• Stop the continued destruction of Bridgwaters green belt
    The Meads in Bridgwater contains common ground which would have belonged to a Lord of the Manor. This land was used by 'commoners' to graze their livestock and is enjoyed today by many. The land is relatively untouched and is home to a diverse range of wildlife including Daubenton and Pipistrelle bats which are endangered species. There are also nesting birds of prey amongst other wildlife forms. We believe that this land should remain untouched by any developments especially that of a housing estate.
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    Created by Paul Dodden
  • The Ritz gets richer
    The Ritz Hotel has paid no Corporation tax for 17 (seventeen) years. Along with several other corporations the Ritz have used existing tax laws to avoid paying corporation tax. This is a more long running tax avoidance issue than any other company has been involved in. This entirely legal tax avoidance use series of tax reliefs to reduce its bill to Zero. While the country tries to manage by cutting back the welfare budget, the Ritz are happy to continue to avoid paying tax in the UK.
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    Created by Mike Blaney
  • Provide free bus passes for students who are required to continue further education
    The legal age for students to leave education is being raised to 17 and soon it will be 18. Starting from this September students are required to continue to some form of education for another year, however in Gloucestershire parents are still required to pay the £300+ (in some cases) for their children to continue on at school, even though they have no way of leaving education. Usually the lower stage of secondary school is free transport provided by the council, however now that students are required to stay on longer, this should also be provided free of charge.
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    Created by Tom Voaden
  • Robbie's Law - A Legal 'Duty of Candour' for all Healthcare Professionals
    Currently, any Healthcare Professional causing the negligent death of a patient is not legally obliged to be Open, Honest & Transparent with bereaved relatives or to refrain falsifying the deceased patient’s medical records. Please sign http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34926 Robbie's Law gets it's namesake from Robbie Powell, who died an unnecessary death at the age of ten, 22 years ago. Due to this loophole in the law, at every turn his death has been swept under the rug. His family and thousands of others have endured years of grief, injustice and frustration. Robbie’s family continues to campaign 22 years on, not only for justice for Robbie, but to ensure other families don't have their grief exacerbated by the dishonesty of the medical profession. Please sign http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/34926
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    Created by Joanna Slater
  • Stop Earl's Court Scheme
    At £8 billion, the Earl's Court redevelopment scheme is the largest in the world outside of China. It challenges the Government's committment to the Big Society and Localism and looks set to repeat the mistakes of property speculation that busted the Western economies. The campaign to save the Exhibition Centres, the rail depot and engineering works and the two council estates is on the front line battling to champion democracy and community in the face of rampant prfiteering by tax-havenbed entitiers at the expense of the poor, jobs and our international trade. The petition wording explains further.
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    Created by Jonathan Rosenberg
  • EDF Energy: Drop the charges from West Burton protestors
    Peaceful protest is at the cornerstone of our democracy and threatening to prosecute protesters for exercising this fundamental right undermines that notion of democracy and what is a civilised society. Protesters scaled the walls of the cooling towers in a week long protest at West Burton, Nottinghamshire. They hoped to raise awareness of the continued use of fossil fuel based power stations and the damage they do to our environment. EDF Energy is trying to scare people from demonstrating against using fossil fuels for our energy needs. By making an example of the West Burton protesters they hope that they will be able to limit the damage to their public reputation and go on building new fossil fuel based power stations. The right to non-violent protest is of fundamental importance in our democracy. We cannot let corporations from silencing our democratic rights to protest. We need to demonstrate to EDF Energy that if they continue with the prosecutions they will damage their brand and cost shareholders money in lost profits. We as citizens and as consumers have the power to make EDF Energy think again and drop the charges.
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    Created by Tony Rowell
  • Reduce Crown Copyright from 50 years to 10 years
    The UK's copyright laws for government works are archaic. In the USA for example works of the Federal Government don't get any copyright protection. The restrictive Crown Copyright rules that currently apply in the UK make it harder for campaigning websites to reproduce government documents in full and don't help information-based businesses. This campaign isn't for the rules to be scrapped though but rather for the period of protection to be reduced to 10 years which means the government can exploit its works commercially for one decade if it wishes to do so. In the digital era a government copyright term of longer than ten years cannot be justified.
