• Reopen Home Office investigation into foreign funding of violent extremism in the UK
    We need to hold to account those responsible for funding terror and those who maintain normal relations, this can only be achieved by tackling those who fund them head on and are called out publicly.
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    Created by Amir Chowdry
  • Ariana Grande for OBE
    For someone who's concert was the stage for a barbaric act of terrorism she bravely and unselfishly showed the world a better way and should be praised for it. So many celebs get honoured for nothing and this young lady should be praised for her compassion
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    Created by Paul Evetts
  • Condemn Donald Trump for pulling out of Paris climate agreement
    This is an international problem, which met with an international solution - and Britain must join the international condemnation of America's terrible, selfish decision. We do not want to live in a world dominated by bullies. We do not want to live in a Britain too scared to do anything America doesn't want. We demand leadership that makes us proud to be British. If Theresa May cannot condemn America's decision to condemn our planet, will she ever stand up for anything? British people stand up for others, and we stand up for what we believe in. We do not want a Prime Minister who licks the boots of the American president. Theresa May must show strong leadership and sign the international letter condemning Donald Trump and his abandonment of the Paris agreement.
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    Created by The Big Deal Picture
  • NI memorial
    I took part in op banner and lost friends there
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    Created by Charles Fleeting
  • Chechnya Authorities involve families in killing of Gay sons
    This is a clear violation of Human Rights. A country should not be allowed to treat it's citizen's like this and get away with it. It is grotesque. Gay and bisexual men are being rounded up and put in prison camps. They are tortured using electricity and deprived of food. The latest atrocity was reported online by Attitude May 4 2017. One survivor told of how families are being summoned to kill their family members after they have been tortured. They called it "cleaning your honour with blood". One family chose to do it rather than have the authorities kill their son. They took him out into the woods, killed him and buried him there. Can you imagine doing that to your son. It would break my heart. This has to stop. WHY IS IT NOT BEING REPORTED. Please get this out there Channel 4 and help a section of the population find some security and dignity in life.
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    Created by Valentine Scarlett
  • Chechnya - Asylum for Gay Community
    The UK does not currently have a sitting Parliament, however the lives of gay people in Chechnya are seriously threatened by the State, which is now encouraging their families to murder them to save the State a job. This cannot wait for a new government to respond, Putin is doing and will do nothing. We must act now.
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    Created by Dan Packwood
  • The UK should not be involved in any pre-emptive attack on North Korea
    An escalation of hostilities could result in a nuclear war that would kill thousands of innocent people with no tangible outcome.
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    Created by howard morrison
  • Promotion of peace in Syria
    We all hear many times about the necessity of war to bring peace in Syria; in fact nobody is speaking about the necessity of saving thousands of families from the breakout. The will of people is now very straightforward: it's time to stop destroying the life of innocent ones. We all agree to not be involved in any decisions of war. We all want you to finally speak for real peace. We know well that, during the wars in Iraq and Libya, western powers did not bring peace but instability, actually encouraging the rise of extremisms. They also led to massive immigration's flows towards the "doors" of Europe, such as Sicily, where the G7 will take place. Now it's our will to stop any military action in Syria and to be represented by you: please start promoting peace, be our voice during the imminent G7 and any other international meeting. We know how it is to live normal lives as normal people, then we think the safety of normal people and families in Syria should be a priority. Help us to bring them the only thing they really need: the cessation of further bombardments.
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    Created by Edvige Di Salvo
  • Was the Gas sold to Assad by UK used in recent Nerve gas attack?
    We need to know so we can stop so called peacemakers selling chemical weapons to Dictators who are killing innocent People. According to the BBC in 2014 "Britain sold chemicals and components to Syria that ended up being used in the manufacture of the deadly nerve agent sarin. A leaked Foreign Office document says they were supplied in the mid-1980s.Foreign Secretary William Hague said UK firms provided the materials and that Syria has admitted they played a role in its chemical weapons programme." http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-28212724
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    Created by Iberar Ali
  • Please stop funding Uganda presidents instability activities in the lake region
    So many people around the region are loosing life and property, also cause stagnation of the whole region. There is only one person responsible for all this suffering in this region
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    Created by Marjorie Semakula
  • Name the gate into New Palace Yard the 'Palmer Gate.'
    This man should have a permanent memorial at the Houses of Parliament.
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    Created by William Hancock
  • Rename Parliament entrance 'Palmer Gate'
    Recognise this brave man's sacrifice on behalf of freedom and democracy. PC Keith Palmer tragically died, tackling the terrorist who attacked Parliament. He may fade from the headlines in the weeks and months to come, but renaming the gate after him will be a lasting tribute to someone who acted to protect all of us. This wasn't just a man doing his job, when Keith was called upon he took the decision to stand up for all of us, he went forward rather than running backwards. Renaming the gate at Parliament would cost nothing, but the gesture and memory of British bobby Keith Palmer's bravery will last for hundreds of years.
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    Created by Tom Allsworth & Bob Rusk