• Stop Extradition of an Innocent
    UK Government are giving special treatment to USA when it comes to extraditing UK Citizens. Apparently USA aren't even bound to provide proof to extradite a person. They can provide a summary of the offence and will not be asked to prove it by the Magistrate Court Judge. Bail reforms Act is not even part of Extradition Law, which take away UK Citizen right to get a bail. it makes it next to impossible for a person to come out on bail and gather evidence to fight the case for himself. Please help us stop the extraditions to USA where we know a non USA citizen will NOT be given a fair trial, and they will stay in prison even when they have not done the crime.
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    Created by Madi Arsh
  • Lizard Loves the Little Big Gig
    The Little Big Gig - among the other events staged by Henry’s Campsite - boosts tourism for the village. Far from being detrimental, they are a draw card for other local businesses. The Little Big Gig itself is held in late September, out of high season and provides a welcome influx of visitors before a long winter. This is an extremely rural community and events such as these are key in keeping us close knit. The village socialises together, bonds are formed and the village thrives. The council have threatened to close down the festival despite considerable effort to accommodate noise complaints. Next week they will make a decision. Will you sign this petition to let them know you want the festival to continue?
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  • Lincolnshire welcomes refugees
    We don't want Britain to be the kind of country that turns its back as people drown in their desperation to flee from war and persecution. To date, Lincolnshire County Council has refused to respond to the Government ‘invitation’ to Local Authorities to offer their support. Please sign this petition to show your support for Lincolnshire offering its help to refugees. It’s right to care, it’s important to reach out - that’s what makes a community. Let’s play our part.
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    Created by Holly Furness
  • Somer and Areeb must stay in the UK
    Somer, 15 and his brother Areeb, 13, are terrified that they will be murdered by Islamic extremists if they are forced to leave Scotland - the country they love and call home - and deported to Pakistan. They fled the country to Glasgow with their parents, Maqsood and Parveen, in 2012 following death threats because they are Christians. The brothers, who think of themselves as Scottish and are both thriving at secondary school where they have lots of friends and play a full part in community life, have lived in limbo for more than six years. The Home Office have rejected the Bakhsh family's applications for asylum because officials do not accept their lives are at risk in Pakistan, despite the fact it is a country where Christians are persecuted and blasphemy carries the death penalty. The catalyst for the family’s move to Scotland was the murder of two of Maqsood Bakhsh's Christian friends who were gunned down outside a court, while in police custody, in the Pakistan city of Faisalabad in July 2010. Maqsood Bakhsh claims the people responsible for their deaths have targeted him, know exactly who he is and would kill him and his family if they had the chance. Four of his friends have been killed by Islamic extremists, his sister in law’s brother is serving life in jail because of Pakistan’s blasphemy law and his nephew was kidnapped last month. An uncle of Maqsood was murdered on his doorstep in Pakistan, shortly after he returned to the country after living for nearly 20 years in the USA. Once you have been marked by people who mean you harm, you are forever marked. The family feel safe in Scotland and want the chance to stay and make a full contribution to society.
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    Created by Linda Pollock
  • Allow UK citizens to bring their foreign spouses.
    Back in 2012, the UK Government changed the required salary for UK residents to bring their foreign spouses into the country from £12,000 to £18,600. (An increase of more than 50%) This is utterly unfair, was deemed so by the House of Lords, and is even disproportionate to inflation rates. The House of Lords was concerned about immigration and therefore raised the issue in Parliament as to whether the impact on communities and families on modest incomes had been examined, but it received no direct response. Many hard-working, tax-paying, law-abiding citizens — who prior to 2012, hoped to be settling towards a married life with their overseas partners, so long as they could acquire a full-time contract and salary of £12,000 or more — had their dreams shattered and their families' lives torn apart by this unjust legislation. Furthermore, this legislation has done absolutely nothing to rid the UK of those unfit to live harmoniously with or adapt to the British way of life.
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  • Stop The Real Bodies exhibition NEC Birmingham
    We have serious concern about the unethical nature of The Real Bodies: The exhibition, currently on display in Hall 4, NEC Birmingham. The exhibition displays 20 human corpses and over 200 body specimens, including a pregnant woman complete with her unborn baby in the womb, and foetuses from 10 weeks to 32 weeks gestation. The organiser, Imagine Exhibitions Inc., has not been transparent about the origins of the specimens and is reported to not have valid consent documentation from the deceased and/or their families. Until such documentation is provided, we can’t in good conscience expose our children and the community to such an immoral and base commercial exploitation of the deceased. We urge an immediate shut down of the exhibition and a thorough investigation into any breaches of the UK legislative and/or legal guidelines associated with this macabre display. Please sign our petition to help to stop the unethical exhibition. ################################################### Background: 1. It is our understanding that the presenters have not been able to provide valid documentation to prove the bodies' origins, according to the Newscorp report dated April 10. The same inability to provide appropriate documentation was reported during the 2017 exhibition in Prague and Slovakia. 2. Investigative reports have pointed to the questionable origin of the bodies — a large amount of which were created by a university in Dalian, China — suggesting that the cadavers came from executed political prisoners and dissenters. It is important to note that the German weekly Der Spiegel cited the inventor of plastination, Gunther Von Hagens, that the bodies from Dalian were “very fresh”, a criteria that is preferred in the plastination process. In accordance with China’s law a body can be classified as “unclaimed” if it remains in the morgues for 30 days – a duration too long for the plastination process to be successful. 3. In 2010, France’s highest court, the French Supreme Court declared the commercial exhibition of human remains illegal, effectively closing down all such exhibits. Two years later, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a similar ruling. Hawaii banned the shows, as did city councils in Seattle and elsewhere. 4. China’s track record of abuse in the area of organ transplantation has been well documented by governments, media and independent investigators. The grossly unethical Bodies exhibits are believed to be closely linked to these prolific abuses, where similarly vulnerable populations and prisoners of conscience have been reported to be unwilling "donors". The latest evidence compiled in the 2016 report by David Kilgour, Ethan Guttman, and David Matas indicates that China performs up to 100,000 transplants a year, while having a very underdeveloped public donation scheme.
