• Tony Benn Day
    Tony Benn spent most of his life campaigning for the rights if working people, despite his privileged origins. He is regarded by many as the greatest of the last few honourable politicians. It would seem appropriate to name the Labour Day holiday after him, rather than the largely irrelevant August Bank Holiday, as is being mooted in other quarters.
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  • Give back the Milk Thatcher stole !!
    Because milk is super important for strong bones and healthy teeth .....
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  • Call August bank holiday "Tony Benn Day"
    Because Tony Benn spent his entire working life trying to help people and make the world a better place. He was a constant source of criticism to those he saw as doing wrong, no matter what their political stripe and he retained his honesty and integrity in a working environment where these values are rare. He was an outstanding example of how good people can be and do and can be admired from across the political spectrum. It is entirely appropriate that his life be commemorated.
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  • Rename the UK May Day Bank Bank Holiday 'Tony Benn Day'
    Tony Benn was an (Inter)national treasure and should be celebrated as an important Socialist icon.
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  • State funeral for Tony Benn.
    Tony Benn was a true hero of British politics, he truly deserves a state funeral for his services to our country.
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  • Keep Cardiff Bowls Greens Open & Fees Down
    For many years seniors in in the City have dutifully paid their local taxes without complaint. Now that they are approaching their twilight years, when they should be able to enjoy some relaxation with some leisure time & an affordable game of bowls, CCC are asking small clubs to stump up £6000 in green fees. As the elected guardians of this City's leisure amenities, they should realise that bowling is a working class past time that is not awash with money or sponsorship. CCC should also realise that many bowlers reside in marginal wards & as the Patriarchs & Matriarchs of families, can really make a difference come election time.
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  • Crisp packet flavours should have the same recognisable colours
    This would stop people making a disastrous error buying the wrong crisp flavours. Some company's don't stick to the flavour colour rule and this practice should be outlawed.
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    British Transport Police are putting up signs across nationwide train stations, including London Victoria, London Waterloo and Leeds stations. These signs state that any individual who is involved in activities including begging and rough sleeping can be issued with a Withdrawal of Implied Permission order, resulting in being “banned from entering or passing inside or outside the station for 6 months." Breaching this order can result in being arrested for trespass: Refusing to quit, which is a criminal offence if found guilty. You can be arrested immediately and charged with this. I strongly believe that the BRITISH TRANSPORT POLICE should not be targeting homeless people for sleeping rough around train stations, neither should they be prosecuting people with criminal convictions and arrest simply because they are homeless. According to the LinkedIn profile of Network Station’s Support Assistant “This project will be rolled out nationally to all Managed Station[s] eventually.’’ Since when has homelessness become a criminal offence? People who are homeless and have less fortune than others are still human beings. For whatever reasons they have found themselves down on their luck they are individuals struggling to survive in cities around the country. To prosecute homeless people for begging and rough sleeping is nothing short of abhorrent. I recently had a conversation with a young gentleman who was in this exact predicament. Cold, wet and hungry, he sat in a puddle on Buckingham Palace Road. Someone had stolen his sleeping bag the previous night. He was forced to beg outside Victoria station to raise enough cash for either a hostel that night or a new, cheap sleeping bag. Being short of money myself I gave him what I could muster - a meagre 90p. Other benevolent commuters within the vicinity joined us and listened to this man's predicament, offering him their small change whilst simultaneously voicing their disgust over the draconian posters proclaiming that vagrants will be prosecuted if caught begging. I strongly believe our most vulnerable in society should be treated with compassion – not made to be criminals. Perhaps we can look to our friends across the pond in Utah as to other ways of tackling homelessness: Nation Of Change recently reported that: “In 2005, Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail stays for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker. So, the state began giving away apartments, with no strings attached. Participants in Utah’s Housing First program also get a caseworker to help them become self-sufficient, but they keep the apartment even if they fail. The program has been so successful that other states are hoping to achieve similar results with programs modeled on Utah’s.” “Using a 2004 survey and anecdotal evidence from activists, the report concluded that permanent housing for the homeless is cheaper than criminalization. Housing is not only more humane - it’s economical.” You can read the full article here: http://www.nationofchange.org/utah-ending-homelessness-giving-people-homes-1390056183 If they can get it right in a Republican state in the USA surely we can in the UK! Thanks in advance for reading and signing this petition.
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  • Suspended for standing up for the people
    Worcestershire Conservatives suspend councilor after fire service row. 7:00am Friday 28th February 2014, in News Exclusive By Tom Edwards Worcester News: Councillor Phil Grove: suspended from the Conservative group. A LEADING Worcestershire politician has been suspended from his Conservative group - and today he could be expelled entirely. Your Worcester News can reveal how Councillor Phil Grove has landed in serious trouble with his party after trying to prevent massive fire service cuts.
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  • MP's: If 100,000+ sign a petition all MP's must attend the debate.
