• Sir Gareth Southgate
    Because he made england feel proud again
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  • Sacked for attempting to take his legally upheld break
    Because it sets a dangerous precedent if companies are allowed to ignore UK and EU employment law and act in contempt of the Employment Appeals Tribunal in Croydon, which ruled the Working Time Directive in relation to the Rest breaks applied. Peter Lee was a loyal employee of Network Rail, he was employed as a signaller for a total of 44 years. He had an unblemished record. 44 years unblemished service wiped out for taking a 20 minute lawful break. Arundel Signalman sacked by Network Rail. Shame on Network Rail for denying their employee a lawful break. It is also a big safety issue because signallers need a break to make sure they can work safely.
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  • Police Force Wrongly Made Me A Sex Offender
    They wrongly gave a criminal record to a member of my community that listed me as a sex offender with child sex offences. After this was discovered it took 2 years to get an apology and then they say it was only an administrative error. But my life is ruined. Read more here: https://www.shropshirestar.com/news/2018/07/06/how-an-innocent-mans-reputation-was-ruined-by-a-police-mistake/
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    Created by Darren Price
  • Improvements for Kingfisher and Fairfield
    We believe these long term spends would improve access for safe play for residents and people from all over the borough who visit the site. The site is directly next to the local public swimming pool and as such attracts a lot of visitors. Long term solutions are proven to be the right option. We all feel that sending someone to litter pick on the rare occasion a resident makes a complaint simply cannot be accepted as a solution. It is a weak, short term solution for a big problem, and the council need to stop avoiding the issue and do the right thing by its residents.
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    Created by Lucille Bethell
  • Stop Extradition of an Innocent
    UK Government are giving special treatment to USA when it comes to extraditing UK Citizens. Apparently USA aren't even bound to provide proof to extradite a person. They can provide a summary of the offence and will not be asked to prove it by the Magistrate Court Judge. Bail reforms Act is not even part of Extradition Law, which take away UK Citizen right to get a bail. it makes it next to impossible for a person to come out on bail and gather evidence to fight the case for himself. Please help us stop the extraditions to USA where we know a non USA citizen will NOT be given a fair trial, and they will stay in prison even when they have not done the crime.
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    Created by Madi Arsh
  • Campaign to reduce waiting times for sexual assault cases
    Victims of assault have suffered enough without the court system adding to the stress.
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    Created by Lindsey Guest
  • Reduce Crime! Keep Whitchurch Street Lights On!
    Current crime levels in Whitchurch have dramatically increased recently, particularly car/van theft, burglaries and shed/garage break ins. We, as Whitchurch residents, believe this is partly due to drastic cuts to our local policing budget, meaning we regularly have no active police officers within a 15/20 mile radius and also the fact that half of Whitchurch is plunged into complete darkness at 12am. This means that even if you can hear something happening outside your home, you cannot see it and would not dare venture outside as there could be no police back up for over an hour! We want our lights to stay on to stop Whitchurch being a ‘free for all’ for criminals coming in from other areas, using the cover of darkness which make us an easy target!
