• Leeds United stay away from Myanmar
    Leeds United owner Andrea Radrizzani is planning a tour of Myanmar, whose government has been accused of genocide due to the mass murdering of the Rohingya Muslim community. The United Nations has described the case in Myanmar as a “textbook example of ethnic cleansing.” Nearly 700,000 people have been forced to flee their homes and leave the country since August. For Leeds United to play football matches against local teams in this climate of fear is to lend credibility and respectability to this campaign of abuse. It will tarnish the reputation of a great football club, particularly as the decision is most likely driven by making money. The tour is being sponsored by AYA bank, a private bank in Myanmar and the owner of Leeds United has business interests in the country. Big bosses are using Leeds United for personal gain and condoning horrific human rights abuses in the process. This is simply wrong. The Rohingya community in the UK, Amnesty International and UK politicians have already spoke out against the tour. Leeds United's own social media channels have advised fans to wait further instruction before travelling to the region. The tour not only risks players' and fans' safety, it is seemingly blind to the horrific abuse taking place in Myanmar.
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  • Restart the BBC Hungarian Service
    Restriction of media freedom in Hungary has had serious, and still deteriorating, consequences for democratic order in Central Europe. Hungarian Government pressure has forced nearly all significant independent media outlets into closure or pro-government ownership. Journalists in public media organisations report overt direction of editorial policy, and even of article content, by the Orbán government. Interpretation is frequently presented as fact and outright fabrication is far from unknown. At the same time the influence of Russian propaganda in the country is growing especially (though not only) in coverage of international affairs. The Hungarian media now follows Moscow's line in describing as 'terrorists' the regular Ukranian armed forces fighting Russian-backed insurgents in Donetsk. The extensive anti-Soros campaign has made use of articles from Putin-allied Russian media.These are reproduced exactly in Hungarian translation without acknowledgement of source. The OSCE monitoring group report declared that the credibility of the April 2018 election was undermined because 'intimidating and xenophobic rhetoric, [and] media bias…constricted the space for genuine political debate'. In the years that immediately followed the fall of communism Hungary was widely perceived as the regional leader in 'westernisation'. Now it ranks bottom of Freedom House’s Democracy Index for Central Europe. That's bad enough but in 2017 F.H's press freedom audit delcared Hungary's media 'only partly free'. Its score was several points behind Mongolia's. Last year the European Parliament censured Hungary for a "serious deterioration" in the rule of law. The situation has only continued to worsen over subsequent months. The BBC Hungarian Service (est. 1940) was an information lifeline supplying factually reliable news to Hungary throughout the Cold War era. The service was disbanded in December 2005 on the basis that the post 1989 mandate to support fragile/ fledgling democracy in Central Europe had expired. That judgement now appears excessively optimistic. A radio service broadcasting objective information to the country from London would make a valuable contribution to regional stability. The BBC maintains limited services to Hungary’s neighbours Serbia and Ukraine. The Serbian Service was restarted only last year. Hungary’s need is no less pressing. BBC, will you help? References OSCE Monitoring Report on 2018 election https://www.osce.org/odihr/elections/hungary/377410?download=true Freedom House statistics https://freedomhouse.org/report/nations-transit/nations-transit-2018 https://freedomhouse.org/report/freedom-press/2017/hungary This petition has a Hungarian sister website: https://www.peticiok.com/tamogassuk_a_bbc_magyar_adasanak_ujrainditasat
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  • Abolish GP cash incentives in Enfield
    When you visit your GP, you want to know that the only thing on their mind is giving you the care you need. But our NHS is struggling because the government hasn’t given it the money it needs. It means NHS bosses are looking for any opportunity to save money. But setting financial incentives and arbitrary targets for GPs simply doesn’t make sense. And when it comes to the care our families get when we’re sick, it’s not right to force doctors to compromise. The Royal College of GPs, and medical experts have raised the alarm about the cash incentive schemes. The head of the Family Doctor Association said they’re a “serious dereliction of duty”. The Royal College of GPs said "Cash incentives based on how many referrals GPs make have no place in the NHS, and frankly, it is insulting to suggest otherwise." Tell local health bosses that patients’ needs should always come before profit!
