• Minimum prison education pay.
    Education in prison provides so much more than knowledge. It can, as a friend said to me, be a pathway to discovery. Education should underpin any plans for reform and rehabilitation. This has to start at the top. Provide the pay that will see those wishing to go to education, but can't afford to, the same opportunities as those that can. How can there be a class divide of life chances in prison?
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  • End prison sentences for council tax debt
    People who have fallen into debt with council tax payments are usually the poorest and most vulnerable in our population. Sometimes these debts are accrued because of the highly confusing benefits system that links housing tax benefit to other benefit payments. These people are not criminals in any 'normal' use of the term. Prison is a costly form of punishment that is out of all proportion to the offence, and England is the only UK country that still uses such custodial sentences. Time it was ended!
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  • Investigate the soldiers seen shooting at Jeremy Corbyn’s photo
    The people of the United Kingdom need to feel safe from Her Majesty’s Armed Forces and not under threat from them. Soldiers have no business to be intimidating our elected representatives in this vile, despicable manner.
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  • Stop Knife/Gun Crime on our UK Streets! No more deaths!
    2019 has seen a shocking and heartbreaking amount of deaths of youngsters and adults on UK streets. But literally how many more people of any age/colour must die on the streets before the government takes a serious stance and acts on this urgent matter? When someone's killed on the street, they are killing not only the family and friends of the deceased but also communities, people's freedom and innocence. Children/teenagers especially should be able to walk the streets and not be in fear of being attacked and yet for many they have to carry a weapon not to kill but to defend. This is not right but it is a reality. We simply must not simply stand by and do nothing. It could happen to anyone or to anyone's child. Please sign the petition and share. The more pressure placed on the government the more hopefully they will listen and act.
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    WE the public pay in our taxes for policing, but they are struggling with the sheer numbers of crimes and lack of resources. The number of young people murdered this year is abhorrent , and we are only in March! Mrs May , you cannot allow this to go on any longer. How many more needless deaths before the Government take action?
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  • Elderly Couple Forced to Demolish their own Home by Cheshire East Council
    To ensure this senseless action can never happen again to vulnerable people, adding to the current national problem of homelessness in the UK. Were Cheshire East Council really acting in the public interest, spending so much taxpayers’ money relentlessly pursuing an elderly couple to whom they granted a Certificate of Lawfulness to build and then issued it with Completion Certificate as a warehouse? We estimate this must be well into six figures, as Ken and Barbara have, although our disclosure request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 was blocked!? But here’s the biggest question of all… Was it really worth it when the Certificate of Lawfulness runs with the land, so once demolished, construction can start immediately to lawfully rebuild the warehouse to exactly the same size/footprint/dimensions, as confirmed by Cheshire East’s Principal Planning Officer.
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  • Legal aid for inquests: Now or never!
    Whether it is the death of a child in a mental health setting, a prisoner who has taken their life, or a death as a result of neglectful state services, families need answers and assurances that everything is being done to stop similar deaths in the future. There remains an unjust power imbalance between bereaved families who fight tooth and nail for funding for legal representation and state bodies who have automatic access to taxpayer’s money for expert legal teams. To have any chance of funding, and at a time when they are grieving, families must jump through multiple hoops, answering extensive personal questions. Some are lucky to get legal aid, but many do not or face paying large sums towards legal costs. Some families are forced to represent themselves in complicated legal hearings while others resort to crowdfunding. Without automatic access to non-means tested legal aid, bereaved families are denied their voice and any meaningful role. The absence of representation weakens investigations into state action, denying opportunities to interrogate the facts and ensure that mistakes or harmful practices are brought to light. Funded representation of the bereaved can safeguard lives, and is of vital interest to us all. Every review and public inquiry that has examined the issue has repeated the urgent need for funding reform. However, in February 2019, the Ministry of Justice published its review into funding for inquests. Ignoring the overwhelming body of supporting evidence, the Government has concluded that families will not be granted automatic funding. This decision is a crushing betrayal of those families who invested in the review of legal aid, believing this process would once and for all bring about the meaningful change long campaigned for and supported now from every quarter. We call on the government to address this injustice and introduce: 1. Automatic non-means tested legal aid funding to families for specialist legal representation immediately following a state-related death. 2. Funding equivalent to that enjoyed by state bodies/public authorities and corporate bodies represented. ----------------------------- In addition to individual signatories this INQUEST campaign is formally supported by: Liberty, Grenfell United, Mind, The Bar Council, Cruse Bereavement Care, Women in Prison, Legal Action Group, Legal Aid Practitioners Group, AvMA, Runnymede Trust, Criminal Justice Alliance, Operation Black Vote, ICVA, The National Autistic Society, Article 39 and INQUEST Lawyers Group.
