• Keep Magilligan Prison Open
    There is no economic argument for the closure of Magilligan. The Prison Service of Northern Ireland argues that the prison has outlived its economic usefulness but the additional cost incurred by building a new facility on the Magheraberry site destroys this argument. Closure of the prison would have a catastrophic impact on the local economy. This part of the North West has already been ravaged by the economic recession and the loss of a further 440 jobs would be devastating.The spending power of those employed in the prison would be lost to the local economy and in addition, the goods and services that the prison buys from local suppliers will stop causing further pressure upon already struggling businesses and potentially causing even more job losses. This area simply cannot afford to lose the prison.
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    Created by Alison Grundle
  • Save our Verges
    Bees and other insects rely heavily on our roadside verges for their food and habitat. There is very little meadow land left and the verges should be providing much needed food. I notice that the cutting goes as far back to the banks or hedges as far as possible, often twelve feet or more. I cannot see a reason for this. One cut in would be sufficient for any motorist to see the edge of the road. I have no doubt that it costs a considerable and unnecessary amount in council tax, not to mention the pollution entailed by the cutting machines.
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    Created by Vivien Cruickshank
  • Scottish Independence Referendum - Make Voting Compulsory
    In Alex Salmond's own words, this is the most important question facing Scotland in the last 300 years. It is vital then that the decision either way is not made after a small turnout at the polling booths. Apathy must not be a deciding factor in such a momentous decision. I am proposing that Prime Minister David Cameron urgently introduces a bill at Westminster to ensure that all voters in Scotland are compelled on this single occasion to vote. If individuals express a view that this infringes human rights then all they need to is attend a polling booth and 'spoil' the ballot paper.
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    Created by Ronnie McInnes
  • Oppose Badger Cull in Wiltshire
    The case against badgers, that they are the main transmitter of TB to cows, is as yet unproven, and until the scientists can agree and have definite proof of their guilt, culling badgers is a crime against nature. Badgers are an important link in the food chain of the woodland and countryside scene, and like all animals, should be treasured and preserved, not criminalised and destroyed. It is hoped that a vaccine to protect cows will be available within a few years. I would like the government to put money into this instead of culling innocent animals and threatening a link in our natural environment, the long term results of which could herald another as yet unknown environmental disaster.
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    Created by Patricia Ann Aves
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  • RAF Bomber Command memorial
    The money is outstanding because more people came to watch the Queen's opening of the memorial than was anticipated, and if it remains outstanding members of the Bomber Command may be liable for the full amount of over half a million pounds. This could lead to these men who fought so bravely for us to lose their homes, and in reality make a mockery of the memorial itself.
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    Created by Lawrence Davies
  • Save the Sheriff Courts
    It is vitally important that the people of Scotland have access to justice as fairly as possible. This is a cost cutting exercise only and takes no account of the needs and aspirations of the people, including many of the most vulnerable, of Scotland.
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    Created by Ken Kerr
  • Stop Police Driving Audis
    We're broke. Times are hard and, I'm reliably informed, we're all in it togeather...? I don't work and pay huge amounts of tax so that it can be wasted on frippery like this. Our Police force DO NOT need fancy cars. If the government is serious about saving money, then this would be saving straight off the bat - no job losses - no changes of conditions - no issues. We'd also be building transits in Southhampton and keeping UK workers in a jobs. It's a no-brainer.
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    Created by Alan Harkness
  • Automatic Entitlement to education until 18 years old for all
    Many parents have areal struggle to get their children placed in the most appropriate provision. There is a general assumption that as long as the placement is beneficial, the pupil will be there until they are 18, just like mainstream. However, this is not the case. Parents have to justify why their child should stay on. This has to be done for each year applied for. This is so unfair and adds unnecessary stress to already over stressed families.
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    Created by Grace Boyle
    Local people want to be able to communicate their negative response to the extra planes more easily. The way the trial requests the community to respond does not work with the way people live today. People are in and out of their homes, busy with their lives etc and most aren't even aware of the quiet times presently. If BAA has a low response to the time trials and there are more planes more of the time, we know then the community will regret they didn't say more and it will be too late to reverse.
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    Created by sharon Bowles
  • No more Privitisation of public service jobs
    Just as the Con/Dem Goverment is attempting to hand over the best parts of the NHS then a Labour opposition should be totally against any more job losses in the public sector .A 100% run Labour Council is meeting this evening to discuss the possibility of handing over ALL of their services .This is the thin edge of the wedge when a Trade Union Congress as just called for a General Strike
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    Created by Leslie Teeling