• We demand a referendum on Trident
    Trident has little or no relevance in the 21st-century world - even for those with a belief in the so-called nuclear deterrent. There has not been an informed public debate on Trident for many years and few politicians appear seriously to consider the issue, simply wrapping themselves in the flags of patriotism and strength in support of an absurd, expensive and dangerous programme. Trade unionists, shamefully, are seeing the issue in terms of jobs. Have they not heard of swords into ploughshares? Jeremy Corbyn and other abolitionists are portrayed as crazed and unrealistic, of putting the country in grave danger. Yet there are politicians of all parties who believe we should not renew Trident (Michael Portillo and Lord Owen to name but two, neither in office now of course but with considerable experience of the issue) and many in the military. And the public? If we knew all the facts and could come to an informed judgement it is likely that the vast majority would vote against, preferring to spend the money on health, education, the environment, houses and so forth. We need a debate - now - before Parliament votes this spring.
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    Created by Elizabeth Thomson
  • Syrians are having water for Dinner, what are you having?
    I heard on the news this morning that a person had been reported to have been interviewed on the Radio, that he was having a bowl of water with some spices for dinner. They have no food and have even been eating the grass. It has now however snowed, so the grass is covered over. They are so starved, it was reported that they have even eating their pets.\ Image is copied from BBC Website dated 7th January 16, Story Title: Syrian government 'to let aid into besieged Madaya'
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    Created by Paul Davis
  • Help keep a small family together
    This is important because a young newly married couple are scared they will be split but what is the upmost importance of this is that a two year old boy is threatened with the loss of his mother and his little family being torn apart due to the Home office
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    Created by Lee Furnell
  • What the Frack! Regular referendums. Let the UK public vote for their future.
    Members of the public find it difficult to support a political party 100%. Our system is out of date, our MPs out of touch, the public go unheard. We agree with points made by the Lib Dems, the Conservatives, Labour, the Green Party, the SNP etc and sometimes we disagree with them all. Either way we can't communicate with the government effectively. The system needs to work for us all but instead it's dusty, nobody really understands it or cares to sort it out with any long term vision. We need to start again. Simplify. Direct questions, direct answers. If regular referendums were to take place, the public are truly part of the process, allowing us to demonstrate what we care about, that we're united and want to invest in the future of this land and it's people. Less moaning and more doing, having a proactive and fair say, feeling satisfied that the decisions are being made and supported by the majority of the UK. Let the UK public vote for their future. This Kingdom can then begin to feel proud and respected, and most importantly, united.
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    Created by Tezia Perret
  • Relation Education for schools
    As a nineteen year old there have been many things that I have experienced so far in my life. We all in someway have gone though a lot that we unfortunately had no help with or anyone there to to comfort us and tell us that its going to be okay. You have the good memories that we cling to so dearly, and then there are those which are not so great. Events that should have never even taken place, especially for those so young and vulnerable. The bad memories where you think I wish I would have known ‘this’ or ‘that’ then maybe I would have not been so lost and helpless in that situation. If that were the case you could have been somewhere else today. A lot of our youth nowadays are susceptible to making very life-changing decisions or mistakes that they were not warned or aware of as they were growing up. Our education system is so set on Sex Education being improved constantly and carrying out classes to younger and younger ages each year. In doing so each generation is thinking more about sex in contrast to accomplishing a fully content life with healthy relationships amongst friends, families and significant others. Instead we end up with unsatisfied young men and women who seek happiness in the wrong things and places, they take their loved ones for granted, push their family away and allow the road to anti-social behaviour and depression to creep in where it seems almost impossible for the individual to ever be happy with anything or anyone. My aim for this petition is to launch the start of Relationship Education classes for young people. Where we can teach children the values of trust, respect, loyalty, communication, love, and integrity in the right way. From being raised in a single parent family I saw my mother in the most damaging ways as a child. I saw her beaten by men and women, I saw her heartbroken numerous times, she was also very angry with the world. But the one thing I would see in her for the most part compared to everything else was of course disappointment. She would always weep and wonder why she never saw certain things coming or how she wishes she would have done things differently or maybe to have not done anything at all. Relationship classes should have been put in place a long time ago, God knows so many of us would have benefited highly from them. Classes where we can help guide our youth, pave out the road to success and point them in the right direction is something that should be encouraged not thrown to the side. Good relationships with others should hold far more importance than Sex Education which I do still believe is essential to be taught but definitely not more significant than building a happy community with one another. I believe these classes will help our schools to see a dramatic drop in bullying, absences and insecurities. Through this scheme we will teach mutual respect, the correct manner to communicate with one another and to avoid unkind comments or gestures that would hurt your peer in any way. In addition to this procedure we will have gained a large increase in sociable engagement with other peers, good attendance, confident individuals, an expansion on creativity and most of all a happy class. Not only will this benefit children during school time but the life skills they will attain will be practiced in the comfort of their own home, with family and friends, through college, university, in the workplace and so on.
