• Improve oppertunities for the Homeless in Manchester
    Manchester City Centre frequently looks like a campsite with the sheer amount of people who sleep on the streets, in doorways and parks. How can a city striving to compete nationally and internationally economically and in culture aspects simply ignore the issues surrounding homelessness that is happening at the bottom of their office blocks? The conditions that councils use to decide who qualifies to receive short-term, long-term and emergency housing need revising as they are responsible for socially excluding people and denying them of a basic human right.
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  • Repeal of Vagrancy Act 1824!
    The legislation is harmful to those it affects and is a non sustainable method of supporting the homeless and those who rough sleep. We need more support distributed to those who are homeless, not to convict them and make them criminals.
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  • Save the Chagos Islanders from a second exile
    These people have been taken away from their home by the British government, home that has been handed to the U.S. military. As well as a forced exile they now have to pay for their right to remain in the country and pay high immigration fees and/or pay for a visa for their relatives to come over, we want to hold the British Government accountable to its past actions, make these people you forced out of their home British citizens for free, as a compensation for the pain and suffering you caused them.
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  • UK government, rescue Rohingya refugees at risk of death in forthcoming cyclone season
    About the refugee camp at Cox's Bazar: Cox’s Bazar is one of the most frequently flooded regions of one of the most flood-prone countries on Earth. Bangladesh’s southern tip is fewer than three metres above sea level, with a triangular coast that funnels the ocean together. It makes high tides higher, and puts even major cities such as Chittagong within the water’s grasp. As well as heightening the risk of floods, Bangladesh’s geography also makes for extraordinarily deadly storms. A cyclone in 1970 killed 300,000 people. Another in the same area in 1991 left an estimated 10 million people homeless. Cyclone Sidr, a decade ago, killed as many as 10,000 people. Should cyclones bear down on the region again, as they have in the past two years, they could collide with nearly 700,000 new residents sleeping in tents of bamboo and tarpaulin. Aid agencies fear a second catastrophe is about to strike the Rohingya. “Lives will be lost,” says Daphnée Cook, Save the Children’s communications manager. “It’s just a question of how many.” As many as 200,000 refugees are estimated to be at direct risk from landslides or floods and require urgent evacuation, separate assessments by the Bangladesh government and aid groups have concluded. Most have nowhere to go. Cox’s Bazar is a safe haven from Burmese government persecution, but it is also an enormous detention centre. At least 27 military checkpoints around the camps restrict the refugees from leaving. Humanitarian agencies have moved at least 15,000 families living in the path of floods or landslides so far, but concede that there is not enough suitable land to relocate all those at risk. Assisting the Rohingya to build strong homes is also out of the question. Bangladeshi public sentiment is starting to tire of the burden of more than a million displaced people, and it is an election year. Bricks roads and cement drains have been allowed, but not concrete homes. Like the presence of schools, they might suggest the refugees are in Cox’s Bazar to stay. from https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/apr/27/rohingya-refugees-cyclone-monsoon-season-bangladesh-myanmar
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  • Homes for Asylum Seekers
    Asylum seekers are been forced to live in horrible living conditions and receive no empathy from G4S, the company that manage the conditions refugees are made to live in. Asylum seekers are not permitted to work when they are waiting on a response from their case so are unable to earn an income to improve their quality of life. The change from council-house providers to G4S has been labelled a "disaster for asylum-seeker housing in Yorkshire and the North East" (Liberty, 2017). In 2012, 881 out of the 2,000 asylum seekers in many towns in Yorkshire were forced to move into poorer conditions by G4S. This is just one example of the terrible situations asylum seekers find themselves in when they come to the UK. Sign this petition today if you agree that G4S have a responsibility to ensure that asylum seekers receive standard living conditions. Help stop people having to live inadequate housing!
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  • Leeds United - Cancel the tour to Myanmar
    The Rohingya community in Myanmar is suffering persecution, displacement and murder at the hands of the repressive military regeime of the Myanmar Government. Leeds United’s proposed trip is for commercial reasons only and will be used as propaganda by the Myanmar Government to legitimise their acts of oppression against the Rohingya community.
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  • Medical Cannabis prescribed for Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis sufferers
    Fibromyalgia and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis sufferers have very little chance of finding any medication to help their condition. There isn't one specific drug designed for treatment of symptoms. Drugs that are prescribed have many damaging side effects and patients show little to no improvement taking them. Many pain killers do not work. Since 2016, the consumption of products containing CBD has doubled and in the last year the number of consumers increased 100%, from an estimated 125,000 consumers in 2016 to 250,000 in 2017. In the UK, it is estimated that the cannabis market could be worth £10bn. Although the legal situation for CBD and CBD containing products has eased, the same can not be said for THC, whose only legal medical source is Sativex, a medication produced by the British company, GW Pharmaceutics who are currently the only company in the country to have permits for the cultivation of cannabis and the production of derivative products.
