• 11am Remembrance in Runcorn
    Halton Borough Council controls two towns, Runcorn and Widnes. Every Remembrance Sunday the Council hold a Remembrance service in Widnes at 11 am. But in Runcorn it's 3 pm. They refuse a 11 am Remembrance silence in Runcorn. This is an insult to those who gave their all for our Country. Runcorn must be the only place in the UK on Remembrance Sunday when the Remembrance silence is held at 3 pm and not 11 am when the guns fell silent. This is an insult to those who gave their all for our freedom. Halton Borough Council should be made to stand
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    Created by Tony Miller
  • UK to commence airdrops of food and medicines to Aleppo
    The plight of people of Syria in Aleppo is unutterably desperate. Knowing how to intervene to bring the conflict to an end is not clear, but for us to stand passively by and watch hundreds of thousands of children and civilian adults die the slowest, cruellest deaths because of lack of water, food and medicines is shameful. At last our Parliament is speaking out. Please put pressure on our Prime Minister and her government to act immediately.
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    Created by Maggie Lack
  • Intervene in the humanitarian crisis destroying Aleppo and the people of Syria
    Dear Rt Hon. Theresa May MP, The history of Great Britain is long, proud, complex and oftentimes highly controversial. There are many times when we have stood on the right side of history, the honourable side of history and many times where we have stood on the wrong, shameful side of history. As you are very well aware, at this very moment, Assad's forces, backed by Russia, are systematically destroying the city of Aleppo and have pledged to 'annihilate' any surviving civilians. Schools and hospitals are military targets and untold numbers of War Crimes against Humanity are being committed on a daily basis. People are suffering as greatly as the Jews in 1930s-1945 Germany and yet when they flee we keep them in unsanitary camps and build fences to keep them out of our country. How can we stand back and let the continued destruction continue? What side of history are we standing on now? We implore you to use this country's military force for good, we ask for a military intervention with troops on the ground and anti-aircraft defences to enable UN aid agencies and international charities to set up medical shelter, to play a role in stabilising and bringing humanity back to this war stricken territory. Mobilising military forces has very rarely been a way of achieving peace but this genuinely seems to be a situation with no other option; a force of evil is wrecking a people and surely it is our humanitarian responsibility to exercise our powerful ability to step in and say 'No more'.
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    Created by Alexander Dryden
  • George Medal for Jo Cox MP
    Jo Cox devoted her life to helping the vulnerable, and died attempting to protect the unarmed from a murderer. I believe that this exemplary behaviour warrants recognition at a high level in line with other similar acts of bravery regardless of personal cost.
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    Created by Rob Morrison
    Children's hospitals are getting bombed in Aleppo. There is a world wide refugee crisis. People are drowning trying to escape from Syria. Children are going missing en route to refuge and losing their parents on the way. This atrocious war has gone on long enough!
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    Created by Clare Pryke
  • Stop Assad's and Putin's extermination of civilians in Aleppo
    The world sees the continuous bombing on eastern Aleppo and the immense suffering it brings but is not responding. How can we let this happen?
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    Created by Florence Van de Wiel
  • Demand the UN condemn USA Govt. and force US Federal intervention to stop attacks on DAPL protectors
    This will set a trend through the western world that it is ok to beat, shoot and blow up unarmed peaceful citizens of the respective countries. Firing grenades into crowds, whether a fragmentation, concussion or a flash grenade has the potential to kill and is considered lethal force. These are unarmed civilians, not combatants and they are citizens of America being massacred by the Federal Establishment of the USA, much as many other countries around the world have been. Attacks on journalists are also a clear violation of international human rights and the destruction of media equipment shows an agenda to hide the true level of violence being inflicted upon unarmed civilians at Standing Rock.
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    Created by David Allain
  • move the world cup
    At present, the host nation is Russia. This country has been bombing civilians in Aleppo. Those people, including women and children now have no hospital because the last remaining hospital was destroyed by Syrian and Russian airforces. Russia is not a fit and proper nation for international sporting events.
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    Created by chris foren
  • Help for Aleppo
    The people still in Aleppo including children are being bombed and starved by their own Government. So far the United Nations has stood by and watched. This is not a call for military intervention but a humanitarian one. If the UN cant organise this they should be wound up and the money they consume passed to charities who are not afraid to act when necessary.
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    Created by Colin Hope
    The civilians in Syria and Yemen are not being helped by our interference and is causing more refugees than anyone can handle.
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    Created by Hilary Kenna
  • Sandilands tram stop memorial garden
    Many many lives within the local community have been touched and sadly affected by the incident at Sandilands. It is only right that a permanent memorial is created nearby where Family, friends and further members of the public can come and pay thier respect. It would be the right to do this given the huge sentiment and sorrow within the local community.
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    Created by Andy Southern
    The pipeline is going over burial grounds and under a river that serves millions of people. The company concerned already have spills in other rivers and have it signed they are NOT responsible for clean up! Also this is land that was given to the reservation in a treaty so should be respected. Millions of people around the globe have been protesting about this on social media , many of them UK residents so please speak up on our behalf. The police have also been using force against what have only been peaceful protests but we do not want this to escalate.
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    Created by Joy Fraser