    This petition is a direct response to the perception that we cannot change the system which already exists. Even if it isn't fit for purpose, up to date with the modern world, or representative of most of the electorate. We can! The promise of parliamentary debate on any petition which reached 100.000 signatures was a brave manifesto promise by the conservatives, but without some significant changes in the way the commons work, these petitions will fall on deaf (or absent) ears. We live in an age of technology and information, many embrace it, many fear it. It is an age where almost everything you do is done on line. Whatever your personal feelings about it, the internet is here to stay, and has the so far untapped potential to allow YOU unprecedented control over YOUR life, and the direction of politics in real time. We have social media which is acting as a lightning rod, by allowing us to display our righteous indignation at policy's which we don't agree with, but with no effect whatsoever. How many would bother to sign a petition which WOULD be heard by those that create all of our futures? Internet petitions are branded "slacktivism" by the press, and yet many of us who walk in the middle of the road, or the "silent majority" fear taking part in any more pro active activism, because of the disproportionate response by the state to peaceful protest. Also in these austere times many simply cannot afford to take the time to participate in politics, except by signing these e- petitions, and going out to vote once every 4 or 5 years. At these times you are faced with a choice; to support one of 3 main parties, because it supports something which you are passionate about, even though you do not support all of the manifesto, give your vote to a fringe party, or like 45% of the electorate, not bother at all. If these changes were implemented then that would no longer need to be the way. At present there is no record (accessible to the public) of attendance in the commons except for voting figures. This is not acceptable, as the public must be able to see whether their MP has attended any debate which they have petitioned for, and for general transparency, as promised by every incoming government. All MPs are public servants, paid by the public purse, and, as we're reminded when we call HMRC, DWP, or any other government body, we are all customers of the state, and as customers we are entitled be listened to, and served well. We demand a certain level of service for our taxes,and as customers, as voters and most importantly as Humans, we demand the right to determine how we live, and have our voice heard! Its time to accept your "invitation to join the government of Britain" (This was the title of the Conservative manifesto 2010) "People have been shut out of Westminster politics for too long. Having a single vote every four or five years is not good enough – we need to give people real control over how they are governed. So, with a Conservative government, any petition that secures 100,000 signatures will be eligible for formal debate in Parliament". "The Big Society runs consistently through our policy programme. Our plans to reform public services, mend our broken society,and rebuild trust in politics are all part of our Big Society agenda. These plans involve redistributing power from the state to society; from the centre to local communities, giving people the opportunity to take more control over their lives". "Big Society; our reform plans require a social response in order to be successful. So building the Big Society is not just a question of the state stepping back and hoping for the best: it will require an active role for the state. The state must take action to agitate for, catalyse and galvanise social renewal. We must use the state to help remake society". The above are all excerpts from the Conservative party manifesto, printed before winning the 2010 general election. They all seem to say very much the same as this petition, and yet more and more of the people I speak to, feel the same as me, that they have less and less freedom, power and control over the way they are governed. Apathy is a dangerous thing because it shows a lack of hope. A lack of hope is acceptance of that which makes you unhappy. Acceptance of unhappiness is surrender. Once surrender has been accepted, it is irrevocable.
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  • UK Government should support the Financial Transaction Tax
    Banks and financial institutions can make millions from risky speculations. However, when these go wrong, as happened in 2008, billions of pounds of public money were used to bail out the banks and save them from the consequences of their risk taking. Since the 2008 crash the total paid in bonuses will this year pass through the £80bn barrier – some three and a half times the amount banks have paid in Corporation tax and the bank levy – and equates to around £1,250 for every man, woman and child in the Britain. This Tax is not intended to be punitive: nicknamed the "Robin Hood Tax" it is, like the folk hero, intended to redistribute wealth and help those in difficulty. If we, the public and the tax payers, must share the financial risks of banks' trading then it seems simply fair that, at other times, we should also receive some benefit. This money can be distributed and spent to the benefit of all - in the UK, abroad and for the environment.
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  • Improve Public Understanding of Climate Science and the Implications of Climate Change
    There is a clear need for the Department of Energy and Climate Change to embark on a Public Information Campaign that actively seeks to: Improve public understanding of Climate Science Illustrate the implications of Climate Change Effectively communicate the findings and recommendations of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change --- The realities of climate change are clear and present. Experts in the field of climate science have published their findings time and time again, and there are very few dissenting voices against the consensus view. “Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, human influence on the climate system is clear, and limiting climate change will require substantial and sustained reductions of greenhouse gas emissions. These are the key conclusions from an assessment by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)” - http://www.ipcc.ch/pdf/press/press_release_wg1_full_report.pdf These opening words from the IPCC press release announcing the online publication of its full report ‘Climate Change 2013: The Physical Science Basis’, are utterly unambiguous. An international endeavour comprising the work of hundreds of climate scientists, prepared with the assistance of more than a thousand expert reviewers, and citing over 9000 publications, the report leaves no doubt as to the reality of climate change. The scientific consensus is not fully reflected in the wider population, however. A recent report from the UK Energy Research Centre suggests that public scepticism towards climate change has actually risen in recent years and that people are now less concerned about its potential impact than previously (http://www.ukerc.ac.uk/support/tiki-download_file.php?fileId=3514 - pdf download - survey conducted March 2013). The flooding crisis of the last few weeks has re-ignited a national debate on climate change, centred around the question of whether the spate of storms that contributed heavily to rising floodwaters could be attributed to climate change. But it has been clear that there is a large degree of misunderstanding on the topic, as well as a certain amount of misrepresentation. Some of the views on display in the national media are not just a rejection that the extensive flooding may have been caused by climate change, but are rejections of the very idea of climate change as a whole. Such sentiments are rare, but come from highly prominent political individuals. Of most concern is that they are people who are not experts in the field, but have still been given equal weight to their arguments. The issue of climate change is not one of political opinion, but of scientific fact. The Department of Energy and Climate Change should begin a program of public information releases that relay the message that climate scientists and many non-governmental organisations have been imparting for a number of years. We have seen instances of public information campaigns regarding health, safety, and security concerns in a wide range of areas. It is high-time that climate change was given the attention it requires.
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