• Return Our Knutsford War Memorial
    British Red Cross is eager to sell our Knutsford War Memorial to McCarthy & Stone, which has stated it will sign the final document as soon as it has Cheshire East Council permission to DEMOLISH our Knutsford War Memorial. In the centre of commemorations for those who lost their lives during the Great War, our Community's Knutsford War Memorial, is being put up for sale for DEMOLITION, by the British Red Cross, which documents seem to show, was paid £275,000 to move in during 1995. (Yes that transaction is the wrong way round. We should all hope to buy our homes in such a way) British Red Cross has, I understand, not paid rent for that property during the subsequent 22 years. Nor has it paid any money to buy it. In any case it was not for sale. Some time ago (6/7 years?) it removed the (NHS agreed?) elderly day services and the nursery. The Community of this area has certainly NOT agreed - and not been consulted - about this proposed taking for demolition of its own community property. Knutsford War Memorial - our community-built-and-paid-for, war memorial - needs to be returned into the hands of the community which raised the funds pay for it.. and subsequently to extend it, for use of the local community. No Secretary of State for Health - nor any of his subsequent NHS Agents - had the right to take our War Memorial. Its all in the title - 'Health'. There was - on the other hand - a duty, when they ran our hospital, to preserve our War Memorial and to allow ongoing access to our War Memorial.. until it was returned, fully, to the hands of this Community in and around Knutsford. This Community has never been approached nor has it agreed to sell our War Memorial, which is the physical recognition by this Community of our war - and other - losses over the last century of wars.
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    Created by Charlotte Peters Rock
  • Ban a British governmental cooperation with Donald Trump
    This is very important because of the fact that Donald Trumps ideals and proposition are flawed and are frankly ludicrous. For example: a Mexican / American boarder wall, a ban of Muslims entering the US, War on ISIS ( this issue need to be handled with care, not weapons) and finally women being criminalised for having abortions.
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    Created by Dan Grant
  • Stop Selling Arms To Saudi and other Countries that bomb innocent people
    Because it is a disgrace that our country is making blood money from Arms sale to countries that go and bomb inocent people all in the name of greed i am British and strongly disagree withis happening. I did not vote this goverment in for them to make money in this way!!
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    Created by yvonne Davies
  • Part time hours for Primary Children
    It is unhealthy for young children too be working adult hours. My reasons for this petition as follows. In other European countries like Finland, Norway etc children do not start school until the age of 7 and these countries are higher academic achievers than England. The physiological effects of these long hours that primary children are doing is very dangerous for their short term and long term health. For example, as an adult. We all know what it fells like to wake up early and come home late. Our stress levels increase in the start of the day. If we count how many hours our children are at school sitting behind a desk or on the dirty floor is inhuman. Also they might be forced to play outside in the cold weather and are only allowed in when it is raining heavily. Ofsted should not be grading a primary on their attendance because the very idea that the government are assuming, that missed days at school will have a drastic impact on the child's future is absurd. No one knows what the future holds. As parents I do believe that under the UN convention of children's right, we are the representatives of these humans and we need to get out of the out of date policies that are still in placed. So please help to make a difference to the education our children need. Thank you!
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  • FBI vs Apple for Human Beings
    I'm not a terrorist, my wife is not a terrorist, my kids are not terrorists nor are my neighbours terrorists. However, I do not want government to be able to access my personal information on my device, in the cloud or where ever and whenever they like. If you think that they will require a judges decree to access your data, think again. 1984 comes to mind, they work for us, they must listen to us. Go away, leave us alone and stop perpetuating war and devastation around the world!
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  • Rehouse the orphaned children in the calais camps and French camps
    These children are suffering they are orphaned They have been suffering for weeks We have a human duty to look after suffering innocent children They are no threat to us or our country We have to be a helping hand to those who are can't help themselves We cannot ignore this matter with more talks about nothing we are to take action
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    Created by Kate Eccles
  • Make Chaucer School better!