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    Barly Koyangbwa is a great helper. Originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Barly fled to the UK to seek refuge in 2013 after his family was targeted and members of his family were killed by the Kabila regime. Barly is a leading member of APARECO, the resistance movement against Kabila developed by Congolese refugees. He is named on the APARECO website as the representative in charge of mobilisations and strategy in Manchester, and as the Second Urban Representative of APARECO North West and most recently APARECO’s Executive appointed Barly as President of the Liverpool Branch. The Home Office accepts that those belonging to the categories of leader, office bearer and spokesperson for APARECO “are at real risk of persecution” and yet, on March 19th 2018 the Home Office refused Barly’s asylum claim. Please share and sign this. Read more here: http://rapar.org.uk/barlybelongshere
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  • Don't deport Olya from the UK- stop this family from being torn apart
    Olya has followed all the advice given to her and her husband by the Home Office, and all she wants is to live with her family in Scotland. But now she faces deportation away from her home because of a technicality. They claim her Scottish husband didn't do enough to make Ireland his centre of life, as per the Home Office’s advice, before coming to Scotland. They also have a two-year-old daughter, Milana, who was born in Scotland. Sign the petition to tell the Home Office to drop their threats and let Olya and her family live in peace. Their life is in Scotland, their child is Scottish. Don’t rip them apart.
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  • Saving lives
    My son drowned in the Clyde after a night out with friends just over 2 years ago he made his way to the Tradeston bridge to make his way home The bridge was cordoned off due to a storm He climbed the cordon too near the waters edge and fell in and lost his life I hope that the safety measures that I’m asking for will save a life
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  • PayPal should lift the ban on CBD Products!
    CBD is a legal product to sell and is an amazing health supplement! Despite this, PayPal have taken an anti-business stance that won't allow CBD product sales from certain businesses. PayPal states it "breaks the terms of its policies", however fails to show or explain where this is stated. Additionally you can use PayPal to buy CBD oil via a website owned by PayPal's parent company? A small farmer or oil producer can really benefit from the use of PayPal for their business, so you can't help but feel maybe they are being targeted and this is not right. I believe it's important for us all to do our part in stopping this from happening, please help by signing this petition and sharing with your friends. Thank you all!
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  • Demand that the BBC record Freddie Parrot-Face Davies reading the Rivers Of Blood speech.
    Because this recording will afford the Rivers Of Blood speech the gravitas it deserves.
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  • Syria
    This is important so that democracy in the U.K. is upheld and not ignored.
