• Compulsory Drugs Testing for MPs and Lords
    Equality under the law - If Fred Bloggs on a council estate was caught in possession of a class A drug he would be arrested and banged up for a few years. Why should MPs be exempt? Professionalism - If a professional gets done for drugs they are removed from their place of work. Michael Gove passed legislation to remove teachers from the profession if they are have been on drugs. Why should MPs be exempt? Judgement - MPs vote on and pass the laws that govern us, any one of them could be PM. How can we trust their judgement if it is clouded by the use of drugs, particularly in the use of nuclear weapons?
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    Created by Peter Bray
  • Stop indecent photos of minors being shared on snapchat
    My daughter is 14 yrs old and has been horrifically bullied on snapchat for 18 months. The police have been involved several times however, cannot trace or access accounts on snapchat. Young girls and boys are being encouraged to share indecent images of themselves more and more and these images are later used against them. The police have also stated they do not like to criminalise children under 18 yrs old, the problem is though the majority of the bulling and sharing of pornagraphic images is done by the MINORS themselves. Meaning this horrific bullying can continue, ruining young girls and boys life’s. If however, these images were being shared by adults the criminal charges would be treated completely different. Snapchat monitors no messages or pictures shared and will not support the police in finding/seeing who has sent or shared certain messages/pictures. Snapchat has hundreds of ‘bait’ accounts sharing indecent images of minors which also encourages minors to continue sharing these images. If these accounts are reported to snapchat, snapchat takes days/weeks to remove them by which time new accounts have been opened and the torture continues. Snapchat should be supporting the young people using their social media accounts and not being part of the criminal activity that is causing more and more serious mental health, leading to death in our young people. My teenage child is being subjected to continuous abuse to the point of wanting to end her life and nothing can be done. She is not the only child going through this thousands of children are going through this on a daily basis. I also work in a crisis mental health unit with young people under 18 yrs old. I have found snapchat to be one of the first issues talked about leading, to the young persons mental health. I can not sit back as a mother or carer and do nothing. Please please please join me in signing this petition so I can get this heard at by the House of Commons and hopefully get snapchat monitored in an appropriate way. Please also talk to your teenagers using snapchat. Some parents are unaware what their child is going through or doing on Snapchat. Thank you for reading.
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    Created by Sarah Picture
  • New TV licence payments change
    People like myself should be able to set up a new TV licence without having to pay double for the first 6 months if a payment is missed the same protocol as most companies should be followed. In current economic state people should not be forced to pay more than the basic amount when on such low income and shouldn't be only given the options of pay double or don't watch tv.
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    Created by Ashley Waddington
  • We need a Police Station in Cambridge City Centre
    Cambridge needs a city centre base for our police officers to be able to walk and cycle from, with patrol cars to be able to quickly respond to an emergency situation. Our city is growing fast, and copes with seven million visitors each year already. We need to maintain a high level of police presence on our streets. An information point is simply not good enough.
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  • Looming PPI Deadline 29/08/19
    Claiming back PPI taken from their customers without their consent should not be down to the customers to claim it - It should be the institutions and companies that stole it in the first place to own up and just give it back. The claim process is deliberately complicated and peppered with traps and loopholes and can only really be successfully negotiated by specialist collection companies who charge a huge percentage cut from any recovered money to do so on customers' behalf. Complaining to the Ombudsman is just as complicated and frankly an unnecessary waste of their time. It's not just PPI payments that should be returned to their rightful owners, but also any interest made by the perpetrators PLUS compensation to the victims for not having that money available when they could have used it.
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  • Bring back public service announcements
    As a child I remember the impact these announcements had on me and many others from my generation. Shocking as they were the impact was instant and effective. This is a very powerful form of advertising and creating these as realistic as possible can only have a scary, yet positive effect on current issues such as knife crime. The country is shaking their heads for solutions, the police are at their wits end and the government are far too slow to respond to this epidemic. We need to educate and reinforce the eternal damage caused by these crimes. Stop pussy footing around trying to protect people and give them a stark, reality shock. Bring back public service announcements.
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  • More support for rape survivors!
