• No British bombs in syria
    There have been almost 30,000 bombs dropped there already by 15 other countries, what makes British bombs any more effective?????
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    Created by Mary Oneill
    It is important because the British army has killed millions of people in Iraq and taking part in bombing the innocent civilians in many places in the world. Also the UK government is selling arms to the ugly regime of Saudi to supply the Isis terrorists groups with weapons in order to terrorise, kill and control the people in Syria and Iraq and the ISIS killed 100.000 in Syria and Iraq , also 130 people in Paris because the UK and US make them strong with supplying them with weapons al along their best friend Saudi that financed them.
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    Created by Nada Najar Picture
  • No air strikes against Syria
    Not only is bombing a country wrong on moral grounds surely we are doing exactly what ISIS / ISIL want? Not only would we be killing thousands of innocent people but air strikes would also promote division between the West and ISIS / ISIL supporters. ISIS / ISIL WANT a holy war. Bombing Syria is leading to a holy war in their eyes. Air strikes will only create more martyrs and increase terrorist acts by ISIS / ISIL. Surely this is obvious?
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  • Spend Defence budgets on Defence
    If the Paris attacks had been carried out by ETA (Basque Separatists) there would be no call to bomb Spain. Involvement in Syria and Iraq results in killing innocents. Their family and friends then become OUR enemies where they were previously for the West. Nuclear weapons are no deterrent as an attack may come from any country and it may not be that country responsible. The £millions spent on offensive weapons could instead strengthen border checks which would save us money by cutting smuggling. Drones are becoming more accurate and cheap. Drones which can kill a terrorist leader can be used to kill any leader. Governments should be investing in defensive measures for themselves and the rest of us. Bombing thousands or even millions is not a proportionate response. We do not kill members of organizations to which murderers belong, nor do we kill their family and friends. Someone in IS in Syria or Iraq MAY have planned the Paris attacks but if we don't know exactly who then why are we killing people there? Spend the so-called Defence Budget on real Intelligence and policing instead and make us all safer, not less safe.
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    Created by Andy Jenkinson
  • Call on Labour MPs to support Jeremy Corbyn on Syria
    The recent Labour Party conference agreed four conditions that would have to be satisfied before military action could be supported. None of these have been satisfied: 1. Clear and unambiguous authorisation from the United Nations. As reported by the BBC, UN Security Council resolution 2249 carried last week does not provide a legal basis for military action by the UK and does not invoke Chapter VII of the UN charter authorising the use of force. 2. A comprehensive EU-wide plan to provide humanitarian assistance to the consequent increase in the number of refugees. In fact, the EU refugee plan is unravelling and the approach to refugees is highly fragmented. 3. That bombing is exclusively directed at military targets directly associated with 'ISIL'. There is evidence that around 90% of drone strike victims in other conflicts were unintended casualties. 4. That any military action is subordinated to international diplomatic efforts, including the main regional powers, to end the Syrian civil war. The shooting down of a Russian plane by Turkey in addition to differing approaches to the Assad regime and a continuing multifaceted conflict make a broadly-based, sovereign Syrian government that could retake territory currently controlled by ISIL a diminishing prospect. We would all like to see the defeat of IS. The future of the Assad government should be determined by the Syrian peoples alone and not by Western intervention. What is certain is that further bombing will increase the humanitarian crisis and cause civilian loss of life. Recent wars have created the sort of stateless societies in which terrorist groups like ISIL can thrive, as recently admitted by Tony Blair when he stated that the invasion of Iraq created the conditions for the rise of ISIL. Jeremy Corbyn was elected by 59.5% of voters. It's time to stand by the democratically expressed will of the party members.
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    Created by David Gering-Hasthorpe
  • Please, don't bomb Syria!
    Thousands of innocent people will die and the refugee crisis will escalate, pushing us all towards a never-ending conflict. The vast amount of public money that this military action will cost could be well spent elsewhere. War only escalates more war, please listen to the voice of reason.
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    Created by Jay Tubsman
  • Stop calling IS ISLAMIC State. They don't represent Islam.
    By calling them Islamic State we as a country are legitimising their links to Islam. This gives a negative view of Islam to the population and fuels Islamaphobia. It allows manipulation of the public by right wing political parties and press to further their agenda. It helps in the radicalisation of disenfranchised youths by the ties the name has with the community and on reflection glamourises the call to arms. Remember that most of the young people who are radicalised are young males who feel isolated and bow to peer pressure (2 of the Paris attackers were until 6 weeks ago running bars. Hardly strict followers of Islam). I want my baby to grow up in a society where we look at people who have differences with intrigue and not fear.
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    Created by Matthew Daniel
    This is very important for the humanity. Peace will end the suffering of millions of people in the world and create stability everywhere and allow the earth to flourish. There will not be need to kill or be killed every one's life matter, rather than profit of weapons manufacturers. Peace and abolishing the use of weapons including nuclear will protect the climate of the earth as well. Interference of the UK in wars is not bringing any good to anyone but the weapon trade and we do not want to sacrifice our children and kill people for this ugly business.
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  • Do Not Bomb Syria -
    We do not know who Cameron will really be giving orders to our Air Force to bomb,.We do not know for sure that Britain is not arming IS in order to bring the Syrian Government down, in order to impose an American chosen Islamic dictatorship in Syria. We are getting conflicting reports but what we do know for sure is that we shall bomb Syrian civilians. Give peace a chance even if it means British Arms sales suffer.
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    Created by ostarra langridge
  • damaging, racist and hateful drawing in the daily mail
    This image instigates racial hatred and violence! I find this image unacceptable, offensive and an act of racism from the Daily Mail which will only create further divide and hate among people. After the shocking events of the weekend, surely now more than ever, we need to come together instead of creating a larger divide through hateful propagander!
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    Created by sarah wade
  • Respond to Paris attacks by welcoming Syrian refugees
    Welcoming more refugees from Syria would be a beautiful and fitting memorial to those who were murdered in Paris, by reaching out to help these other victims of IS's violence. It would demonstrate the stark contrast between our bravery and compassion, and IS's corwardice and brutality. It would send a clear, defiant message that the UK will not bow to terrorism and will not give in to fear.
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    Created by Hugh Griffiths
  • 'Game Of War' An Irresponsibly Named Game.
    This game is of complete bad taste, an irresponsible game imprinting the idea that 'war', i.e killing is a an 'game' to play in both its suggestive name and in the nature of this game. 'Game Of War' is desensitizing the players to real life actions such as War and killing. This theory has been tried, tested and proven on numerous occasions and yet these games still carry suggestive names and through the bad nature of these games which can and has for some transpired into real life events. In this case War.
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    Created by James How