• National Trust Board of Trustees to consider their positions.
    The board no longer represents the views of it's members, or the public on hunting. Trail hunting does not exist and was created to exploit loopholes in the Hunting Act. All of the hunts involved have vowed to continue hunting, and habitually go hunting without trails being laid with a pack of dogs trained to kill Foxes. They could easily convert to drag hunting if they wished to avoid killing animals, instead they go armed with terrier-men whose only purpose is to dig out animals that are hiding in fear of their lives. Despite banning terrier-men on National Trust land, the hunts still regularly go out to kill animals with no evidence of a trail being laid, and the National Trust do nothing to monitor the activity that they licence, instead answering their members concerns with disingenuous copy and paste answers, and all of this after they used their block vote to override the members wishes. Enough is enough, it is time for them to go!
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  • Implement and Enforce the Criminal Finances Act in Full and Without Further Delay
    This act has been successfully implemented in the US, targeting those malign actors (particularly in the employ of the Russian State) that utilise intimidation, fear mongering, thuggery, assassination and trolling to further their own ends, the ends of their state and avoid prosecution through the true rule of law. It targets them where they can be hurt the most: their wallets. Following the nerve agent attack in Salisbury on 4th March 18 the Russian State (as by far and away the most likely perpetrator) have taken yet another step towards exporting globalised intimidation, corruption and "warfare by other means". The Sunday Times has today (11th March 18) revealed that, despite promises from the Prime Minister in the 2016 election, "Russian oligarchs and their associates have registered donations of more than £820,000 to the Conservative Party since Theresa May became prime minister" (The Sunday Times - 11 March 18). The leading party in the UK Government has accepted money from the most likely state agent of this attack. As such they cannot be trusted, without pressure, to respond to this attack with the necessary "robustness" that they have promised. There are already calls from within the governing Conservative Party to "wait and collect evidence" so as not to "act disproportionately". The Russian State are reliant on such rigid adherence to "due process", knowing full well how to circumvent it and continue operating with impunity. This petition calls on all MPs in all parties to support the implementation of the Criminal Finances Act IN FULL and IMMEDIATELY as the only appropriate response to this heinous and egregious assault on our sovereignty and our safety. This will not stand, and while our politicians shuffle their feet, wring their hands and worry about their donations, we will act. For Sergei Skripal, his daughter and our own Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who remains in a serious condition at this time, we raise this petition to force all politicians from all parties (including those financially incentivised to look the other way) to vote in favour of this act as a start to the UK's response to this attack on our people and our nation.
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    Created by Mark Townend
  • Save Alistair’s sleepover staff
    Because Alistair has profound learning disabilities, epilepsy, schizophrenia and severe autism. He has no awareness of danger and an unstable gait, meaning he is very likely to fall and cause serious injury when not supported. Alistair will also self harm and become aggressive when he feels nervous and doesn’t have someone there to help him and make him feel safe.
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  • Make indiscriminate Killing of Wildlife by Companies Illegal
    This is the United kingdoms legacy to its children We have a moral responsibility to retain Britain's wildlife, not wipe it out of existence. We have a responsibility to show our children compassion toward living beings We have a responsibility to show our children that the almighty £pound is not the be all and end all of our existence. - Morals before destruction - compassion before profit - responsibility, accountability and transparency
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  • Cancel or Not Renew Kingdom Security Contracts
    Local authorities in North Wales have contracted third party private company Kingdom Security to issue fixed penalty notices (FPNs) for environmental crimes such as littering, dog mess and a range of other matters. As Kingdom Security (KS) is funded entirely from the FPNs it issues, it has a financial incentive to break all rules in order to maximise profit. The company has been exposed in the media for incentivising its employees to issue as many FPNs as possible. This has seen minors, the elderly, the disabled and the most vulnerable people in society deliberately targeted with FPNs valued at £75 for trivial littering by cigarette butts (the bulk of FPNs issued). The KS employees frequently employ intimidatory tactics on those least likely to challenge their accusations. They concentrate on high footfall locations to maximise profit while ignoring the type of anti-social crimes most people are opposed to. They persist in ignoring the law and guidelines, issuing FPNs for accidental littering for example rather than drawing the attention to it and rectifyng the issue. They routinely lie and withhold pertinent information to convince often innocent people that they've committed an offence. Virtually all court cases have seen charges dismissed. Kingdom Security is a menace. The aggressive behaviour of the company's employees is so bad in North Wales now, everyone knows someone negatively affected by them. They do not reduce littering or dog mess and even if a FPN is issued, the litter or mess remains as neither the litterer not the KS employee is compelled to clean it up. I myself have never received a FPN, but when I dared mention the actions of KS in my town and file a Freedom of Information request to Denbighshire County Council, I had the council employed over-seer of KS make repeated visits to try and track me down. In the end, he approached me in a public street in an attempt to get me to retract everything. This was an unsolicited approach by a man who had previously been told to stay away from me and who was prepared to break the law to try and silence me. This is just one story of hundreds that can be told in North Wales about KS and the local authorities contracting it. This petition is aimed at telling the five councils involved that enough is enough. KS is destroying the very fabric of North Wales society. The company must go.
