• Wadebridge to Padstow Camel trail Toilet closure.
    There is a NEED for this facility. This only highlights the councils need to sell off public amenities. We need to stop these changes and speak up for what is right.
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    Created by Katie Gillmon
  • Thurroc Council should anwere questions from the local press
    News papers (both national and local) do a very important job of holding those in power to account. But the Thurrock Council chief executive Lyn Carpenter has decided not to be held to account by blocking the local newspaper and refusing to answer any questions. By this the people of Thurrock will be kept in the dark about what their council is doing. Are the hiding something? Today it is Thurrock council but if they get away with this then tomorrow it could be your or my council. I think we should all be concerned about our democracy and make sure that Thurrock Council don't get away with it and send out a message to other councils that they can't do the same. Read more on this story www.eastlondonadvertiser.co.uk/news/advertiser-lends-support-to-press-freedom-battle-1-5646497 I live in a borough which has had it's elected mayor charged with corruption. This was brought about by journalist doing a good job so I know how important it is for journalist to be able to do their job.
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    Created by Stephen Booth
  • Support the Curry Industry by Reviewing Immigration Policy
    Previous attempts by this and former governments to train chefs within specialized Training Centres of Excellence in the UK have consistently failed to produce the skilled chefs required to address the shortage. Closures of restaurants around the country are at an alarming rate of 3-4 per week. Heavy handed raids by UKBA and heavily imposed penalties add to the burden levied upon the restaurateurs eager to maintain and survive the current economic climate.
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    Created by Bangladesh Caterers Association
  • Road Safety at Cilfynydd and Norton Bridge
    Safe crossing areas are essential to YGG Pontsionnorton and Pontypridd High. The area has not seen any funding or improvement for sometime however following the catastrophic accident recently involving a young person at Pontypridd High and car crash at YGG PSN residents wish to protect the most vulnerable and make areas more accessible whilst slowing the traffic to a safer speed.
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    Created by Geraint Ashcroft
  • Constitutional Amendment
    There is no legal requirement for the prime minister to consult MPs before taking military action, or even to inform them. In 2007, shortly after entering No 10, Gordon Brown vowed to limit the Royal Prerogative under which the prime minister can unilaterally declare war. Parliament, Brown proposed, would be guaranteed the right to approve “significant, non-routine” deployments of the armed forces to “the greatest extent possible”. But absorbed by the 2008 financial crisis and the recession that followed, the government abandoned reform. Under the recent era of international relations and modern warfare catastrophic and irreparable damages to human and other life can be caused on errors of judgement. The constitutional powers, accordingly, need to be reviewed and renewed.
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    Created by Masood Butt
  • Part-time Maintenance loans for all students
    It is unfair to allow new students to access the new maintenance loans whereas existing students are unable to have the new loans at all. It is not justified and is seriously unfair for anyone who has already started their courses.
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    Created by Lisa Evans
  • Medical Professionals in the UK Seeking Registration
    Medical Professionals in the UK Seeking Registration is a campaign group being launched through RAPAR of around 500 medical professionals - doctors, nurses, technicians, pharmacists and dentists - who are being prevented from working in the NHS because of the unreasonably high English language testing requirements currently set by the professional bodies responsible for registering them. This problem also affects many more medical professionals who are not yet members of the campaign group. The campaign is calling on the GMC and other bodies to return to more realistic and appropriate English language requirements. Doctors who passed the previous language test standards are currently working successfully in the NHS. But now highly qualified doctors – many of whom have been forced to flee their home countries for humanitarian reasons – are being stopped from using their skills and expertise. Four years ago, the GMC raised its already high score for doctors in the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) even further. The exam tests general knowledge of English language and includes topics such as archaeology, jam making and current affairs – much of it irrelevant to the kind of terminology used by medical professionals. Dentists, pharmacists and technicians have also had their English language testing scores raised and want a return to the previous levels. In addition, they are asking the councils responsible for registering them to introduce the Occupational English Test (OET) which will cover medical contexts rather than topics that have nothing to do with their professions. Patients are in urgent need of these medical professionals - they should be given the opportunity to use their knowledge, proficiency and dedication to work in our struggling NHS.
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    Created by Rachel Luke
  • End gambling ads. on TV
    Although we have now banned alcohol and tobacco advertising on TV there appears to be no control over the advertising of online gambling casino and bingo sites. These sites are largely endorsed by celebrities and are shown at times when our most vulnerable and lonely are viewing. I know from personal experience, through the death of my brother, by suicide. I was very close to him, but had no idea that he was a secret gambler. Gambling is as addictive as drinking and smoking, and in many ways more pernicious, causing other destructive behaviour. Often it those who an least afford to gamble who do so, people in financial trouble, who in a desperate attempt to pay off debts will gamble their last penny. The only winners are the sites themselves who load the odds against individuals winning. As a Samaritan listening volunteer I often take calls from desperate suicidal people who have become victims of such gambling sites.
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    Created by Linda Piggott-Vijeh
  • Why tax on foreign income as it is not considered to get home mortgage by any leading banks of UK
    Coin has two sides. If you do not consider worldwide income for a first time buyer of home mortgage, then how come you can tax him / her on his / her foreign income?
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    Created by Yatin Malkan
  • Save Stepney's Cafe
    Stepney's Cafe has been a key social point for the community since it opened and it's closure will be a huge loss. The cafe provides a safe, comfortable environment for families to relax and enjoy time with friends and children.
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    Created by Colin Mcivor Main
  • I call for A vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt I ask he resigns immediately
    Because he is responsible as health minister for systematically underfunding and under resourcing the NHS and alienating the doctors and nurses he serves. We would like to register a vote of no confidence.
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    Created by Kim Emmett
  • Family, Child and Travel Rights.
    The reason the Home Office gives for denying access to the UK to Foreign Nationals married to British Citizens is to avoid paying them Welfare, but, in prohibiting family's from reuniting in the UK they have created single parent family's that are much more likely to be dependant on Welfare, and, they have caused the family members great upset making them more likely to be dependant on Welfare, and, by forcing applicants to apply for work they have no experience of, that is above their pay scale, they remain out of work and on Welfare. Also, as 47% of UK workers do not earn £18,600, and, 70% of all Family Visa applications fail, and, the very high cost of a Visa, and, the quantity of the application forms are so numerous you need to pay a lawyer thousands of pounds to file them, the HC-194 Immigration Law, for nearly half the UK Labour Market, approxamatly 15,000,000 people, is no more than a Travel Ban probably meeting targets. This 'Ban' segregates foreigners from the UK, devides and destroys familys, seperates children from their parents causing them great upset even trauma, and traps adults and children in War Zones and Third World Countries putting their lives in danger. The HC-194 Immigration Law needs to be repealed.
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    Created by Mark Burrows