• 20 mile an hour zone for Narborough Village
    Cars speed through the village and there have been many close missing at zebra crossing near the school Many children walk to school as it serves the village, this involves many children crossing the main road through the village There is an alternative faster route for drivers that do not need access to the school. There is flats for the elderly next to the main road, and two locations along the road Many children cycle through the village to access Brockington High School. At the village boundary there is access to a cycle path, the only road they travel on is through the village. Reducing speed would encourage more people to access the cycle route that leads to local facilities
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    Created by Michelle Rickerby Picture
  • Gynaecological Cancers and other women's health issues should NOT be treated on Maternity Units.
    Women's health issues can be very traumatic to deal with in terms of the emotional impact procedures such as hysterectomy can have. This can be worsened substantially when they have to try to do so in Maternity Units surrounded by others who are pregnant. Whilst the treatment itself may be gratefully received, this practice can worsen the impact on their mental state, slow their recovery and ultimately, cost the NHS more in the longer term. It is insensitive and inhumane. Woman are people, not just bodies and should be treated such.
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    Created by Alison Taylor
  • Temporary Blue Badge for six months
    My husband has recently had a knee replacement operation and was refused a blue badge as his condition is not permanent. When visiting our GP he has been in pain and discomfort getting from the car to the surgery. Parking in a regular space makes getting out of the car with crutches difficult due to the restricted space. I feel he has been discriminated against as he is struggling at the moment as much as someone with a permanent disability.
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    Created by Barbara Mellars
  • Support the Curry Industry by Reviewing Immigration Policy
    Previous attempts by this and former governments to train chefs within specialized Training Centres of Excellence in the UK have consistently failed to produce the skilled chefs required to address the shortage. Closures of restaurants around the country are at an alarming rate of 3-4 per week. Heavy handed raids by UKBA and heavily imposed penalties add to the burden levied upon the restaurateurs eager to maintain and survive the current economic climate.
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    Created by Bangladesh Caterers Association
  • Road Safety at Cilfynydd and Norton Bridge
    Safe crossing areas are essential to YGG Pontsionnorton and Pontypridd High. The area has not seen any funding or improvement for sometime however following the catastrophic accident recently involving a young person at Pontypridd High and car crash at YGG PSN residents wish to protect the most vulnerable and make areas more accessible whilst slowing the traffic to a safer speed.
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    Created by Geraint Ashcroft
  • Save Washington urgent care centre
    The Washington public deserve this facility..its 6 mile to pallion.
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    Created by David Carty
  • Remove disposable coffee cups from all hospitals cafes
    They can't be recycled and the scottish government has already baned them from all their sites so I think the NHS Scotand should do the same amd encourage more people to bring their own cups.
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    Created by Lynne Bond
  • Stop Boots over-charging for vital health treatments
    With the rise in demand for healthcare, and tight funding, the NHS is facing an existential challenge already. It should not need to face the rapacious greed of US-owned pharmaceutical companies.
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    Created by Brian Toole
  • Barlborough Traffic Calming and Pedestrian Crossings
    Having had an increase in traffic due to house building elsewhere in the Bolsover District and the increase in Pedestrian accicdents it’s imperative that Pedestrian access throughout the village is increased so that our children can walk to both Junior and secondary schools
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    Created by Cllr. Brian Watson
  • Save Leivers Court Care Home
    Leivers Court Care Home provides vital care and support to local elderly people when they need it the most. Leivers Court Care Home helps to prevent local elderly people having to stay in hospital longer than they need to. Leivers Court Care Home helps to free up beds in our local hospitals. The Conservatives at Nottinghamshire County Council will not be replacing Leivers Court Care Home – Once it is gone, it is gone.
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    Created by GEDLING LABOUR
  • Give Ruff Trade their speaker back
    Manchester Council took an expensive speaker from the very popular reggae band, RUFF TRADE and told band members that they had a right to do this as their busking in Manchester city centre was too loud. Ruff Trade have been an extremely popular busking group on the Manchester scene for some time now. They bring a lot of happiness to all those visiting the city centre and if their music was considered too loud, they should have been given the chance to lower the sound level at some point, not threatened with arrest and have their equipment taken from them in this way. They are a group of young, talented guys who cannot afford to replace this valuable piece of equipment. Manchester city centre will be a less vibrant, diverse and joyful place without them
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    Created by Janet Griffith
  • Bunty says ‘Me to!’
    Only boys comics are commemorated at the moment. ‘Beano’ and ‘Dandy’ were great but the girls’ comics were loved by the other 50% if the population too. Can we have our memories recognised as well?
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    Created by Ros Hamburger