• CCTV and other safety measures in the Royal park, Rhymney
    We need to make this a safe place for us, our children and everyone else who wishes to use the park to an advantage and not have to avoid the area because of the above reasons.
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  • Ban Trail Hunting on National Trust Land
    Trail hunting involves laying a trail of concentrated fox urine for a pack of hounds to follow. They are trained to ONLY follow fox scent when they could so easily be trained to follow the smell of fruit, drugs, biscuits or anything else. So, it should not come as a shock when the pack follows the scent of a real fox and kills it. This is still legal in the UK and goes on throughout the country. As a result, hundreds of foxes are still chased and killed for pleasure each year in the UK. There is no place in modern society to kill just for pleasure and members of the National Trust are unwittingly supporting this activity. There are incidents where pets are also killed 'by accident' and hunts refuse to trail hunt with dogs muzzled to avoid 'collateral damage'. The National Trust should be the most respected Guardians of the countryside and represent the views of its members. It should not be an organisation that promotes cruelty and killing for the pleasure of a tiny minority. We would ask the Board of the National Trust to ban all trail hunting on their land. NOTE: it is easy to stop inhumane suffering and 'accidental' death: LET'S CLOSE THIS LOOPHOLE.
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  • De-power Scottish Natural Heritage
    To keep a balance for all who live or use the environment. Also to protect more those species that are on the endanger list from extinction and full information has to be giving to justify why species that are protected have to killed. So that we in the future are not asking questions why species that are still depleting partly due to licenses being issues and also toughen up the laws on those who kill protected species illegally.
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  • Make 101 a free call
    Nobody wants to be the victim of a crime or need to call the police. If you've just lost everything the last thing you need is to find 15p to call someone. It just does not make sense to be charged to report something that wasn't your fault in the first place. Plus with mobile calls you might get disconnected and 5 calls later you've spent 75p.......
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    It's one thing to deny funding towards building the Tidal Bay Lagoon, in Swansea (A green and 100% renewable energy source). Further more, to announce the establishment are funding over 100 MILLION in to nuclear power plants in UK is frankly, below the belt. BUT, to dump the nuclear waste in wales, on the belly's of our shores is audacious, to the point of beyond belief. The British Government, YOUR GOVERNMENT, are planning to dump 300,000 tonnes of toxic waste surrounding Cardiff bay. This waste will the be carried through the strong Severn River currents outwards, towards the natural, beautiful, award winning beaches of the Gower peninsular, Swansea. Towards the Irish east coastal areas. The current will also take the nuclear infected water up stream to the heart of the river, where river banks, vegetation and marine life will also be affected. This NEEDS to be prevented. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FOOD FOR THOUGHT: During the the massive media speculation around the re-naming of the Severn bridge, Prince Charles was quoted: "Why weren't the welsh people notified and asked about this" To which he followed - "No wonder they are not happy". Naming a bridge is one thing, This is another level.
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  • Stop spraying glyphosate herbicides on our communal gardens and land
    It is not acceptable that we are are being routinely exposed to dangerous, life threatening chemicals, whether we like it or not. In 2015 the International Agency for Research on Cancer, the World Health Organisation's cancer agency, concluded that it was "probably carcinogenic to humans". In a landmark case (August 2018), a Californian jury found that Monsanto knew its Roundup and RangerPro weedkillers were dangerous and failed to warn consumers. Monsanto has just been ordered to pay £226m damages to a man who claimed herbicides containing glyphosate had caused his cancer. Jurors found that the company had acted with "malice" and that its weedkillers contributed "substantially" to Mr Johnson's terminal illness. https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/world-us-canada-45152546
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  • Safeguard the rights of those lacking mental capacity
    Since 2005, the Mental Capacity Act has safeguarded the rights of people in care homes, hospitals and other places where they are deprived of their liberty. A High Court ruling -namely the 'Cheshire West' ruling - resulted in vaste numbers of people becoming eligible for protections which ended up having a lot of duplication. There is a real need to streamline services. The Law Commission drafted a bill to streamline the Act to give real efficiencies but preserved the balance of rights safeguarded in the original Act. The bill introduced - and currently being rushed through Parliament - has controversially removed a lot of the protections of vulnerable peoples' rights and there is a real risk that the essence of the original Act will be watered down and lost. The Lords - in their second reading of the Act - raised real concerns and there is very little time left to get this right. The next reading is scheduled for early September. We can get this right and urge the right people to also do so. This petition seeks to gather public support to ensure that people currently in positions that none of us would choose to be have their basic human rights upheld and protected by systems with appropriate checks and balances without cutting corners.
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  • Stop seizing migrant children from parents.
