• poisonous plastic peril
    Non biodegradable plastics and packaging are poisoning the seas, killing animals and entering the food chain on which we depend. We are a part of this wonderful world; not apart from it. But time is ticking. The old, outdated materials do break down. And then join the soil along with the leaves and other organic matter. Petrochemical plastic is a silent assasin which we have unleashed upon our dearest friend. There is simply no other choice but to phase it out fast. We have all seen the news. Isn't it a pity and isn't it a shame that we can't watch the Blue Planet without so many horror stories at the end of every episode. This maybe the most chilling tale so far. Anyone who watches the world closely will have noticed this menace creeping its way into the ecosystem and choking its innocent inhabitants. What we cannot see is that is also seeping into the very lifeblood of this planet and becoming a part of us and our children...
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    Created by Ben Stork
  • Continue to Remember our War Heros
    The trees were planted after the end of the first and second world wars to commemorate the dead soldiers. Unfortunately some of the trees are diseased and the local council are going to remove them. They say they will not replace the trees. It is the centenary of the end of the first world war and therefore shows a lack of respect for the men lost from our town!
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    Created by Janet Sharp Picture
  • Keeping the free television license for people over 75 years of age.
    The television is the only way that poor people over the required age limit have contact with the outside world.It has been brought to my attention that members of the U.K.parliment receive A free television licence for there constituency offices, which is totally unfair when M.P.s can well afford to pay for T.V licence.
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    Created by James Ross
  • Save Buckinghamshire's Children's Centres-Delay decision - new council should decide in 2020
    The option to invest in Early Help Services and keep all children's centres open should be considered now that a decision on the unitary authority has been made. With the council said to make savings of £18.2m per year (Net 5 year revenue of £45.4m) when the new authority is formed, the decision should be delayed until then. By closing all 35 children’s centres, the Council wish to make a saving of £3.1m in early help overall. However, if they are saving £18.2m per year with the unitary, then why not wait until this is in place and look at investing in Early Help services to improve them? All options on the current consultation involve making cuts and are inadequate. In addition, there is no 'other' option (see question 18 consultation) when having to decide what their preferred choice is, people are feeling as if they have been forced to chose an option they don't necessarily agree with. Investing in children, prevention and health will lead to savings overall and in the long run. Closing children’s centres in the long run will affect children, their families and could lead to isolation and an increase in mental health issues. For more information, see link https://www.buckscc.gov.uk/services/care-for-children-and-families/improving-early-help-services-for-children-young-people-and-families/consultation-process/ (public consultation closes 11pm 13th December 2018)
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    Created by alka dass
  • Save the Newington Library
    Libraries are a vital source of learning and education in our communities. They are a vital public good we cannot do without. It is deeply worrying that the Council plans to cut the hours of Newington Library and all Thanet libraries per year drastically. This means forced redundancy, early retirement and non filling of vacant posts. In effect this would mean losing people who are passion for what books can bring to people's lives. We call for the Council to halt its plans and rethink its approach. We must protect our library services.
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  • Vitamin treated as a dangerous drug!
    The NHS could be saving, not only lives, but also so much money which could be reassigning it to wages and more staff! Or do you prefer to support the Pharmacutical Giants too?
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    Created by Ann Peel
  • Primary school bus service. Millbank and rosebank primary
    This is important because it would take a lot of pressure off parents and their children. It would also keep the roads safer as it would mean less traffic on the lochloy Road as buses would mean less cars.
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  • Wadebridge to Padstow Camel trail Toilet closure.
    There is a NEED for this facility. This only highlights the councils need to sell off public amenities. We need to stop these changes and speak up for what is right.
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  • Stop Network Rail destroying trees and wildlife
    1.To protect wildlife (bats, squirrels, badgers, foxes, birds) 2.Removing oxygen producing plants which contribute to sustaining the local ecosystem will have a negative impact environmentally 3. Removing natural defences (from the sound of the railway to natural flood defences) will have an impact on the homes in and around the planned tree felling area
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  • Road Safety Measures for Long Road Lawford
    It's important because it's an accident waiting to happen especially in the afternoon when there is no crossing patrol to help parents and children to cross this extremely busy road. My 3yr old daughter and in-laws were involved in a near miss crossing this road on 4/10/18. Following a message on social media I have found out in the last month since the school returned from summer break there have been at least three other near miss incidents and one child has been knocked over. A crossing has been talked about for years on this site but nothing has been done. With all the extra traffic created by the new housing estates in the area the situation is only going to get worse. We need Essex Highways to take action ASAP before a serious accident occurs.
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    Created by Sarah Newman
  • Food Wastage
    Young and old people in our Country are living on the streets and in sheltered accommodation Who can't afford to feed themselves or their families While Britain ignores their plight inc Retailers who would rather dump the out of date products rather than give to those who are starving Why isn't it possible to deliver these goods to our Communities to be shared equally amongst the poor This is why I have started this petition I am so angry at the waste I see when I am late shopping
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  • Keep Wirral’s local walk in centres
    The ones based in or near the hospitals are hard to reach for those without their own transportation, often having to use two buses , making it hard for the elderly, and the disabled.
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