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    Created by Scott Felton
  • Fully Fund Policing in England and Wales
    For years the government has cut funding for our police, putting our police services under incredible pressure. Shrinking budgets mean that we have lost over 20,000 police officers since 2010. Police officers work hard every day, doing their best to keep us safe, but they simply need more money and more resources to do the job. In the last year violent crime has risen by 20%, and a leaked Home Office report says cuts to police budgets “may have encouraged” violent offenders and have “likely contributed” to a rise in serious violent crime. The government need to give the police the money and resources they need to protect us and make sure violent crimes become rarer - not more common.
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  • Police chiefs must genuinely consult campaigners protesting against the onshore oil and gas industry
    The police continually insist they value dialogue with campaigners who oppose plans to drill for oil and gas in local communities. It doesn’t feel that way, however, to people who are taking part in protests against these activities. Instead, they have condemned the way their human rights have been repeatedly trampled on by the police, how concerns raised with senior officers about aggressive policing are ignored and how formal complaints are hurriedly dismissed. Campaigners say officers have pushed them into hedges, violently dragged older people across roads, shoved others into speeding traffic and persistently made arbitrary and incomprehensible arrests.  For eighteen months, the National Police Chiefs Council (NPCC) has kept promising to review the direction it gives local forces on the policing of these protests and at last, this now seems imminent. Despite pressure from Netpol, however, the senior officer leading the review has been extremely reluctant to consult directly with campaigners, despite their invaluable first-hand experiences of the way policing operations are conducted. We say: meaningful dialogue and genuine accountability means listening to critical voices. We want Lancashire Assistant Chief Constable Terry Woods - the NPCC Lead on Shale Gas and Oil Exploration - to take consultation seriously and formally invite members of the public to submit their testimony on the policing of local anti-fracking protests. The NPCC then needs to brief all the participants in the consultation on how its national guidance has subsequently been updated and improved.
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  • End the hunger strike of 45 immigrants detained indefinitely at Yarl's Wood
    It is inhumane to imprison people indefinitely, without being convicted of a crime, often with no legal representation. As one of the detainees has said "We want the Home Office to listen to us and stop the injustice of indefinite detention..It is the uncertainty that is most difficult, I can deal with imprisonment if I know my sentence. But here, there’s no criminal record, and no clarity about what's going to happen to me. It's a pain that we all bear on a daily basis." (Al Jazeera 28.2.18 - https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2018/02/women-detained-yarl-wood-hunger-strike-180228195926024.html)
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  • Stop Speeding on New Barge Pier Road
    Throughout the year residents on the Garrison Estate in Shoeburyness are blighted by noise pollution and anti-social behaviour due to New Barge Pier Road being turned into a race track late into the evening. Often the noise generated from scooters, bikes and cars carries on into the early hours of the morning. New Barge pier road is a flat road with a sweeping curve and a hard stop at one end; providing the perfect race track. However, the noise from these drag races disturbs residents on a nightly basis especially during the summer months. As the road can be fairly quiet during daylight hours; this can encourage cars to speed; and given the very close proximity to a public park, nature reserve, primary school and play ground, not to mention 400 + households in the local vicinity; notwithstanding the late night noise pollution, speeding cars are wholly at odds with the number of families, children and animals that come into contact with the road based on the public use encouraged by facilities in the local area. Furthermore, despite the best efforts from the police; given the lack of police resources; residents are simply 'fed up' and at odds with the slow response to late night drag racing. As such we the petitioners believe that traffic calming measures applied to New Barge Pier road will dramatically reduce speeding which in turn will aid the reduction of anti-social behaviour that blights this specific area. This should also reduce the need to call upon already massively strained police resources to attend such matters.
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  • Ban pages on Instagram inviting fight videos being uploaded
    This is absolutely sick and a disgusting trend that has to be stopped as kids are desperate to upload their video to get the most views and likes. The effects on the victims must be horrendous with 100's of comments, views and likes.
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  • Motor Cycle Fatalities
    It is important to reduce the number of fatalities and encourage car drivers to be more vigilant careful , ,conscious and aware of motorcyclists . We would not accept the excuse that the driver had a temporary lapse of vision if he or she collided with a pedestrian . Making it safer for bikers and indeed cyclists is wholly achievable and I suggest it may help if the punishment for careless driving is increased.