    We want to make children feel safe while in school right? Don't be fooled by the teachers "we will get it sorted out" I went to this school got bullied myself for 1 year and a half they did nothing so i had to move school! I read about people on social media sites killing themselves because they are been bullied, im sure that you as parents do not want to go through this with your child!. So do something about it today and make this school a safer and more welcoming place.
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    Created by Sophie Naylor
  • 3 Fee Waivers for refugee students
    The current refugee crisis is the largest humanitarian disaster facing Europe since World War 2.  Over 11 Million Syrians have been unsettled and were forced to flee. Once Syrian Students have managed to claim refugee status in the UK, they face dramatic barriers to enter university, as they cannot access student loans and suffer from financial restraint. Generations of students miss out on valuable education to rebuild their future and contribute to society. Our university is rightly proud to host an increasing international student body. Our Human Rights Center has been praised as one of the leading institutions of its kind. We would like to see the university act in a humanitarian way and find ways to support the refugees.   Other universities are starting to play their part: “Four UK universities (UEL, York, Warwick and Sussex) were offering scholarships to refugees. Since then a number of other universities have announced their scholarship and bursary schemes for refugees, including University of Edinburgh, Salford, SOAS, Newman and Sheffield.” In total, more than 26 universities have pledged to support refugee students to study at their universities. Let us join in this proud number: This is a petition BY students, FOR students. We want everyone to fully enjoy their right to education, regardless of the conflicts raging on in the world. Please consider this petition so we can contribute to the humanitarian disaster in what we do best: education.
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    Because justice needs to be done both these men are totally innocent and have been wrongly convicted of murder.
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  • LOVE NOT RAZOR WIRE: Justice for people on the UK-French Border
    To the French Ambassador; Mme Sylvie Bermann, We are writing to you to express a deep concern about the treatment of refugees and migrants on the French-UK border. On the 31st January, nearly a month after the ‘exclusion zone’ was announced in the Calais refugee camp - a church and mosque were demolished by the French authorities. This is contrary to a promise made publicly by the Prefect of Calais that these would be protected. Armed CRS police stood by as the demolition took place. The exclusion zone – until recently home to 2000 people - has become the scene of regular unprovoked tear gas attacks from the police, who also continue to shoot refugees with rubber bullets and water canons, randomly beat people walking in the streets, and are complicit with aggression from far-right activists. While we recognise that the UK government must bear equal responsibility for the existence of these camps, we, as residents of the UK, with or without papers, call on you, the French Ambassador, to put pressure on the French government to cease sanctioning such pitiless and violent behaviour, which demonstrates complete disregard for human dignity. The refugees come here for safety and are greeted by razor wire and armed police. Two nations who pride themselves on their democracy, fairness and justice should not be committing this appalling violence against people who are fleeing war, terrorism, poverty, drought and persecution. Both governments must now recognise that this is a global and long-term issue and act accordingly, not with hostility and border controls, but with compassion. This situation is not going away: the long-term issues of the current ‘refugee crisis’ will continue to escalate due, not only to intensifying conflicts, but also climate change. Thus it is essential that we find a kinder, more rational and human response to the situation. We are asking you, as the French Ambassador, to take a stand against the violent response of both the French and British authorities, and represent to them the shame we feel at both our nations’ behaviour. We are here in solidarity with the refugees and migrants trapped on the border with the UK, those already here and those to come, whose voices and stories are not being heard and whose basic humanity is being ignored.
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  • Stop world arms trade, to stop the migrant crisis
    Some men will always fight, there will always be tribal wars, there will always be bullies. To put dangerous weapons in the mix leads to death of people who just want to do the best for their families, communities, the world and want to have peaceful lives. Migrant crises world over have been due to the above.
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  • We condemn the American bombing of MSF hospital Afghanistan
    Volunteer doctors and nurses from MSF were working in one of the few functioning hospitals in Afghanistan. The hospital was targeted by American bombers in an act of complete bungling incompetence. 42 patients and staff were killed by the Americans in their attack. MSF believe that a war crime was committed. Those responsible need to be held accountable for their actions: not only the air crew, but their commanders as well.
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    Created by Brian Lambert