• Cycle Routes
    We have just heard that Bradley Wiggins, victor of the Tour de France has been knocked of his bike on one of our roads. If he is not safe then who is? This would be a good time to bring this initiative forward. In this area of Wales there are wide margins on a number of roads where cycle/footpaths could be laid and the situation is similar in many other locations - this would be a start. It would reduce road casualties and allow children to go by foot and by cycle to school and so reduce the traffic of the school run. It would also create thousands of jobs.
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    Created by Anthony Cain
  • Keep Magilligan Prison Open
    There is no economic argument for the closure of Magilligan. The Prison Service of Northern Ireland argues that the prison has outlived its economic usefulness but the additional cost incurred by building a new facility on the Magheraberry site destroys this argument. Closure of the prison would have a catastrophic impact on the local economy. This part of the North West has already been ravaged by the economic recession and the loss of a further 440 jobs would be devastating.The spending power of those employed in the prison would be lost to the local economy and in addition, the goods and services that the prison buys from local suppliers will stop causing further pressure upon already struggling businesses and potentially causing even more job losses. This area simply cannot afford to lose the prison.
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    Created by Alison Grundle
  • Oppose Badger Cull in Wiltshire
    The case against badgers, that they are the main transmitter of TB to cows, is as yet unproven, and until the scientists can agree and have definite proof of their guilt, culling badgers is a crime against nature. Badgers are an important link in the food chain of the woodland and countryside scene, and like all animals, should be treasured and preserved, not criminalised and destroyed. It is hoped that a vaccine to protect cows will be available within a few years. I would like the government to put money into this instead of culling innocent animals and threatening a link in our natural environment, the long term results of which could herald another as yet unknown environmental disaster.
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    Created by Patricia Ann Aves
  • Save Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary
    On 1 December 2005 Tavish Scott, the Scottish Executive transport minister at that time, made the surprising announcement that the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) would follow a line that was not one of the original five routes that went out for public consultation in Spring 2005. The proposed new route combines elements of the original route with the addition of an 8 mile long 'fast link' connecting the AWPR to the A90 at Stonehaven. The following year the line of the 'fast link' was drawn. The Fast Link of the AWPR cuts out twenty acres of land used by Blaikiewell Animal Sanctuary and owned by Redwing Liveries that supports the sanctuary. The adjoining Redwing Riding School, that founded and also supports the sanctuary, will also lose grazing and riding areas to the new road. The loss of twenty acres, combined with the adjacent new dual carriageway and big roundabout causing light, noise and air pollution, will have a devastating effect on the sanctuary, livery and riding school to the point where we will have to think seriously about closing down. There is no available land to buy near-by and the compensation will in no way be enough for us to relocate. The threat of this road which has been hanging over us for six years is now about to be realised with the final appeal being rejected by the supreme court. The petition is our last ditch attempt to save the sanctuary and the two businesses that support it.
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    Created by Mavis Petrie
  • Discrimination against talented Children
    We are encouraged after the Olympics to nurture and encourage talent but we are blatantly discriminating against children who have ability to study at a higher level diploma at a younger age. My sixteen year old gained a place at a London College to fulfil her dream of studying musical theatre. Child Benefit would really have helped us to pay for her fares, college needs and as a vulnerable sixteen year old to come home at weekends, but this was taken from us as the course is a level 6 diploma and although she is 16 and in full time education the current legislation says she needs to do a lesser course to qualify!!!! so although she auditioned with over a thousand children across the country, was offered one of only 6 bursery's for her college costs. she is being discriminated against. It is simply not fare. Please help my cause. The £80 a month is not a huge amont of money but when we are left to fund her living cost, travel, lunches, equipment it would really help us. She has wanted to pursue this since the age of 5 and achieved so much. There are several people across the Country who are in the same position. Let us help our children develop and grow at the level they are capable of without discrimination
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    Created by Shirley Kenwright
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  • RAF Bomber Command memorial
    The money is outstanding because more people came to watch the Queen's opening of the memorial than was anticipated, and if it remains outstanding members of the Bomber Command may be liable for the full amount of over half a million pounds. This could lead to these men who fought so bravely for us to lose their homes, and in reality make a mockery of the memorial itself.
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    Created by Lawrence Davies
  • Automatic Entitlement to education until 18 years old for all
    Many parents have areal struggle to get their children placed in the most appropriate provision. There is a general assumption that as long as the placement is beneficial, the pupil will be there until they are 18, just like mainstream. However, this is not the case. Parents have to justify why their child should stay on. This has to be done for each year applied for. This is so unfair and adds unnecessary stress to already over stressed families.
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    Created by Grace Boyle