    A few years ago I was raped twice by my ex partner. Although I didn’t report him at the exact time it happened, I did report my rape after we split up. Throughout the police process, I was not offered any kind of mental health support by the police or by my GP, I was just put on medication and that was it. The medication didn’t work. The whole process took over a year and a half, and I was then told that the CPS will not be prosecuting and no further action will be taken. That was it. I have been left on my own since. I have been to the GP numerous times to ask for support and therapy and have received nothing. Even after I had started self harming as a way of coping, I have received nothing. No help, no support. There is not enough support available to survivors of rape and domestic abuse, we should not have to fight to get help.
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    Created by Rebecca Ives
  • Safer kids - Radical increase in muggings and violent assault on children in our neighbourhood
    We the undersigned residents of Brent demand our streets be made safe for our children. We are writing to you to demand you immediately address the radical increase in muggings and assaults on children in our local area. Lawlessness is rampant and impunity is now rife in our neighbourhood. Our streets feel like the Wild West - anything goes, and no one can do a thing about it. Muggings and assaults on children are now occurring daily, often between 2pm and 7pm on the peripheries of schools, in parks and around the Chamberlayne Rd area. These crimes are committed by youth, at times in balaclavas, often using knives, sometimes using steel bars as a threat, other times using direct violent assault - and all this in broad daylight. In the cases where adults have tried to intervene, they too have been violently assaulted. One parent was recently punched in the head in Roundwood Park numerous times in front of his son, and another parent had a plank of wood smashed into his face, loosing several teeth in the Queens Park area - also in front of his children. Sadly, many cases go unreported as the victims are fearful if they tell, they could be putting themselves in more danger. Moreover, parents at times fear nothing will be done as the police rarely turn up, or if they do it's 30 minutes late, when the perpetrators are long gone. At an age when our children should be cherishing a newfound independence, they now have to fear for their safety. They must ask themselves: Will I be attacked on the way home from school today? Is it safe to take my phone? Do I have to walk in a big group to be safe? What should I do if I get assaulted? Will they knife me? No child should have to ask him or herself these questions. We want our children to: - be able to walk to school and home from it - go the the park/skatepark - walk to a friend's house - go to the corner shop - catch a bus/ the tube etc... without having to worry that they will be assaulted or mugged. The effect of daily fear in these young minds, if not addressed, is likely to lead to a dramatic increase in anxiety, depression and isolation in our local community. May we remind you, in 1991 the UK signed the Convention on the Rights of the Child, one of the nine core UN human rights treaties. The CRC protects the rights of children in all areas of their life, including their rights to "freedom from violence, abuse and neglect". It is tragic that almost three decades later, in this supposedly civilised society, our children are not protected from violence or abuse in their very own neighbourhood. It is tragic, that due to austerity, our society is now one in which crime is rampant, impunity rife and our children - our future - are the ones having to suffer the devastating consequences. It is tragic that they must now live in fear in their own community. We demand you make our streets safe for our children. We demand action and we demand it now. Yours sincerely, AC Collet on behalf of Safer Kids
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  • On the spot fines for people using bbqs/starting fires on national trust parks
    Just warning people of the danger is clearly not working, most people don't know it is illegal. Wildlife and the beautiful countryside is at risk all over the country.. Last year people had to be evacuated! This needs to stop now!
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  • Minimum prison education pay.
    Education in prison provides so much more than knowledge. It can, as a friend said to me, be a pathway to discovery. Education should underpin any plans for reform and rehabilitation. This has to start at the top. Provide the pay that will see those wishing to go to education, but can't afford to, the same opportunities as those that can. How can there be a class divide of life chances in prison?
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  • End prison sentences for council tax debt
    People who have fallen into debt with council tax payments are usually the poorest and most vulnerable in our population. Sometimes these debts are accrued because of the highly confusing benefits system that links housing tax benefit to other benefit payments. These people are not criminals in any 'normal' use of the term. Prison is a costly form of punishment that is out of all proportion to the offence, and England is the only UK country that still uses such custodial sentences. Time it was ended!
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    Created by Pauline Rowley
  • Investigate the soldiers seen shooting at Jeremy Corbyn’s photo
    The people of the United Kingdom need to feel safe from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and not under threat from them. Soldiers have no business to be intimidating our elected representatives in this vile, despicable manner.
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    Created by Lesley Rickard