• Environmental and wildlife protection
    It is vital to keep in place already existing laws on the Environment and Wildlife otherwise, it would be a step backwards in the protection of Wildlife and Countryside in Britain. We want to be able to get away from the days when Hurray Henry and his ilk could devastate the entire fabric of the countryside for his so called barbaric pleasure. Ie destruction of habitat, badger baiting, coursing, building on green field sites, etc.
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    Created by Roger Merchant
    The presently neglected state of roads and footpaths is a danger to all classes of road users. Pedestrians run the constant risk of tripping on eroded or damaged paths. Holes and other defects in roads are a very serious threat to cyclists and motorcyclists, and motorists are sustaining regular damage to wheels, tyres, and suspension. In the present climate of budget constraints it is right and proper for those responsible for causing damage to pay the costs of repairs, otherwise those costs will be added to the already stretched cost of maintenance.
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    Created by Harold Blissett
  • Keep our public loos!
    I'm sure many people reading this have been in a situation where they have needed a loo and there is nothing nearby. Also the health and hygiene implications of public having to go in the street. Let's get the government to listen and take action.
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    Created by Kelvyn Frost
  • Save Our RBS Branch
    Shotts Royal Bank of Scotland Branch has been part of the high Street for over forty years, now it is due for closure in August which will cause hardship and inconvenience for many people. This is happening less than 2 years after the Airdrie Savings Bank closed. The alternatives given for bank transactions are the Post Office , which is hard pushed dealing with its own matters, to travelling to Wishaw or Whitburn branches, which will mean expensive bus fares for the majority of people.Now Shotts high street is reduced to an increasing string of fast food outlets,which is very sad. Please sign this petition and share.
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    Created by Maureen McKeown
  • Salix Homes must keep thier Salford Precinct office (Hankinson Way) open
    Due to the lack of consultation has been given to those people that use this office, such as the Disabled and Elderly who may struggle or even not be able to access the personal face to face service they have come to rely on t While services can be accessed on the phone or online this not always practical for people who may not have access to either of these at home.
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    Created by Paul Hudson
  • Protect George V Park
    George V Park is the only public park in the New Town area. It is an oasis of greenness, nature and tranquility in the heart of the city. Now RBS is selling its office on Dundas Street/Eyre Place for redevelopment into residential blocks and retail units. On paper this is a good thing. More people should have the chance to live, work and play in our neighbourhood. However in their current form the plans for the site are awful. Some of the proposed blocks are 8 stories tall, dwarfing anything else nearby. They will plunge George V Park and surrounding streets into the shade forever. A proposed access road will run dangerously close to where children play. Trees and green space will be lost. The original plans looked promising. But they've changed. For the worse. George V Park isn't big. It isn't even especially beautiful. But it's a wonderful, unique space where people of all ages can relax, breathe and play. And it's all we've got. Over the years so much work has been done to nurture and protect this place. Don't let it be ruined for a short-term profit. The Dundas Street site will, and should, be developed. But that must be balanced with the need to protect what makes the area worth living in in the first place. Recent development elsewhere in Edinburgh show just how badly things can go wrong. But they also show how effective people power can be. With your help we can make sure that this development is in the best interests of residents, both present and future. Please sign our petition and help make sure that Edinburgh Council does not approve these plans in their current form. Thank you. You can find more information about the proposed development and material objections to the plans at the following links: http://www.ntbcc.org.uk/development-on-the-rbs-site-on-dundas-street-and-fettes-row-response-to-latest-consultation/ http://www.kgvsy.org.uk http://www.broughtonspurtle.org.uk/news/locals-rally-resist-rbs-plans
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    Created by Dylan White
  • BBC apologise; Eurovision refugee tribute omission
    BBC is supposed to be impartial and to choose not to broadcast this part of Eurovision, which covers refugees is highly questionable, could be seen as politically motivated or even worse censorship.
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    Created by Terezia Brunklaus
  • Keep Forest village school open.
    This little school serves a very rural Teesdale area. The children mostly come from isolated farms and communities. If the school was to close, as planned, many children would not get to school at all in the winter. The next nearest school is in Weardale. The route to the next dale is often impassable in winter. We mustn't let down these children You never know...one of them might be the one who discovers the cure, or answer to, a life changing disease currently plaguing our society!
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    Created by Deirdre Hollingsworth
  • Make collective punishment illegal in u.k schools.
    In the interests of fairness, to punish all the children of a class because of misbehaviour of one or two cannot be acceptable. It demoralises the children who try hard to be good and are consistently well behaved members of the class. Many well behaved children find this collective punishment very upsetting and unfair. It also encourages bullying - in the sense that by using peer pressure as a form of control to bully the mis-behaving child into behaving because the rest of the class are expected to be upset at being punished for another child's poor behaviour. This is outdated and there are many better methods of improving behaviour from children.
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    Created by Ben Sandham
    There are a number of vulnerable people within your constituency who depend on the Disabled Living Allowance/PIP, often their family fill the position of carer placing limited or zero demands on Social Services. They budget their money carefully in the main travelling independently to Doctors & Hospital appointments avoiding the need to use ambulances etc...Independence in respect of many aspects of life will be taken away if these cuts go ahead!
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    Created by Robin Searle Picture
    I get really annoyed with industries that add water to food. It seems to me it is only beneficial to the manufacturer in that weight adds to the price of food, also water does not add to the flavour of food either, it detracts what we taste from it. ie bacon and chicken have less flavour, horrible white bits float around when cooking bacon, etc. Why should I have to pay more money for meat without water, when water I feel should not be added in the first place. It makes no sense, and is of no benefit to the consumer.
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    Created by Sarah Lausch
  • To home Lucy Lovelace and her 72 yr old mum.
    So that the pair of them don't freeze to death in this cold weather.
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    Created by Psuline Griffiths