• Criminal injury compensation for adult victims of Child abuse before 1979
    Because a crime is a crime and any child severly abused in their home by any trusted adult has the same rights to protection as those children residing in our institutions!
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  • End to zero hour contracts
    So that their workers can have a decent living wage which enables them to support themselves. Also workers need to have regular and fixed hours so that they can be sure of what they are earning.
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    Created by Helen Richards
  • Stop "Prayer For The Day" on BBC Radio 4
    Surely it is inappropriate to broadcast prayers, i.e. religious propaganda, as part of the BBC's flagship radio news programme? This doesn't happen on any other radio or tv news broadcast. The Today programme otherwise purports to be a serious news programme and takes a neutral position in its news coverage. It should similarly adopt a neutral stance on religion, drop all theologically-biased features, and become a secular programme
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  • FaceTime Conference Calling Feature
    It is important because most people I know want to be able to FaceTime more than one person at a time. It's unfair that we have apps such Skype that do this for us, but we are not able to do it through the Apple products that we have.
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    Created by Tia-Chanel Anderson
  • Sponsorship for those who have committed on the basis of being able to pursue a career.
    Many of us who come from Australia and other Commonwealth countries moved here on working holidays and found a career. We are invested in the company and have been for a long period of time. Over the past years we've built lives, friendships and relationships which we do not wish to end or leave over this. We would be more than willing to agree to long standing contracts if it is what it takes, but we feel as it was promised and mentioned to us as a way of getting our commitment that it is now owed to us in a way. We love our jobs and our pubs and this is why we made a commitment, because we thought we could grow within the company and someday head these pubs.
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  • parents who hold parental responsibility should both provide equally for the upbringing of a child
    With the benefits cap having a detrimental impact on families especially those bringing children up alone, action needs to be taken on those parents who ignore the importance of their role of holding parental responsibility and pay the minimum child maintenance, which impacts on the main care giver meeting the needs of each individual child in their care. Action needs to be taken, and consideration should be made into the costs single parents face such as health, education and daily activities to promote social skills. These costs should be met equally by both parents who hold Parental responsibilities. The new child maintenance system is failing so many families and leaving them facing severe financial hardship. Child maintenance doesn't take into account the £350 each year spent on buying new school uniform or school resources. Nor do they take into account the rise in child care costs or the weekly recreational activities that children undertake. The main caregiver is the one struggling to make ends meet ''robbing Peter to pay Paul'' to pay bills as tax credits and child benefit don't take into consideration the additional costs that these parents make to meet their Child's everyday needs. Both parents should equally pay for these everyday needs
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    Created by Natasha Turner-Dale
  • Force Ticketmaster to clamp down on Touts
    The re-sale of tickets for profit is immoral and wrong. This puts people with lower incomes at a disadvantage.
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  • Save St Mary Bredin School House from developer destruction.
    We must try and preserve Canterbury's historic buildings and not destroy them! This modern structure will look put of place and blight the local landscape. Too much new student accomodation in the City!
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  • Give Shane Ridge UK Citizenship
    It's important to him.
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    Created by Cat Leecy
  • Call on Scotrail to publish cancellations
    Cancellations and significant lateness (CASL) is not a regulated measure in Scotland like elsewhere in the UK. Instead companies like Scotrail cite PPM - trains arriving within 5 minutes of their scheduled time. What this doesn't reveal is the transport routes in Scotland blighted by cancelled trains or missed stops which is more inconvenient to passengers than a train 5 minutes late. The CASL statistic would highlight: Cancellations at origin Cancellations en route Change of origination station Failure to stop at a scheduled station Significantly late trains (late by 30 mins or more)
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  • Road side danger
    Huge lorries, now using our A routes, are a constant worry simply size and the overgrowth has there body of the vehicle over the centre line. The growth of county hedges have not been cut or maintained ever, I know of several A routes that have never been maintained in fifty years. It is the responsibility of land owners and the highway maintainence to keep our routes safe.
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  • Lidl Store Mercia Road Gloucester
    There is already a Lidl store within a 5 minute drive of the proposed new development. The new development will potentially create more traffic in an already congested area.
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