• Tell Paypal to allow Palestinians to use their services.
    The inability to use Paypal's global electronic money transfer system, is hindering the progress of Palestinian owned businesses to exploit markets necessary to their healthy growth, in an location where this is vital. They should have the right to compete on a more even footing with Israeli settlers who suffer no such restrictions.
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    Created by Peter Cox
  • 72 hour No Fly Zone over Aleppo, Syria.
    To allow the safe passage of innocent men, women and children out of Aleppo, cease the slaughter of innocent civilians and medical staff and allow crucial supplies to these beleaguered people. There are over 60 million refugees globally, people displaced by war and under constant and brutal attack. In my trips to the Jungle in Calais ( France) I met and heard some of the harrowing stories of many innocent and decent people and marvelled at some incredible feats of bravery. All of these stories affected me deeply, especially those concerning the children - hundreds of unaccompanied minors. We all deserve the right to a safe home. The number of displaced and traumatised individuals worldwide is a disgrace and Aleppo is rapidly adding to an already unmanageable crisis. I like many millions of others, want this to stop.
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    Created by Remi Olajoyegbe
  • Stop Syrian Bombings
    Air strikes are indiscriminate and deadly. They kill and maim en mass and are based on so called 'intelligence'. The current viral circulation of little Omran Daqneesh dusty and bloodied in an ambulance has once again gripped the world. But what of little Aylan in Sept. 2015? He drowned trying to escape the horrendous conflict in Syria that have killed well in excess of 300,000 people and displaced millions more. What of the M10 hospital bombing in early August? These viral stories are swiftly forgotten by our media but must not be allowed. Please sign and force this issue to be discussed once more in parliament.
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  • Give Tariq Jahan the honour he deserves
    During a time of rapidly increasing tension and violence in North Birmingham in 2011 Tariq agreed to speak to the crowds despite having very recently lost his son in the violence: "Basically I lost my son," he told the crowd. "Blacks, Asians, whites - we all live in the same community. Why do we have to kill one another? "What started these riots? And what's escalated? Why are we doing this? I lost my son. Step forward if you want to lose your sons. "Otherwise calm down and go home."
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    Created by Gill Goode
  • Force the UK government into doing more for Refugees
    Imagine the nuclear bombs in our country went off, leaving our nation a wasteland and we had to flee to mainland Europe or Africa, should they turn us away because we're refugees? Because we're of another faith or skin colour? Would other nations letting us die be okay? Chances are you said, no, so how is it okay for us to let thousands of people die every day trying to escape war. War that we created. They're trying to escape the IS, they're trying to escape the bombs that France, America and We drop on them. We need to do more. These are human beings and we are letting them die.
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  • Stop the building of a pointless wall in Calais
    There is no evidence to support that the building of further border defenses at Calais will help resolve the border situation, and will rather put refugees at further risk of injury and death. We need better political dialogue around the safe passage of refugees into Britain. As one of the wealthiest countries in the world, it is Britain's responsibility to care for those affected by wars, poverty and conflict, particularly those that Britain has had a direct hand in creating or maintaining through defensive interventions and the arms trade. Britain's responsibility includes caring for the displaced citizens of those countries on our home soil. The Calais jungle and other migrant camps in the Calais area are a human rights sore on the conscience of the West. The first-step solution is to stop the building of a pointless wall on the UK border in Calais, the second step will be to remove the UK border from Calais and back into the UK. This will ensure a safe passage of refugees into their destination country. The border situation is not going to be solved by building a pointless wall. The camps exist in Calais because the UK has pushed its border controls into France, to try and stem migration into the UK. Since the defenses were built in 2014, net migration into the UK has increased, as have the residents of Calais and the documented border crossing attempts. This proves that these controls have little or no impact on migration into the UK. The UK demonstrates a rigid, racist border control policy by not allowing migration form outside the EU into the UK where people can seek asylum through legal means. This results in people being trapped on the border in Calais living in slum conditions, attempting dangerous crossings to try and reach family and asylum in the UK. Building walls and increasing border defenses has yet to be proven as an effective means of dealing with refugees and migration. Instead it puts pressure on neighbouring countries and fractures international relations with these countries. Stop the building of a pointless wall in Calais, and take our border back onto our own soil. #pointlesswall #Calais #stopthewall ----- Il n’y a aucune preuve soutenant que la construction de défenses frontalières supplémentaires va aider à résoudre la situation à la frontière, et cela va plutôt mettre les réfugiés dans une situation où ils courent plus de risques de blessures et de mort. Nous avons besoin d’un meilleur dialogue politique autour de possibilités de passage sûr des réfugiés vers la Grande-Bretagne. En tant qu’un des pays les plus riches du monde, il est de la responsabilité de la Grande-Bretagne de prendre soin des personnes affectées