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  • Close down HMP Liverpool with immediate effect to stop Human Rights Abuses!
    Prison leaders, from local to national, presided over an “abject failure” to provide a safe, decent and purposeful regime at HMP Liverpool, according to Peter Clarke, HM Chief Inspector of Prisons. In a report outlining jail conditions that experienced inspectors regarded as the worst they could remember, Mr Clarke said it was “hard to understand how the leadership of the prison could have allowed the situation to deteriorate to this extent.” Inspectors found squalid living conditions, with dirt, litter, rats and cockroaches, and an environment in which drugs were easily available and violence had increased. Mr Clarke added: “While much of what we found was clearly the responsibility of local prison managers, there had been a broader organisational failure. We saw clear evidence that local prison managers had sought help from regional and national management to improve conditions they knew to be unacceptable long before our arrival, but the resulting support was inadequate and had made little impact on outcomes for prisoners.” HMP Liverpool is a local category B prison serving the Merseyside area. A traditional local jail with “a very strong sense of local identity”, it held 1,115 men at the time of the unannounced inspection in September 2017. It was last inspected in May 2015. Since then, the prison had deteriorated in terms of respect and purposeful activity and these elements were poor, the lowest possible assessment, in 2017. Safety and resettlement work, the two other key inspection tests, were judged as ‘not sufficiently good.’ However, Mr Clarke said, the bare statistics “do not adequately describe the abject failure of HMP Liverpool to offer a safe, decent and purposeful environment.” He identified key issues: Violence of all kinds had increased. Over a third of prisoners felt unsafe at the time of the inspection, and 71% felt unsafe at some time. Nearly two-thirds of prisoners said it was easy or very easy to obtain drugs. Drones carrying drugs and other illicit items were a substantial problem. Staff had recovered 32 drones in the six months before the inspection, more than one a week. Half of the prisoners were locked in their cells during the working day. There were also significant failings in the leadership and management of activities and in health care. There was a backlog of some 2,000 maintenance tasks and it was clear that facilities management at the prison “was in a parlous state.” Mr Clarke added: “The inspection team was highly experienced and could not recall having seen worse living conditions than those at HMP Liverpool. “Many cells were not fit to be used and should have been decommissioned. Some had emergency call bells that were not working but were nevertheless still occupied, presenting an obvious danger to prisoners. There were hundreds of unrepaired broken windows, with jagged glass left in the frames. Many lavatories were filthy, blocked or leaking. There were infestations of cockroaches in some areas, broken furniture, graffiti, damp and dirt. “I saw piles of rubbish that had clearly been there for a long time, and in which inspectors reported seeing rats on a regular basis. I was told by a senior member of staff that it had not been cleared by prisoners employed as cleaning orderlies because it presented a health and safety risk. It was so bad that external contractors were to be brought in to deal with it. In other words, this part of the jail had become so dirty, infested and hazardous to health that it could not be cleaned.” Mr Clarke was particularly troubled by the case of one vulnerable man with complex mental health needs being held in a cell that had no furniture other than a bed. “The windows of both the cell and the toilet recess were broken, the light fitting in his toilet was broken with wires exposed, the lavatory was filthy and appeared to be blocked, his sink was leaking and the cell was dark and damp. “Extraordinarily, this man had apparently been held in this condition for some weeks…It should not have needed my personal intervention for this man to be moved from such appalling conditions.” Inspectors could see “no credible plan” to address these basic problems. Mr Clarke said: “Although there are several change projects underway at the prison, none of these will address the basic failings that were so painfully obvious at HMP Liverpool. I was particularly concerned that there did not appear to be effective leadership or sufficiently rigorous external oversight to drive the prison forward in a meaningful way. This report makes it crystal clear that leaders at all levels, both within the prison and beyond, had presided over the failure to address the concerns raised at the last inspection.” Michael Spurr, Chief Executive of Her Majesty’s Prison & Probation Service, said: “The conditions which Inspectors found at Liverpool were unacceptable and effective measures should have been taken to deal with the issues at a much earlier stage. We are committed to fixing this, have already made changes where we can, and have today published a comprehensive action plan to address the Chief Inspector’s concerns.Following the Inspection we took immediate action to rectify the situation. A new Governor has been appointed and a strengthened management team is in place; capacity has been reduced by 172 places; over 700 prisoners now have a named Prison Officer as their ‘Key Worker’; cleanliness has been improved and the maintenance backlog has been almost halved. Liverpool has a dedicated staff who are committed to providing a safe and decent environment for prisoners. The Governor will get the support she needs to deliver the action plan and make the changes necessary to substantially improve the performance and conditions at the prison.”
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