyst for the family’s move to Scotland was the murder of two of Maqsood Bakhsh's Christian friends who were gunned down outside a court, while in police custody, in the Pakistan city of Faisalabad in July 2010. Maqsood Bakhsh claims the people responsible for their deaths have targeted him, know exactly who he is and would kill him and his family if they had the chance. Four of his friends have been killed by Islamic extremists, his sister in law’s brother is serving life in jail because of Pakistan’s blasphemy law and his nephew was kidnapped last month. An uncle of Maqsood was murdered on his doorstep in Pakistan, shortly after he returned to the country after living for nearly 20 years in the USA. Once you have been marked by people who mean you harm, you are forever marked. The family feel safe in Scotland and want the chance to stay and make a full contribution to society.
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    Created by Linda Pollock
  • Allow UK citizens to bring their foreign spouses.
    Back in 2012, the UK Government changed the required salary for UK residents to bring their foreign spouses into the country from £12,000 to £18,600. (An increase of more than 50%) This is utterly unfair, was deemed so by the House of Lords, and is even disproportionate to inflation rates. The House of Lords was concerned about immigration and therefore raised the issue in Parliament as to whether the impact on communities and families on modest incomes had been examined, but it received no direct response. Many hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens — who prior to 2012, hoped to be settling towards a married life with their overseas partners, so long as they could acquire a full-time contract and salary of £12,000 or more — had their dreams shattered and their families' lives torn apart by this unjust legislation. Furthermore, this legislation has done absolutely nothing to rid the UK of those unfit to live harmoniously with or adapt to the British way of life.
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