• Stop Brexit
    The real consequences if Brexit occurs are becoming increasingly apparent and have huge negative consequence for the people of the UK. Better to pull out now than to keep going on this course just because the process was started
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    Created by Katharine de Villiers
  • Allow fortnightly council newspaper publications
    The Government has instructed councils to stop fortnightly publications of council newspapers. Councils have received a legal direction from Sajid Javid, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. The national ‘Code of Recommended Practice on Local Authority Publicity’, published in 2011, states council newspapers should be published no more than quarterly. Some councils continue to publish fortnightly newspapers. It saves money on advertising statutory notices and provides a chance to keep residents up-to-date with services, events and opportunities in their borough. The Council has a legal duty to publish statutory notices – such as proposed traffic measures and certain planning applications – in a newspaper. Some councils are currently publishing these in council newspapers and publishing these fortnightly. Producing a council newspaper on a quarterly basis and paying to advertise statutory notices in the local press might cost £100,000 more than current production of a council newspaper fortnightly costs. The local press also has a far lower circulation than a door to door delivered council newspaper, meaning fewer people would see the information. Council newspapers also focuses on stories about council services, initiatives and consultations, and community events and opportunities. It also provides space for local groups, charities and organisations to highlight their work. Much of this content is not covered in the local press. Many residents value their council newspaper for these reasons. It is often particularly valued among older residents, disadvantaged groups, and people who have limited access to the internet and social media.
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    Created by Marjon Willers
  • Consult the People of the UK on the final Brexit deal
    An offer was recently made to MPs to vote on whether to accept the deal that is negotiated, or to leave without one. But there is a third option, which is to say no to both, and to stay in Europe. The original public debate on whether to leave Europe was full of misinformation and promises that have no prospect of being kept. As time moves on, it is becoming increasingly evident that the damage to the UK economy is significant, and is forecast to get even worse. In view of this stark reality the terms on which the UK will be obliged to quit Europe should be put to the nation as a whole, and not left to politicians alone.
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    Created by Marc Lavelle
  • Implement new Stamp Duty exemptions fairly
    First-time buyers could have saved thousands of pounds each had they have had some prior warning about this policy. There should be support for young people, families, and first time buyers who are trying to responsibly manage their finances and who have been recently stung by Stamp Duty.
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    Created by Charlie LeyoftheLand
  • That Boris Johnson should resign over his comments about Nazanin Zachary-Ratcliffe
    Out of sheer laziness Boris Johnson did not establish the facts but as a result has severely compromised the fate of Nazanin Zachary-Ratcliffe. He is not fit for office.
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    Created by John Andrewes
  • The age of an adult?
    If we allow the government and large companies to get away with this, what else will be changed to suit them. This is allowing them to get away with parents having to fork out billions in extra tax, with a lot of families in the UK currently in poverty, every little helps to ease the burden.
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    Created by Natasha Lukins
  • Against Donald Trump's war (nuclear or conventional) against North Korea
    At the presant time the UK and North Korea are on fairly civil terms, we do not want to be dragged into a war because Donald Trump wants one.
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    Created by David Duchovny
  • Plastic reduction in supermarkets
    The oceans are already choked with plastic and by 2050 , there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. This could mean starvation to many people and countries that depend on the ocean to survive. This is the sort of environment that breeds conflict and war, thus causing more pollution. I have 5 grandchildren who will be part of this polluted world along with billions of others. We have no need to worry about world war three, as pollution will eradicate the population before , if we don't take action now. If we target supermarkets like Asda, then we can pressurise them into making a difference.
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    Created by Nicholas Perry
  • Increase funding for the NHS through increasing taxation by 1p in the £
    The NHS is essential to the U.K.- it is at danger of ceasing if a commitment to increasing its funding does not occur immediately and sanctioned by the forthcoming budget.