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    Created by Saira Kaur Picture
  • Ask David Cameron if he believes he upholds the 7 Principles of Public Office.
    By the Government's own definition (31st May 1995, Committee on Standards in Public Life) the 7 Principles of Public Office are "the basis of the ethical standards expected of public office holders". By this we take to mean that all politicians in Her Majesty's Government are expected to abide by the ethical standards set out in this document; and are therefore accountable both to the public and to the members of parliament if they can be seen to have failed in doing so. In the light of large bodies of evidence which can be presented to highlight the fact that the Prime Minister has failed to uphold the 7 Principles of Public Office, I would like the the Leader of the Opposition to personally raise the issue with him, in parliament, in order to hear his response.
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    Created by Anthony Saggers
  • Keep racist Donald Trump out of UK
    With his remarks wanting to ban all Muslims from entering the United States, Donald Trump has shown himself to be a dangerous racist behaving in a way likely to incite violence. As such his presence in the United Kingdom would not be conducive to the public good.
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    Created by Dave Jackson
  • Hold A Referendum On the Decision To bomb Syria
    As a Christian myself, although I have served in HM Forces, I do not believe that we should exacerbate a situation which even Mr Blair has grudgingly admitted, has been caused by the previous wrong decision to go to war in Iraq. We as a supposedly civilised nation should get back to our Christian and Diplomatic roots and strive for peace.
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    Created by James Parsons
  • Santander - Stop Banking on the Bomb
    Santander currently invests $1,675 million (US) in nuclear weapons. * Of the weapons of mass destruction that humankind has been confronted with, we have succeeded in outlawing biological and chemical weapons. Yet we have still to ban nuclear weapons although we know that it is the most destructive weapon invented so far. There are companies driving the industry and if the investment funds for them are cut off we will have struck a blow for a nuclear weapon free world. Financial institutions, by adopting public policies prohibiting investment in the nuclear weapons industry, actively demonstrate the stigma associated with these weapons of mass destruction. Institutions can and do decide to ban investments in the nuclear weapon industry, and that policies in the financial sector are an important contribution to the global debate on nuclear weapons. * From - http://www.dontbankonthebomb.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/2015_Report_web.pdf
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    Created by Tim Hunt
  • Stop the Bombing
    Innocent civilians , children , women , and men , just like ourselves , will be killed . It will cause chaos , and destruction , as it did in Iraq , Afghanistan , and Libya . " Only love can conquer hate " ( Marvin Gaye )
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    Created by Storm Gordon
  • Apologise for the Terrorist Sympathiser Slur
    In a democracy people should be entitled to hold different opinions of committing this Country to War without fear of being labelled as sympathetic to the abhorrent actions of terrorists.
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    Created by Christopher Turner
  • Ban Britain First from Facebook
    Britain First is hate speech. Its activities violate Facebook's community guidelines and are deliberately divisive and misleading. Hate speech must not be given a platform no matter if it has 1 or 1million likes. It is Facebook's responsibility to ensure that thier platform is not abused by hate preachers.
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    Created by Chris Oliver