par la guerre, la pauvreté et les conflits, particulièrement ceux dans lesquels la Grande-Bretagne a une implication directe en les créant ou les maintenant par des interventions défensives ou par les ventes d’armes. La responsabilité de la Grande-Bretagne est notamment d’accueillir des citoyens déplacés sur son propre sol. Les campements existent à Calais parce que le Royaume-uni a déplacé ses contrôles frontaliers en France, pour essayer d’empêcher la migration vers le Royaume-uni. Depuis que des défenses ont été érigées en 2014, la migration nette vers le Royaume-uni a augmenté, comme le nombre de réfugiés présents à Calais et les tentatives documentés de franchissement de la frontière. Cela prouve que ces contrôles ont un impact limité ou pas d’impact sur la migration vers le Royaume-uni. Le Royaume-uni fait preuve d’une politique de contrôle des frontières rigide et raciste en n’autorisant pas l’immigration de l’extérieur de l’Union européenne de personnes qui peuvent demander légalement l’asile. Avec comme résultat des personnes bloquées à la frontière à Calais vivant dans des conditions misérables, essayant dangereusement de franchir la frontière pour rejoindre leur famille et tenter l’asile au Royaume-uni. Il faudrait maintenant prouver que construire des murs et accroître les défenses à la frontière sont un moyen effectif de traiter la question des réfugiés et de la migration. Cela met plutôt sous pression les pays voisins et brise les relations internationales avec ces pays. Arrêtez la construction d’un mur inutile à Calais, et reprenez votre frontière sur votre propre sol. #pointlesswall #Calais #stopthewall
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    Created by Rosie Strickland
  • Trident ,spend the money on coastal defence
    Global warming is the biggest threat this country faces
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    Created by Mark Hinchliffe
  • Hold Tony Blair to account for misleading statements prior to the Iraq War
    Voters in the UK need to be reassured that Parliament is provided with the full facts before agreeing to send UK armed forces into combat. Parliament should act now to hold Tony Blair to account for his misleading statements in the lead up to the war in Iraq in order to protect its integrity.
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    Created by John Smith
  • Virgin Media - stop advertising in the Sun
    Virgin’s brand values - being honest, decent and playing it straight - are totally at odds with the Sun’s track record of misleading reporting, and of playing one group off against another in pursuit of a divisive political agenda. Last year, the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights raised serious concerns about a Sun article likening migrants to “cockroaches". He said this was typical of “decades of sustained and unrestrained anti-foreigner abuse, misinformation and distortion” by the UK media. Yet since then, the Sun’s demonisation of immigrants has only intensified. The hate campaign reached new heights during the European Union referendum. An upsurge in scare stories about EU migrants was followed by a wave of violence against immigrant families. Virgin’s founder, Sir Richard Branson, has previously spoken out against the “anti-refugee and anti-immigrant rhetoric... gaining support in many of the richest nations”. With racist attacks on the rise, it is vital that we all now unite against the hatred and division that has been poisoning our public discourse for so long. As one of the UK’s leading companies, Virgin Media has the chance to take a bold stand for unity and tolerance. By pulling your advertising from the Sun newspaper, you can send a strong message that this aggressive rhetoric has gone too far. In doing so you can position yourself as a company that not only stands out from the crowd, but also stands up for the vulnerable and maligned.
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    Created by Richard Wilson
  • Delay the vote on Trident for three months
    With the instability in both the labour and Tory parties, the upheaval following the Brexit campaign, a new Prime Minister and a newly entrenched Labour leader. The political situation in Britain is far too fluid for an important decision like this to be made right now. With so little notice there is no chance for an informed debate on such an important subject.
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    Created by Roy Hunter
  • America change your gun laws
    Too many innocent lives have been lost - Statistics ref BBC: In 2015 - Some 13,286 people were killed in the US by firearms, according to the Gun Violence Archive, and 26,819 people were injured those figures exclude suicide - There were 372 mass shootings in the US in 2015, killing 475 people and wounding 1,870, this is according to the Mass Shooting Tracker, which catalogues such incidents. A mass shooting is defined as a single shooting incident which kills or injures four or more people, including the assailant.. A third of the worlds gun crime is in America. How can Americans show the world that they are a nation of peace and freedom when you have so much gun crime, within America and unfair documented shootings of black individuals?. The world is looking on - observing America's gun laws with great pity - you do not need guns - to show you're a nation of peace - you need friendship and calm. If you believe America should make an amendment to their guns laws - to save lives - then please sign this petition and help make a difference. Thank you -Please share this on Facebook and Twitter.
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    Created by Yvette Hoyle
  • Try Tony Blair for the Iraq war
    Iraq is now a failed state and home to terrorist groups such as Islamic State. There is great intolerance between shi'ite and sunni communities which did not exist before the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Many British and American servicemen lost their lives and millions of civilians have been killed,displaced or orphaned.
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    Created by Daniel Doherty