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    Created by Sue Vernon
  • Spouse Visas for non EU Individuals
    I know this Petition will be a touchy subject for those who have had to apply for a Spouse Visa in the last four years to allow a non-EU domiciled spouse into the UK from abroad. I have made every effort to keep this petition explanation short and hope my point comes across to your clearly and concisely, and that you will support my initiative to urge our fellow Minister of State, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis to look into this as a matter of urgency and bring about a change in pricing policy. Here is my Story: I, Andy Wilkinson am a UK Citizen and married my wife Sylvia Alexis in 2010 who was from Pretoria, South Africa. She joined me in the UK as my partner having acquired a spouse visa - costing around £600 in 2010. In March 2012, we decided to move to Cape Town for few years for a job opportunity for which I had been accepted. Late last year, my role came to an end, and we had to move back home. After reviewing the criteria for the UK Visa, it was obvious I would have to come back to the UK alone and find a job that qualified me for the financial requirement of the minimum income threshold which was required. In June 2017, we were set to apply for Sylvia’s Spouse Visa and was advised the cost to be £1,464 pounds. The Issue: Given the current recessionary economic climate in the UK, a huge population of the work force just about get by with what they earn (See my link to the Guardian’s newspaper below to see the income situation of UK Citizens). What happens when a UK Citizen finds their match from abroad, and have to pay £1,464 to bring them into the UK, this becomes a sticky situation an unaffordable price for many. Therefore a number of questions have come to mind? Why has the government which came into power in 2010, suddenly hiked the prices of a spouse visa for a UK Citizen’s partner. Ofcourse the government has an ambition of curbing the national debt, but penalizing UK citizens for having chosen a partner from abroad is not one of the best ways of doing it. A visa cost of £600 in 2010, and the same visa in 2017 costs £1,464. It would frustrate any logical minded person how the steep increase of 140% is justified. Or is the government simply trying to rake in as much money as it can from a situation they know the applicant has no alternative choice but to pay. I feel this is a penalization technique to those who have found their match from abroad. Ofcourse it will be argued that this has been a decision to curb exploitative marriages. But what about those who have been married for many years, those who have kids, certainly they cannot be labeled as exploitative – so why should they have to pay such a hefty visa cost? Finally, it may also be argued this is to stop UK Citizens bringing in partners from abroad. This cannot be something the government decides. It is every Human’s Right to marry whomsoever they wish. It is not justifiable for the government to apply strong charges, as if to punish a UK Citizen from marrying outside the borders of the UK. Referring back to the article by the Guardian, many people who have spouses abroad will have to wait, or pay the cost using expensive methods of credits (credit cards, loans etc), and this certainly can’t be a reasonable strategy. What do I want? I want your support to urge our Minister of State, Rt Hon Brandon Lewis, to look into reducing the cost of a spouse visa for UK citizens who plan to bring in their spouse’s from abroad. The visa costs should be designed so that they are equitable to all UK Citizens, not assuming everyone is a high income earner. (For I am not a high UK earner, but am grateful Sylvia has now joined me in the UK). I also understand that the government has taken a consultation process to determine fee levels for certain visas, but the visa that I am concerned is for UK Citizens who have/plan to bring their spouse from abroad. https://www.theguardian.com/society/2017/feb/20/one-in-four-uk-families-have-less-than-95-in-savings-report-finds
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    Created by Andy Wilkinson
  • Judicial review of police behaviour in the Catalonia referendum
    The Spanish police’s behaviours were violent and totally disproportionate. This was not policing by consent. The primary role of the police should be to protect and serve the people, not act as a para military arm of which ever government is in power. The events were unacceptable in a western democracy. There needs to be some form of accountability, otherwise a potentially terrifying precedence has been set.
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    Created by Jon Lomax
    Their is a lot of upset and disbelief which can upset a lot of families who may be in a chain of buying and selling and giving unnecessary costs to all those people involved just as we ourselves have found out this week, Solicitors , Packing, Removal people costs and items bought ready for the new home, in our case three families have bee affected by the actions of one of these horrible people.
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    Created by KEITH HUGHES