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  • Mahsa Azad to remain in the UK
    Mahsa is seeking asylum after fleeing Iran because she was persecuted for being in a same sex relationship. She has been in Newcastle Upon Tyne for 6 months, she has made Newcastle her home and has people here she considers to be her new family. The Home office want to send her to Austria as that was her first point of entry in Europe. She is now in the UK and is part of our LGBT Community, she has been active as a volunteer for The LGBT Federation and despite all of her troubles she shows concern for others and wants to help. She has made great progress in learning English, she has made every effort to join groups and has struggled to get her spirits up after the trauma of leaving Iran, she will not survive a deportation as she is already feeling crushed by the Immigration System. She was removed from her home in Newcastle without warning and taken to Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre, this is bad for her already fragile mental health and it will set back the progress she has made. It's possible she will be leaving Yarl's Wood on the 25th June, If she is sent out of the UK it will destroy her, she has already been removed from her place of relative safety and it is inhumane to be sent out of the UK to somewhere she is not familiar with. She should not be persecuted further because of who she loves. We are asking for the Home Office to have her asylum case heard in the UK and for her to be allowed to claim asylum in the UK.
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    Created by Andrea Strachan
  • Protect Free Speech Online!
    The EU Copyright Directive is a proposed new law that could destroy the internet as we know it, allowing big companies to control what we see and do online. It would mean that every website would have to introduce “upload filters” that automatically block material it thinks has been illegally copied. The filters are meant to block copyrighted music, films or text, but filters struggle to tell what legal uses really are. Online commentary, reviews, art, and internet memes could all be censored automatically. This would stifle freedom of expression and speech online - everyones content would be targeted from individuals posting on facebook or writing on their own blog, to small charities speaking out against big businesses and graphic designers creating art. It is far too high a cost for enforcing copyright. We have a chance to stop this in its track. Sign the petition and add your voice to the growing wave of UK and EU residents opposing this threat to free speech online.
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    Created by Open Rights Group
  • Start caring about Carers!
    Carers are becoming ill with the huge strain put on them. Most working 24/7 - 365 days of the year with little or no help from outside sources. I have been one such Carer for eleven years and my health has deteriorated drastically because of it. There are even child Carers who have to help out at home and don't get paid anything as nobody knows about so many of them.
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  • Allow Mrs Caldwell to access medicinal cannabis oil for her son with severe epilepsy
    There is undue suffering and disability caused by preventing patients to medicinal cannabis. In light of accumulating scientific evidence that medicinal cannabis is not only alleviating pain and suffering but can also treat severe medical conditions, like severe epilepsy, it amounts to medical negligence to forbid access to treatment. Furthermore, it violates one's human rights to accessing life saving medication. The UK is a progressive country and needs to change the law to account for the scientific evidence available.
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  • Grant Endurance Ojo asylum
    In 2011 I moved to the UK from Nigeria. After denouncing my membership in a gang my two brothers were killed for revenge. My life would be at risk if I returned. In 2012 I claimed asylum. Ever since then my application has been outstanding and the Home Office have refused to make a decision on my application. They know I have a young family here in the UK and I’m struggling because I can’t work and pay tax to support my family. Everyone in my family is British, my partner had 3 kids in her previous relationship and we have a daughter. I'm the one looking after everyone ever since she was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Several letters and proof of our relationship have been sent to the Home Office, but they refuse to take this into consideration. My situation has gone from bad to worse. This is destroying me physically and mentally I don't wish this situation on anybody. Please make a decision and grant me asylum.
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  • Demand for an apology for Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar, Massacre 1919
    The monstrous act by colonial rulers is embedded in the psyche of Indian People and inspired them to seek complete independence In February 2013 the Former Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Jallianwala Bagh adjacent to the Golden Temple, wrote in the visitor’s book,” This was a deeply shameful act in British history, one that Winston Churchill rightly described at the time as Monstrous. We demand this to be formally recorded in the House of Parliament. A formal apology by the serving British Prime Minister will cost nothing while the effect on the people of Indian Diaspora will be off a historical Magnitude and will help to move forward.
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    Created by Joginder Bains