• Rename the Westminster carriage gateway "Palmer's Gate"
    Important to be done in recognition of PC Palmer's selfless, and heroic act, in confronting the armed terrorist, and protecting the security of Parliament, of Democracy, and the freedoms of this great country. For this, for us, he paid with his life. Keith Palmer must be the first person in over 300yrs to die in the line of duty, directly protecting from attack, the Palace of Westminster, the seat of Government, the seat of our democracy. RIP PC Keith Palmer, and thank you.
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    Created by Kevin Winch
  • Multi-option and preferential referendums
    For any supporters of PR, the 2011 referendum on AV or FPTP was like asking a vegetarian, "beef or lamb?" The poll should have been similar to the 1992 New Zealand ballot which had 5 options... and they now have a form of PR. In like manner, the 2014 Scottish referendum should have had 3 options: status quo, 'devo-max' and independence. And Brexit should have had, say, 4 options: the UK in the EU, EEA, Customs Union or WTO. Binary ballots are inaccurate. As with Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey, 2-option polls enable those in power to choose the option and thus dominate the agenda. No wonder majority voting has been used by Napoleon, Lenin, Hitler and many other 'democratic dictators'. Furthermore, "all the wars in the former Yugoslavia started with a referendum," to quote Sarajevo's famous newspaper, Oslobodjenje, and the same now applies to the conflict in Ukraine. In summary, binary voting is the most divisive, primitive and inaccurate measure of collective opinion ever invented. A better methodology would be a multi-option points system, first advocated (he thought) by Rev Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) in 1884, who didn't know Jean-Charles de Borda had done it in 1770, who was unaware of this same invention by Nicholas of Cusa in 1435. And maybe the first 'first' was Ramon Llull in 1299. For obvious reasons, politicians prefer majority voting because, yes, then they control the agenda. For obscure reasons, the Electoral Commission refuses to consider multi-option voting, and likewise the otherwise impartial BBC seldom if ever discusses either the Borda or Condorcet rules. If, however, the world continues to believe in binary referendums, there is the danger that the forces of populism will say no to everything... until there is nothing; and/or autocrats like Erdoğan will continue to amass power until they have everything.
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    Created by Peter Emerson
  • RefugeeFest
    To send a message to current and future generations that, if we work together for the common good, humanity can redeem itself.
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    Created by Rick Jones
  • Ask to Government to stick to their commitment of helping 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees
    There is an estimated 90,000 unaccompanied children and teenagers across Europe Help Refugees, one of the British charities working in France, had already launched legal action against the government's handling of Dubs. Its judicial review, which will be heard on Friday, argues that ministers failed to consult local authorities properly about how many unaccompanied children could be housed.
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    Created by Robert Jones
  • Recognition for National Servicemen
    The National Servicemen were the school lads during WW2. Like everyone else they'd suffered the hardships of war: the air raids, the bombing, the gas masks, the rationing, a life of absent fathers, uncles and elder brothers away at war, evacuation to far away places, and many becoming the man of the house long before their time. When the war was over, they were as war weary as the rest, they'd had their share, but there was more to come for this generation of lads. When the war was over, those gallant heroes who had served so bravely in the war, had to be allowed to return home, and rightly so. However the country found itself with many unforeseen post war commitments. Occupied territories had to be controlled, the retreat from the empire had to be policed and a new enemy in the form of the soviet union was fast developing. The country was bankrupt and needed many men to fill the ranks. So, in 1947 the National Service act came into being, This required all young men when reaching the age of 18 to register for National Service. They would be required to serve two years in a branch of the armed forces, followed by many years on reserve. This continued for 15 years until 1962. Three thousand young men were taken from home to serve each week during that period, a total of 2 million young men. Choice did not come into it. They had to go. They had no control over which branch of the services they went in, what job the did, or where they served. They went when they were called, they served where they were they were sent, and did what was asked of them for this country without question. Also they did their service on half the pay given to their regular gallant comrades of equal rank and status, making a financial contribution to the country. They served in many bases around the UK, Europe and many conflict areas around the world. They were the bulk of our military manpower at the height of the cold war. During that period, over two thousand National Servicemen lost their lives and many more were injured. For the first and only time in the long history of this great country, young men were taken from home by rule of law to serve in the ranks in peacetime. They are unique. All request for a simple defence medal, similar to the one given to the Bevin boys (miners), Home Guard and other Civil Defence units during the war have been turned down. The youngest NS man will now be 75 years old, let's put this right before it is too late. Please support this petition.