    The psychological damage caused by this inhumane and cruel policy as revealed in the Observer newspaper on Sunday 5th August 2018 is irreparable and shames the United Kingdom. The hypocrisy of criticising the Trump administration for its immigration policy is breathtaking. It is shameful to be treating some of the most vulnerable and needy people in the world in this way. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2018/aug/05/child-separation-migrant-parents-uk-hostile-environment-trump
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  • Prevent the UK Extradition of Julian Assange to America
    After protecting WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange for almost six years, Ecuador is now planning to withdraw its political asylum, and eject him from its London embassy which would turn him over to the British authorities. Lenín Moreno, the newly-elected President of Ecuador, visited London last week to give a speech at Global Disability Summit on 24 July 2018. However, media reports suggest the actual purpose of the President's visit was to finalize a deal with UK government to withdraw its asylum protection of Assange. According to the Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, multiple sources close to the Ecuadorian Foreign Ministry and the President's office have confirmed that Julian Assange will be handed over to Britain in the coming weeks or even days. The Backgroud: Julian Assange, has been living in The Embassy of Ecuador in London since June 2012, when he was granted asylum by the Ecuador Government after a British court ordered his extradition to Sweden to face questioning over an alleged sexual assault and rape charge. In 2017 Swedish Attorney teams visited Assange in London which resulted in all charges being dropped. However, Assange could still not leave the Ecuador Embassy as UK Police forces maintained a 24/ 7 presence around the building with orders to effect an arrest warrant for a minor charge of "failure to surrender," which carries a prison term of three months and a fine. However, the real reason for an arrest warrant would be to also effect an Extradition to America where he is facing federal charges for publishing classified information leaked by Chelsea Manning in 2010, illustrating atrocious war crimes. The leaked files included video footage of Reuters news reporters, and innocent bystanders being murdered by a US helicopter gunship. The footage was entitled Collateral Murder, and was immediately also widely published in media outlets all around the world. The Guardian, New York Times, The Washington post amongst many others have all made a fortune from the information that was published by WikiLeaks, but are not being targeted in any way by US government. Instead the US government have sighted Wikileaks and Julian Assange as enemies of the state, and have even called for his assignation by drone strike! In 2016, The United Nations ruled that Julian Assange was and had been Arbitrarily Detained at the Embassy and should be immediately set free with compensation, however this ruling has been totally ignored. Current Situation: Julian Assange, has not been online since March 2018, after Ecuador cut his communications with the outside world from its London embassy... no visitors, no phone, no internet connection. The Ecuadorian government took this decision after Assange tweeted in support of the Catalan independence movement exposing Spanish governments alleged human rights violations. According to Ecuador, Assange had breached an agreement to refrain from interfering in other states' affairs. In reality however, it is thought that America is currently applying 'significant pressure' on Ecuador, including threatening to block a loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) if Assange continues to be allowed stay at its London Embassy. He is therefore now unable to defend himself against any of the allegations that are being currently issued. It is completely unacceptable for the UK Government to knowingly allow and Extradition Process to happen, with the knowledge that US officials are seeking a death penalty. Julian Assange has provided us all with the privilege of gaining access to the Truth behind many of the world's most complex geo-political issues. Action: This issue is Urgent. Julian Assange could now be evicted at any time and extradited to America. Please Take Action and sign this campaign, and broaden the public understanding of this issue.
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  • Irresponsible dog owners
    British law as it stands is on the side of the dog owner this petition wishes to change that law and and make it a prisonable offence or uncapped fine enforced by the RSPCA to protect the the health and safety of a dog. currently in this country it is an offence if you break the window of a vehicle to get a dog free from a hot environment this needs to change. and only can change with your support. So please help me get as many signatures as possible to get this petition recognised in law so that moving forward if a dog is in a car and all windows are locked up and the owner is nowhere around you will have the right to break the window retrieved the animal call the RSPCA or the police and have the owner arrested as long as you have photographic evidence or a video supporting your actions
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  • Let my fiance come home immediately
    The judge has now determined that the Home Office breached our human rights and that we satisfied all of the application requirements all along and that we need to be together, but we still face a long wait for him to come home. On 13th December 2017 we were devastated to find that the visa was refused on the basis that I as the sponsor didn't meet the financial requirement and that bills were not submitted to prove we lived together therefore our relationship wasn’t considered genuine. When in fact, all relevant documents were submitted to prove my income of £19,500 and bills were also submitted in both our names. Our solicitor asked the Home Office to reconsider their decision the day after the refusal but this has never been acknowledged. Solicitor lodged our appeal on 18th December. My local MP had also contacted the HO who had refused to review the decision outside of appeal procedures. My local MP had also made comments such as "if he leaves you after 18 months of obtaining the visa I cannot help you" she had already judged the situation without even knowing us. On the 17th December 2017 things took a turn for the worst as I was sectioned under 136 of the mental health act by police and taken to hospital after trying to jump from a bridge above a busy motorway in order to kill myself because of the stress & anxiety that the home office had caused by separating us against our own will. We will never be able to describe the emotional abuse we have suffered at the hands of the Home Office, there just isn't any words for it. This led to me losing my job on 10th January 2018 due to issues with my mental health and personal life affecting my work. Luckily I was able to find new employment almost immediately, but it left me in a position where I wasn't able to visit my fiance due to fear of losing my job again. After a frustrating few months of trying to get our lives back on track, both myself and fiancé made a complaint to the home office due to their incompetence, they refused to speak to me as I am not the applicant and refused him because he was out of country. We threatened the home office with the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman as we couldn’t make a formal complaint to which they finally agreed to review the decision 27th February after saying that they could never review a decision outside of appeal procedures. They only received the appeal from the tribunal on 16th March. We was very hopeful that finally someone would realise there was a mistake made. In the meantime we had submitted 3 expedite request to the First Tier Tribunal on the basis of my mental health deterioration which were refused for the judges not taking my mental health seriously. After chasing the review agreed by the Home Office for 9 weeks, on the 3rd May 2018 review completed by the HO but they had maintained the refusal on the financial requirement but now stated they believed our relationship. How could they still get it wrong when the evidence was clear in their face?! After a complaining to the resident judge about how previous judges had treated my mental health, this lead to our case finally being expedited and on 6th June 2018, our hearing took place, to which the Home Office never showed up or submitted a bundle. The Judge allowed our appeal on the day as he found I did meet the requirements all along and that it was a breach of our human rights to keep us apart. on 23rd July 2018 received the court determination letter after chasing the court every week! The Home Office now have 28 days to appeal the allowed decision which we are confident they wont due to no error of law being made. Our human rights have been breached enough, why should we have to wait a further for him to come home, I need him home as he is the only family I have. We just want to move on with our lives.
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  • Proscribe the EDL
    The rise of the far right leads our nation into darkness. The right to free speech cannot include the use of violence at rallies and demonstrations
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