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    My husband and I met in March 2016 through E Harmony, he lived in Florida and I here in the UK, I spent alot of time in Florida with him throughout 2016 including our first Christmas and subsequent New Year together. He came to the UK in March 2017 and lived with me throughout the 6 months of his stay. During this time he really fell in love with the UK and we decided this is where we'd settle. We happily got engaged shortly afterwards and began planning our wedding. In order for us to get married here in the UK we were required to meet with the Home Office and get permission. We met with them in May 2017, we were interviewed together and seperatley and provided all documentation of our relationship etc that was required. Because we didn't have nor had we applied for a Marriage Visa the Home Office had to decide if they were happy for us to go ahead and marry. It took a few weeks but we were thrilled to recieve correspondence from them saying we had been approved. We had our ceremony on August 7th 2017. My husband left the UK on 1st September 2017 a few days short of the 6 months he was able to be here without a visa. On the 4th September 2017 he submitted his application for the Spouse Visa along with sending our supporting documents to the Home Office Sheffield Offices. Our supporting Docs were gathered in accordance to the list and guidlines on the Gov.UK website which we used as a checklist to ensure complete compliance. It was a few weeks after this that we discovered we were pregnant and expecting our first child. We were thrilled and excited and just joyous, eager for our reuniting to enjoy the baby journey together. In November we were hit with a massive blow when my husband received a letter stating he had been refused the visa. The letter stated that despite our Marriage Certificate we hadn't proven that we had actually met. This statement made no sense, the marriage certificate is a UK marriage certificate and it was the Home Office who had previously met us and given us approval. We wouldn't have been able to get married without this permission. They also said that my income wasn't proven to meet the threshold despite my submitting over 12 months worth of invoices along with corresponding Bank Statements and a statement from the Company I work for. (All stated as required on gov.uk) We decided at that point to appeal as we had more than enough extra documentation to show the points raised were unfounded. In our appeal bundle we submitted our entire relationship from the day we met back in the beginning of 2016. E Harmony supplied us with all our communications from the day we met to the day we closed our accounts. We included all our pictures including wedding pictures, txt messages, phone calls, video calls, emails basically our entire communication history, boarding passes showing the numerous times we were physically together and length of time we spent together, all the new pregnancy documentation we had to date, social media, statements from supporting bodies. As for my finances, we submitted all my HMRC documentation including SA302, Tax Year Over view for 2016-2017 & 2017-2018, my current position and upcoming Tax Bill. I also resubmitted all supporting bank statements and invoices from April 2016 right upto that point which was November 2017, this time I highlighted each deposit to match it to the corresponding invoice and highlighted all my details such as name, address etc stated on the invoices, bank statements and Tax Docs to show they were all matching. I also paid an ICAEW Registered Accountant to audit me and provide a statement stating all income was lawful and correct and my Landlord issued a statement to show home stability and security and that our property is more than adequate size wise. My husband submitted the entire bundle well within the 28 day time scale given to us if we wanted to appeal. The Courts and Tribunals Dept approved the appeal, they processed it and our bundle was submitted back to the Home Office Sheffield Offices on December 21st 2017 for them to over turn the decision. They were given a deadline of April 4th 2018 to have dealt with our case. We are still waiting. Now facing a judicial review which could take yet more months. All because the Home Office made the mistake of denying us in the first place and then ignoring our appeal since. They have even ignored my MP. I had advised the Courts and Tribunals Dept that my due date was May 20th 2018 (now 15th May)and asked them to bring the deadline forward because given the length of time it takes to go through the various processes we would be right up against it for my husband to be home in time for our daughter being born. All Expedite Requests have been denied stating our circumstances weren't compelling enough. That statement alone raises the question as to why there are thousands and thousands of pounds every year being spent on research done by the NHS to show how important it is for expectant mums esp first time mums to be as calm and relaxed as possible and the importance of the father being there for the birth and to bond with the new born. Not only that but the guidance on gov.uk is not accurate. My husband and I had to dig out Requirement Appendixes not stated on gov.uk in order to guarantee compliance. The system is designed to keep people out despite their right to be here. The problem is that we are being ignored and dismissed along with the countless other families out there going through the same process and being so cruelly kept apart. Our lives just put on hold with a shut up and suffer attitude. My husband is about to miss the birth of our daughter, it's disgusting. Please sign this petition, stand up and show that as British Citizens we are not going to allow our rights to be violated like this. We are not going to allow our families to be torn apart by this terrible system. Changes need to be made and they need to be made now.