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    Created by George Pickles
  • Theresa May to nominate Angela Merkel for the Nobel Peace Prize
    Angela Merkel has demonstrated global leadership in her response to the refugee crisis. With the rise of the far right and destabilising influences in America the world needs to hold up leaders like Angela Merkel to show other leaders that compassion and action is the way to a better world.
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    Created by Isobel Abbott
  • No State Visit for President Trump
    Throughout his candidacy and now in the first days of his presidency, Donald Trump has sought to undermine fundamental principles - gender and racial equality, human rights, religious freedom, freedom of the press and preservation of the environment amongst others - that Her Majesty the Queen and the British people hold dear. If a State visit is granted, we believe that it would legitimise a series of beliefs that are fundamentally opposed to those of Her Majesty and the British people.
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    Created by Algy Williams
  • 11am Remembrance in Runcorn
    Halton Borough Council controls two towns, Runcorn and Widnes. Every Remembrance Sunday the Council hold a Remembrance service in Widnes at 11 am. But in Runcorn it's 3 pm. They refuse a 11 am Remembrance silence in Runcorn. This is an insult to those who gave their all for our Country. Runcorn must be the only place in the UK on Remembrance Sunday when the Remembrance silence is held at 3 pm and not 11 am when the guns fell silent. This is an insult to those who gave their all for our freedom. Halton Borough Council should be made to stand
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    Created by Tony Miller
  • UK to commence airdrops of food and medicines to Aleppo
    The plight of people of Syria in Aleppo is unutterably desperate. Knowing how to intervene to bring the conflict to an end is not clear, but for us to stand passively by and watch hundreds of thousands of children and civilian adults die the slowest, cruellest deaths because of lack of water, food and medicines is shameful. At last our Parliament is speaking out. Please put pressure on our Prime Minister and her government to act immediately.
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    Created by Maggie Lack
  • Intervene in the humanitarian crisis destroying Aleppo and the people of Syria
    Dear Rt Hon. Theresa May MP, The history of Great Britain is long, proud, complex and oftentimes highly controversial. There are many times when we have stood on the right side of history, the honourable side of history and many times where we have stood on the wrong, shameful side of history. As you are very well aware, at this very moment, Assad's forces, backed by Russia, are systematically destroying the city of Aleppo and have pledged to 'annihilate' any surviving civilians. Schools and hospitals are military targets and untold numbers of War Crimes against Humanity are being committed on a daily basis. People are suffering as greatly as the Jews in 1930s-1945 Germany and yet when they flee we keep them in unsanitary camps and build fences to keep them out of our country. How can we stand back and let the continued destruction continue? What side of history are we standing on now? We implore you to use this country's military force for good, we ask for a military intervention with troops on the ground and anti-aircraft defences to enable UN aid agencies and international charities to set up medical shelter, to play a role in stabilising and bringing humanity back to this war stricken territory. Mobilising military forces has very rarely been a way of achieving peace but this genuinely seems to be a situation with no other option; a force of evil is wrecking a people and surely it is our humanitarian responsibility to exercise our powerful ability to step in and say 'No more'.
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    Created by Alexander Dryden
  • George Medal for Jo Cox MP
    Jo Cox devoted her life to helping the vulnerable, and died attempting to protect the unarmed from a murderer. I believe that this exemplary behaviour warrants recognition at a high level in line with other similar acts of bravery regardless of personal cost.
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    Created by Rob Morrison