• Let Satheesh Sankara Gounder stay in the UK
    The Home Office have refused to extend the visa of Dover's only private physiotherapist, the best we have ever had, on the grounds that he cannot prove investment of minimum £50,000 in the UK and because he has been unable to employ a second full-time member of staff. He and his accountant have submitted proof that he has invested, and he has advertised continually for the past two years trying to find a second physiotherapist. None want to come and work in SE England, preferring London and its big money. Had this physio chosen to work in London a second physio would have been easy to find and his visa would have been certain once the investment issue was resolved. But he chose to fill the gaping hole in physiotherapy treatment in Dover and has been punished for it. The Home Office have ignored the evidence of his employee search. His receptionist now faces unemployment, the taxes and business taxes he pays will be lost to the country, and Dover will be deprived of private physiotherapy cover. His contracts with 24 insurance companies, Sussex Police and The Department of Work and Pensions in Hastings, another physiotherapy deprived area where he holds a weekly clinic, will have to get by without him if the decision is not rescinded. We have a government, it appears, that do not care about the physiotherapy needs of Dover where the NHS is already unable to cope in this field. Dover's MP is supportive and fighting the physio's case with the Home Office but publicity and more letters of support to the Home Office are needed. This petition seeks to ensure Satheesh can continue to provide his wonderful skills to Dover and its surrounding area.
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  • SOSPPAN - Save our Services at Prince Philip Hospital
    If the NHS A&E moves to a new Hospital at least 50 minutes away by car or ambulance from Llanelli and if Prince Philip Hospital is down graded to a Community Hospital 100,000 people will be severely disadvantaged and some people will not be able to access the NHS services because according to Hywel Dda, they will not have enough money or a car. Losing immediate access to our Health services could cost the lives of people that you know.......or your father or mother or daughter or brother or son or sister or Mrs or Mr......this is key .....for you and for me........please sign to help prevent this.
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  • Refuse to welcome the UDT conference and arms dealers to Glasgow
    This event showcases corporations like Leonardo and Thales that supply arms to regimes with atrocious human rights records, such as Saudi Arabia.Two of the co-sponsors of the event – BAE Systems and Babcock – are also building the next generation of Trident nuclear-armed submarines.We are appalled that Glasgow Life, a Glasgow City Council 'charity', is extending a welcome to arms dealers and those who facilitate nuclear war. Rather than wasting time and taxpayers’ money on promoting arms dealers, Glasgow Life should be following their own mission statement and enriching the lives of the people of Glasgow by providing much needed services. We call on Glasgow City Council – an administration that includes nuclear disarmament in its manifesto – to cease sponsoring the Undersea Defence Technology conference immediately, and adopt an ethical policy for future events within our city.'
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  • Employment slavery
    To avoid homelessness and crime,illegal activity and to survive while applying for asylum.Avoiding under national minimum wage payment,illegal working.Unscrupulas employers.
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  • Stop abusing the national security clause to deport highly skilled migrants
    The Home Office is abusing a clause designed to protect us from terrorism to deport doctors, engineers, lawyers and other highly skilled migrants because of common, everyday tax errors. It’s destroying lives of families who have come here legally and worked hard for years paying taxes and contributing to our society. Nisha Mohite, a pharmaceutical specialist working to develop anti-cancer drugs has lost her job, her home and her savings after the Home Office used an anti-terrorism clause to try and deport her because of an error her accountant made. HRMC was happy with her prompt repayment and took no action, yet now she faces a being marked a “terrorist” and deported. Father of two Owais Raja, was woking as a college lecturer before he lost everything when his accountant made an error in his tax returns. His accountant is now in prison after being convicted for fraud but Owais has been left unable to pay for his wife’s medical care and his family of four are facing deportation from the country they call home. Nisha and Owais are not alone, over 1000 highly skilled migrants have been affected by the Home Office’s cruel use of the clause. Together we are demanding the Home Office uses the clause for what it was designed to do, protect us from terrorists, not deport our doctors, teachers, scientists and lawyers.