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    Created by John Cross
  • Keep libraries open in Brent and in the UK
    Libraries is an essential public service for the community/society, especially Brent is one of the most deprive area in London/the UK. ● Library is for the whole community (children, adult, elderly, disable people and for different culture and religions…). Library is the area which let people to gather and have more knowledge about the community/UK/world, study/self study and can join other activity. And ● If you have doubt about things, you have someone/staff near you. Library make you don’t feel isolation from the community/people and less worry about things if you have doubt on them. ● Library is good for the community, Councils close local libraries; it is inconvenience for people and isolate them, especially in Labour councils run/create deprived area. Children, elderly, disable people….are difficult to go any further and some can’t/don’t go any further as well - Culture issue….and save money for living.  !!! Labour council goal is to make people become more stupid, have no knowledge themselves for the community, the UK, the world. And make them dependent on welfare system for easy to control the area. !!! Labour council/government are often emphasizes diversity country/borough and give different kind of benefit and housing for the people they need. It is just for inner circle. For example: I experience and know deeply about libraries in Brent and in London, and their public service and welfare system… in Brent Council.
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    Created by Pui-Yee Yu
  • Save the Somerset Levels
    Because the rivers have not been dredged for many years, their capacity has been reduced. As a consequence and because of the very heavy rain over the last year, a number of main roads across the Levels have been flooded almost continuously since mid-November 2012.(The same number of roads were flooded in May 2012.) As a consequence, school buses, cars and lorries face long detours and delays, with increased fuel consumption and damage to minor roads. Journeys into hospital, which should take 20 minutes, last over an hour..A number of villages (such as Muchelney) were cut off completely for weeks. Vast areas of farmland have been submerged and numerous small farmers face ruin. Some 150 houses (involving up to 500 people) have been flooded out - some more than once over the last 3 months. In some cases, the houses were flooded 30 inches deep in brown filthy water. More than one famiy lost all their furniture. Householders had to abandon their homes for Christmas and the New Year.One elderly lady, who had lived in her house for more than 50 years, had to be rescued by the Fire Service and has now been living in a small holiday let for nearly 3 months.Small businesses, such as log suppliers, have seen their livelhoods destroyed. The Somerset Levels are an important area for wildlife and consequently tourism (there are no fewer than 9 SSSIs in the area). In the May 2012 floods, nests were washed away and nestling birds drowned, The same will happen this spring.
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    Created by Helen Griffiths
  • Bent Lane, Leyland SLOW DOWN
    PREVENTION. This used to be a fairly quiet road. It starts at the top of Bent Lane joining Leyland Way which brings the majority of the traffic from other areas, including the motorway, into Leyland. It ends on the start of Church Road which feeds the Dale Estate and the other side of Leyland. There is a blind nearly right angle bend in the middle (hence the name) and sometimes has cars parked on the road both sides for nearly it's full length. Some responsible drivers stick to the 30MPH limit but there are an increasing number who I have seen and also followed by car, doing nearly twice my speed of 30MPH and have soon disappeared around the bend. At night drivers use it to get from one end to the other as fast as possible (there is no police presence at this time) some I would conservatively estimate doing 60 MPH. You can hear them dropping a gear to take the corner at speed. and accelerating as they come out of the bend. There are a number of older residents living in the area including an old folks estate (bungalows and flats), there are children and numerous pets. The recreation ground hosts all manner of people, particularly in summer. A person is going to be killed it's only a matter of time ( there have been countless numbers of pets killed on this road)
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    Created by Tom Watson
  • Stop This Road To Nowhere
    We are local people, determined to prevent the environmentally disastrous white-elephant that is the “Bexhill-Hastings Link Road” from devastating one of Hastings’ and Bexhill’s most amazing natural treasures.We demand an affordable, sustainable transport system for our area, that improves the quality of all our lives without costing the earth.
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    Created by Jon Basher
  • Protect the Green Belt
    This is a national problem driven in part by developers with their land bank areas of green belt. The north of Bristol is no exception, where South Gloucestershire Council have proposed to build a total of 22,000 houses at central government behest, and 3,200 will be in Stoke Gifford/Winterbourne, 1,200 of which are being built at Harry Stoke and 2,000 are proposed on the green belt East of Harry Stoke ref: LEOHS. Filton Airfield and Cribbs Causway are brown field sites, more than capable of accommodating the majority of this requirement. There is serious vehicle congestion in and around Stoke Gifford and the proposal will only bring more traffic estimated to be around 6,000 vehicles onto the all ready congested road network
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    Created by David Bradshaw