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  • To restore our Public Enquiry Desk at Newton-le-Willows Police Station
    Merseyside Police have been ravaged by Government austerity. However, Newton-le-Willows deserves it’s fair share of the remaining resource. However, the Borough of St. Helens now has the fewest opening hours for enquiry desks across Merseyside. Southport Police Station: 93 hours Bootle Police Station: 84 hours a week. (Despite being so close to Liverpool City Centre) Sefton therefore has a total of 177 open hours. Bootle still has a magistrates court. Wallasey Police Station: 20 hours Birkenhead Police Station: 93 hours The Wirral total: 113 hours per week open. The Wirral still has a magistrates court. St Anne St: 93 hours Admiral Street: 84 hours Walton Lane: 84 hours Liverpool Total: 261 hours per week open. Liverpool still has a magistrates and crown court. Huyton Police Station: 93 hours Kirkby Police Station: 16 hours Speke Police Station: 16 hours Knowsley therefore has a total 125 hours a week in total. St Helens Police Station: 93 hours per week Newton-le-Willows Police Station: 7 hours per week Our borough therefore has 100 hours per week in total. Therefore, our borough has the fewest open hours out of all of Merseyside. We have 77 fewer open hours than Sefton. And 13 less than Knowsley, which has a smaller population than our borough over 3 Police Stations. St Helens North has been unfairly treated.
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  • Ballot the Members
    Mineworkers Pension Scheme Trustees:- should ballot the Members of the Scheme to terminate the arrangement with the Guarantor ( Government ) where the benefit to the Members cannot be shown in continuing with the arrangement, and with £12 Billion to be distributed to it's aging Member prior to the closure of the Scheme. The scheme should solely operate for the benefit of its members who contributed to the fund and worked in some of the most dangerous conditions to the detriment of their health and note that successive governments have taken significant dividends in excess of £4 billion from the fund which would have otherwise improved the pensions and quality of life for former mineworkers. It is important that the Members and relatives of the Scheme should benefit from the money the Mineworkers' put into the Scheme to improve their quality of life as they grow older. The Scheme has assets of £12 Billion 1 with a return from investments on average approx. 11% 1 per year giving £1.32 Billion income and the cost to meet the Pension Benefits of approx. on average £0.751 Billion. Showing that the Scheme with always produce a Surplus from which the Government will take 50% for being the Schemes Guarantor without the need for a Guarantee. 1. MPS Report & Accounts Links to help show the injustice :- https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-tyne-44746537 https://www.ftadviser.com/pensions/2018/07/12/mp-blasts-government-for-stealing-miner-s-pensions/ Link to MPS Pension Campaign:- https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/mineworker-pension-fight?fbclid=IwAR2XWRpKWkPW_De9Zo1rkIE3Op9iNVXoLYdxZf5fS18bKsJIbJ5QlgSrWe8
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  • Homeless woman & 15 year old son living on £20 per week.
    It's the most humain thing to do. Her sons life & future is in their hands.
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  • More stringent drone rules
    Ensures that people are not misusing drones for the wrong reasons and tougher regulations are needed to ensure drones do not breach privacy rules and cause disruption to major uk infrastructure systems. By stating stringent rules for sellers of drones whether online or in a shop this will ensure that the wrong people do not misuse drones. This has been seen in the recent issue with aircraft and breaches of privacy from people misusing drones.
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  • True recording of homeless deaths
    2,627 people have died homeless in the last five years - but the true figure is much higher.
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