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  • Stop The Real Bodies exhibition NEC Birmingham
    We have serious concern about the unethical nature of The Real Bodies: The exhibition, currently on display in Hall 4, NEC Birmingham. The exhibition displays 20 human corpses and over 200 body specimens, including a pregnant woman complete with her unborn baby in the womb, and foetuses from 10 weeks to 32 weeks gestation. The organiser, Imagine Exhibitions Inc., has not been transparent about the origins of the specimens and is reported to not have valid consent documentation from the deceased and/or their families. Until such documentation is provided, we can’t in good conscience expose our children and the community to such an immoral and base commercial exploitation of the deceased. We urge an immediate shut down of the exhibition and a thorough investigation into any breaches of the UK legislative and/or legal guidelines associated with this macabre display. Please sign our petition to help to stop the unethical exhibition. ################################################### Background: 1. It is our understanding that the presenters have not been able to provide valid documentation to prove the bodies' origins, according to the Newscorp report dated April 10. The same inability to provide appropriate documentation was reported during the 2017 exhibition in Prague and Slovakia. 2. Investigative reports have pointed to the questionable origin of the bodies — a large amount of which were created by a university in Dalian, China — suggesting that the cadavers came from executed political prisoners and dissenters. It is important to note that the German weekly Der Spiegel cited the inventor of plastination, Gunther Von Hagens, that the bodies from Dalian were “very fresh”, a criteria that is preferred in the plastination process. In accordance with China’s law a body can be classified as “unclaimed” if it remains in the morgues for 30 days – a duration too long for the plastination process to be successful. 3. In 2010, France’s highest court, the French Supreme Court declared the commercial exhibition of human remains illegal, effectively closing down all such exhibits. Two years later, the Israeli Supreme Court issued a similar ruling. Hawaii banned the shows, as did city councils in Seattle and elsewhere. 4. China’s track record of abuse in the area of organ transplantation has been well documented by governments, media and independent investigators. The grossly unethical Bodies exhibits are believed to be closely linked to these prolific abuses, where similarly vulnerable populations and prisoners of conscience have been reported to be unwilling "donors". The latest evidence compiled in the 2016 report by David Kilgour, Ethan Guttman, and David Matas indicates that China performs up to 100,000 transplants a year, while having a very underdeveloped public donation scheme.
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  • Information Commissioner open consultation
    The ICO refuse to enforce the law on behalf of the individual and refuse to investigate no matter how blatantly obvious the offence has been undertaken. The benefit of the doubt is always given to the data controller. Section 173 of the new act claims to institute a criminal offence "to alter, deface, block, erase, destroy or conceal information with the intention of preventing disclosure of all or part of the information that the person making the request would have been entitled to receive." This is lifted from section 77 of the existing FOIA 2000 which in the 18 years it has been law has NEVER been implemented by the ICO. Complaints sent to the ICO languish in a 3-4 month queue for attention and if at any point in that timeline the data controller does release any information the ICO deems it to be a matter of slow compliance rather than a criminal offence. The ICO does however have fixed penalties against data controllers for non payment of ICO fees and the data controller cannot be allowed to pay later than specified. It is our data and yet the organisation responsible for protecting our rights simply will not do so unless the breach makes the news in some spectacular fashion. My father died I believe as a result of Corporate Manslaughter and the Police who failed to take action to prevent his death have so far refused to comply with my subject access request and FOIA requests and the ICO simply refuse to investigate or take action. Please if you can find the time tell the ICO that their attitude is unacceptable and require a change.
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    Created by Wayne Hunter
  • Demand for an apology for Jallianwala Bagh, Amritsar, Massacre 1919
    The monstrous act by colonial rulers is embedded in the psyche of Indian People and inspired them to seek complete independence In February 2013 the Former Prime Minister, David Cameron, visited Jallianwala Bagh adjacent to the Golden Temple, wrote in the visitor’s book,” This was a deeply shameful act in British history, one that Winston Churchill rightly described at the time as Monstrous. We demand this to be formally recorded in the House of Parliament. A formal apology by the serving British Prime Minister will cost nothing while the effect on the people of Indian Diaspora will be off a historical Magnitude and will help to move forward.
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  • Make our Castle Vale Community Safe
    After a recent spate of crimes on Castle Vale it is clear that the loss of a viable police presence due to national funding cuts is making our community an unsafe place to live.
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    Created by Amanda Cutler
  • Stop the sale of knives on eBay amazon and other online selling sites
    If the government want to even scratch the surface in preventing the rise in knife related crimes they have to ban the sale of these weapons it took me two seconds to find a folding consealable credit card knife on eBay which would cost me £0.74 this item serves no other purpose than to avoid detection and be used to wound or kill
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