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  • Stop Advertising with Guns and Weapons
    These images are plastered all over the tube, buses, bus shelters, newspapers, magazines etc. Subliminally de-sensitising young minds that this is ok and the norm. Young minds and easily manipulated minds that see the hero carries a gun or knife. There has been 11 fatal shootings already this year in London, and endless knife attacks resulting in fatalities not to mention acid attacks. Though this may not be considered an important change we need to change the influence culture has. We can't change the films and games themselves but we can change the way they are sold to us, glorifying killing. And these small changes will contribute to the change in society. I have started an instagram page documenting what I see called. https://www.instagram.com/gunsonthetube
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    This issue was brought up at my local Patient Practice Group of which I am Chairman. There were quite a number of instances reported by the committee who support this action unanimously. The following are two of my own experiences. 1. In December, 2017 I took my sister-in-law to Sunderland Hospital. She was unable to walk and there was no ambulance available. I parked at the accident & emergency and with my wife I got her out of the car and into a wheelchair. My wife pushed her into the hospital whilst I reversed my cat into a disabled parking bay. several days later I received a £70 fine Parking notice 2. In February 2018 i took my wife for a scan to North tees Hospital. After I dropped her off I parked my car and went to the parking meter. Unlike Sunderland their was a fee chargeable for disabled drivers. The first 20 minutes parking was free but after that there was a charge which if not paid was subject to a £90 fine. It is impossible to be able to assess that my wife would be able to receive her treatment within 20 minutes. I decided to pay for the parking. The cost was £3 for the first hour as well as for the next 11 hours. As it happened my wife did not have to wait and she had her scan and returned to the car. We were parked for exactly 26 minutes. I had paid the 12 hour fee for 6 minutes. I also was inconvenienced as I had no change and the meter did not take notes or give change. I had to go back into the hospital for change for the parking meter.
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  • Let Trump Baby Fly
    Donald Trump is a big, angry baby with a fragile ego. He's also a racist demagogue who is a danger to women, immigrants and minorities and a mortal threat to world peace and the very future of life on earth. Moral outrage is water off a duck’s back to Trump, but he really seems to hate it when people make fun of him. So when Trump visits the UK on Friday the 13th of July this year, we want to make sure he knows that all of Britain is looking down on him and laughing at him. That's why a group of us have chipped in and raised enough money to have a 6 meter high blimp made by a professional inflatables company, to be flown in the skies over Parliament Square during Trump's visit. Unfortunately, we need the Mayor of London's permission to be able to fly Trump Baby from Parliament Square - and Sadiq's team at City Hall have told us that flying Trump Baby does not qualify as a 'protest'. They are insisting that the only form of protest that is legally allowable on their land is "a gathering of people, with banners and placards." We are fairly sure this doesn't make any sense, but their key objection is that flying a large inflatable will occupy a (5x5M) corner of the square which will then not be available for gatherings of people with banners and placards - thereby depriving them of freedom of speech. So we need to demonstrate that there isn't, in practice, anyone planning to protest Trump's visit who would not in fact welcome a 6m high orange baby with Trump’s malevolent face flying in the sky over Parliament during this period.
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    Many homeless women, particularly those who are rough sleepers refuse to stay in mixed gender hostels due to previous abuse and violence within them. We need more female-only shelters to provide a safe haven for these vulnerable members of society
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  • The Gender Pay Gap and Women's Rights
    Resolving this issue is one which the government should prioritize as gender inequality is an issue which should not be prevalent in 21st century Britain.
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  • Improve oppertunities for the Homeless in Manchester
    Manchester City Centre frequently looks like a campsite with the sheer amount of people who sleep on the streets, in doorways and parks. How can a city striving to compete nationally and internationally economically and in culture aspects simply ignore the issues surrounding homelessness that is happening at the bottom of their office blocks? The conditions that councils use to decide who qualifies to receive short-term, long-term and emergency housing need revising as they are responsible for socially excluding people and denying them of a basic human right.
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  • Repeal of Vagrancy Act 1824!
    The legislation is harmful to those it affects and is a non sustainable method of supporting the homeless and those who rough sleep. We need more support distributed to those who are homeless, not to convict them and make them criminals.
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