• Nespresso pod disposal
    Even small things matter. If some stores offer facilities, why not all?
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    Created by Kay Harris
  • Force Fusion Lifestyle to improve their management and standards at Glassmill Swim School
    Fusion Lifestyle has a contract with Lewisham Council to provide leisure services at Glassmill Leisure Centre, as well as a number of other leisure centres in the Borough. However, as many Lewisham residents are aware, the standards of service at Glassmill at extremely poor, and are falling. Recently, swim school classes have been cancelled with increasing regularity - at the same time that Fusion has amended its terms and conditions so that refunds are no longer provided. This means that Fusion Lifestyle is keeping the money that Lewisham residents pay for swimming lessons, rather than providing the service for which they receive the funds. We believe that this is a breach of our consumer rights, as laid out in the 2015 Consumer Rights Act. Despite repeated complaints to Fusion, we have received no sign of (a) either a shift in policy or (b) any action to ensure that the cancellations at the swim school are being dealt with. In addition, we have concerns regarding the health and safety, child protection and safeguarding policies at Glassmill; despite repeated requests to view these policies and to understand how they are being implemented, we have received no response. Glassmill Leisure Centre was opened in 2013 and was supposed to provide a place for the residents of Lewisham, both adults and children, to participate in sport, health and fitness activities. We believe it is falling well short of the stated aims of the Council to "prevent ill health and promote independence; and also to support communities and families to become healthier and more resilient". The people of Lewisham deserve better than to be ripped off by Fusion Lifestyle - join us in the fight!
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    Created by Ceinwen Giles
  • Get the Strawberry Gardens Pub a Beer Garden
    This is easily the best pub in Heysham but, when the weather is good, there is no decent garden area, for locals to enjoy the sunshine. Two tables in the large car park don't count! It's a really sunny spot, come on Greene King..
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    Created by Annette Marchment
  • Bring ready to roll icing back to ALDI all year round
    baking is not seasonal and the product is fantastic . I am member of a very popular cake making community page and we are all disappointed that it is not stocked .
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    Created by Laura crompton
  • Amazon - please stop using plastic bubble wrap envelopes
    We are all becoming more aware of the devastating impact of single use plastic. The increasing (or any) use of this for posting Amazon products has a massive impact given how many parcels they send on a daily basis. This seems to be a huge step backwards at a time when we need to focus on finding sustainable ways to move forward.
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    Created by Stephanie Wheeler
  • Make PIP Assessment Centres more easily accessible for people who are ill
    My nephew has Asperger's Syndrome. He has been unable to claim PIP because he cannot "hold on" to the phone to speak to an operator, have the right documents at the time he makes the call, completely understand the telephone conversation, understand how to fill in the form to explain his situation or attend the assessment centre, as this would involve interacting with people and travelling to an unknown place. I cannot start the claim proccess for him by phone, as he has to be present and I do not live near him.
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    Created by Lorna King
  • Traffic Calming or an Improved Footpath on the bridge on Delph New Road opposite Ladcastle Road
    There is no barrier between pedestrians and traffic on the bridge, the footpath on this bridge is too narrow for prams, wheelchairs, for two people to pass or to hold a child's hand. There is only one narrow footpath on one side which is at points only 60cm wide and too narrow for most prams and wheelchairs and only accommodates walking single file so a child has to walk either in front or behind an adult. This is very close to Dobcross' only primary school and to therefore part of the school journey for a number of residents. In order to pass the narrowest parts, you have to lift the pram wheels off the kerb and into the road; two people cannot cross at the same time without one having to walk on the road. There have been a number of potentially very serious near misses on this stretch of road recently including: A council bin lorry mounting the kerb centimetres in front of a pram; a double decker bus mounting the kerb metres in front of a family on the path; wingmirrors of passing cars hitting the arms of pedestrians; a child's head almost being hit by the wing mirror of a car. We need to address this stretch of road before somebody, a young child, gets killed or seriously hurt.
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    Created by Jayne Gibson
  • A default 20mph speed limit for Dobcross
    The high speed of traffic passing through the village of Dobcross is a major concern for residents. There have been a number of serious traffic accidents and near misses recently and traffic speed was the number 1 concern raised by residents in the recent Neighbourhood Plan (2017/8). Residents are particularly concerned about trying to cross roads in the face of high speed traffic and walk alongside roads next to high speed traffic and also in places where there is no or very narrow footpaths. There are no safe places for people to cross, especially the young and vulnerable. 20mph is safer than 30mph-we need safer streets and roads in Dobcross.
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    Created by Jayne Gibson
  • Vital NHS Phone Calls Are Being Blocked!
    The telephones of NHS GP Surgeries and Talking Matters (which deals with mental health issues) in Northumberland have changed to using withheld numbers, which means that many people with urgent medical issues are missing vital calls; this is because if you use BT Call Protect - which blocks many nuisance calls - NHS calls are blocked too! The NHS seems totally disinterested in rectifying this problem; meanwhile I have missed several important medical calls and have even been discharged from Talking Matters after waiting over a month for a telephone appointment because "Your phone won't accept withheld numbers". I wasn't told about this beforehand and no apology or explanation was necessary, apparently. (In many places locally mobile phones simply don't work.)
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    Created by David Gilson
  • Stop The Farm
    The is no longer the need to use animals for testing. To breed & farm animals for testing is atrocious, unnecessary & unethical.
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    Created by Mia Enefer
  • Rename Skegness to Skeg Vegas officially.
    Because most people call Skegness, Skeg Vegas anyway. It would boost their image.
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    Created by Phil Stringer
  • Disibilty benefits
    Pretty much everybody who has had the assessment has ended up with ' 0 points ', but head injury is not like usual disibility. Most people who have suffered a brain injury can walk & talk etc & come across as normal at first contact. We all have memory and concentration problems & an extreme lack of motivation, unable to cope with stress or confrontation, amongst other problems that I can't actually think of off hand, which makes us basically unemployable. It is so stressful resulting in people giving up or going into extreme depression, often resulting in the unthinkable. I myself had to leave my home in Leeds & move close to family for help & support. It took a couple of years to get things sorted & I was given over £4000 in back pay cos they realised they were wrong in their decision - 8 months later I had to go for another assessment, exactly the same results & my ESA stopped again. Unfortunately the Dr at my surgery that was a specialist in head injury & helped to get the decision reversed has left & the disibility hub in Redhill which also helped, has closed. I can't cope with things myself so have left it cos the last thing I want is to go into a depression again, which unfortunately is inevitable. Thanx to Llidl & charity shops I can still live to a bearable standard, but we are talking about living on £10 a week for food & spending a lot of time at my mum's, especially during winter because at home I rarely have the heating on, cos I simply wouldn't be able to afford it. If anything could be done to make the government aware of the problems they have caused it really would be appreciated Thanx Stacey Godsell
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    Created by Stacey Godsell