• Uncomplicated Lords Reform
    No need to use a sledgehammer to crack this very tiny nut of an issue. This small device will do it in one easy, democratic, stroke.
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    Created by Derek Johnson
  • Save the Hervey Road Sports Field
    It is important to keep this site that has been used by and has been integral for the local community for many years. It has been a green space and been used since 1890 by the local community for various sports activities, including tennis, football, rugby, athletics, cricket, hockey, bowls, and even a rifle range.
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    Created by Kim Peluffo
  • Coventry: Save Lyng Hall School Playing Fields
    Primary school places have increased significantly. Before too long these children will be at secondary school. In the spirit of the post Olympics let us preserve our children's right to access school playing fields that can accommodate them all.
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    Created by Susan Davey
  • Ridiculous Jam Laws
    A small British jam manufacturer (husband & wife team) recently introduced the first ever British apple-based jams onto the U.K. high street. However, the U.K. government has stated these products cannot legally be called jam because they don't contain enough sugar!!! Standard jams have a sugar content exceeding 60%; however, these apple-based jams have a sugar content of 52-53%. Unfortunately, between 51-59% sugar content there is no clear legal definition as to what these British apple-based products should be called. It's a jam 'no-mans land'! Jam Law across the EU is meant to be harmonised. However, France, Germany and Denmark have all recently used an 'escape clause' in the legislation to permit jams with sugar content below 60%. The U.K. government now needs to use this 'escape clause' to account for British apple-based jams. After 12 months of battling for the issue to be addressed, the U.K. government has finally agreed to consult on making changes to the Law (see http://www.defra.gov.uk/files/jam-consult-statement.pdf). However, there is no guarantee that the Law will be changed and it wouldn’t occur until the end of 2013. We therefore need to keep pressure on the U.K. government to ensure the ridiculous Jam Laws are changed. During these recessionary times, it is vital that the U.K. government supports British business, British innovation and British-specific traditions, i.e. Bramley apple growing. With obesity rates increasing, we should also be encouraging the general public to consume jams with more fruit and less added sugar.
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    Created by Paul James Gorman
  • MIU Grindon Lane Primary Care Centre
    I find it easier to go to a walk in center if I am not feeling well outside surgery hours that is the reason why I am setting up this petition the hospital is nearer to my home but I feel as though it is wasting doctors time if I go with an illness or injury outside surgery times.I have used the Walk in Centre and have always received efficient treatment and advice and also feel as though I am not a burden to the nurses and doctors who work there.
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    Created by Linda Huxtable
  • Bring back £1.2m in primary health care services to Haverhill.
    Half of Haverhill is one of 20% of the most deprived health in Suffolk. How would you feel if you had a young child or an elderly parent that could not get to a doctor at weekends, evenings or night and an out of hours doctor that has to cover 120 square miles.
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    Created by Patrick Hanlon
  • the Full Restoration & increase in OfGens management powers over the utility companies
    We all know to our cost that Competition between Energy suppliers is a myth When one increase its prices then the rest are quick to follow Ofgen gave up control as it naively thought that completion between the companies would do its work for them, but they forgot one important fact that all major companies naturally like to for cartels in order to ensure their continuing profits When one increase its prices then the rest are quick to follow as we know to our cost Politicians like to patronise the public & they think that we are stupid when they say shop around but we all are aware that this advice is fatuous
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    Created by John Potsey
  • Make motorists signal
    This will reduce accidents,road rage and help traffic flow.
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    Created by Eric Dyson
  • Save Remploy Firms for the Disabled
    These disabled people are suffering enough with their disability and surely we as a caring society should be helpful and be prepared to help them in their fight with the government to keep their factories open.
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    Created by Alan Fox
  • Urge the Conservative Party to return the donation from Polly Peck
    John Major and other senior party members pledged to return the donations if Nadir was found guilty of fraud - this was a Conservative party commitment which they should honour.
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    Created by Angela Steatham
  • Debate the failure of the Military and Dubai police to find Timmy Maccoll.
    Timmy has a heavily pregnant wife and 2 children Cameron and Skye, they need there daddy and the whole family deserve answers. Dont forget he was servig our country..why arnt we doing more to find him!????
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    Created by louise davies
  • Saving the British Pub
    The British Pub is being extinguished by the fact it so much cheaper to buy beer in supermarkets and drink it at home. If my idea was adopted I do not believe the Government would lose much income because of the companion sales of wines and spirits to the companions of draught beer drinkers. The pub is much more than a drinking den, it is where people meet and interact, play games and socialise.
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    Created by Roy Murchie