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  • Leeds United stay away from Myanmar
    Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani is planning a tour of Myanmar, whose government has been accused of genocide due to the mass murdering of the Rohingya Muslim community. The United Nations has described the case in Myanmar as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Nearly 700,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and leave the country since August. For Leeds United to play football matches against local teams in this climate of fear is to lend credibility and respectability to this campaign of abuse. It will tarnish the reputation of a great football club, particularly as the decision is most likely driven by making money. The tour is being sponsored by AYA bank, a private bank in Myanmar and the owner of Leeds United has business interests in the country. Big bosses are using Leeds United for personal gain and condoning horrific human rights abuses in the process. This is simply wrong. The Rohingya community in the UK, Amnesty International and UK politicians have already spoke out against the tour. Leeds United's own social media channels have advised fans to wait further instruction before travelling to the region. The tour not only risks players' and fans' safety, it is seemingly blind to the horrific abuse taking place in Myanmar.
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  • Restart the BBC Hungarian Service
    Restriction of media freedom in Hungary has had serious, and still deteriorating, consequences for democratic order in Central Europe. Hungarian Government pressure has forced nearly all significant independent media outlets into closure or pro-government ownership. Journalists in public media organisations report overt direction of editorial policy, and even of article content, by the Orbán government. Interpretation is frequently presented as fact and outright fabrication is far from unknown. At the same time the influence of Russian propaganda in the country is growing especially (though not only) in coverage of international affairs. The Hungarian media now follows Moscow's line in describing as 'terrorists' the regular Ukranian armed forces fighting Russian-backed insurgents in Donetsk. The extensive anti-Soros campaign has made use of articles from Putin-allied Russian media.These are reproduced exactly in Hungarian translation without acknowledgement of source. The OSCE monitoring group report declared that the credibility of the April 2018 election was undermined because 'intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, [and] media bias…constricted the space for genuine political debate'. In the years that immediately followed the fall of communism Hungary was widely perceived as the regional leader in 'westernisation'. Now it ranks bottom of Freedom House’s Democracy Index for Central Europe. That's bad enough but in 2017 F.H's press freedom audit delcared Hungary's media 'only partly free'. Its score was several points behind Mongolia's. Last year the European Parliament censured Hungary for a "serious deterioration" in the rule of law. The situation has only continued to worsen over subsequent months. The BBC Hungarian Service (est. 1940) was an information lifeline supplying factually reliable news to Hungary throughout the Cold War era. The service was disbanded in December 2005 on the basis that the post 1989 mandate to support fragile/ fledgling democracy in Central Europe had expired. That judgement now appears excessively optimistic. A radio service broadcasting objective information to the country from London would make a valuable contribution to regional stability. The BBC maintains limited services to Hungary’s neighbours Serbia and Ukraine. The Serbian Service was restarted only last year. Hungary’s need is no less pressing. BBC, will you help? References OSCE Monitoring Report on 2018 election https://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/hungary/377410?download=true Freedom House statistics https://freedomhouse.org/report/nations-transit/nations-transit-2018 https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-press/2017/hungary This petition has a Hungarian sister website: https://www.peticiok.com/tamogassuk_a_bbc_magyar_adasanak_ujrainditasat
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  • Abolish GP cash incentives in Enfield
    When you visit your GP, you want to know that the only thing on their mind is giving you the care you need. But our NHS is struggling because the government hasn’t given it the money it needs. It means NHS bosses are looking for any opportunity to save money. But setting financial incentives and arbitrary targets for GPs simply doesn’t make sense. And when it comes to the care our families get when we’re sick, it’s not right to force doctors to compromise. The Royal College of GPs, and medical experts have raised the alarm about the cash incentive schemes. The head of the Family Doctor Association said they’re a “serious dereliction of duty”. The Royal College of GPs said "Cash incentives based on how many referrals GPs make have no place in the NHS, and frankly, it is insulting to suggest otherwise." Tell local health bosses that patients’ needs should always come before profit!
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    Barly Koyangbwa is a great helper. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Barly fled to the UK to seek refuge in 2013 after his family was targeted and members of his family were killed by the Kabila regime. Barly is a leading member of APARECO, the resistance movement against Kabila developed by Congolese refugees. He is named on the APARECO website as the representative in charge of mobilisations and strategy in Manchester, and as the Second Urban Representative of APARECO North West and most recently APARECO’s Executive appointed Barly as President of the Liverpool Branch. The Home Office accepts that those belonging to the categories of leader, office bearer and spokesperson for APARECO “are at real risk of persecution” and yet, on March 19th 2018 the Home Office refused Barly’s asylum claim. Please share and sign this. Read more here: http://rapar.org.uk/barlybelongshere
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