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    Having my own experiences for the last fourteen years of the father of my two children who, became a notorious non-compliant 'paying parent', and manipulated the CSA system, and now the CMS system to his advantage, in order to avoid paying any child maintenance, it is time to STOP this happening. The current system is incapable of collecting any maintenance for 14 years! I know of a significant number of other families who have the same experience and will continue to do so, if this financial abuse of children, is not stopped NOW. There are many, many problems with the way the UK collect child maintenance and this petition address one of them that will resolve instantly the problems, including poverty, experienced by those receiving parents who do not receive any child maintenance at all, or at best, sporadic payments. My children's father is a full time senior school teacher and earning further undisclosed income. He, personally, chose to job hop when he realised he could change employers frequently and knew the system would not catch up with him until someone, i.e. me, found him and provided the details - then he is off again having been provided with notice of when an attachment of earnings order is to become effective. Too many families are experiencing this. The current system does not work. All this can STOP by CHANGING THE PAYING PARENTS' TAX CODE i.e. using existing CODING OUT adjustments with HMRC. It is that simple. The child maintenance is collected before. the 'paying parent' is paid into their or, indeed, 'another person's' account - as so often can be the case (not illegal, albeit continuing deviance). Improvements to the HMRC interface with the CMS ought to be able to show up-to-date earnings and apply the relative percentage child maintenance that applies to any paying parent. If anyone of us owes any government department any money there is legislation in place to change tax codes - relative to amount of debt and earnings - so the same method should be enforced for child maintenance! This method of collection of CM saves a significant and often, ultimately worthless amount of time, on behalf of government staff, resources and, thereby, tax payers money; but, also, a significant deal of stress to the receiving parent and the children who are suffering from the financial abuse on behalf of a significant proportion of so-called 'paying parents', who deliberately avoid detection by job-hopping and income diversion. It is a no-brainer not to collect at the level of taxation. The lives of the 'paying parent's' biological children improves on a financial level and, therefore, an emotional level by, not having to 'go without' constantly because their 'paying parent' avoids maintenance, or misses payments. Children's self-esteem is thereby improved exponentially. This, in turn, reduces mental health problems for both them and their 'receiving parent' and, thus, future social problems and mental health services they may access as a result. This action is needed NOW as those dishonest 'paying parents' have already demonstrated they will not pay by any means. We have over £35,000 in arrears by the CMS figure (closer to £100,000 but needing further validation), which can also be collected via tax code without breaching the 40% protected earnings threshold. Often any enforcement action available is, at best, ineffective especially if they ensure they have no collateral to enforce debts against - as is our case. This is nothing to do with contact issues that exist with many families. It is to to STOP non-compliant 'paying parents' from avoiding paying child maintenance and leaving their children often in poverty! Any families reading this who are experiencing these problems need to sign the petition now; and anyone at all who supports this action. You might be without children, a grandparent or an honest paying parent. PLEASE, PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION. And, finally, in order to provide further support for the above, please CONTACT YOUR OWN MP, to bring this coding out issue to the attention of the Houses of Parliament. AND SHARE this link on your social media accounts! The original draft bill on behalf of Heidi Allen has been postponed until October 2018. In the meantime, she has confirmed to me she in touch with the relevant Minister discussing her draft bill, and has raised the coding out concerns I have brought to her attention to collect child maintenance. The October 2018 date is listed in case it is still needed to get her proposals accepted. THANK YOU SO MUCH!
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  • Cancel your plans to close our rural public toilets!
    With the increasing popularity of the North Coast 500 (NC500), promoted in part by Highland Council, we are seeing ever-growing numbers of visitors to the NW Highlands and these people also require access to facilities in order to avoid more cases of human waste being left by the roadside. As part of its budget proposals for 2018/2019 Highland Council are closing public toilets at the following locations in the county of Sutherland: Achmelvich, Kinlochbervie, Rhiconich, Scourie, Smoo Cave, Lairg, Kylesku, Talmine, and Tarbet. The total estimated savings come to just £67,000 per year yet we consider these to be essential services, both for local people and tourists & others visiting the area. Additionally, these closures will discriminate against the elderly, infirm, disabled, and those with long-term illnesses whose ability to do without a regular rest break is impaired. Highland Council's suggested alternatives, such as making use of facilities in nearby businesses and village halls, are both impractical and presumptuous. Do the decent thing, Highland Council: Scrap your plans to close these public toilets.
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  • Save the Windrush Generation - allow them to stay
    Thousands of people from Commonwealth countries, whose families were invited to live and work in the UK when our country needed them most, are now facing deportation. They’re entitled to citizenship - the problem is the evidence they need to provide is too difficult to gather. These people have served this country as citizens, working in hospitals, in public transport and many other walks of life. They have been here since they were children. Their parents came here, often at the invitation of the government, to address staff shortages in vital areas of public services. Their children and grandchildren live here. This is their home. The UK has a debt to pay them and our government should not be treating them with such callous disregard for their welfare and such disrespect for what they have contributed to this country.
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    Created by Christine Trethowan